Legions (LGN) is the second set in the Onslaught block, it was released on January 25, 2003. There are 145 cards in total (55 commons, 45 Uncommons, 45 rares) The expansion symbol is two crossing spears on a shield.


Provoke - When one of your creatures with provoke attacks, you may force a creature to block it instead of blocking any of your other attacking creatures.

Amplify - Adds counters to cards based on the number of requirements you reveal.


Kamahl and the Cabal, in their uneasy alliance, set out to defeat the threat of Akroma. Ixidor was killed, but Akroma continues her mission to destroy Phage. Meanwhile, the slivers (last spotted in Tempest and its era) have been reintroduced as clones of the originals. In a final battle, Phage and Akroma merge into one being, Karona, the false god [1].


[2] Booster Packs - 15 random cards

Booster Box - 80 booster packs

Fat Pack - 6 booster packs, Legions novel, Legions players guide, A spindown life counter, 1 premium land and 1 random common card

Theme Decks - 4 decks each with 60 pre set cards




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