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Legendary Cube
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Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description The symbol from the respective printing is used. Prize boosters use a stylized cube.[1]
Design Randy Buehler
Development Adam Prosak (lead)
Jackie Lee
Robert Schuster
Art direction Jeremy Jarvis
Release date November 18, 2015
Plane Multiverse
Themes and mechanics Legendary
Set size 150 cards
Expansion code PZ1[2]
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Legendary Cube is a Magic Online-only reprint set that was released on November 18, 2015.[1][3][4] For the initial run of this Cube Draft, every creature was legendary.

Unlike earlier Cube Drafts that were featured on Magic Online, the Legendary Cube features prizes outside of points that you can use as entry into another online event. If you play well enough, you'll also be rewarded with Legendary Cube Prize Packs that contains six cards from a selection of 150 Legendary Cube cards.

Legendary Cube Prize Packs have cards from the previously released Commander 2015, as well as Commander 2014, Commander 2013, Commander, Conspiracy, Planechase 2012 and Commander's Arsenal sets (the 56 cards included from Commander 2015 make up the vast majority of the ones that were new to Magic Online). These are all multiplayer products, but non-Commander players could find sought-after cards in Prize Packs that helped in Legacy and Vintage play too. Prize Packs were not purchasable in the store, so the only way to get them was to trade for them or play the new Legendary Cube Draft. The cards contained within Prize Packs were tradeable, as normal. As the preconstructed Commander 2015 decks were not sold on Magic Online, the Prize Packs from the Legendary Cube were the only way for Magic Online players to obtain the cards from the Commander 2015 set.[3]

Legendary Cube returned in March 2016. The premise was changed as many legendary creatures were replaced by non-legends.[5] Archetypes became more distinct, something the community thought the first version lacked,[6] and three new archetypes were added. The archetypes in the second Legendary Cube were:[7] Dragons, Artifacts, Spells, Graveyard (new), Elves (new) and Enchantments (new).

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