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Race Angel
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Linvala is a white-aligned Angel native to the plane of Zendikar.[1]


Unlike most other Zendikari angels, Linvala did not blind herself with a halo, and instead opted to keep the terrible memories of the Eldrazi alive. As they reemerged onto the plane, Linvala fought against them along with the other surviving angels. She is known for the use of silence, cutting off the sounds of her opponents and allowing her allies to be heard.

Linvala survived the initial release of the Eldrazi, and joined the fight against the titan Kozilek.[2]

In the wake of the Eldrazi's demise, Linvala, tired of the other angels' inaction, flew to Sea Gate to offer her services. She immediately stood behind Tazri's proposal for the reconstruction of the city, and the word of an angel swayed even the stingiest expeditionary house.[3][4]

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