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Card Description
Vengeful Dreams (Torment) [Angel's Purge]

This card should show an angel in the center of a group of dark, evil beings. The beings were attacking the angel, but because of the her spell have now started to disappear or dissolve away. The main focus of the card is the huge size of the spell.[1]

Fiery Temper (Torment) [Sear]

This card should show a red wizard casting a spell which causes its victim to burn. The main focus of this card is the fact that the wizard is a psychopath and that he is enjoying his work.[2]

Braids, Cabal Minion (Odyssey) [Diabolic Tutor]

A dementia summoner having a devious idea.[3]

Cabal Surgeon (Torment) [Cabal Healer]

This card should show a cabal healer who is patching together dead body parts to make one being. This is a serious piece but please do not get real gross with this one.[4]

Questing Phelddagrif (Planeshift) Location: A clear lake in a forest clearing. A massive, full-grown purple hippo with feathered wings aggressively launches itself out of the water, into the sky. The hippo should have huge tusks jutting out from her lower jaw. Make it as intimidating as possible (i.e., not silly or cartoonish)[5]
Thornscape Battlemage (Planeshift) Location: Keld battlefield. A female Skyshroud Elf rides a Colos beast over a Phyrexian. The Elf should have both the red coalition symbol and the white coalition symbol on her armor or clothing.[5]
Dwarven Shrine (Odyssey)
This is a red card that should show a memorial or trophy case to the school of red magic. Lots of flames coming from different kinds and sizes of vessels, etc.[5]
Petravark (Torment) [Mini Dementia Firebeast]

This is a dementia creature (See style guide for reference). It should be shown as red, not black, and as causing the land to shake.[6]

Insidious Dreams (Torment) [Dark Knowledge]

This card should show a black wizard casting a spell which causes knowledge to erupt all around her. This could be shown by ghostly books and scrolls spinning about the wizard. The main focus of the card is the huge size of the spell. The main characters and elements can be shown smaller, but clearly visible.[7]

Shade's Form (Torment) This card should show a person in the process of changing into a shade or disembodied spirit. This spirit should look creepy and the change should be caused by a spell.[8]
Skywing Aven (Torment) This card should show a bird warrior charging into battle with arrows passing harmlessly through him. The bird warrior is becoming intangible.[9]
Fact or Fiction (Invasion) Location: Weatherlight, Below decks. Squee holds up two pieces of paper with a look of utter confusion on his face (he can’t read). Behind him, Hanna gestures impatiently.[10]
Ernham Djinn (Judgment) This is a green card and should show the Erhnam Djinn in a dramatic pose. See reference.[11]
Chainer, Dementia Master (Torment) This card should show the character Chainer in a very insane pose.[12]
Guiltfeeder (Judgment) [Jowser's Shadowcreeper]

This card should show a monster that glides through shadows to reach you. If it touches you, it causes you intense guilt, feeding off your memories of the past, and the remorse causes you harm, thus the life loss. If you can depict this in some way that would be great, but the main focus of this card is the monster. He should probably be shown as a creepy shadow form.[13]

Burning Wish (Judgment) Show a literal wave of flame that travels down the exterior of Volrath’s mountain. The Vec soldiers advancing up the mountainside are being fried by the oncoming wave. They don’t have a chance to escape.[14]
Flame Wave (Stronghold) [Barbarian's Wish]

This is a red card and should show a djinn handing a barbarian a fireball with which he accepts with awe.[15]

Reya Dawnbringer (Invasion) [Blinding Light]

An angel hovers at the center of a intense supernova-type explosion, blinding all humans and Phyrexian ground troops nearby.[16]

Urza's Rage (Invasion) Location: Koilos Battlefield. Urza, in his Titan Suit, casts a major destructive fire spell; Urza should have the amalgamated coalition symbol.[16]
Breaking Point (Judgment) This is a red card and should show Kamahl slamming his sword, with the Mirari attached to the pommel, into the ground. This causes the ground to erupt and sends lava streaming towards a battlefield. See reference for Kamahl.[17]
Genesis (Judgment) This is a green card and should show a jedi in the shape of a centaur made of tree bark. See reference.[18]
Waiting in the Weeds (Mirage) [Unseen Wildlife]

Dozens of small hungry critters scurry in the low undergrowth of the jungle. In this picture, we cannot tell what the critters are. We can only see the eyes.[19]

Pyrotechnics (Seventh Edition) A large lightning bolt from a stormy sky zaps two drakes in flight, then continues downward to zap one more. All three drakes are being electrocuted at exactly the same moment in time.[20]
Life Burst (Odyssey) [A New Balance]

This is a white card and should be a non-representational piece about balance - the best way that you can convey the sense that things are being realigned to create a sense of balance.[20]

Mirror Wall (Judgment) This is a blue card and should show a wall of mirrors of various shapes and sizes. Light should be shown bouncing off several of the mirrors creating a concentrated searing beam of light. You can show some victims of this beam but no reflections need be shown in the mirrors.[21]
Arcane Teachings (Judgment) [Dwarven Cleric]

A dwarven mage, perhaps a cleric, doing his thing (not fire-related). This card should show a dwarven mage in his study intently studying some object there. The focus should be on the mage.[22]

Golden Wish (Judgment) [Nomad's Wish]

This is a white card and should show a djinn offering a female nomad a splendid looking glowing ring. The nomad should appear overjoyed to receive the gift.[23]

Aven Fogbringer (Judgment) This is a blue card and should show an aven wizard casting a spell with a staff that causes the land below him to be enshrouded in a very thick fog. The focus is the wizard so his clothes should reflect the point that he is a wizard.[24]
Suntail Hawk (Judgment) This is a white card and should show a fantasy hawk in flight on the hunt.[25]
Snapping Thragg (Onslaught) Location: Skirk Ridge

Action: multi-headed mountain beast. Some of his bonespurs spit flames.[26]

Grinning Demon (Onslaught) [Lurker in the Shadows]

Location: Aphetto
Action: a demon (barbed wire, grossly exaggerated horns, etc.) emerges from the shadows of a dark alleyway.[27]

Rorix Bladewing (Onslaught) Location: Great Pit-Arena (The Coliseum)

Action: Champion Red Pit-Fighter. Bad-ass red scaled dragon. It's serpentine in shape (though it must have legs), and has four wings. It flies very fast.[28]

Read the Runes (Onslaught) [Decipher]

Location: Aphetto
Action: Wizard in the foreground, his hands are glowing magically. The land around him is covered in blue glowing magical runes. He is drawing the runes out of the land.[29]

Lightning Angel (Apocalypse) Location: sky

This card represents White, Blue and Red magic.
An armed, armored angel streaks across a stormy sky. Small arcs of lightning sprout from her sword before her and in her wake. Focus on the angel.[30]

Ichorid (Torment) This card needs to show a horrible-looking non-human creature about to attack the viewer. It should be coming out of a grave after feasting on a corpse.[30]
Thorn Elemental (Seventh Edition) A 40' tall giant plant elemental launches some of its natural thorns at a passing flock of birds. rk post redux?[30]
Smother (Onslaught) Location: Aphetto

Action: Dwarf Pit-Fighter surrounded by a swarm of gnats. They are suffocating him by flying into his nose, mouth, etc.[31]

Kamahl's Summons (Onslaught) At Kamahl's command, forest matter (soil, roots, bark, etc) magically coalesces and takes the shape of two large bears.[32]
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa (Onslaught) Location: Krosan Forest.

Action: Kamahl in action pose.
Mood: Bad-ass. Smug (not comically). Powerful.
Notes: Story card. Remember, this is Kamahl as a Green druid.[33]

Severed Legion (Onslaught) Location: Aphetto City.

Action: a swarm of Zombie hands (some with arms or tendons trailing) crawling through the city.[34]

Lord of the Pit (Alpha) [Balrog][35][36]
Necropotence (Ice Age) Necropotence.[35]
Quicksilver Dragon (Onslaught) [Mirrored Drake]

Location: Breaker Bay, above the water. Action: Drake with mirrored or shiny reflective scales flying above the water.[37]

Goblin Burrows (Onslaught) [Mountain]

Location: Skirk Ridge.
Notes: Basic Land. These are the mountains where the Goblins live.[38]

Krosan Colossus (Onslaught) Location: Krosan Forest

Action: giant bipedal Beast towering over the Krosan forest. It uses its bonespur claws to scoop up a handful of the forest to munch on.[39]

Visara the Dreadful (Onslaught) Location: Great Pit-Arena (The Coliseum)

Action: Champion Black Pit-Fighter. This is a female Grgon [sic], like Matthew Wilson's creature from Judgment. Instead of the claw, she has weird wings made out of the same plated material. She is unmasked, and her eyes glow with dark energy. She is in mid-combat (opponent unnecessary).[40]

Maro (Onslaught) This earth spirit is a creature of the soil. It seems to be the epitome of the fertility of the fresh ground and it thrives on that still unseen. In many ways it is the avatar of the seedlings, maybe plants randomly sprout from Maro's body.[41]
Symbiotic Beast (Onslaught) Location: Wirewood Forest

Action: large forest Beast that has four big centipedes as its 'hair.'
Notes: Insect Token Cycle. Don't forget the bonespurs.[42]

Forgotten Ancient (Scourge) [Mr. Babycakes]

A humanoid elemental of moss supports itself with a hand against a dead tree. From where the elemental touches, it spreads wild regrowth.[43]

Nameless One (Onslaught) Location: Breaker Bay

Action: Floating head Avatar. The Avatar is made of energy and should resemble the ultimate Wizard, in this case a large, floating head (the face should look stern, wise, and powerful).
Notes: Avatar Cycle. Not flying. For the floating head, we were thinking the great and powerful Oz, the mirror from Disney's Snow White, etc.,--not Gandalf.[44]

Willbender (Legions) Color: Blue

Location: Riptide Project.
Action: Show a refugee Wizard surrounded by a blue magical bubble that is repelling a magical spell coming from outside the picture.
Focus: Refugee Wizard.
Notes: Refugee Wizard can be male or female.[45]

Havoc Demon (Legions) Color: Black

Action: Show a demon flying at night.[46][47]

Seedborn Muse (Legions) Color: Green

Location: Krosan Forest.
Action: Show a beautiful female Spirit, somewhat ghostlike, in the Krosan Forest surrounded by large and vicious looking Krosan plants. She is walking past the plants unconcerned.[48]

Quick Sliver (Legions) Color:

Location: green forest setting
Action: Show a Sliver that appears to be materializing, half visible, half transparent, in a green forest setting.[49]

Aquamoeba (Torment) This is a creature card and should show an amorphous creature that is made of water and can change form or appearance. Think of the creature from The Abyss.[50]
Raging Kavu (Invasion) Location: Yavimaya

Upright dingo lizard, 15´, heavy back limbs and sharp, quick forelimbs, crushing and tearing apart a 10´ Phyrexian.[50]

Blistering Firecat (Onslaught) Color: Red

Location: Skirk Ridge
Action: Giant fierce looking charging firecat (see Pardic Firecat (Odyssey) for reference).
Focus: Firecat
Mood: Action
Notes: Made of fire, not on fire[50]

Bloodstoke Howler (Legions) Color: Red

Location: Skirk Ridge
Action: Show a reptilian beast standing on a ridge with his head bent back letting out a war shriek.[51]

Withered Wretch (Legions) [Shadowcrafter][52]
Bane of the Living (Legions) [Pain Elemental]

Show a horrible black creature somewhat snake/insect-like rearing up out of the swamp with imprints of its victims faces in agony clearly visible in its underbelly.[53]

Aurification (Onslaught) [Petrification]

Color: White
Location: Daru Plains
Action: A beast changing into a statue of gold. Perhaps, we see other creatures that have been turned into gold in the background.[54]

Magma Sliver (Onslaught) [Firecoat Sliver]

Color: Red
Location: Skirk Ridge
Action: Show a large, powerful sliver with plating on its skin that appears to be made of magma & fire. These plates can have a red glow between them and be steaming.
Notes: See style guide for sliver concept, but bring out the special skin and some other slight variations along the same line.[55]

Planar Guide (Onslaught) [Daru Flickerer]

Color: White
Location: Daru Plains
Action: Show a refugee cleric standing in the Daru Plains as others around him in the background appear to be transparent.[56]

Noxious Ghoul (Onslaught) [Swarm Zombie]

Color: Black
Location: Swamp
Action: Show a refugee zombie moving towards the viewer surrounded by insects or flies that spread disease. Several of these can be closer to the viewer so we can tell what they are. Make sure, however, that the focus is on the zombie.[57]

Windswept Heath (Onslaught) [Daru Encampment]

Color: Land
Location: Daru Plains, Order encampment
Action: This is the coastal side of the Order encampment. The beach between the water and the encampment.
Focus: all
Notes: Populated Land Cycle[58]

[Grasslands] Color: Land

Location: Between Wirewood Forest and Daru Plains
Action: where the plains of grass and dunes turn into the birch forest
Focus: elements of plains and elements of birch forest
Mood: life
Notes: Fetch Land Cycle. Reprint.[58]

Rotlung Reanimator (Onslaught) Color: Black

Location: Aphetto Swamp
Action: A ZOMBIE has found the corpse of a CABAL CLERIC. The ZOMBIE reanimates the CLERIC by emitting some weird, thick smoke from its mouth.[59]

Shivan Dragon (Seventh Edition) The savage Shivan Dragon in flight, breathing fire.[60]
Patron Wizard (Odyssey) [Wizard King]

This is a blue card and should show the schoolmaster of wizardry. A wise, old human headmaster. The focus is the master, so place him in a surrounding that conveys this.[60]

Infernal Caretaker (Legions) [Mass Gravedigger]

Color: Black
Location: Interior Aphetto city
Action: Show a Cabal Cleric peering into a magical portal which has formed in front of him. Through the opening evil images such as zombies or bat wing like creatures can be seen.
Focus: Cabal Cleric[61]

Kilnmouth Dragon (Legions) [Crystal Dragon/Bashing Dragon]

Color: Red
Action: This is not your typical D&D dragon. Show a dragon (of the artist's imagination) on a rocky perch. He has fired a blast of hot sand at a couple of fleeing goblins. The superheated sand coats the goblins and when it cools off it turns to glass. So you end up with dead goblins covered in glass.
Focus: The dragon
Mood: intense[62]

Caller of the Claw (Legions) [Den Awakener]

Color: Green
Location: Wirewood Forest
Action: Show an elf who is peering into a cavern as bear-like creatures peer out at him. These creatures should be represented by shapes or shadows and should be bear-like but not a typical Earth bear.[63]

Elvish Soultiller (Legions) [Elvish Reviver]

Color: Green
Location: Wirewood forest
Action: Show an elf who is much larger and stronger than other elves of his kind. Other elves can be shown but it's not necessary.
Mood: Strength[64]

Daru Warchief (Scourge) [Soldier Miniboss]

Color: White
Location: Daru plains
Action: Show a refugee soldier. Around its neck is a pearl medallion on a chain which designates this creature as a leader among its own kind. Other soldiers can be shown rallying around their leader.[65]

Skulltap (Scourge) Color: Black

Location: Aphetto city scene
Action: Show Braids, grabbing the head of a dead victim, with the victim’s life force draining out of its head and into Braids.[66]

Proteus Machine (Scourge) [Transformer]

An artifact creature whose head has different faces of different creature types; he can rotate his head to give himself whatever face he wants.[67]

Decree of Annihilation (Scourge) Location: Skirk Ridge

Action: Show the goblin dwellings and their possessions, etc., burning and burning badly in the shadow of Karona. This is the fire that brings the 'END OF THE WORLD' and the end of all that is living to the goblins.[68]

Trickery Charm (Onslaught) [Whimsy Charm]

Blue mist in a glass charm shaped like a shell.[69]

Synapse Sliver (Legions) Location: Riptide project

Action: Show a very powerful sliver wrapped around a victim it has ensnared. Its prey is going limp as the sliver sucks the energy from the head of its victim through its specialized talon.
Notes: See the style guide for the sliver concept, but feel free to give it some slight variations, especially in the talon which is equipped to leech mind energy.[70]

Crucible of Worlds (Fifth Dawn) [Gazarsgo’s Plow]

An hourglass with a destroyed forest in the top chamber and a beautiful lush forest in the bottom chamber.[71]

Totem Speaker (Legions) Location: The Wirewood Forest

Action: Show an elf emerging from the forest alongside a couple of mammal-like, fantasy forest beasts. They are clearly traveling together.
Notes: the elf is a cleric and so should be carring a staff and no weapons.[72]

Unburden (Scourge) Location: Interior room, Aphetto City

Action: Show a close-up of a victim's face with a blank stare as ooze and slime (representing the victim's knowledge) runs out of its eyes, ears and nose. The victim's head is starting to wither away. In the shadows of the background, a Cabal cleric can be watching with delight.[73]

Trade Secrets (Onslaught) Location: Breaker Bay city

Action: A refugee wizard and a cephalid sitting across from each other at a table, haggling over various magic items, scrolls, etc.[74]

Goblin Clearcutter (Onslaught) [Lumberjack's Daddy]

Color: Red
Location: Skirk Ridge.
Action: Show a goblin that has is hauling an armful of wood up to his cave entrance.
Focus: The goblin.[75]

Bottle Gnomes (Mirrodin) Color: Artifact (neutral to colors)

Location: Inside the 'Lumengrid'
Action: Show three 'Bottle Gnomes' full of magical blue lymph liquid
Notes: Refer to the previous Bottle Gnomes art, but update them so they look like they're from this 'metal world.'[76]

Banshee's Blade (Mirrodin) Color: Artifact (neutral to colors)

Location: generic metal world
Action: Show a magical blade with a gaping, screaming mouth on its hilt. When this sword deals damage, it magically hurts everyone nearby, perhaps with sound.
Focus: The magical blade artifact.[77]

Breakthrough (Torment) This piece should show, in an illustrative way, a blue wizard's head that is overflowing with knowledge that is represented by water. This water should reflect this knowledge and cascade down over the content wizard's face. This is a non-representational piece.[78]
Flayed Nim (Mirrodin) Location: the Mephidross Swamp.

Action: Show the metallic skeleton of a Nim Zombie. The flesh has rotted off of this zombie.
Mood: Unnatural, ravenous.[79]

Barbarian Outcast (Torment) This card should show a barbarian with grafted-on body parts that work, but obviously came from other creatures. He is obviously corrupted and 'enhanced' by the Cabal, and should be shown in a pose that shows this and enhances the alien body parts.[80]
Cloudpost (Mirrodin) Location: In the sky

Action: A strange force bubble affixed to the underside of a cloud. Although we see no one inside the bubble right now, it is used as an observatory to watch the land below.
Focus: The magical force bubble on the underside of the cloud
Mood: Mysterious[81]

Tempest of Light (Mirrodin) Location: Up to the artist (but somewhere on Mirrodin). The spell effect should look white.

Action: A barely-visible figure, arms outstretched, casts a spell that brings a 'meteor shower' made of light down on the land, washing away magic.
Focus: The falling spheres of light
Mood: Cleansing, awesome[82]

Goblin Charbelcher (Mirrodin) Color: Red-aligned Artifact

Location: Generic
Action: Show a sort of magical mortar tube. The weapon fires spell energy that appears as multicolored balls of fire and spark.
Focus: The spell-mortar weapon
Mood: FOOM![83]

Annul (Mirrodin) This spell disassembles an artifact before it's even fully "summoned."[84]
Awe Strike (Mirrodin) This spell brings an attacker to his knees, turning his aggression into supplication.[85]
Dross Prowler (Mirrodin) A sneaky Nim in the shadows.[86]
Memnarch (Mirrodin) Money shot of Memnarch (p. 13 of style guide). Remember that he's an artifact creature who's slowly developing flesh. Line between metal and flesh should be very blurry.[87]
Panoptic Mirror (Darksteel) An arcane mirror. Spells reflected in it can emerge from its surface. Suggestion: Show the mirror's surface bending outward, as if the spell being reflected (a lightning bolt, for example) were trying to push its way out.[88]
Quicksilver Behemoth (Darksteel) A water elemental charged with electricity. It dissipates on impact with an enemy creature, dousing and electrocuting it. (Creature type could change to beast.)[89]
Chromescale Drake (Darksteel) A metallized drake with chrome-like eyes, in flight.[90]
Gemini Engine (Darksteel) This artifact creature has four legs and four arms, and its head has a face on each side. The creature can split into two creatures when attacking, each with two arms and legs.[91]
Nim Grotesque (Fifth Dawn) Location: Mephidross metal swamp

Action: Show a 20 foot tall badly warped Nim zombie. Its deformed hulk shambles (or maybe skitters) through the swamp.
Focus: The immense beast.
Mood: Corrupt and powerful.[92]

Stand Firm (Fifth Dawn) We are looking at a male Leonin warrior. He is readying his battle-scythe as he is about to be charged by Nim. The Leonin is "bracing for impact".

Mood: It ends here![93]

Lose Hope (Fifth Dawn) This is the scene following "brace for impact". This time the Leonin warrior is covered in filth from fighting Nim and is about to collapse from nausea and Necrogen gas.

Mood: I feel sick. I'm gonna die here.[93]

Relentless Rats (Fifth Dawn) A wicked-looking metallized rat in foreground, with many of its rat friends behind it.[94]
Silent Arbiter (Fifth Dawn) Location: Razor Fields somewhere

Action: Show a larger-than-human artifact creature of artist's design. The creature should seem like it was created to be a judge, enforcer, or official. As long as this artificial creature is present, all combat becomes formal and ritualized.
Mood: Stern. This guy exists to keep the fight fair, like an artificial sergeant-of-arms.[95]

Grafted Wargear (Fifth Dawn) This is gunmetal-colored Vulshok armor (see style guide) that magically grafts to the wearer's skeleton. Once someone equips this armor, they would have to rip themselves apart to remove it.[96]
Bringer of the Red Dawn (Fifth Dawn) Location: Oxidda mountain chain.

Action: Show a huge crystalline humanoid bull in an aggressive pose.
Focus: On the beast (5/5).
Mood: Powerful.
Notes: This magical beast is made of 100% crystal that looks like ruby or garnet.[97]

Mesa Chicken (Unglued) A majestic-looking chicken.[98]
Time Stop (Champions of Kamigawa) [Time Fracture]

Color: This is a blue spell card.
Location: This can be an abstract piece.
Action: This spell stops and shatters time for a moment. Show a human wizard (aligned with the color of your choice) midway through casting a spell. But there's a jagged line of sorts in the illustration, and on one side of the line, the wizard is young and the background is lush. On the other side of the divide, the wizard is older (not ancient), and the background is duller.
Notes: This stops a spell from being cast by "rewinding" time.[99]

Heartbeat of Spring (Champions of Kamigawa) Color: Green

Action: Show a particularly lush part of the forest, except that each object seems to have a ghostly, slightly displaced double image, in unnaturally saturated colors. This spell is an enchantment that represents the land being supersaturated with mana (magical energy).
Mood: This is a magical location, and strange things are possible[100]

Budoka Gardener (Champions of Kamigawa) Color: Green

Location: Not important
Action: This is a brand new special "flip" card. The art has to show the before and after stages of a character. The "before" stage should show a skinny human monk student who worships the earth. The "after" stage should show the same monk, much older and stronger, as a grand master monk who has the power to turn the earth into a powerful elemental.
Notes: The art box has a special size: 2 1/16" wide x 1 1/4" tall.[101]

Order of the Sacred Bell (Champions of Kamigawa) [Pair of Monks]

Color: Green
Location: Forest
Action: Show a pair of muscular human budoka (monk martial artists) fighting back to back.
Focus: On the deadly duo.
Mood: We're ready for anyone
Notes: See the styleguide for monk reference.[102]

Kodama of the North Tree (Champions of Kamigawa) [Kami of Spring Burgeoning]

Color: Green
Location: Forest
Action: Show a huge, aggro kami of your invention that's immune to magic. This creature has some kind of forcefield that makes it invincible.
Focus: The Big Bad Green Kami Spirit
Mood: Nature's Grand Power
Notes: As you know there's a lot of creative freedom with what the Kami Spirit can look like but remember all Kami Spirits must have some kind of *energy objects* rotating/floating around them.[102]

Kodama of the South Tree (Champions of Kamigawa) [Kami of Forgotten Wars]

Color: Green
Location: Forest location of artist's choice
Action: Show a green-aligned kami (spirit) of your design. The kami can/should be monstrous and weird, like all kami, but this one covers its "face" (or the place where its face might be) with a Noh theater mask. The idea here is that this kami hides its full form from those it attacks, as well as taunting its victims with the mask -- this links to a "bluffing" mechanic that's on the card.
Focus: the kami
Mood: Creepy, enigmatic, fierce like a hungry animal.
Notes: Non-flying creature, should be on the ground. This is a Spirit Creature so it must be surrounded by some kind of flying *energy objects* review the "Green" spirit world creatures in your styleguide. This will help you get on the right track.[102]

Orochi Hatchery (Champions of Kamigawa) [[[Snake|Orochi]] Incubator]

Color: (artifact)
Location: Snakefolk village
Action: Show a large, vaguely egg-shaped structure in which the orochi (snakefolk) incubate their young.
Focus: On the egg incubator[103]

Samurai Enforcers (Champions of Kamigawa) Location: inside the steets of a "white-aligned" village

Action: Show two or three human foot soldiers in the background being lead by a white samurai in the front. These troops serve as law enforcement and crowd control. They are marching through a crowd of peasants who reach up for help but only get pushed aside.
Focus: On the lead samurai and the foot soldiers' strength and callousness.[104]

Higure, the Still Wind (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Color: Blue

Location: Doesn't matter; should probably be a night scene
Action: When you want something done quickly/cheaply, you hire a black-aligned ninja. When you want it done *right* you hire a blue-aligned ninja. This is a master blue-aligned human ninja, the height of artfulness. This character is *able* to assassinate as well as anyone, but is more suited to spying and thieving-type jobs.
Focus: the human ninja (male or female)
Mood: I will never leave a trace.
Notes: This is a legendary creature and should look it.[105]

Cunning Bandit (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Color: Red

Location: none/doesn't matter
Action: This is a special "flip card" that shows two different points in time (before and after) on the same card art. On one side we want you to show a rough-looking mountain bandit, and on the other side of the frame, we want to see his ghost after he has died. His ghost should be a large nonflying kami that barely resembles him. The two figures should "flow into" each other, forming a kind of backward N shape in the frame.
Focus: The bandit transforming into a disembodied tyrannizing spirit.
Mood: He's an ambitious bandit with a great dominating spirit within him.[106]

Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker (Betrayers of Kamigawa) A kami with the ability to deny death to the dead.[107]
Flames of the Blood Hand (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Show a red-aligned ogre who knows how to use fire magic and is casting a powerful damage spell. From his hands or some magical object we see this brilliant white-hot fire attack of your design. This is supernatural fire that can't be extinguished, so maybe the flames are a strange color, or seem stylized/otherworldly somehow.[108]
Sway of the Stars (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Color: Blue

Location: nighttime; blue-aligned location of the artist's choosing
Action: Show a Japanese wizard under a big, bright crescent moon. The wizard's long robes are flowing outward in all directions as though being blown by wind. Pinpoints of light like stars drift around the wizard.
Focus: the nighttime magical ritual
Mood: secret, rare, reality-shifting[109]

Clash of Realities (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Color: Red spirit-world magic

Location: red-aligned location of artist's choosing
Action: Show a yamabushi and a red-aligned kami of your design locked in combat. A fissure has just begun to open beneath them, spitting droplets of magma on the surrounding ground.
Focus: The impending death of both creatures
Mood: "If I'm going down, so are you!"[110]

Scour (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys an enchantment spell, but every memory of the spell, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show an unnaturally vibrant meadow, rich colors, sunlight streaming in, but then small squares of the 'canvas' are peeling and blowing away, revealing a dull yellow-brown meadow beneath. (Think of some of Magritte's paintings, for example.)[111]
Quash (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys an sorcery/instant spell, but every memory of the spell, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show a ray of spell energy (fire, bright light, spiraling dark energy, your choice) heading toward a wizard, but then the ray is dissipating into two-dimensional shapes of birds or something, which are blowing away. (Think of some of Escher's paintings, for example.)[111]
Eradicate (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys a creature, but every memory of it, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show a samurai in light-colored robes and/or armor. As (s)he drops his/her sword, some portion of his/her body is breaking into small two-dimensional shapes of some kind. (S)he's being erased from reality.[111]
Sowing Salt (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys a place, but every memory of the place, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show a leveled village in the mountains. An akki goblin is walking away from the viewer, and a trail of rock salt spills from a hole in the sack he carries over his shoulder. The salt gets thicker and thicker toward one corner of the frame, until at the very corner it's just solid white, as though the canvas is blank. (Think of some of Magritte's paintings, for example.)[111]
Splinter (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys an artifact, but every memory of the artifact, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show a suit of lacquered-black samurai armor on a primitive wooden stand. As the wind blows from one side, the armor begins to peel away in two-dimensional leaf shapes, as though it were an illusion (Think of some of Escher's paintings, for example.)[111]
Nourishing Shoal (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Show a green-aligned priestess similar to art ID #82624, as a "school" of the strange spirit-fish creatures from art IDs 80620 and 82612 swim in an upward spiral around her. The fish-things are iridescent green, gold, and blue and full of life giving energy. They're magically nourishing the priestess.[112]
Rod of Ruin (Ninth Edition) Show a sinister-looking magical scepter of your design.[113]
Mystic Restraints (Champions of Kamigawa) [Don't Move][114]
Earthshaker (Champions of Kamigawa) [Kami of Chaos][114]
Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers (Champions of Kamigawa) [Kokemushi Shrine][114]
Deathcurse Ogre (Champions of Kamigawa) [O-Bakemono Ogre-Mage][114]
Kagemaro, First to Suffer (Saviors of Kamigawa) Color: Black

Location: black-aligned location of your choice
Action: Show Kagemaro, a feared and fearsome ancestor kami. This is the powerful manifested spirit of a long-dead human (solid, not ghostly). Should look like an ultra-powerful, ancient master of death magic with supernatural aspects of your creation.
Focus: Kagemaro, the powerful black-aligned ancestor kami
Mood: one thousand generations of perfecting the art of suffering
Notes: This is a spirit world creature, so it should have orbiting objects. And it is a legendary creature.[115]

Meishin, the Mind Cage (Saviors of Kamigawa) Color: Blue

Location: n/a
Action: This spell uses your own mental power to create an illusory maze that enemy creatures get completely lost in. Perhaps show this symbolically, with a brain whose folds come together like the passageways of a maze, with one or two tiny creatures wandering through, trying to find their way out.
Focus: The illusory maze
Mood: Mind over muscle[116]

Mikokoro, Center of the Sea (Saviors of Kamigawa) Show an island off the coast that consists of a single immense boulder of uncut crystal or diamond that juts out from the sea. The boulder is strung with shimenawa, huge ropes that designate a sacred site in Shinto. Perhaps the clouds have parted and a sunbeam hits the boulder from above, accentuating its holiness and power.[117]
Aether Shockwave (Saviors of Kamigawa) [Spirit War]

Color: White Spell effect
Location: battleground on the crater plains
Action: This spell creates a shockwave in the fabric of the barrier between the material and spirit worlds. Depending on who casts the spell, either all spirit-world creatures or all material-world creatures will be bowled over by the shockwave. Show a shockwave knocking over a large group of red-aligned ronin and bandits. You can also show several white-aligned kami *not* getting blasted by the shockwave, but only if the composition can handle it.
Focus: the shockwave between realities
Mood: fffffFFOOM!
Notes: It can be a bit abstract.[118]

Glitterfang (Saviors of Kamigawa) [Viashino Sand Swimmer]

Color: Red
Location: your choice
Action: Show a small kami of lightning energy, your design what it looks like. This spirit should be about the size of a dog, and it should look very, very fast. Like lightning, it appears out of nowhere, strikes, then it's gone. It should look plenty weird, of course.
Focus: the small lightning kami
Mood: Zap!
Notes: Remember All spirit-world creatures need to have *energy objects* orbiting them.[118]

Kataki, War's Wage (Saviors of Kamigawa) [Batsudo, Hand of Retribution][118]

Action: This is a legendary kami spirit of retribution. What it looks like is up to you. This is a spirit covered in Japanese armor that has the abiltiy to grow bigger and bigger. Show it about 10 feet tall, shaped roughly like a huge samurai in full regalia, but its body should be made completely of energy and covered with weapons and armor. Focus: The great kami of retribution Mood: A sacred instrument of justice made of steel and magic.[119]

Rending Vines (Saviors of Kamigawa) [Creeping Column][118]
Evermind (Saviors of Kamigawa) Color: Blue

Location: Your choice
Action: This spell represents spirit-world magical spell that enables you to learn one thing "automatically" while doing another. How to represent this is up to you. For example, you could show a blue-aligned female jushi (wizard) sleeping while a weird little blue kami of your design floats above her, as though studying her. Come up with something that you think makes the most interesting/cool image.
Focus: The magical learning
Mood: It pays to be observant.
Notes: It could be abstact if that direction works better.[120]

Sekki, Seasons' Guide (Saviors of Kamigawa) Action: Show a colossal kami of your design that is made up of eight intertwined smaller kami. The smaller ones could look something like the ones in art ID 82654. This huge kami is a manifestation of nature's adaptability -- when in danger, the kami can separate into 8 smaller kami, who can then re-form the larger kami.

Focus: The towering kami of all seasons
Mood: Nature at its most awe-striking.[119]

Deathknell Kami (Saviors of Kamigawa) Action: Show a flying kami of your design that represents shrieking before death. Maybe a disembodied female head with disproportionately large open mouth, for example.

Focus: The horrible kami
Mood: The most terrible sound imaginable.[119]

Jiwari, the Earth Aflame (Saviors of Kamigawa) Action: This is a huge kami that lives under the surface of the earth. From a point of view high above the ground looking down, show this bizarre earthquake kami pressing upward on the surface of the earth. Where its features can be seen, lines of deep red-orange fire erupt from the surface. (The fire is important and must be included.) If possible, show some indication of humanoids running from this fiery manifestation on the surface of the earth.

Focus: The vast earthquake kami trying to push through the earth's surface
Mood: An angry awakening.[119]

Shinen of Flight's Wings (Saviors of Kamigawa) Action: Show a blue-aligned "energy-ghost." This is a spirit-world "entity" that can manifest as a creature or a spell. Its shape is up to you, but it should be 6 feet across or so and its body consists of a mass of blue fire. The creature's eyes should be visible in the fire. It should be shown flying.

Focus: the blue-aligned "energy-ghost"
Mood: Fast, bright, not of this world.[119]

Raving Oni-Slave (Saviors of Kamigawa) Color: Black

Location: Artist's choice
Action: Show a homicidal ogre of your design (see p. 67 of styleguide for basis). This ogre is completely mad. He has a brand on his forehead in the shape of a vertical third eye to show his devotion to his demon masters.
Focus: The psycho ogre
Mood: He'll do whatever his demon masters tell him to do. Until then, he'll kill whatever crosses his path.[121]

Perilous Forays (Ravnica: City of Guilds) Color: Green Spell (no guild affiliation)

Location: labyrinthine city alleys
Action: Show the moment when a flustered urban ranger, map in hand, in a complex maze of dark, ominous alleyways. The look on his/her face should be "THIS is the place? This map has got to be wrong..." Glowing eyes and long shadows closing in indicate that he may soon be a late night snack for something wicked.
Focus: the doomed ranger
Mood: ominous[122]

Cleansing Beam (Ravnica: City of Guilds) This is RW-guild 'purging' magic -- a way to clear out an area real fast. Show a number of creepy critters like the ones on styleguide pg. 23. They were skulking off to do someone's dirty work, but now each one of them is being incinerated by a white-hot column of flame from the sky.[123]
Scab-Clan Mauler (Guildpact) [Gruul Berserker]

Color: Red/green (R/G guild)
Location: A once-decent neighborhood, soon to be a smoldering wreck Action: Show a charging "Morlock" rider team (one large guy blind and a smaller guy on top with no legs). Focus: the "Morlock" berserkers Mood: What's yours is mine. As of now.
This card represents what the Gruul do best: raid and pillage areas of the city for food and resources. And this team is one of the frontline raiders. They should look frenzied and brutal.[124][125]

Hunted Troll (Ravnica: City of Guilds) Color: Green, but associated with the red/green guild

Location: Amid tall buildings
Action: Show an enormous overgrown troll stomping through city streets like King Kong. Use the sketch of the BG-guild troll, but apply the RG-guild look/feel. In the air around the troll, four blue-aligned, urbanized Pixie 'hunters' (tiny humanoids with dragonfly wings, but these have city clothing) try to stop the troll with tripwires, arrows, whatever you like.
Focus: the gigantic troll
Mood: Like a monster movie, but replace Kong with a troll and the helicopters with pixies[126]

Skeletal Vampire (Guildpact) Color: Black

Location: The sky at night
Action: Show a vampire drifting through the sky (wingless). This isn't just any vampire, though -- this vampire has been reduced to a skeleton. He's all bones except for some kind of metal that encases and protects his undead heart. To show that he's a vampire and not just a floating skeleton, give him long, creepy fingers and be sure the fangs are showing. Also, two bats flutter behind him in the air like escorts.
Focus: the skeletal vampire
Mood: You can strip him of flesh and sinew, but you can't kill him.[127]

Moss Kami (Champions of Kamigawa) [A big nonflying kami of fungus and natural decay.]

Color: Green
Location: Somewhere in the forest on a tree or ground.
Action: Show a big nonflying kami of fungus and natural decay based upon the concept on Page 36 of the styleguide.
Focus: On the Magical Kami Spirit
Mood: Nature's Power
Notes: This is a Spirit Creature so it must be surrounded by some kind of flying *energy objects*[125]

Heat Ray (Urza's Saga) Red Magic

Location: Shiv, Mana Rig
A strange device mounted on the Battlements of the Mana Rig fires a heat ray at a goblin that tried to break in. The goblin is fried on the spot.[125]

Scent of Cinder (Urza's Destiny) Location: Keld.

A Keldon war party has gathered around a huge bonfire, hands raised in pre-war frenzy. Embers and ash flow wildly in the high wind, being carried high and far away.[125]

Goblin Spelunkers (Urza's Saga) Red Magic

Location: Shiv
A small group of Goblin Spelunkers. Show them attempting to climb down through great subterranean caverns, and getting themselves hopelessly knotted up with the ropes in the progress.[125]

Goblin Spelunkers (Seventh Edition) Humorous piece: a trio of grimy armed goblins crawls along a darkened subterranean cave; each has a dripping candle burning on his head in a comic echo of a miner’s lamp. The candles are very short, almost burned out.[125]
Goblin Spelunkers (Ravnica: City of Guilds) Location: The complex, stony rafters of a dark towering spire.

Action: Show 2 or more goblins clambering about in the rafters using ropes, straps, and grapples. One of them should have a torch or lantern.
Focus: The climbing goblins
Mood: check us out with all our cool equipment[125]

Souls of the Faultless (Guildpact) This card represents a last-ditch battle tactic of the Orzhov: a cluster of undead young women and men, well preserved in their zombiehood. These are the reanimated bodies of heroic martyrs. They stand tightly grouped with looks of innocence and even hope on their pale grey faces.

Focus: The undead phalanx of martyrs
Mood: We would give our lives again to protect what lies behind us.[128]

Thunderheads (Guildpact) Color: Blue-Red (U/R guild)

Location: Outside an U/R Izzet foundry
Action: This spell has the 'repeat' property -- the wizard can repeat the spell by feeding more mana into it. This particular spell creates floating guardian faces made of cloud and lightning to stop trespassers. Show at least two such faces floating 10' off the ground in a line (one more prominent in the foreground), stoically guarding the entrance to an Izzet foundry. Perhaps you can see a small indication of the would-be trespassers cowering from the cloud-faces that have appeared suddenly before them.
Focus: the cloud-faced guardians crackling with lightning
Mood: "You are not authorized."
Notes: This spell goes on again, again and again[129]

Blind Hunter (Guildpact) Color: Black/white (B/W guild)

Location: sky over Orzhov area
Action: Show a very large albino bat, perhaps with some gold armor plating to show that it's a trained animal of the Orzhov guild
Focus: the large bat out for the hunt
Mood: It would suck enough blood to drain a man dry.[130]

Experiment Kraj (Guildpact) [Eksperiment Kraj]

This is a legendary Simic aberration, a huge shapeshifting mass of stuff that takes on the attributes of whatever other creatures are nearby. It's up to you to decide what this monstrosity looks like, but it's at least 20 feet tall. Think of jellyfish, dermoid cysts, bioluminescence, giant microorganisms, slimy marine plants ... this should be one giant, bizarre, amorphous ooze-shifter thing. [131]

Goblin Flectomancer (Guildpact) [Goblin Furcomancer]

Show a goblin wizard poseur in over-the-top wizard garb. He's wearing a strange helmet that looks like it has a large tuning fork atop it. This little wizard wannabe is the apprentice to a real Izzet mage, but the mage will eventually just channel a powerful spell through the goblin, likely killing him in the process.[132]

Omnibian (Dissension) Color: Green-Blue (G/U guild)

Location: Your choice
Action: Show a huge slick-skinned frog creature, about the size of a cow, with three bulging eyes instead of the usual two. This strange Simic mutant has the ability to transfer its own genetic pattern through its long elastic tongue. Creatures that it hits with its tongue temporarily assume the frog's general size and shape.
Focus: The three-eyed frog mutant
Notes: You may also choose to show the frog transforming another creature. If you do, it would be best to choose a creature that is in definite contrast to the size and shape of the frog.[133]

Stalking Vengeance (Dissension) This is basically a "revenge elemental" -- a large creature that delivers the rage of the fallen to those who cut them down. Design this creature how you see fit. Perhaps it's a giant cat-like creature whose fiery hide consists of faces of all kinds twisted in anger, for example. Let your imagination drive this one.[134]
Lovisa Coldeyes (Coldsnap) Color: Red

Environment: It's all about snow and ice. The setting is artic, tundra, glaciers, snow dunes, etc.
Description: "Lovisa Coldeyes" is a legend and the leader of all of the Balduvian tribes. She is a very massive, muscular and powerful woman who demands respect from all warriors. She doesn't take any crap. She dresses in furs, leather and armor. She has blonde hair which is very rare for a Balduvian.[135]

Celestial Ancient (Dissension) Location: Ravnica "skyline" at night

Action: Show a strange winged creature of your design, maybe 12' tall, that looks like it's “made of night.” Show it perched on the top of a spire, wings spread. It's darker than the night (or dusk) sky behind it, and its body contains many stars of varying brightness.
Focus: the winged "starry night" elemental[136]

Necromantic Thirst (Ravnica: City of Guilds) Action: Show a White Black-guild 'penitent' -- a crazy cleric who has had the corners of his/her mouth cut back to his/her ears, then neatly sewn shut again (not in styleguide, but use WB-guild look/feek). The cleric is in some dark evil palace, and is catching a thin stream of blood from an unknown source between his/her cupped hands.

Focus: The spooky blood-collection spell[137]

Macabre Waltz (Dissension) Action: This spell uses a big pool of blood as a magical locus for raising the dead. See art ID 88973 -- we'd like to see what else is in whatever place this piece is set in. Show two human figures with their arms entwined around each other, slowly levitating out of a big pool of blood.

Focus: the vile spell that raises the dead (two of them, to be precise)
Mood: An unholy, after-death baptism[137]

Protean Hulk (Dissension) Color: Green

Location: Emerging from an algae-covered canal or reservoir in the city, lumbering into a street
Action: This is one bizarre creature -- it's a colony of giant frog-egg-like objects in the shape of a six-legged behemoth of your design. To picture it, first imagine what frog eggs look like while greenish tadpoles are wriggling inside them. Now imagine that frog egg 2 or 3 feet across. And finally imagine a huge monstrosity of a creature composed of these things.
Focus: the bizarre "spawn elemental"
Mood: Like a cross between a dinosaur and a huge microorganism
Notes: Here's the reason this card is so bizarre: Mechanically, it's just a large green creature (6/6). But when it dies, you get to pull a bunch of creatures out of your deck and put them into play, as though destroying the creature "birthed" them[138]

Search for Tomorrow (Time Spiral) Color: Green "Delay Spell"

Location: Your choice (see below)
Action: This spell represents searching for habitable land in this decimated world. Show this how you think works best. One idea is to show a post-apocalyptic elf on horseback, or a mage walking from one kind of terrain that is seen through an "x-ray" kind of solarized filter (representing another dimension) out into another dimension with different land in normal local color.
Focus: the journeying figure
Mood: There must be somewhere better ahead.[139]

Deep-Sea Kraken (Time Spiral) [Sea Kraken]

Color: Blue
Location: stormy beach
Action: Show a large “Time Delay” kraken that is moving from one green/blue time dimension into the current dimension. The “current dimension” should be in local color.
Focus: the kraken
Mood: Emotionless and destructive
Notes: see jpeg for kraken ref.[140]

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (Planar Chaos) Color: Black

Action: Show a wide shot of an expanse of Urborg, the famous dark land where the Phyrexian Invasion began and ended. The focus of the landscape should be a huge, sickly 'blast radius' -- the place where the dark lord Yawgmoth fell. From the pitch-black center, the stain on the land spreads outward like tentacles of black mana corrupting the land. In the background can be seen the shattered remains of Volrath's mountain stronghold, now with its metal cap mostly corroded away and no Magic emanating from it.
Focus: the site of Yawgmoth's death that still poisons the land
Mood: The land is tainted with evil forever.
Notes: LINK to Art ID #3762 for Stronghold reference.[141]

Life and Limb (Planar Chaos) Color: Green

Location: forest remains
Action: In the midst of a devastated forest, two dead trees have broken and splintered in such a way as to vaguely represent two arms and hands reaching upward. On the forest floor between this landmark, vivid green vines have begun to practically boil out of the hard ground and entwine the bases of these two dead trees. If you want, you can add a green-aligned druid to the scene who seems to be performing some kind of invocation.
Focus: the whole scene
Mood: a glimmer of hope for the forest[142]

Tombstalker (Future Sight) This card is an evolution of our baseline demon concept as seen on Grinning Demon, Reiver Demon, Havoc Demon, etc. (references attached). It should answer the question, "How does the Magic demon concept look several years in the future?"

Note: This card is a "timeshifted" card with a nontraditional frame and aspect.[143]

Pact of Negation (Future Sight) Color: Blue Spell

Action: Partially symbolic piece -- show a powerful blue-aligned wizard against a toxic, clouded, reddish sky. The wizard has thrust his/her hand powerfully upward toward the sky, and the sky has parted as though the wizard's hand were a celestial knife, revealing beautiful clear sky in the split.
Mood: This ends now![144]

Riddle of Lightning (Future Sight) Color: Red spell

Location: "mountain" top
Action: We see the hands of a red shaman holding his staff high. The metal top of the staff has magically opened down the center, revealing pages, as if it were an opened book. A bolt of lightning surges from the open spread and hurtles toward the viewer.
Focus: the *lightning* spell
Mood: A magical allegory of the power of knowledge to inflict injury on my enemies!
Notes: Daren, find an angle and sell it :) have fun![145]

Deathmark (Coldsnap) Color: Black Spell

Setting: Ice Age setting. Lots of snow and ice
Overview: This spell destroys white and green creatures.
You can focus on a spell destroying a creature or you can approach it more abstractly if you think you can pull it off.
If you go more abstract, think of it as spell energy that eliminates white (light/law) and green (nature/life) creatures with the powers of darkness. Depict this in any way you wish.
Feel free to use or ignore the following suggestion:
Location: snowy village
Action: Black tendrils rise from a well in a snowy village and pull down a flailing villager.
Focus: the tendrils
Mood: unwilling sacrifice
Notes: "black tendrils" = evil magic, "villager" = order, good[146]

Dash Hopes (Planar Chaos) Color: White Enchantment

Location: see below
Action: This spell magically recalls a time in its caster's life when he/she was strongest and happiest. Represent this in a way of your design. One (maybe not so great) idea is to show an old man in the ruins of a castle, looking through a broken stained-glass window frame (with the leading left). Through parts of the window is a view of a grassy, sunny meadow on which a younger version of the man stands guard.
Focus: the magical recalling of better times
Mood: If only I could relive those days . . .[146]

[Raging Rigger] Color: Red creature

Location: Unimportant; perhaps craggy wasteland
Action: Show a female goblin rigger leaping off of the base of a rusty bronze monument to attack foes below. (See style guide for reference on riggers and monuments.)
Focus: The goblin attacker
Mood: Move over Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka...[147]

Ancestral Vision (Time Spiral) Color: Blue

Location: see below
Action: This a "Time Delay" Spell. Show the pyramids based on the Aztec style, from Ancestral Recall in a solarized blue green background. (That represents one point in time). But these pyramids are trapped between two dimensions. Everything in the solarized world is before the apocalypse and are not destroyed but the tops of all the pyramids that break through the solarized color appear in "local color" and everything in the "local color' dimension is in ruins and post apocalyptic. Visible somewhere in the frame, even if in the background, are three faint ghosts (not Aztec ghosts or anything, just three humanoid spirits).
Focus: the crumbling pyramid
Mood: ancient, quiet
Notes: LINK to 92305.
"Time Delay" spells are creatures or things that move from 1 time dimension (represented by a green/blue monotone color) and they move into our dimension represented by "local color". Think of a water fall. Everything behind the waterfall is the solarized dimension and everything in front of the waterfall is in local color. See jpegs for examples. Think of the delay thing as a fog/mist line.[147]

Even the Odds (Planar Chaos) Color: White Spell

Location: not important
Action: This spell "calls for reinforcements" when you're up against the ropes, in the form of three soldiers. How to represent this is up to you. One idea is to show a fallen soldier whose sword, helm, and shield have fallen onto the ground around him. The armaments reflect the fallen soldier's form, and those reflections have magically come to life and are emerging from the armaments, stepping foot into the real world.
Focus: The arriving reinforcements
Mood: the tide has turned[147]

Sudden Impact (Tenth Edition) Color: Red Spell

Location: Not important
Action: We see the head and shoulders of a blue-aligned mage reeling forward, as if struck in the back of the head by an invisible baseball bat. His expression is that of sudden, horrible agony, and his face is cracked like crumbling brickwork, smoke from the mind-blast seeps from between the cracks.
Focus: The stricken mage
Mood: Magical blunt-force trauma[148]

Regeneration (Tenth Edition) Color: Green Spell

Location: N/A
Action: Show us a tight bust shot of a human who feels green-aligned (indications of leather and fur on the barely visible clothing maybe?) and who we can see has been beheaded at the bottom of his neck... But thanks to this spell his neck is re-growing, not as flesh, but as grass, and weeds and mostly as white flowers. The flowers are sparse at the bottom, so we can see how much of him should be missing, but as they go up, they are more and more numerous and grow closer and closer together until they overlap and start to magically merge and re-knit his flesh. By the time we are up to his eyes, we can see his actual head has re-formed from that point up. Maybe his eyes are focused up a bit, as if toward the sun, and maybe they are a bit intense... Maybe this process isn't the most comfortable thing ever. He was beheaded, after all.
Notes: Don't let this be gory, even though it's a concept based on beheading. Keep it feeling "green."[149]

Nova Chaser (Lorwyn) Location: Forest clearing, Lorwyn-style rocks/mountains off to the side

Action: Show a female flamekin whose fire is burning incandescently hot, such that the flame overwhelms even the body shape of the flamekin (though you can make out the face)...her flame is in full expression. The core of the flame is white, with an outer layer of yellow flame, and outermost layer of flame is red.
Focus: On the flaming flamekin.
Mood: Pure living flame.[150]

Familiar's Ruse (Lorwyn) Location: unimportant

Action: This counterspell must be channeled through a living creature to work. Show a merfolk wizard with a hand in front of his mouth, blowing as though blowing a kiss. The wizard's breath has become a helix of wispy blue stuff that makes a beeline for a nearby faerie. The faerie looks as though hit by ligtning as the 'breath' magic passes through him, transforming into a powerful, bright-blue beam of energy as it continues on.
Focus: the energy
Mood: directed magical force
Notes: The basic gist is that the merfolk wizard is using his faerie servant as a living conduit for the spell.[150]

Hunt Down (Lorwyn) Location: Wrens' Run, a stretch of forest favored by the elves for hunting "interesting" prey

Action: Show an aristocratic elvish hunter who has finally cornered her prey: a flamekin warrior. The flamekin has nowhere left to run, even if he had the energy. It's time to fight.
Focus: the scene
Mood: I have you now.[150]

Hoarder's Greed (Lorwyn) Location: unimportant

Action: Closeup of a goblin who has committed the ultimate goblin crime -- keeping something new from his warren-mates. The goblin is clutching two cherished things (a gem and a pearly shell, for example) as though he can never show them to anyone. He has a wild, scared look in his eyes.
Focus: the goblin's avarice
Mood: Cherishing his treasures[150]

Streambed Aquitects (Lorwyn) Location: Underwater, near the bottom of a river

Action: Show two merfolk swimming near the pebbly bed of their river. They are arranging rounded, palm-sized stones on the riverbed, in patterns that stand out against the river floor. The patterns mark a perceptible "trail" along the riverbed (so that other merfolk can find their way along the branching Merrow Lanes).
Focus: The merfolk and their "trail"
Mood: The merfolk version of the army corps of engineers[150]

Shriekmaw (Lorwyn) [Aethersnipe]

This large creature is an elemental of undoing and forgetting. How to represent it is up to you. One idea is to show a creature with a many-legged giant newt or lizard body, and the face of tawny frogmouth (an owl with an unusually large mouth). The creature's large mouth is the source of the weirdness in this case, with blue light and vapor coming from it, and a fog like that from dry ice around its feet. At its hind end the creature seems to be dissipating into its own fog, as though slipping out of reality.[151]

Aethersnipe (Lorwyn) [Ingot Chewer]

This creature is an elemental of brute force and destructiveness. How to represent this is up to you. One idea is to show a monster that looks something like a rockfish with horns or something else it could ram things with. The creatures moves across land with centipede-like legs that run the length of its sides. At its hind end, the creature seems to dissipate, perhaps in a way that looks like its scales are drifting apart.[151]

Ingot Chewer (Lorwyn) [Shriekmaw]

This creature is an elemental of decomposition and decay. How to represent this is up to you, but it can't be outright creepy or horrifying -- this is Lorwyn, after all. One idea is to show a creature similar to a giant mole with many blind eyes, but where its backward-sweeping claws would be, instead there are earthworms that flail around and burrow into the soil. At its hind end, the creature seems to dissipate somehow, such as by breaking into pieces that float away behind it.[151]

Mistbind Clique (Lorwyn) Location: Dewy forest morning

Action: Show two crafty blue-aligned faeries chasing each other in a circle in the air. As they buzz about, magical energy swirls between them, creating a misty, spiraling cloud flecked with dew. The cloud looks like it has drawn sparkling vapor from the surrounding air.
Focus: The faeries
Mood: Playful, innocent, yet mystical[152]

Pollen Lullaby (Lorwyn) Location: In a small meadow

Action: In the foreground we see one or a few moonglove flowers, a white, foxglove-like flower with pale-blue pistils. We see wisps of pollen floating from these flowers. In the meadow behind the flowers, we see indications of boggart and kithkin battlers knocked unconscious by the effects of the pollen, lying peacefully.
Focus: the scene
Mood: They were fighting, and then in a flash, they were out cold.[152]

Brion Stoutarm (Lorwyn) Location: Any outdoor

Action: Show an awesome action shot of a giant with a majestic beard and fierce expression. He has just put his whole body into a mighty throw, hurling some large animal (perhaps a deer or horse) right past the "camera." We see the animal's flailing legs as it flies by. Show indications of other hapless animals about to become ammunition nearby -- perhaps we see that he already has a pig ready to go in his off hand, or has a leather leash system attached to a herd of sheep and/or boggarts.
Focus: The giant
Mood: Fierce, deadly[152]

Deeptread Merrow (Lorwyn) Location: An undergound river or aquifer

Action: A deep-swimming merfolk holds a waterproof 'lantern' that consists of a sealed glass container full of fireflies. This illuminates her way through the murky depths where almost no merfolk venture
Focus: the merfolk
Mood: merfolk aren't really capable of fear, so she should seem curious and alert[152]

Flamekin Harbinger (Lorwyn) Location: Unimportant

Action: Show a warmly smiling, pitch-black-skinned flamekin who cradles a mote of brightly glowing orange light between his hands. The flamekin looks down at the mote with an almost maternal look.
Focus: the flamekin[152]

Shinewend (Morningtide) [Reveillark]

This creature is an elemental, which on Lorwyn means it's a strange hybrid of surreal and animal elements that represents the "living magic" of an idea, thought, or dream. This elemental consists of the body of a large lamb-like creature with three sets of huge butterfly wings (three wings on each side of the body) and a featureless face. It must have some elements of intangibility, surreality, like it might be a hallucination.[153]

Reveillark (Morningtide) [Shinewend]

This elemental consists of two pairs of long doves' wings, one right side up, the other upside down, linked together by something akin to a large, compound bird's nest made of living vine. There are eggs in this nest (woven in?, sitting in compartments?) each of which shine[153]

Vintara Elephant (Prophecy) Color: Green creature

Location: Forest
Action: Show a massive, elephantine jungle creature with crystal yoke and helmet.
Focus: On the elephant
Mood: Armored for battle[154]

Deglamer (Morningtide) Action: A kithkin hedge-wizard crouches next to a wide stump that appears to have a rich feast laid out on its flat surface. But as the kithkin releases dust from his hand, the breeze blows the dust over the feast and reveals it for what it is: rotten fruit, moldy bread, and rocks.

Focus: the kithkin's dust-magic that dispels the illusion
Mood: If it's too good to be true, it's likely false.[155]

Auntie's Snitch (Morningtide) Action: Show a boggart "spymaster" (which is a pretty funny concept) leaning in to whisper in the ear of a boggart matriarch. The spymaster is picking at his fingernails with a ramshackle knife of some kind as he talks. Maybe he has an eyepatch made from a mushroom cap or something.[155]
Stenchskipper (Morningtide) Action: This creature is an elemental, which on Lorwyn means it's a strange hybrid of surreal and animal elements that represents the "living magic" of an idea, thought, or dream. This elemental is like an enormous *flying* mudskipper -- about the same size as a whale -- and it leaves a noxious cloud of gas in its wake. It should look like it smells really bad. Show it from above in all its wet-skinned weirdness. On the ground below it, show a number of boggarts looking up at it, cheering, hooting, and hollering.[155]
Lys Alana Bowmaster (Morningtide) Action: Show a veteran elf who's a master (and teacher) of elven archery. He's pointing up in the sky at a giant plover (see see ref) overhead. He isn't holding his bow now, but we see a few knocked arrows cropping in from out of frame, that are targeting what he's pointing at.

Focus: The elf bowmaster
Mood: Trained expertise[155]

Thieves' Fortune (Morningtide) Color: blue spell

Action: Show a boggart 'spy' in a hay ghillie suit peering into the window of kithkin study (we see over the goblins shoulder, through the window... a kith cleric sitting completely absorbed in his studies). The gag is that the boggart spy is 'reading' the possible outcomes of his trespassing as reflected scenes on each of the 4 sections of glass in the window pane.
Notes: the important part here is a Boggart magically reading 4 possible outcomes of what he's about to do.[155]

Earwig Squad (Morningtide) Color: Black creature

Location: marsh
Action: Show 2 or 3 boggarts bounding through their marsh home. Each of them carries an "earwigger," a boggart device of your design used to insert an earwig insect into an unsuspecting victim's ear. It should look simple enough that a dimwitted boggart could build it, yet creepy for the victim. Perhaps we see extra earwigs climbing on the boggarts, or used as jewelry.
Focus: The boggarts
Mood: The earwigger squad is on the prowl -- horrible pranks are afoot[156]

Leaf Gilder (Lorwyn) [Druid of Gilt-Leaf Wood][157]
Sensation Gorger (Morningtide) Show a boggart shaman whose senses and sanity have overloaded from too much sensation. Show this how you see fit. One idea might be to show a boggart with eyes rolled back and tongue lolling, with hedgehogs and skunks tied all over his body, or arranged in a circle around him. Perhaps the environment looks warped around him.

Mood: Delirious, overloaded with sensation[158]

Mirrorweave (Shadowmoor) Location: Kithkin walled town

Action: Show a kithkin town square with many kithkin going about their business -- walking, selling goods, doing chores, standing guard, etc. There's a catch, though: All the kithkin are exactly the same. It's like a town populated entirely of clones of one kithkin.
Focus: The identical kithkin everywhere.
Mood: Creepy, surreal, like a waking dream[159]

Wilt-Leaf Liege (Shadowmoor) Color: Green and white

Location: A stretch of mossy, dead woods lit by elvish lanterns (your design)
Action: Show a elvish knight mounted on a [[[Shadowmoor|Jelly]]] version of a cervin (deerlike creature). The elf is armored and armed. Perhaps she has a dog companion who looks up at her as she patrols the perimeter of the elvish haven.
Focus: the elf knight
Mood: Noble, innocent, earnest[160]

Toil to Renown (Shadowmoor) Action: Talara Many-Tined is a young elf warrior of great renown. She guards an elvish safehold built around a waterfall, one of the only relatively beautiful places on this world. Here we see Talara in long robes, standing in the shallows below the falls, bringing her sword to rest on the head of a fellow elf who's kneeling, as though she's knighting her. There should be a sense of strong, benevolent, nature magic.

Mood: We will find a way to celebrate life in this bleak place.[161]

Bloodshed Fever (Shadowmoor) Color: Red spell

Location: forest
Action: Two elves try unsuccessfully to restrain a third elf who has gone stark-raving mad. The mad elf's eyes glow red-orange as though he's possessed. He's not frothing at the mouth . . . yet.
Focus: the elf made berserk by red magic
Mood: Insanely angry for no reason[162]

Wheel of Sun and Moon (Shadowmoor) This is an abstract piece. Show a circular design that interlaces braid and knot patterns with imagery of Shadowmoor elves, European animals, and astronomy (sun, moon and stars). It should resemble an ancient Celtic knot design. This card is about rebirth and the cycles of nature; symbolism should be about revolutions, orbits, seasons, and life/death, night/day duality.


Rekindled Flame (Eventide) Color: Red spell

Location: None
Action: This is a fire spell that relies on the power of memory. Here is an allegory for it:
imagine a kithkin or elf who is screaming with his hands to his ears. But he’s made all of wax, and there is a burning wick where each hand and his head would be. Wax drips as he burns (there is no head or hands left, just the 3 wicks).
Focus: The flame-memory spell[164]

Flame Jab (Eventide) Color: Red spell

Location: Ashen remains of a burned forest
Action: show a stylish lick of flame bursting from one of the still smoldering trees in the land card you painted for us. an ember has magically been exploited to burst forth into flame and do damage!
Focus: the flame spout
Mood: Here comes a third-degree burn... Haiii--(YAH!)[165]

Sins of the Past ([[Error: Unknown set code: Error: Unknown set name: Ravnica!!|Ravnica]]) Color: Black

Action: This is a sorcery that allows you to remove a spell from your graveyard (the netherworld) and bring it back to "reality" to be use it one last time -but- when you do this you’ll have to remove the CARDNAME from the game and you’ll never have a chance to use it again. That spell will be gone forever and never to be used again.
Notes: probably wants to be a symbolic or abstract piece.[166]

Soul Reap (Eventide) Color: Black spell

Location: Unimportant
Action: Show the "Grief Tyrant" from Art ID# 111611, or atleast enough of him for us to see that hes somehow absorbing a victim to be a new 'face' in his gross belly. maybe we just see his hands pulling the struggling victims head and shoulders into the stomach (which has traces of other faces) which is starting to envelope the victime like pressing a lego man into jello.
Focus: The Grief Tyrant and his victim's absorbtion.
Mood: I feed on your soul.[167]

Evacuation (Tenth Edition) Color: Blue spell

Location: Inside a shadowy wizard's library
Action: A grim human wizard holds his or her arm out above a strange five-sided fantasy game-board. The board was crowded with interesting game pieces (carved figures or abstract 3-D domino shapes), but now they're dissolving into thin, blue lightning trails that unravel upward past his or her hand.
Focus: The empty fantasy "chessboard"
Mood: I can wipe the slate clean in the blink of an eye.[168]

Noggle Hedge-Mage (Eventide) Color: Red and blue creature

Location: Craggy hills, near a river
Action: Show a noggle (short, gray-furred, mule-headed humanoid; see style guide pg. 62) in mage costuming. He has a staff topped in a chunk of amethyst, that burns with a bit of magical fire, like a torch.
Focus: The noggle mage
Mood: Mischievous, sly[168]

Gwyllion Hedge-Mage (Eventide) Color: White and black creature

Location: Blighted fields
Action: Show a "gwyllion," a creature like a stereotypical ugly witch, except about 3 feet tall (see Art ID #111850). She's dressed in heavy rags as if winter is coming, although around her it still looks like dreary autumn. In her claws she's clutching a stuffed doll that looks like a kithkin.
Focus: The gwyllion
Mood: Like a witchy old crone of the swamplands
Notes: LINK to Art ID#111850.[168]

Rendclaw Trow (Eventide) Color: Black and green creature

Location: Dark, swampy area with leafless trees
Action: Show a human-sized trow, an extremely ugly, troll-like creature of mythology. It has long, grubby black claws.
Focus: The trow
Mood: One of the ugliest creatures of the night[168]

Duergar Mine-Captain (Eventide) Color: Red and white creature

Location: Cavern mine
Action: Show a duergar, an ugly little gnome of a creature (like a gruesome, pale-skinned old man, about 3' tall -- see Art ID# 111867). This one is clearly in charge -- he's holding an elaborate pickaxe, and is barking orders to two other duergars, as they charge off to defend the mine.
Focus: The duergar captain
Mood: A leader, but with a Charisma score of 3.
Notes: LINK to Art ID# 111867.[168]

Wistful Selkie (Eventide) Color: Green and blue creature

Location: On a rock in the middle of a river
Action: Show a selkie, sort of a seal-mermaid from Irish mythology -- see page 62 of the style guide. She has stringy, mossy hair and a mysterious, mystical air to her.
Focus: The selkie
Mood: A knower of secrets from the deep waters[168]

Waste Not (Magic 2015) [Revenge of Necromancy]

Color: Black Spell
Location: A nasty trash heap outside a small settlement
Action: We see a RAG MAN, a hunched and withered humanoid figure who appears to be held together by frayed ropes and worn leather straps. The being is standing triumphantly atop a heap of bones, broken armor and weapons, and other less identifiable trash. It is holding up a skull in one hand; the other hand clutches a filthy sack that is bulging with "treasures." A glow of purplish power surrounds the Rag Man and the skull.
Focus: The glowing figure.
Mood: Creepy yet eco-friendly.[169][170]

[Necromancy Ascendant] Color: Black Spell

Location: An ancient cemetery
Action: We see an old cemetery, but there are ornate stone sarcophagi instead of dug graves. The lids of several sarcophagi have been moved, exposing the rotting corpses inside. A dark, purplish-black mist rises out the mouths and eyes of the corpses like dry ice. It billows out onto the ground, corrupting the cemetery grass.
Focus: The necromantic mist
Mood: There is no peace in this rest.[169]

[Season of the Lich] Color: Black Spell

Location: A misty clearing between withered trees
Action: This is a mood piece, set at night. The background of the image is an enormous full moon which touches the horizon... very bright, but slightly ominous in its tint. Most of the image is in silhouette against the moon's light, but in the foreground we can see enough to know that we are in a dense pumpkin patch to give us a sense that this is a specific time of year. In the center of the image is a figure, very tall and impossibly thin, who is seen in hard silhouette against the moon. His posture is regal, his face slightly upturned to the night.
As the pumpkin shapes become more back-lit we realize that some of the curved silhouettes aren't pumpkins at all, but are the hunched backs of several zombies who are starting to rise from among the patch.
Focus: The scene
Mood: "In the first hour of the third day of the seventh season, dim your lamps. Hush your infants. And lock your doors."[169]

[Necromancer's Call]
Color: Black Spell

Location: A field of corpses on a blasted wasteland.
Action: A necromancer stands with her arms outstretched. Ghostly energy is coursing up from the bodies that are strewn about. The energy converges around her where it begins to turn purplish. Maybe in the background we can see silhouettes of zombies rising out of the ground.
Focus: The energy rising out of the corpses and the ground.
Mood: Supernatural, eerie[169]

[Liliana's Wake]
Color: Black Spell

Location: Outdoors, during a colorful dusk
Action: Liliana wades toward camera through murky waist-deep water. Her body language is graceful and confidant, there is a smirk on her face. Her hands are outstretched just enough to agitate the surface of the water on both sides of her as she wades. Behind her two trails of zombies have just begun to rise from the water and follow her, as if awakened by the ripples caused by her hands.
Focus: The scene
Mood: Placid. Pretty. And frightening.[169]

Insult (Amonkhet) Aftermath Frame: First Half (Wide Aspect)

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: Red spell
Location: Not important
Action: We'd like this piece, together with "Injury," to form a single piece of art broken across two moments. This part, "Insult," shows a minotaur warrior bellowing. His roar emanates out as glowing hieroglyphics (see reference packet), and the hieroglyph runes continue into "Injury."
Focus: The minotaur and his roared hieroglyphics
Mood: A war bellow that can inflict real damage.[171]

Injury (Amonkhet) Aftermath Frame: Second Half

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: Red spell
Location: Not important
Action: This piece, together with "Insult," form a single piece of art broken across two moments. This part, "Injury," is when the magical hieroglyphics from "Insult" crash into another warrior, perhaps a Naga. The Naga puts up his arms to try to shield himself from the mystical attack.
Focus: The hieroglyphics striking their target.
Mood: These words have the power to harm.[171]

Protection of the Hekma (Amonkhet) Setting: Amonkhet

Color: White spell
Location: Just inside the Hekma, the forcefield barrier that encloses the entire city-state
Action: Show a scene that illustrates what it's like to be just inside the Hekma forcefield. The forcefield shimmers with magic, but the barrier itself is otherwise invisible. Sand dunes from the desert wastes beyond are piled up against the barrier, and a horde of desiccated mummies bump against it, mindlessly drawn by hunger. On this side of the barrier, the city-state is lush and calm.
Focus: The shimmering Hekma barrier is the most important element here.
Mood: Contrast of danger outside and safety inside.[171]

Lay Claim (Amonkhet) Setting: Amonkhet

Color: Blue spell
Location: Any place in the city-state with monuments in the background
Action: This spell represents the blue god Kefnet demonstrating his divine power by reaching down and grabbing a fearsome creature. Show a dragon that is being snatched up by the back of its neck, as if it were a puppy being grabbed by its scruff. Kefnet's hand looks huge, perfect, softly glowing in its divinity.
Focus: The action of grabbing is the main focus here—the contact point between Kefnet's hand and the dragon he's laying claim to.
Mood: What mortals think is huge is mere child's play to a god.[171]

Divert (Amonkhet Invocations) Setting: Amonkhet

Color: Blue spell
Location: Exterior city-state shot with waterfalls
Action: In this shot, an ibis-headed vizier uses his magical power to divert the water of a waterfall. He hovers in the air where the water should be cascading down upon him, but instead the water continues onward in defiance of gravity. The vizier has his hands raised, and wisps of blue energy rise from his fingers to carry the water forward.
Focus: The gravity-defying water.
Mood: Awesome power that defies nature.[171]

Mind Twist (Amonkhet Invocations) Setting: Amonkhet

Color: Black spell
Location: An expanse of dunes in the desert
Action: The intent of this piece is to display a person's sanity shattering from wandering in the desert. To accomplish this, show a human male at the foot of a steep dune. He is small in the frame and his shadow stretches up the side of the dune. Halfway up, the shadow peels off the dune to become corporeal. It has the appearance of the monster on p. 128A. With one of its spindly arms, it reaches toward the human to poke him in the forehead. The human grabs his head in agony.
Focus: The shadow lifting off the of surface of the dune.
Mood: Surreal and disturbing.[171]

Bitterblossom (Ultimate Masters) Setting: Lorwyn

Color: Black spell
Intent: Lorwyn faeries are devious tricksters who love to play pranks on their victims. This card represents a magical glen where these faeries emerge from their hiding places among the flowers.
Location: An overgrown sea of wild purple, magenta, and blue flowers in a magical glen
Action: Imagine entering a beautiful glen in the woods that's alive with blossoms in purples and blues. Now imagine that a wasp-like, dragonfly-winged little faerie has emerged from among the flowers, buzzing by your head with a barbed spear. And as you glance again, you notice that the flowers all around you are teeming with these malicious little faeries! Show that scene, with at least one prominent faerie in plain sight and more lurking among the blossoms.
Focus: The foreground faerie
Mood: You're in deeper trouble than you first realized.[172]

Dark Depths (Ultimate Masters) Setting: Dominaria

Color: Land associated with black mana
Location: The dim water under an ice shelf
Action: We'd like you to create a scene of the same icy location shown in the reference, but reversed, so that we're underwater with the eldritch entity, looking up through the ice at the tiny figure. Imagine floating near that dark tentacled thing, its unnatural mass rising toward the ice-crust, and the figure walking across the ice above hasn't yet noticed what is just below them.
Mood: The evil that lurks just under people's feet[172]

Frantic Search (Ultimate Masters) Setting: Dominaria

Color: Blue spell
Location: Tolarian Academy interior
Action: This scene shows a desperate search underway in the workshop of a Tolarian wizard. The wizard is digging through books, papers, and doodads, clearly looking for something important. Perhaps a trained bird watches quizzically or assists.
Focus: The search
Mood: It's 5 minutes before class and you can't find your term paper.[172]

Life From the Loam (Ultimate Masters) Setting: Ravnica

Color: Green spell
Location: An underground/undercity space
Action: This spell represents nature rapidly reclaiming an urban area. Show brash new plant life that has burst forth from the husks of abandoned undercity buildings. Oversized woody trunks bend out of broken windows. Cascades of bright ferns tumble down staircases. Pillars have been broken by climbing vines and carried up with their reckless growth. Whatever you can think of!
Focus: The scene
Mood: Exhilarating. A dead, forgotten place has transformed into a new living realm.[172]

Slippery Bogle (Ultimate Masters) Color: Green and blue creature

Location: Damp, spooky forest
Action: Here's a chance to do a little creature design. This is a small BOGLE, which basically means "weird beastie." It's about half a meter tall and appears SLIPPERY, with slick or slimy skin. It's skittering among gnarled roots, or maybe crossing a small stream.
We've sent this card's original art for reference, but you can deviate from it significantly. We're inclined to keep the basic anatomy of a big head with two legs, and those weird, hand-like feet. But even that is up for negotiation if you've got a different weird beastie design—just make sure it isn't humanoid and doesn't look too much like any particular real-world animal or myth creature.
Focus: The slippery bogle Mood: Creepy yet cute, but also kind of gross[172]

Through the Breach (Ultimate Masters) Setting: Innistrad

Color: Red spell
Location: Drownyard Temple
Intent: This piece shows a moment that was illustrated for the Shadows over Innistrad story guide but that we never quite got to see on cards: the moment when Emrakul emerges from the space between worlds and rises out of the ocean.
Action: We'd like to stay pretty close to the story guide illustration here, with a couple key differences to account for this specific context:
Maybe a little more of the lightning effect, since this is now a red spell.
A sense of coming through from somewhere else, not just rising up. (This can be subtle.)
The addition of Nahiri very small in the foreground, her glowing sword upraised, facing away from us.
Focus: Emrakul's emergence
Mood: Eldritch[172]

Bankrupt in Blood (Ravnica Allegiance) Setting: Ravnica

Guild: Orzhov
Color: Black spell
Location: Unimportant/abstract
Intention: This spell sacrifices two creatures so its caster can gain knowledge. We'd like to show this as an abstract take on a lethal Orzhov religious ritual.
Action: Two humans, one male and one female, sit back to back. Their mouths are open, screaming. (They're tied up, if we can see that far down). The tops of their heads are dissolving into a mixture of coins and blood mist that drifts upward and out of frame from the dissolving heads. The coins and blood mist coming from the two heads should mix.
Focus: The magical transformation of their bodies into coins
Mood: Unsettling, powerless
Notes: Although this calls for blood and for bodies coming apart, we don't want gore or body horror here—we're looking for a sense of being literally transformed.[173]

Captive Audience (Ravnica Allegiance) Setting: Ravnica

Guild: Rakdos
Color: Black-red spell
Location: The audience at a Rakdos performance
Action: This is a crowd shot of the audience of a Rakdos show reacting to something particularly gruesome on stage. Show us a variety of guilded and unguilded audience members with a variety of genders, ethnicities, creature races, and ages. Have fun with what each person thinks of the show—most are disgusted, some are terrified, maybe one is retching, maybe only one person is having a good time.
Rakdos performances are horrifying, violent, and disturbing. How can we get that across by just showing the audience reaction? We do want to get an important gag in here: make sure one of the audiences is Fblthp. Fblthp is a small homunculus with a bad habit of getting lost, and we want to imply that he accidentally wandered into this performance. Fblthp is definitely shocked by what he's seeing—maybe he's covering his mouth in surprise.
Focus: The disgust/shock/terror of the audience
Mood: An amusing glimpse at what a Rakdos performer sees during their shows[173]

Clear the Mind (Ravnica Allegiance) Setting: Ravnica

Guild: None
Color: Blue spell
Location: Abstract; perhaps set in a street scene
Intention: This is an abstract representation of a spell that erases your past but gives you insight into the future. The description below gives some ideas for how to do that, but none of the details in it are as important as getting across that big idea.
Action: Show an unguilded human mage walking through a street scene. Behind them, the scene is fading out or disappearing—perhaps looking like a DaVinci sketch, or an unfinished watercolor, or like it's being literally erased. The scene in front of them, if we can see it, might look supernaturally vibrant, or outlined in shimmering blue, like a vision.
Focus: The abstract magical effect
Mood: Leave the past behind, and look to a beautiful future.[173]

Cult Guildmage (Ravnica Allegiance) Setting: Ravnica

Guild: Rakdos
Color: Black-red creature
Location: Performing in any Ravnica street scene or at a Rakdos environment of your choice
Action: Each guild has its own specialized spellcasters to practice their style of guild magic. This is a guildmage of the Rakdos: a male human who looks like a mad jester and puppeteer. Give him a marionette that's a mocking caricature of the Planeswalker Jace Beleren. Maybe the puppeteer-mage grins unsettlingly as he makes the wooden Jace puppet dance a ridiculous dance.
Focus: The jester
Mood: "Jace the wooden, Jace the blind, Jace got termites and lost his mind! Doot-dooty-dooo, HA-haha-HA!"[173]

Gruul Guildgate (Ravnica Allegiance) Setting: Ravnica

Guild: Gruul
Color: Land associated with red and green
Intent: In the city-world of Ravnica, every guild has two "guildgates"—entrances to that guild's territory. One of them is big and spectacular, and the other that is small and secretive. This one is the small and secretive version.
Action: Imagine a part of the city that has been reduced to rubble, and the only thing left standing is a modest archway with a wooden door that remains intact. For this shot, focus on the door, which has the Gruul symbol painted on it in red paint. The gag here is that you can just walk around the door because everything around it is wrecked.
Focus: The small door
Mood: A savage place; also a bit absurd[173]

Kaya's Wrath (Ravnica Allegiance) Setting: Ravnica

Guild: Orzhov
Color: White-black spell
Location: Inside a luxurious Orzhov treasure room
Intent: This spell shows a key story moment when the Planeswalker Kaya murders the Ghost Council, a group of old dead dudes who run the Orzhov guild. In the game, the card destroys all creatures, so we're going to see some mayhem. Kaya uses a signature purple-white magic to physically interact with ghosts, so anywhere we see her touching one, her body or weapons should turn into that glowing purple-white energy.
Action: This is a cinematic, slow-motion shot during an epic, many-against-one fight scene. Kaya is in the middle of the shot dealing out death to the ghosts who surround her. She might have her knife in one's chest, while another flails backward, his throat slit, spilling smoky "ghost blood" as he falls. Kaya throws small knives of purple-white magic that impale more ghosts, all of them spilling smoky "ghost blood" as their undead life slips away. Really emphasize the action here—every single ghost in this room is dead, dying, or about to die. And through it all, Kaya smiles wide, loving every minute.
Focus: The epic multiple murder
Mood: They had her outnumbered and surrounded. They never stood a chance.[173]

Felidar Retreat (Zendikar Rising) Setting: Zendikar

Color: White enchantment
Location: A felidar lair
Action: Show a rocky lair belonging to a family of felidars. There are bones littered by a cave entrance and a precarious rocky peak where an adult felidar lounges at the very top watching over the others below. Maybe there's a kitten or two playing.[174]

Canyon Jerboa (Zendikar Rising) Setting: Zendikar

Color: White creature
Location: The ground of a rocky valley
Intent: This card shows a stampede from a mouse's perspective.
Action: Show a cute, fantastical mouse based on a jerboa (see reference, it's a small rodent with big back legs for jumping). It stands at the bottom of the ravine and sniffs the air for danger. The pebbles on the ground around it bounce into the air, and dirt billows in the background as if there's an earthquake. A stampede of creatures is coming, but we're too small to see them.
Focus: The mouse[174]

Charix, the Raging Isle (Zendikar Rising) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Blue legendary creature
Location: The sea
Action: Introduce us to Charix, a massive crab the size of a small continent. He bursts out of the sea, and water cascades off his shell. His shell has elements of the surrounding land, maybe a couple shrubs grow on it and bits of Skyclave ruin stick to it, giving it a distinctive pattern. He has multiple sets of pincers, but one should be much larger than the others (see fiddler crab reference). Include some elements for scale such as floating ruins or birds—it's important this creature be huge.
Focus: Charix
Mood: An absolute unit of a crab[174]

Confounding Conundrum (Zendikar Rising) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Blue enchantment
Location: A ruin interior. Light pouring in illuminates the puzzle at its center.
Action: Show a ruin interior with a huge "water puzzle" levitating at the center of the room. The "water puzzle" consists of streams of water weaving in and out of each other to create a complicated knot (or some other intertwined shape). A female explorer looks up at the puzzle and contemplates it.
Focus: The water puzzle
Mood: Mind-boggling; an obstacle to overcome[174]

Skyclave Shade (Zendikar Rising, #298) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Black creature
Location: A dark corner of a ruin
Action: Show a terrifying shade emerging from a ruin wall. Black smoke trails from its eyes and claws. Skyclave patterning should be integrated into its wispy body.
Focus: The shade
Mood: An evil menace[174]

Soul Shatter (Zendikar Rising) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Black sorcery
Location: Flying past the Skyclaves
Action: Show a shadowy blast smiting a dragon through the chest. The blast of darkness has an angular shape. The dragon roars in anger as the magic slams into it, shattering its scales and killing it.
Focus: The dark magic hitting the dragon
Mood: The fall of a mighty creature[174]

Akoum Hellhound Setting: Zendikar

Color: Red creature
Location: The top of a cliff edge
Action: Show a canine-inspired take on a red-aligned Zendikar elemental standing at the very top of a precarious cliff. An elemental-meets-animal. It should have clawed paws made for climbing steep cliffs and a molten-red glow to its stone body.
Focus: The dog elemental
Mood: Agile, fierce[174]

Spitfire Lagac Setting: Zendikar

Color: Red creature
Location: A rocky Akoum region
Action: Show a massive red-scaled lizard monster with a chubby pouch-like throat. It resembles a Komodo dragon with tusks, spines, and little beady eyes. See the attached reference for how its neck looks. There's a hot glow coming from its throat pouch as it burps up a fireball.
Focus: The spitting lizard
Mood: A little goofy, a lot of danger[174]

Nahiri's Lithoforming (Zendikar Rising) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Red sorcery
Location: A mountaintop
Story info: Nahiri is "lithoforming" the landscape, reshaping the world according to her will and stilling the chaotic effects of the Roil.
Action: Show Nahiri attempting to calm the Roil using her enhanced lithomancy powers. She stands on a mountain peak, arms outstretched. Giant chunks of rock and ancient hedrons tear out of the land and swirl around her. It looks as if she is about to recreate the hedron network.
Focus: Nahiri's lithomancy
Mood: Stronger and more determined than ever[174]

Ashaya, Soul of the Wild (Zendikar Rising) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Green legendary creature
Location: A forest landscape. Bits of ruin and hedrons are scattered about.
Action: This is Ashaya, Nissa's elemental familiar. See the attached reference for how Ashaya has looked previously. Ashaya is a bipedal elemental with a distinctive curved head shape, composed of thick vines and living plants. Ashaya is taller and more powerful than before (about 30 feet tall). Maybe some explorers can be seen admiring it from below for scale.
Focus: Ashaya
Mood: A loyal guardian[174]

Lotus Cobra (Zendikar Rising, #307) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Green creature
Location: Hanging above a lotus field
Action: Show us an updated take on the Lotus Cobra, a snake with prismatic scales. The lotus flower should be integrated into its design in some way—maybe the inside of its hood is patterned like lotus petals. Its body drapes and coils around a tree branch.
Focus: The colorful cobra
Mood: Mesmerizing[174]

Phylath, World Sculptor (Zendikar Rising, #313) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Red green creature
Location: Murasa
Action: Show a towering elemental based on the body shape of a troll. Its body is made from brambles, vines, and leaves, and where its heart would be glows red with flame. It scoops up a sapling, dirt and everything, and holds it up to its chest in a careful manner. Green energy surrounds the pair and flows into the sapling.
Focus: The elemental
Mood: Watching out for even the tiniest of plants[174]

Omnath, Locus of Creation (Zendikar Rising, #312) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Red-green-white-blue legendary creature
Location: Towering over the watery landscape of Tazeem
Action: This is Omnath, an elemental being made of four colors of mana (red, green, white, and blue). See the attached reference for a sketch of the new four-color Omnath design. He has two legs, four arms, and an intense white light shining from the center of his "head." Omnath looks powerful and recharged—his body glows brighter than before and looks slightly more defined and muscular. Each one of his arms manipulates a different type of mana around him.
Focus: Omnath
Mood: Mana manifested[174]

Forsaken Monument (Zendikar Rising) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Colorless artifact
Location: Fallen into the Guul Draz swamp
Action: Show the floating monument from the attached reference having fallen to the earth. Only a portion of the Eldrazi statue remains, alongside several toppled cubes. Foliage, vines, and moss have grown over parts of the lost monument. A faint glowing energy glows from the cracks in the cubes—they still hold some magical power. An explorer or two could stand next to the monument for scale.
Focus: The ruined monument
Mood: Eerie, long dormant[174]

Cavern of Souls (Zendikar Rising Expeditions) Setting: Zendikar

Color: Land associated with mana of any color
Location: A Skyclave interior
Action: Show a vast Skyclave ruin interior. At the center is some kind of prominent basin. Ghostly energy pours out of the basin and fills the room with a white fog. Within this fog are several humanoid figures made out of negative space. The figures aren't well defined, only given form by the fog that flows around them.
Focus: The ghostly room
Mood: Spooky[174]

Blossoming Calm (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: A spell that protects her from her enemies.[175]
Esper Sentinel (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Using the reference as inspiration, we’d like you to design a soldier who is a similar mix of flesh and etherium (a magical metal found only on Esper)[176]
Late to Dinner (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: A friendship that can outlast death.[177]
Lens Flare (Modern Horizons 2) Intent: The spell shows a creature being damaged by powerful rays of light.[178]
Nykthos Paragon (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Start with 190C and design a spirit known as an Eidolon that resembles a human soldier carrying a large shield.[179]
Search the Premises (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: Determined to find evidence of wrongdoing.[180]
Floodhound (Modern Horizons 2) Action: This creature is a BLOODHOUND formed entirely of WATER.[181]
Fractured Sanity (Modern Horizons 2) Action: We’d like an epic, abstract illustration of a fantastical moon (not the real-life earth-moon), which has cracked open.[182]
Mystic Redaction (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Show GLOWING BLUE GLYPHS being TORN out of a GRIMOIRE, leaving BLANK PAGES behind.[183]
Phantasmal Dreadmaw (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Using the original art of Colossal Dreadmaw as inspiration, design an illusionary version of the dinosaur.[184]
Rise and Shine (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: "You can’t keep us locked away anymore. To battle!"[185]
Thought Monitor (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: An efficient, well-designed machine.[186]
Kitchen Imp (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Show an imp that’s a kitchen helper for Asmor, the Underworld Cook.[187]
Persist (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Show a kithkin (see pg. 28) emerging from under the ground where he was buried.[188]
Sudden Edict (Modern Horizons 2) Intent: This illustration uses an existing visual gag that shows the moments before and after a spell was cast. We’d like you to use this visual gag for a spell that destroys a creature.[189]
Underworld Hermit (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: He's the Pied Piper of squirrels.[190]
World-Weary (Modern Horizons 2) Intent: This is an abstract depiction of a spell that causes a person to rapidly age.[191]
Faithless Salvaging (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: A bit regretful but still looking for loot.[192]
Gargadon (Modern Horizons 2) Intent: Magic has made a Greater Gargadon and a Lesser Gargadon (see ref). We want you to design the “average” Gargadon.[193]
Harmonic Prodigy (Modern Horizons 2) Focus: The musician-wizard.[194]
Abundant Harvest (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: Surrounded by the abundance of nature.[195]
Ignoble Hierarch (Modern Horizons 2) Intention: Do a mirror image of the Noble Hierarch card, only this time with a goblin.[196]
Jade Avenger (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Show a frog samurai who is a master swordsman. Skilled and agile, he stands about four feet tall and wields a daisho (see ref).[197]
Sylvan Anthem (Modern Horizons 2) Action: This is an abstract illustration that celebrates green creatures.[198]
Timeless Witness (Modern Horizons 2) Intent: We’d like to re-imagine the Eternal Witness as an initiate on Amonkhet.[199]
Combine Chrysalis (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Please design a Simic device that turns smaller creatures into big flying beasts.[200]
Ethersworn Sphinx (Modern Horizons 2) Intent: Most Esper sphinxes have minimal filigree enhancement, but this sphinx has been extensively enhanced.[201]
Garth One-Eye (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: A powerful, quirky, curious man.[202]
General Ferrous Rokiric (Modern Horizons 2) Apperance: A skilled military commander, Ferrous is a new character for you to design.[203]
Lazotep Chancellor (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: We will conquer you.[204]
Moderation (Modern Horizons 2) Intent: This card prevents you from casting multiple spells per turn but rewards you for your restraint.[205]
Rakdos Headliner (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: Unrestrained violence in a festival atmosphere.[206]
Ravenous Squirrel (Modern Horizons 2) Action: This is a squirrel who eats everything.[207]
Sythis, Harvest's Hand (Modern Horizons 2) Action: We’d like you to design Sythis, a legendary green- and white-aligned female dryad who’s closely tied to Karametra, the god of the harvest (p.26)[208]
Moorland Rescuer (Innistrad: Midnight Hunt) Setting: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Color: White Creature
Location: Atop a bridge in Nearheath in Gavony
Action: Show us a mounted female human knight galloping over a bridge covered in hoarfrost. The sun's light is peeking out from the clouds and illuminating the bridge and reflecting off the hoarfrost. This light reflects off her armor, making her glow with an almost magical light. She is wearing Cathar armor but is missing her hat- it flew off during her escape! On the back of her horse is a child, clutching her tightly.
Focus: The knight
Mood: A daring escape, fleeing an unseen enemy[209]


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