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For The Simic researcher involved in Experiment One, see Liana (Ravnica).
Not to be confused with Liliana Vess.

Race Human Planeswalker
Birthplace Minorad, Corondor, Dominaria
Lifetime Died 3980 AR
The Shadow Mage, Wayfarer

Liana was a changeling human planeswalker from Dominaria.[1] She was one of the founding Sages of Minorad, and for a time the Mistress of House Scarlet.

History[ | ]

In the year 1 (according to the sages of Minorad), inspired by the teachings of Taysir of Rabiah, there was a summit of mages and planeswalkers who swore to protect the world and its inhabitants. This gathering was interrupted by Ravidel, who threatened them with the Golgothian Sylex in order to convince Liana to swear an oath not to interfere in his plans for Jared Carthalion. Ravidel's spellsquire, the Scarlet Vizier, cast a mind control spell on her, so she couldn't fight Ravidel and was forced to become his lover instead. Though she knew of Jared's past, she would not tell Ravidel of it. She was not loyal to Ravidel by any means, and did whatever she could to oppose him. In the end she helped Jared escape Castle Melmereth. When the Vizier died in the attack on Arathoxia, Liana allied herself with Jared and detonated all of Ravidel's artifacts. She told Jared a little about his mother, and gave him her Black Lotus and an alabaster potion to help Ezer.

Liana later lured Ravidel into the Abyss, so Jared and Kristina of the Woods could escape to Corundis. Liana died in the battle, and Ravidel took her three Moxen to create the Mox Beacon that started the Planeswalkers' War.

Planeswalkers met[ | ]

Planes visited[ | ]

References[ | ]

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