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Legend of Jedit Ojanen
Legend of Jedit Ojanen 1.jpg
Publication information
Publisher ARMADA
Publication period March - April 1996
Number of issues 2
Character(s) Jedit Ojanen
Creative team
Writer(s) Kenn Bell
Editor(s) Jeof Vita
Jeff Gómez
Bob Layton
Illustrator(s) David Boll
Letterer(s) Adam Niedzwiecky
Colorist(s) Marg Czaszar
Preceded By
Fallen Angel
Followed By
Fallen Empires

The Legend of Jedit Ojanen is a Magic: The Gathering comic which was released in two volumes, in March–April 1996, by ARMADA.[1][2]

The Legend of Jedit Ojanen, based on the card Jedit Ojanen, is no longer canon. The later novels of the Legends Cycle I provide a contradictory account of the same story.[3]

Volume 1[]

Jedit Ojanen encounters other creatures seen on Magic cards. He spots a Fire Drake and gets a Healing Salve from passing Desert Nomads. At the cliffhanger climax on the last page of the issue, he encounters Johan.[4]

Volume 2[]

Jedit beats the Beast of Bogardan of Johan. With a tribe of Cat Warriors he battles a skyful of Granite Gargoyles. The Desert Nomads are armed with an Invisibility spell.[5]


Cover art war created by Tony Harris.


The first issue included the card Johan from Chronicles.


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