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Reanimator is a straightforward deck following the classic Reanimator concept of dumping a creature into the graveyard, then putting it into play from there with a cheap spell.

The version Andreas Müller piloted to a win at Grand Prix Madrid 2010 can be characterized by three significant things:
1) The number of creatures that excel in quality against aggressive decks such as Blazing Archon, Sphinx of the Steel Wind and Empyrial Archangel.
2) The number of cards, especially Mystical Tutor that can search up the missing piece, either an Entomb or a Reanimate to put the creature into play.
3) The protection which is created from a small number of Thoughtseizes to preempt the opponents gameplan or plans to destroy the creature and the suit of counterspells that can be played while being tapped out, Daze and Force of Will.

This deck usually puts a large creature into play on turn 2 with a number of combinations: Entomb and Reanimate, Entomb and Exhume, Mystical Tutor and Reanimate, Mystical Tutor and Entomb or Careful Study with a creature in hand (or the top two cards of the library) and either Entomb or Exhume. On the draw with a Reanimate and a creature in hand it is also possible just to not play anything on first turn, discard the creature due to maximum hand size and reanimate it the next turn.

Reanimator - Andreas Müller - Grand Prix Madrid 2010