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Limited Resources is an audio podcast focused in playing Limited hosted by Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas.


The podcast began during Zendikar block in October 2009 with Ryan Spain, who left in June 2011 to work at Wizards of the Coast. His replacement was Jon Loucks, who hosted until April 2013 until he too left to work for Wizards. Brian Wong joined in May 2014 until October, and since then Luis Scott-Vargas has been co-host, taking the sponsorship from Card Kingdom into ChannelFireball.


The primary goal of the show is to give strategic advice for novice and advanced players, attempting to guide them along and improve their play. The show's fans comprise the largest clan on Magic Online, itself named "Limited Resources". The show had some crossover with LoadingReadyRun and their webseries Friday Nights. Other guests which have appeared on the show include Brian David-Marshall, Rich Hagon, Nathan Holt, Noah Weil, Zac Hill, Eric Froehlich among others.


A segment at the start of almost every show is "Crack-A-Pack", in which the hosts open a booster pack and discuss each card and what its significance in Limited is. It concludes with the hosts discussing what card they would take if this was the first pick of the first pack in a booster draft.

The Signoff[]

Started by Jonathan Loucks and continued by Brian Wong and Luis Scott-Vargas, each episode ends with an "out-of-left-field" ending segment which changes each week and is meant as a lighthearted goof to say goodbye to the listener. This segment has featured bits such as a parody of Mark Rosewater's Drive to Work podcast, the game show "Five Drop or Zombie?" and a rap battle between Brian Wong and Kenji Egashira.

Set Review Shows and other regularly scheduled features[]

The podcast has become infamous for two shows bookending the release of a new Magic expansion in which every single card of the set and their utility in a limited environment is discussed. The first show features every common and uncommon and goes up before the release, while the second show discusses rares and mythics. Put together both shows can exceed six hours in duration quite easily.

Other routine shows include a rules primer show for every new set, usually supported by Level 2 Judge Joe Bono. A "sunset show", in which the hosts discuss experiences and review their strategies and initial thoughts on the set, is done at the end of the lifecycle of a set as the current primary limited format.

Constructed Resources[]

In September 2014 Marshall started a sister-podcast focused on Constructed with former LR co-host Jonathan Loucks who had left Wizards a couple of months earlier. Loucks later left in February 2015 and was replaced by Hall of Famer Eric Froehlich. While content is similar to Limited Resources, it is tailed more specifically toward constructed. For example, a set review show is done, but only discusses a preselected set of cards which should make an impact on constructed Magic, rather than every single card in the set. The podcast has been on hiatus since October 2016.

The Constructed Resources name was rebooted under Luis and fellow player and Denverite Andrew Baeckstrom in July 2020.

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