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Acorn mechanics, formerly known as silver-bordered mechanics, are mechanics that are exclusive to Acorn cards. So far, these have only been printed in the Un-sets (Unglued, Unhinged, Unstable, and Unfinity). These sets are designed to allow for cards and mechanics that cannot work or be printed under the official rules, and as such, these mechanics have no formal definition beyond that printed on the card. Note that Assemble was first featured as a joke in black bordered Future Sight, but its current rules are strictly Acorn.

Acorn mechanics[]

Keyword abilities[]

Keyword actions[]

Ability words[]

Mana symbol[]

  • Half mana — {½}, {½R}, {½W}
  • Additional variable mana cost{Y} and {Z} (One black-bordered card, the Beatdown box set printing of Fireball, used the {Y} symbol as well. However, the Oracle text for the card uses only {X}.)
  • Large amount of mana — {100} and {1000000} (Except for infinity mana the other two just provide, which are extraordinarily large values but would otherwise function in black border.)
  • Infinite amount of mana — {∞}

Other Mechanics[]

  • Wordy, a term for cards with four or more lines of rules text.