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Card Description
Vengeful Dreams (Torment) [Angel's Purge]

This card should show an angel in the center of a group of dark, evil beings. The beings were attacking the angel, but because of the her spell have now started to disappear or dissolve away. The main focus of the card is the huge size of the spell.[1]

Fiery Temper (Torment) [Sear]

This card should show a red wizard casting a spell which causes its victim to burn. The main focus of this card is the fact that the wizard is a psychopath and that he is enjoying his work.[2]

Braids, Cabal Minion (Odyssey) [Diabolic Tutor]

A dementia summoner having a devious idea.[3]

Cabal Surgeon (Torment) [Cabal Healer]

This card should show a cabal healer who is patching together dead body parts to make one being. This is a serious piece but please do not get real gross with this one.[4]

Questing Phelddagrif (Planeshift) Location: A clear lake in a forest clearing. A massive, full-grown purple hippo with feathered wings aggressively launches itself out of the water, into the sky. The hippo should have huge tusks jutting out from her lower jaw. Make it as intimidating as possible (i.e., not silly or cartoonish)[5]
Thornscape Battlemage (Planeshift) Location: Keld battlefield. A female Skyshroud Elf rides a Colos beast over a Phyrexian. The Elf should have both the red coalition symbol and the white coalition symbol on her armor or clothing.[5]
Dwarven Shrine (Odyssey)
This is a red card that should show a memorial or trophy case to the school of red magic. Lots of flames coming from different kinds and sizes of vessels, etc.[5]
Petravark (Torment) [Mini Dementia Firebeast]

This is a dementia creature (See style guide for reference). It should be shown as red, not black, and as causing the land to shake.[6]

Insidious Dreams (Torment) [Dark Knowledge]

This card should show a black wizard casting a spell which causes knowledge to erupt all around her. This could be shown by ghostly books and scrolls spinning about the wizard. The main focus of the card is the huge size of the spell. The main characters and elements can be shown smaller, but clearly visible.[7]

Shade's Form (Torment) This card should show a person in the process of changing into a shade or disembodied spirit. This spirit should look creepy and the change should be caused by a spell.[8]
Skywing Aven (Torment) This card should show a bird warrior charging into battle with arrows passing harmlessly through him. The bird warrior is becoming intangible.[9]
Fact or Fiction (Invasion) Location: Weatherlight, Below decks. Squee holds up two pieces of paper with a look of utter confusion on his face (he can’t read). Behind him, Hanna gestures impatiently.[10]
Ernham Djinn (Judgment) This is a green card and should show the Erhnam Djinn in a dramatic pose. See reference.[11]
Chainer, Dementia Master (Torment) This card should show the character Chainer in a very insane pose.[12]
Guiltfeeder (Judgment) [Jowser's Shadowcreeper]

This card should show a monster that glides through shadows to reach you. If it touches you, it causes you intense guilt, feeding off your memories of the past, and the remorse causes you harm, thus the life loss. If you can depict this in some way that would be great, but the main focus of this card is the monster. He should probably be shown as a creepy shadow form.[13]

Burning Wish (Judgment) Show a literal wave of flame that travels down the exterior of Volrath’s mountain. The Vec soldiers advancing up the mountainside are being fried by the oncoming wave. They don’t have a chance to escape.[14]
Flame Wave (Stronghold) [Barbarian's Wish]

This is a red card and should show a djinn handing a barbarian a fireball with which he accepts with awe.[15]

Reya Dawnbringer (Invasion) [Blinding Light]

An angel hovers at the center of a intense supernova-type explosion, blinding all humans and Phyrexian ground troops nearby.[16]

Urza's Rage (Invasion) Location: Koilos Battlefield. Urza, in his Titan Suit, casts a major destructive fire spell; Urza should have the amalgamated coalition symbol.[16]
Breaking Point (Judgment) This is a red card and should show Kamahl slamming his sword, with the Mirari attached to the pommel, into the ground. This causes the ground to erupt and sends lava streaming towards a battlefield. See reference for Kamahl.[17]
Genesis (Judgment) This is a green card and should show a jedi in the shape of a centaur made of tree bark. See reference.[18]
Waiting in the Weeds (Mirage) [Unseen Wildlife]

Dozens of small hungry critters scurry in the low undergrowth of the jungle. In this picture, we cannot tell what the critters are. We can only see the eyes.[19]

Pyrotechnics (Seventh Edition) A large lightning bolt from a stormy sky zaps two drakes in flight, then continues downward to zap one more. All three drakes are being electrocuted at exactly the same moment in time.[20]
Life Burst (Odyssey) [A New Balance]

This is a white card and should be a non-representational piece about balance - the best way that you can convey the sense that things are being realigned to create a sense of balance.[20]

Mirror Wall (Judgment) This is a blue card and should show a wall of mirrors of various shapes and sizes. Light should be shown bouncing off several of the mirrors creating a concentrated searing beam of light. You can show some victims of this beam but no reflections need be shown in the mirrors.[21]
Arcane Teachings (Judgment) [Dwarven Cleric]

A dwarven mage, perhaps a cleric, doing his thing (not fire-related). This card should show a dwarven mage in his study intently studying some object there. The focus should be on the mage.[22]

Golden Wish (Judgment) [Nomad's Wish]

This is a white card and should show a djinn offering a female nomad a splendid looking glowing ring. The nomad should appear overjoyed to receive the gift.[23]

Aven Fogbringer (Judgment) This is a blue card and should show an aven wizard casting a spell with a staff that causes the land below him to be enshrouded in a very thick fog. The focus is the wizard so his clothes should reflect the point that he is a wizard.[24]
Suntail Hawk (Judgment) This is a white card and should show a fantasy hawk in flight on the hunt.[25]
Snapping Thragg (Onslaught) Location: Skirk Ridge

Action: multi-headed mountain beast. Some of his bonespurs spit flames.[26]

Grinning Demon (Onslaught) [Lurker in the Shadows]

Location: Aphetto
Action: a demon (barbed wire, grossly exaggerated horns, etc.) emerges from the shadows of a dark alleyway.[27]

Rorix Bladewing (Onslaught) Location: Great Pit-Arena (The Coliseum)

Action: Champion Red Pit-Fighter. Bad-ass red scaled dragon. It's serpentine in shape (though it must have legs), and has four wings. It flies very fast.[28]

Read the Runes (Onslaught) [Decipher]

Location: Aphetto
Action: Wizard in the foreground, his hands are glowing magically. The land around him is covered in blue glowing magical runes. He is drawing the runes out of the land.[29]

Lightning Angel (Apocalypse) Location: sky

This card represents White, Blue and Red magic.
An armed, armored angel streaks across a stormy sky. Small arcs of lightning sprout from her sword before her and in her wake. Focus on the angel.[30]

Ichorid (Torment) This card needs to show a horrible-looking non-human creature about to attack the viewer. It should be coming out of a grave after feasting on a corpse.[30]
Thorn Elemental (Seventh Edition) A 40' tall giant plant elemental launches some of its natural thorns at a passing flock of birds. rk post redux?[30]
Smother (Onslaught) Location: Aphetto

Action: Dwarf Pit-Fighter surrounded by a swarm of gnats. They are suffocating him by flying into his nose, mouth, etc.[31]

Kamahl's Summons (Onslaught) At Kamahl's command, forest matter (soil, roots, bark, etc) magically coalesces and takes the shape of two large bears.[32]
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa (Onslaught) Location: Krosan Forest.

Action: Kamahl in action pose.
Mood: Bad-ass. Smug (not comically). Powerful.
Notes: Story card. Remember, this is Kamahl as a Green druid.[33]

Severed Legion (Onslaught) Location: Aphetto City.

Action: a swarm of Zombie hands (some with arms or tendons trailing) crawling through the city.[34]

Lord of the Pit (Alpha) [Balrog][35][36]
Necropotence (Ice Age) Necropotence.[35]
Quicksilver Dragon (Onslaught) [Mirrored Drake]

Location: Breaker Bay, above the water. Action: Drake with mirrored or shiny reflective scales flying above the water.[37]

Goblin Burrows (Onslaught) [Mountain]

Location: Skirk Ridge.
Notes: Basic Land. These are the mountains where the Goblins live.[38]

Krosan Colossus (Onslaught) Location: Krosan Forest

Action: giant bipedal Beast towering over the Krosan forest. It uses its bonespur claws to scoop up a handful of the forest to munch on.[39]

Visara the Dreadful (Onslaught) Location: Great Pit-Arena (The Coliseum)

Action: Champion Black Pit-Fighter. This is a female Grgon [sic], like Matthew Wilson's creature from Judgment. Instead of the claw, she has weird wings made out of the same plated material. She is unmasked, and her eyes glow with dark energy. She is in mid-combat (opponent unnecessary).[40]

Maro (Onslaught) This earth spirit is a creature of the soil. It seems to be the epitome of the fertility of the fresh ground and it thrives on that still unseen. In many ways it is the avatar of the seedlings, maybe plants randomly sprout from Maro's body.[41]
Symbiotic Beast (Onslaught) Location: Wirewood Forest

Action: large forest Beast that has four big centipedes as its 'hair.'
Notes: Insect Token Cycle. Don't forget the bonespurs.[42]

Forgotten Ancient (Scourge) [Mr. Babycakes]

A humanoid elemental of moss supports itself with a hand against a dead tree. From where the elemental touches, it spreads wild regrowth.[43]

Nameless One (Onslaught) Location: Breaker Bay

Action: Floating head Avatar. The Avatar is made of energy and should resemble the ultimate Wizard, in this case a large, floating head (the face should look stern, wise, and powerful).
Notes: Avatar Cycle. Not flying. For the floating head, we were thinking the great and powerful Oz, the mirror from Disney's Snow White, etc.,--not Gandalf.[44]

Willbender (Legions) Color: Blue

Location: Riptide Project.
Action: Show a refugee Wizard surrounded by a blue magical bubble that is repelling a magical spell coming from outside the picture.
Focus: Refugee Wizard.
Notes: Refugee Wizard can be male or female.[45]

Havoc Demon (Legions) Color: Black

Action: Show a demon flying at night.[46][47]

Seedborn Muse (Legions) Color: Green

Location: Krosan Forest.
Action: Show a beautiful female Spirit, somewhat ghostlike, in the Krosan Forest surrounded by large and vicious looking Krosan plants. She is walking past the plants unconcerned.[48]

Quick Sliver (Legions) Color:

Location: green forest setting
Action: Show a Sliver that appears to be materializing, half visible, half transparent, in a green forest setting.[49]

Aquamoeba (Torment) This is a creature card and should show an amorphous creature that is made of water and can change form or appearance. Think of the creature from The Abyss.[50]
Raging Kavu (Invasion) Location: Yavimaya

Upright dingo lizard, 15´, heavy back limbs and sharp, quick forelimbs, crushing and tearing apart a 10´ Phyrexian.[50]

Blistering Firecat (Onslaught) Color: Red

Location: Skirk Ridge
Action: Giant fierce looking charging firecat (see Pardic Firecat (Odyssey) for reference).
Focus: Firecat
Mood: Action
Notes: Made of fire, not on fire[50]

Bloodstoke Howler (Legions) Color: Red

Location: Skirk Ridge
Action: Show a reptilian beast standing on a ridge with his head bent back letting out a war shriek.[51]

Withered Wretch (Legions) [Shadowcrafter][52]
Bane of the Living (Legions) [Pain Elemental]

Show a horrible black creature somewhat snake/insect-like rearing up out of the swamp with imprints of its victims faces in agony clearly visible in its underbelly.[53]

Aurification (Onslaught) [Petrification]

Color: White
Location: Daru Plains
Action: A beast changing into a statue of gold. Perhaps, we see other creatures that have been turned into gold in the background.[54]

Magma Sliver (Onslaught) [Firecoat Sliver]

Color: Red
Location: Skirk Ridge
Action: Show a large, powerful sliver with plating on its skin that appears to be made of magma & fire. These plates can have a red glow between them and be steaming.
Notes: See style guide for sliver concept, but bring out the special skin and some other slight variations along the same line.[55]

Planar Guide (Onslaught) [Daru Flickerer]

Color: White
Location: Daru Plains
Action: Show a refugee cleric standing in the Daru Plains as others around him in the background appear to be transparent.[56]

Noxious Ghoul (Onslaught) [Swarm Zombie]

Color: Black
Location: Swamp
Action: Show a refugee zombie moving towards the viewer surrounded by insects or flies that spread disease. Several of these can be closer to the viewer so we can tell what they are. Make sure, however, that the focus is on the zombie.[57]

Windswept Heath (Onslaught) [Daru Encampment]

Color: Land
Location: Daru Plains, Order encampment
Action: This is the coastal side of the Order encampment. The beach between the water and the encampment.
Focus: all
Notes: Populated Land Cycle[58]

[Grasslands] Color: Land

Location: Between Wirewood Forest and Daru Plains
Action: where the plains of grass and dunes turn into the birch forest
Focus: elements of plains and elements of birch forest
Mood: life
Notes: Fetch Land Cycle. Reprint.[58]

Rotlung Reanimator (Onslaught) Color: Black

Location: Aphetto Swamp
Action: A ZOMBIE has found the corpse of a CABAL CLERIC. The ZOMBIE reanimates the CLERIC by emitting some weird, thick smoke from its mouth.[59]

Shivan Dragon (Seventh Edition) The savage Shivan Dragon in flight, breathing fire.[60]
Patron Wizard (Odyssey) [Wizard King]

This is a blue card and should show the schoolmaster of wizardry. A wise, old human headmaster. The focus is the master, so place him in a surrounding that conveys this.[60]

Infernal Caretaker (Legions) [Mass Gravedigger]

Color: Black
Location: Interior Aphetto city
Action: Show a Cabal Cleric peering into a magical portal which has formed in front of him. Through the opening evil images such as zombies or bat wing like creatures can be seen.
Focus: Cabal Cleric[61]

Kilnmouth Dragon (Legions) [Crystal Dragon/Bashing Dragon]

Color: Red
Action: This is not your typical D&D dragon. Show a dragon (of the artist's imagination) on a rocky perch. He has fired a blast of hot sand at a couple of fleeing goblins. The superheated sand coats the goblins and when it cools off it turns to glass. So you end up with dead goblins covered in glass.
Focus: The dragon
Mood: intense[62]

Caller of the Claw (Legions) [Den Awakener]

Color: Green
Location: Wirewood Forest
Action: Show an elf who is peering into a cavern as bear-like creatures peer out at him. These creatures should be represented by shapes or shadows and should be bear-like but not a typical Earth bear.[63]

Elvish Soultiller (Legions) [Elvish Reviver]

Color: Green
Location: Wirewood forest
Action: Show an elf who is much larger and stronger than other elves of his kind. Other elves can be shown but it's not necessary.
Mood: Strength[64]

Daru Warchief (Scourge) [Soldier Miniboss]

Color: White
Location: Daru plains
Action: Show a refugee soldier. Around its neck is a pearl medallion on a chain which designates this creature as a leader among its own kind. Other soldiers can be shown rallying around their leader.[65]

Skulltap (Scourge) Color: Black

Location: Aphetto city scene
Action: Show Braids, grabbing the head of a dead victim, with the victim’s life force draining out of its head and into Braids.[66]

Proteus Machine (Scourge) [Transformer]

An artifact creature whose head has different faces of different creature types; he can rotate his head to give himself whatever face he wants.[67]

Decree of Annihilation (Scourge) Location: Skirk Ridge

Action: Show the goblin dwellings and their possessions, etc., burning and burning badly in the shadow of Karona. This is the fire that brings the 'END OF THE WORLD' and the end of all that is living to the goblins.[68]

Trickery Charm (Onslaught) [Whimsy Charm]

Blue mist in a glass charm shaped like a shell.[69]

Synapse Sliver (Legions) Location: Riptide project

Action: Show a very powerful sliver wrapped around a victim it has ensnared. Its prey is going limp as the sliver sucks the energy from the head of its victim through its specialized talon.
Notes: See the style guide for the sliver concept, but feel free to give it some slight variations, especially in the talon which is equipped to leech mind energy.[70]

Crucible of Worlds (Fifth Dawn) [Gazarsgo’s Plow]

An hourglass with a destroyed forest in the top chamber and a beautiful lush forest in the bottom chamber.[71]

Totem Speaker (Legions) Location: The Wirewood Forest

Action: Show an elf emerging from the forest alongside a couple of mammal-like, fantasy forest beasts. They are clearly traveling together.
Notes: the elf is a cleric and so should be carring a staff and no weapons.[72]

Unburden (Scourge) Location: Interior room, Aphetto City

Action: Show a close-up of a victim's face with a blank stare as ooze and slime (representing the victim's knowledge) runs out of its eyes, ears and nose. The victim's head is starting to wither away. In the shadows of the background, a Cabal cleric can be watching with delight.[73]

Trade Secrets (Onslaught) Location: Breaker Bay city

Action: A refugee wizard and a cephalid sitting across from each other at a table, haggling over various magic items, scrolls, etc.[74]

Goblin Clearcutter (Onslaught) [Lumberjack's Daddy]

Color: Red
Location: Skirk Ridge.
Action: Show a goblin that has is hauling an armful of wood up to his cave entrance.
Focus: The goblin.[75]

Breakthrough (Torment) This piece should show, in an illustrative way, a blue wizard's head that is overflowing with knowledge that is represented by water. This water should reflect this knowledge and cascade down over the content wizard's face. This is a non-representational piece.[76]
Barbarian Outcast (Torment) This card should show a barbarian with grafted-on body parts that work, but obviously came from other creatures. He is obviously corrupted and 'enhanced' by the Cabal, and should be shown in a pose that shows this and enhances the alien body parts.[77]
Heat Ray (Urza's Saga) Red Magic

Location: Shiv, Mana Rig
A strange device mounted on the Battlements of the Mana Rig fires a heat ray at a goblin that tried to break in. The goblin is fried on the spot.[78]

Scent of Cinder (Urza's Destiny) Location: Keld.

A Keldon war party has gathered around a huge bonfire, hands raised in pre-war frenzy. Embers and ash flow wildly in the high wind, being carried high and far away.[78]

Goblin Spelunkers (Urza's Saga) Red Magic

Location: Shiv
A small group of Goblin Spelunkers. Show them attempting to climb down through great subterranean caverns, and getting themselves hopelessly knotted up with the ropes in the progress.[78]

Goblin Spelunkers (Seventh Edition) Humorous piece: a trio of grimy armed goblins crawls along a darkened subterranean cave; each has a dripping candle burning on his head in a comic echo of a miner’s lamp. The candles are very short, almost burned out.[78]
Lovisa Coldeyes (Coldsnap) Color: Red

Environment: It's all about snow and ice. The setting is artic, tundra, glaciers, snow dunes, etc.
Description: "Lovisa Coldeyes" is a legend and the leader of all of the Balduvian tribes. She is a very massive, muscular and powerful woman who demands respect from all warriors. She doesn't take any crap. She dresses in furs, leather and armor. She has blonde hair which is very rare for a Balduvian.[79]

Search for Tomorrow (Time Spiral) Color: Green "Delay Spell"

Location: Your choice (see below)
Action: This spell represents searching for habitable land in this decimated world. Show this how you think works best. One idea is to show a post-apocalyptic elf on horseback, or a mage walking from one kind of terrain that is seen through an "x-ray" kind of solarized filter (representing another dimension) out into another dimension with different land in normal local color.
Focus: the journeying figure
Mood: There must be somewhere better ahead.[80]

Deep-Sea Kraken (Time Spiral) [Sea Kraken]

Color: Blue
Location: stormy beach
Action: Show a large “Time Delay” kraken that is moving from one green/blue time dimension into the current dimension. The “current dimension” should be in local color.
Focus: the kraken
Mood: Emotionless and destructive
Notes: see jpeg for kraken ref.[81]

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (Planar Chaos) Color: Black

Action: Show a wide shot of an expanse of Urborg, the famous dark land where the Phyrexian Invasion began and ended. The focus of the landscape should be a huge, sickly 'blast radius' -- the place where the dark lord Yawgmoth fell. From the pitch-black center, the stain on the land spreads outward like tentacles of black mana corrupting the land. In the background can be seen the shattered remains of Volrath's mountain stronghold, now with its metal cap mostly corroded away and no Magic emanating from it.
Focus: the site of Yawgmoth's death that still poisons the land
Mood: The land is tainted with evil forever.
Notes: LINK to Art ID #3762 for Stronghold reference.[82]

Life and Limb (Planar Chaos) Color: Green

Location: forest remains
Action: In the midst of a devastated forest, two dead trees have broken and splintered in such a way as to vaguely represent two arms and hands reaching upward. On the forest floor between this landmark, vivid green vines have begun to practically boil out of the hard ground and entwine the bases of these two dead trees. If you want, you can add a green-aligned druid to the scene who seems to be performing some kind of invocation.
Focus: the whole scene
Mood: a glimmer of hope for the forest[83]

Tombstalker (Future Sight) This card is an evolution of our baseline demon concept as seen on Grinning Demon, Reiver Demon, Havoc Demon, etc. (references attached). It should answer the question, "How does the Magic demon concept look several years in the future?"

Note: This card is a "timeshifted" card with a nontraditional frame and aspect.[84]

Pact of Negation (Future Sight) Color: Blue Spell

Action: Partially symbolic piece -- show a powerful blue-aligned wizard against a toxic, clouded, reddish sky. The wizard has thrust his/her hand powerfully upward toward the sky, and the sky has parted as though the wizard's hand were a celestial knife, revealing beautiful clear sky in the split.
Mood: This ends now![85]

Riddle of Lightning (Future Sight) Color: Red spell

Location: "mountain" top
Action: We see the hands of a red shaman holding his staff high. The metal top of the staff has magically opened down the center, revealing pages, as if it were an opened book. A bolt of lightning surges from the open spread and hurtles toward the viewer.
Focus: the *lightning* spell
Mood: A magical allegory of the power of knowledge to inflict injury on my enemies!
Notes: Daren, find an angle and sell it :) have fun![86]

Deathmark (Coldsnap) Color: Black Spell

Setting: Ice Age setting. Lots of snow and ice
Overview: This spell destroys white and green creatures.
You can focus on a spell destroying a creature or you can approach it more abstractly if you think you can pull it off.
If you go more abstract, think of it as spell energy that eliminates white (light/law) and green (nature/life) creatures with the powers of darkness. Depict this in any way you wish.
Feel free to use or ignore the following suggestion:
Location: snowy village
Action: Black tendrils rise from a well in a snowy village and pull down a flailing villager.
Focus: the tendrils
Mood: unwilling sacrifice
Notes: "black tendrils" = evil magic, "villager" = order, good[87]

Dash Hopes (Planar Chaos) Color: White Enchantment

Location: see below
Action: This spell magically recalls a time in its caster's life when he/she was strongest and happiest. Represent this in a way of your design. One (maybe not so great) idea is to show an old man in the ruins of a castle, looking through a broken stained-glass window frame (with the leading left). Through parts of the window is a view of a grassy, sunny meadow on which a younger version of the man stands guard.
Focus: the magical recalling of better times
Mood: If only I could relive those days . . .[87]

[Raging Rigger] Color: Red creature

Location: Unimportant; perhaps craggy wasteland
Action: Show a female goblin rigger leaping off of the base of a rusty bronze monument to attack foes below. (See style guide for reference on riggers and monuments.)
Focus: The goblin attacker
Mood: Move over Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka...[88]

Ancestral Vision (Time Spiral) Color: Blue

Location: see below
Action: This a "Time Delay" Spell. Show the pyramids based on the Aztec style, from Ancestral Recall in a solarized blue green background. (That represents one point in time). But these pyramids are trapped between two dimensions. Everything in the solarized world is before the apocalypse and are not destroyed but the tops of all the pyramids that break through the solarized color appear in "local color" and everything in the "local color' dimension is in ruins and post apocalyptic. Visible somewhere in the frame, even if in the background, are three faint ghosts (not Aztec ghosts or anything, just three humanoid spirits).
Focus: the crumbling pyramid
Mood: ancient, quiet
Notes: LINK to 92305.
"Time Delay" spells are creatures or things that move from 1 time dimension (represented by a green/blue monotone color) and they move into our dimension represented by "local color". Think of a water fall. Everything behind the waterfall is the solarized dimension and everything in front of the waterfall is in local color. See jpegs for examples. Think of the delay thing as a fog/mist line.[88]

Even the Odds (Planar Chaos) Color: White Spell

Location: not important
Action: This spell "calls for reinforcements" when you're up against the ropes, in the form of three soldiers. How to represent this is up to you. One idea is to show a fallen soldier whose sword, helm, and shield have fallen onto the ground around him. The armaments reflect the fallen soldier's form, and those reflections have magically come to life and are emerging from the armaments, stepping foot into the real world.
Focus: The arriving reinforcements
Mood: the tide has turned[88]

Sudden Impact (Tenth Edition) Color: Red Spell

Location: Not important
Action: We see the head and shoulders of a blue-aligned mage reeling forward, as if struck in the back of the head by an invisible baseball bat. His expression is that of sudden, horrible agony, and his face is cracked like crumbling brickwork, smoke from the mind-blast seeps from between the cracks.
Focus: The stricken mage
Mood: Magical blunt-force trauma[89]

Regeneration (Tenth Edition) Color: Green Spell

Location: N/A
Action: Show us a tight bust shot of a human who feels green-aligned (indications of leather and fur on the barely visible clothing maybe?) and who we can see has been beheaded at the bottom of his neck... But thanks to this spell his neck is re-growing, not as flesh, but as grass, and weeds and mostly as white flowers. The flowers are sparse at the bottom, so we can see how much of him should be missing, but as they go up, they are more and more numerous and grow closer and closer together until they overlap and start to magically merge and re-knit his flesh. By the time we are up to his eyes, we can see his actual head has re-formed from that point up. Maybe his eyes are focused up a bit, as if toward the sun, and maybe they are a bit intense... Maybe this process isn't the most comfortable thing ever. He was beheaded, after all.
Notes: Don't let this be gory, even though it's a concept based on beheading. Keep it feeling "green."[90]

Vintara Elephant (Prophecy) Color: Green creature

Location: Forest
Action: Show a massive, elephantine jungle creature with crystal yoke and helmet.
Focus: On the elephant
Mood: Armored for battle[91]

Evacuation (Tenth Edition) Color: Blue spell

Location: Inside a shadowy wizard's library
Action: A grim human wizard holds his or her arm out above a strange five-sided fantasy game-board. The board was crowded with interesting game pieces (carved figures or abstract 3-D domino shapes), but now they're dissolving into thin, blue lightning trails that unravel upward past his or her hand.
Focus: The empty fantasy "chessboard"
Mood: I can wipe the slate clean in the blink of an eye.[92]

Temporal Manipulation (Portal Second Age) Show an intricate thran looking clock or watch.[93]
Mogg Sentry (Planeshift) This card represents Red magic. The image must include at least one major element that is Red.

Location: Stronghold
A big, burly mogg leans against a large pike presumably guarding a Stronghold door. He ain’t moving.[94]

Mogg Jailer (Planeshift) This card represents Red magic. The image must include at least one major element that is Red.

Location: Stronghold
A big, burly mogg leans against a large pike presumably guarding a Stronghold door. He ain’t moving.[94]

Tarmogoyf (Future Sight) Location: Arctic world in a blizzard

Action: Show a variation on the Lhurgoyf, a monster unique to Magic. This creature should resemble the Lhurgoyf a little but can be stranger in form.
Focus: the ancient and terrible Lhurgoyf
Mood: a devouring monstrosity
Notes: Not set in world of styleguide. Design an alternate MAGIC reality![95]

Wizard Mentor (Urza's Saga) An academy tutor stands in front of a blackboard filled with unrecognizable symbols and words. The only recognizable markings appear to be a diagram of a wizard summoning a creature and it is this that the tutor indicates to. In his other hand, outstretched to the viewer (who’s POV is that of a student) the tutor summons a single small creature. It might be nice to have Jeff Miracola do this piece and for the little creature to be one of his now famous pink critters![96]
Dark Depths (Ultimate Masters) Setting: Dominaria

Color: Land associated with black mana
Location: The dim water under an ice shelf
Action: We'd like you to create a scene of the same icy location shown in the reference, but reversed, so that we're underwater with the eldritch entity, looking up through the ice at the tiny figure. Imagine floating near that dark tentacled thing, its unnatural mass rising toward the ice-crust, and the figure walking across the ice above hasn't yet noticed what is just below them.
Mood: The evil that lurks just under people's feet[97]

Frantic Search (Ultimate Masters) Setting: Dominaria

Color: Blue spell
Location: Tolarian Academy interior
Action: This scene shows a desperate search underway in the workshop of a Tolarian wizard. The wizard is digging through books, papers, and doodads, clearly looking for something important. Perhaps a trained bird watches quizzically or assists.
Focus: The search
Mood: It's 5 minutes before class and you can't find your term paper.[97]

Equilibrium (Exodus) This spell allows you to unsummon one of your opponent’s creatures each time you summon one of your own. Represent this with scales, each overflowing with little critters. One is filling up while the other empties, and the scales are pulled into alignment.[96]
Nausea (Exodus) Probably a good comedy piece. Maybe show a group of horrific creatures looking queasy because an unbearably cute thing has entered their presence. Or perhaps a group of Skyshroud elves has entered a Mogg warren and have stumbled upon (but preferably not into) the latrine![96]
Survival of the Fittest (Exodus) A large Mogg having beaten a smaller Mogg to the floor in a bloody pulp.[98]
Avatar of Woe (Promo) an alternate illustration of your avatar of woe.[99]
Kitchen Imp (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Show an imp that’s a kitchen helper for Asmor, the Underworld Cook.[100]
Gargadon (Modern Horizons 2) Intent: Magic has made a Greater Gargadon and a Lesser Gargadon (see ref). We want you to design the “average” Gargadon.[101]
Garth One-Eye (Modern Horizons 2) Mood: A powerful, quirky, curious man.[102]


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