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Race Angel
Birthplace Innistrad
Lifetime Born in Pre-Mending, Returned in Mending Era

Liesa, the Shroud of Dusk, is an archangel from Innistrad. Her entire Flight of Dusk was killed by Avacyn after they sided with a demon lord a millennium ago.[1]


The Four Sisters[]

Liesa, Bruna, Gisela, and Sigarda were angelic sisters who pre-existed Avacyn.[2] The four archangels sisters defended humanity: Sigarda, who protected the living, Bruna, who protected the dead, Gisela, who fought monsters, and Liesa, who consorted with them.[3]

Liesa engaged in unconventional actions and made unwelcome allies. Sometimes she would consort with vampires and witches, even demons and devils. "We must know our enemies if we are to defeat our enemies", she would say. She was often distrusted and disliked by the other angels, even sometimes by her three sisters. But the four of them had a deep bond, and though Liesa charted a very different path, still she was their sister. Unlike the other archangels, her Flight of Dusk was always relatively small, with her standing for her decisions regardless of their popularity.[1]

One day, a new angel appeared as if from nowhere: Avacyn. She was inflexible in her righteousness and unstoppable in her power. When Liesa formed a pact with a demon lord, the Buried Lord, Avacyn declared her a heretic, an accomplice to the very monsters the angels were sworn to defeat.[1] The three other sisters agreed with Avacyn, but did not join in her crusade against their dark sister. Avacyn did not need their help. A thousand years ago, Avacyn single-handedly destroyed Liesa and her entire small flight, and made the very mention of her name forbidden.

Liesa returns.

Midnight Hunt[]

In death, Liesa described her fate as wandering, "scattered to the winds."[1] To Liesa, reforming was a hellish ordeal. She struggled over the course of centuries, fighting to keep her very essence intact as the mana that formed her tried to tear itself apart.[4] Because the Buried Lord could not die, their shared pact allowed Liesa to reform upon his return. When a group of three desperate cultists summoned him, Liesa was fully restored. She helped the surviving cultist, Algli, to hunt down the demon master, who had devoured the other two. After defeating him, Algli pledged herself to Liesa's service, becoming the first of her new flock.[1]


  • Sigarda described her as the oldest and the most powerful of the four archangel sisters.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Dusk Reborn Rhiannon Rasmussen 2021-10-01 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Innistrad Algli, Olutio, Sruta, Liesa, the Buried Lord

In-game references[]

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