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The Epic Storm, also called TES, is a Legacy combo deck that works with the "Storm" mechanic. The first version was made by Bryant Cook known on the Internet forums as "Wastedlife" and further developed on http://www.mtgthesource.com/forums. If the deck doesn't face disruption it usually "combo's" on turn 2 or 3. It has 2 main strategies: playing Tendrils of agony with enough copies for lethal damage or playing Empty the warrens for enough goblin tokens to win in the next turns. To win with one you usually have to play at least 9 other spells in the same turn. The deck accomplishes this through Ill-gotten gains and Diminishing returns which you can find with Burning wish or a "hellbent" Infernal tutor. An often used way to win is: create 5 mana, Play a Lion's eye diamond, play a Infernal tutor, in response sacrifice the Lion's eye diamond, find a Ill-gotten gains with the Tutor, play it and return the Tutor, LED and another mana source and then play the mana source, do the same trick with the Tutor and LED again and find a Tendrils of agony now.