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Lisha, called Lisha of the Azure, is a human ship captain dwelling on Bant, Alara.[1]

A tall, striking woman with dark blue eyes, Lisha's lips are always pained a brilliant azure blue. Lisha rejected her formal role as priestess of Jhess, and became a privateer. Despite her royal family's disapproval, she sails the waters on her frigate, Sunspray, looting merchant ships along the coast of Jhess and Valeron.

Lisha is known for taking a small share of the booty for herself, giving a larger portion to her crew, and distributing the rest to the poor. It isn't unusual for the Sunspray to attack a Jhessian port, take over its warehouses, and hand out the contents to the local Mortars and Unbeholden. Lisha has always escaped to her ship before the Jhessian cavalry could catch her.

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