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Lin Sivvi
Race Human
Birthplace Rath
Lifetime ~4180-4205 AR
Nemesis, Invasion, Planeshift, Apocalypse

Liin Sivi or Lin Sivvi was the daughter of the elderly leader of the Vec tribe on Rath in the time leading up to the Phyrexian Invasion.


She was amongst the most skilled warriors of the Vec and an expert in the use of the tribe's traditional weapon, the toten-vec or Lashknife.


Following the disorder that resulted from Volrath's disappearance, she led a group of rebels into the Stronghold with Eladamri, hoping to destroy the Predator. The plan failed, but Sivvi and Eladamri used Belbe's personal portal to get to Dominaria along with Starke's daughter, Takara, whom they rescued from the dungeons of the Stronghold.


They arrived near Llanowar and began preparing the locals for the coming invasion. Eladamri became a uniter of peoples during the invasion, Sivvi ever at his side. The warriors' respect between the two blossomed into an ill-fated love, over the year of the war.


They chose to end their lives together, rather than be killed by Yawgmoth, when the lord of Phyrexia came to Dominaria himself.

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