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Linden Kenrith
Race Human
Birthplace Eldraine
Lifetime Mending Era

Linden Kenrith is the queen of Ardenvale on Eldraine.[1][2] She is the wife of High King Algenus Kenrith, the mother of Hazel and Erec, and the stepmother of Rowan and Will Kenrith.


Linden is bold, decisive, and just. She is known for her stern discipline and firm compassion. The weight of years and children and ruling lends her dignity but has leached some of her famous agility and speed. She loves her husband and their children. As a mother, she is stern but just. She is usually clad in a magnificent silver and white robe whose sleeves are embroidered with the symbols of her four knighthoods. She moves in a stately manner, never any hasty or precipitous actions for her. She is a strong person, selflessly ruling beside the man she had once been competing with and might have bested.


As a humble young woman from Kenrith, Linden had been chosen as one of the two candidates to quest for the high rulership. The Questing Beast had given her a blessed sword as the mark of its favor. Algenus and Linden both quested for years after they had been chosen. In the course of time, they fell in love, but they weren't always questing together.

In her absence, Algenus became enthralled by a witch. The witch became pregnant with his children Rowan and Will and killed the twins for their blood, which she intended to drink to extend her life. Linden gave up her sword's power to restore life to them and took them in as her own kids. King Yorvo granted her a knighthood at Garenbrig when Will and Rowan were about a year old, but the fifth and final knighthood — Embereth — eluded her. Algenus Kenrith finally completed the High Quest not long after Linden's return from Garenbrig. After he was acclaimed as High King, she did not ride out again.

Because the true story was kept a secret, the courtiers of Ardenvale always wondered why Linden hadn't completed the High Quest. Some thought she might have murdered the twins’ real mother to get Algenus, and power, for herself.

Almost eighteen years after the birth of the twins, Algenus was abducted by the anarchist planeswalker Oko and turned into a magnificent stag. Rowan and Will managed to find him in the Wilds, but couldn't prevent him from being mortally wounded by Queen Ayara during the Wild Hunt. As there was still life in Algenus's own sword, Linden used it to return him to the world of the living.

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