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Time Stop (Champions of Kamigawa) [Time Fracture]

Color: This is a blue spell card.
Location: This can be an abstract piece.
Action: This spell stops and shatters time for a moment. Show a human wizard (aligned with the color of your choice) midway through casting a spell. But there's a jagged line of sorts in the illustration, and on one side of the line, the wizard is young and the background is lush. On the other side of the divide, the wizard is older (not ancient), and the background is duller.
Notes: This stops a spell from being cast by "rewinding" time.[1]

Heartbeat of Spring (Champions of Kamigawa) Color: Green

Action: Show a particularly lush part of the forest, except that each object seems to have a ghostly, slightly displaced double image, in unnaturally saturated colors. This spell is an enchantment that represents the land being supersaturated with mana (magical energy).
Mood: This is a magical location, and strange things are possible[2]

Budoka Gardener (Champions of Kamigawa) Color: Green

Location: Not important
Action: This is a brand new special "flip" card. The art has to show the before and after stages of a character. The "before" stage should show a skinny human monk student who worships the earth. The "after" stage should show the same monk, much older and stronger, as a grand master monk who has the power to turn the earth into a powerful elemental.
Notes: The art box has a special size: 2 1/16" wide x 1 1/4" tall.[3]

Order of the Sacred Bell (Champions of Kamigawa) [Pair of Monks]

Color: Green
Location: Forest
Action: Show a pair of muscular human budoka (monk martial artists) fighting back to back.
Focus: On the deadly duo.
Mood: We're ready for anyone
Notes: See the styleguide for monk reference.[4]

Kodama of the North Tree (Champions of Kamigawa) [Kami of Spring Burgeoning]

Color: Green
Location: Forest
Action: Show a huge, aggro kami of your invention that's immune to magic. This creature has some kind of forcefield that makes it invincible.
Focus: The Big Bad Green Kami Spirit
Mood: Nature's Grand Power
Notes: As you know there's a lot of creative freedom with what the Kami Spirit can look like but remember all Kami Spirits must have some kind of *energy objects* rotating/floating around them.[4]

Kodama of the South Tree (Champions of Kamigawa) [Kami of Forgotten Wars]

Color: Green
Location: Forest location of artist's choice
Action: Show a green-aligned kami (spirit) of your design. The kami can/should be monstrous and weird, like all kami, but this one covers its "face" (or the place where its face might be) with a Noh theater mask. The idea here is that this kami hides its full form from those it attacks, as well as taunting its victims with the mask -- this links to a "bluffing" mechanic that's on the card.
Focus: the kami
Mood: Creepy, enigmatic, fierce like a hungry animal.
Notes: Non-flying creature, should be on the ground. This is a Spirit Creature so it must be surrounded by some kind of flying *energy objects* review the "Green" spirit world creatures in your styleguide. This will help you get on the right track.[4]

Orochi Hatchery (Champions of Kamigawa) [[[Snake|Orochi]] Incubator]

Color: (artifact)
Location: Snakefolk village
Action: Show a large, vaguely egg-shaped structure in which the orochi (snakefolk) incubate their young.
Focus: On the egg incubator[5]

Samurai Enforcers (Champions of Kamigawa) Location: inside the steets of a "white-aligned" village

Action: Show two or three human foot soldiers in the background being lead by a white samurai in the front. These troops serve as law enforcement and crowd control. They are marching through a crowd of peasants who reach up for help but only get pushed aside.
Focus: On the lead samurai and the foot soldiers' strength and callousness.[6]

Higure, the Still Wind (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Color: Blue

Location: Doesn't matter; should probably be a night scene
Action: When you want something done quickly/cheaply, you hire a black-aligned ninja. When you want it done *right* you hire a blue-aligned ninja. This is a master blue-aligned human ninja, the height of artfulness. This character is *able* to assassinate as well as anyone, but is more suited to spying and thieving-type jobs.
Focus: the human ninja (male or female)
Mood: I will never leave a trace.
Notes: This is a legendary creature and should look it.[7]

Cunning Bandit (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Color: Red

Location: none/doesn't matter
Action: This is a special "flip card" that shows two different points in time (before and after) on the same card art. On one side we want you to show a rough-looking mountain bandit, and on the other side of the frame, we want to see his ghost after he has died. His ghost should be a large nonflying kami that barely resembles him. The two figures should "flow into" each other, forming a kind of backward N shape in the frame.
Focus: The bandit transforming into a disembodied tyrannizing spirit.
Mood: He's an ambitious bandit with a great dominating spirit within him.[8]

Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker (Betrayers of Kamigawa) A kami with the ability to deny death to the dead.[9]
Flames of the Blood Hand (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Show a red-aligned ogre who knows how to use fire magic and is casting a powerful damage spell. From his hands or some magical object we see this brilliant white-hot fire attack of your design. This is supernatural fire that can't be extinguished, so maybe the flames are a strange color, or seem stylized/otherworldly somehow.[10]
Sway of the Stars (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Color: Blue

Location: nighttime; blue-aligned location of the artist's choosing
Action: Show a Japanese wizard under a big, bright crescent moon. The wizard's long robes are flowing outward in all directions as though being blown by wind. Pinpoints of light like stars drift around the wizard.
Focus: the nighttime magical ritual
Mood: secret, rare, reality-shifting[11]

Clash of Realities (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Color: Red spirit-world magic

Location: red-aligned location of artist's choosing
Action: Show a yamabushi and a red-aligned kami of your design locked in combat. A fissure has just begun to open beneath them, spitting droplets of magma on the surrounding ground.
Focus: The impending death of both creatures
Mood: "If I'm going down, so are you!"[12]

Scour (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys an enchantment spell, but every memory of the spell, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show an unnaturally vibrant meadow, rich colors, sunlight streaming in, but then small squares of the 'canvas' are peeling and blowing away, revealing a dull yellow-brown meadow beneath. (Think of some of Magritte's paintings, for example.)[13]
Quash (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys an sorcery/instant spell, but every memory of the spell, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show a ray of spell energy (fire, bright light, spiraling dark energy, your choice) heading toward a wizard, but then the ray is dissipating into two-dimensional shapes of birds or something, which are blowing away. (Think of some of Escher's paintings, for example.)[13]
Eradicate (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys a creature, but every memory of it, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show a samurai in light-colored robes and/or armor. As (s)he drops his/her sword, some portion of his/her body is breaking into small two-dimensional shapes of some kind. (S)he's being erased from reality.[13]
Sowing Salt (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys a place, but every memory of the place, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show a leveled village in the mountains. An akki goblin is walking away from the viewer, and a trail of rock salt spills from a hole in the sack he carries over his shoulder. The salt gets thicker and thicker toward one corner of the frame, until at the very corner it's just solid white, as though the canvas is blank. (Think of some of Magritte's paintings, for example.)[13]
Splinter (Betrayers of Kamigawa) This spell not only destroys an artifact, but every memory of the artifact, too. An abstract representation of this is probably best. For example, show a suit of lacquered-black samurai armor on a primitive wooden stand. As the wind blows from one side, the armor begins to peel away in two-dimensional leaf shapes, as though it were an illusion (Think of some of Escher's paintings, for example.)[13]
Nourishing Shoal (Betrayers of Kamigawa) Show a green-aligned priestess similar to art ID #82624, as a "school" of the strange spirit-fish creatures from art IDs 80620 and 82612 swim in an upward spiral around her. The fish-things are iridescent green, gold, and blue and full of life giving energy. They're magically nourishing the priestess.[14]
Rod of Ruin (Ninth Edition) Show a sinister-looking magical scepter of your design.[15]
Mystic Restraints (Champions of Kamigawa) [Don't Move][16]
Earthshaker (Champions of Kamigawa) [Kami of Chaos][16]
Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers (Champions of Kamigawa) [Kokemushi Shrine][16]
Deathcurse Ogre (Champions of Kamigawa) [O-Bakemono Ogre-Mage][16]
Kagemaro, First to Suffer (Saviors of Kamigawa) Color: Black

Location: black-aligned location of your choice
Action: Show Kagemaro, a feared and fearsome ancestor kami. This is the powerful manifested spirit of a long-dead human (solid, not ghostly). Should look like an ultra-powerful, ancient master of death magic with supernatural aspects of your creation.
Focus: Kagemaro, the powerful black-aligned ancestor kami
Mood: one thousand generations of perfecting the art of suffering
Notes: This is a spirit world creature, so it should have orbiting objects. And it is a legendary creature.[17]

Meishin, the Mind Cage (Saviors of Kamigawa) Color: Blue

Location: n/a
Action: This spell uses your own mental power to create an illusory maze that enemy creatures get completely lost in. Perhaps show this symbolically, with a brain whose folds come together like the passageways of a maze, with one or two tiny creatures wandering through, trying to find their way out.
Focus: The illusory maze
Mood: Mind over muscle[18]

Mikokoro, Center of the Sea (Saviors of Kamigawa) Show an island off the coast that consists of a single immense boulder of uncut crystal or diamond that juts out from the sea. The boulder is strung with shimenawa, huge ropes that designate a sacred site in Shinto. Perhaps the clouds have parted and a sunbeam hits the boulder from above, accentuating its holiness and power.[19]
Aether Shockwave (Saviors of Kamigawa) [Spirit War]

Color: White Spell effect
Location: battleground on the crater plains
Action: This spell creates a shockwave in the fabric of the barrier between the material and spirit worlds. Depending on who casts the spell, either all spirit-world creatures or all material-world creatures will be bowled over by the shockwave. Show a shockwave knocking over a large group of red-aligned ronin and bandits. You can also show several white-aligned kami *not* getting blasted by the shockwave, but only if the composition can handle it.
Focus: the shockwave between realities
Mood: fffffFFOOM!
Notes: It can be a bit abstract.[20]

Glitterfang (Saviors of Kamigawa) [Viashino Sand Swimmer]

Color: Red
Location: your choice
Action: Show a small kami of lightning energy, your design what it looks like. This spirit should be about the size of a dog, and it should look very, very fast. Like lightning, it appears out of nowhere, strikes, then it's gone. It should look plenty weird, of course.
Focus: the small lightning kami
Mood: Zap!
Notes: Remember All spirit-world creatures need to have *energy objects* orbiting them.[20]

Kataki, War's Wage (Saviors of Kamigawa) [Batsudo, Hand of Retribution][20]

Action: This is a legendary kami spirit of retribution. What it looks like is up to you. This is a spirit covered in Japanese armor that has the abiltiy to grow bigger and bigger. Show it about 10 feet tall, shaped roughly like a huge samurai in full regalia, but its body should be made completely of energy and covered with weapons and armor. Focus: The great kami of retribution Mood: A sacred instrument of justice made of steel and magic.[21]

Rending Vines (Saviors of Kamigawa) [Creeping Column][20]
Evermind (Saviors of Kamigawa) Color: Blue

Location: Your choice
Action: This spell represents spirit-world magical spell that enables you to learn one thing "automatically" while doing another. How to represent this is up to you. For example, you could show a blue-aligned female jushi (wizard) sleeping while a weird little blue kami of your design floats above her, as though studying her. Come up with something that you think makes the most interesting/cool image.
Focus: The magical learning
Mood: It pays to be observant.
Notes: It could be abstact if that direction works better.[22]

Sekki, Seasons' Guide (Saviors of Kamigawa) Action: Show a colossal kami of your design that is made up of eight intertwined smaller kami. The smaller ones could look something like the ones in art ID 82654. This huge kami is a manifestation of nature's adaptability -- when in danger, the kami can separate into 8 smaller kami, who can then re-form the larger kami.

Focus: The towering kami of all seasons
Mood: Nature at its most awe-striking.[21]

Deathknell Kami (Saviors of Kamigawa) Action: Show a flying kami of your design that represents shrieking before death. Maybe a disembodied female head with disproportionately large open mouth, for example.

Focus: The horrible kami
Mood: The most terrible sound imaginable.[21]

Jiwari, the Earth Aflame (Saviors of Kamigawa) Action: This is a huge kami that lives under the surface of the earth. From a point of view high above the ground looking down, show this bizarre earthquake kami pressing upward on the surface of the earth. Where its features can be seen, lines of deep red-orange fire erupt from the surface. (The fire is important and must be included.) If possible, show some indication of humanoids running from this fiery manifestation on the surface of the earth.

Focus: The vast earthquake kami trying to push through the earth's surface
Mood: An angry awakening.[21]

Shinen of Flight's Wings (Saviors of Kamigawa) Action: Show a blue-aligned "energy-ghost." This is a spirit-world "entity" that can manifest as a creature or a spell. Its shape is up to you, but it should be 6 feet across or so and its body consists of a mass of blue fire. The creature's eyes should be visible in the fire. It should be shown flying.

Focus: the blue-aligned "energy-ghost"
Mood: Fast, bright, not of this world.[21]

Raving Oni-Slave (Saviors of Kamigawa) Color: Black

Location: Artist's choice
Action: Show a homicidal ogre of your design (see p. 67 of styleguide for basis). This ogre is completely mad. He has a brand on his forehead in the shape of a vertical third eye to show his devotion to his demon masters.
Focus: The psycho ogre
Mood: He'll do whatever his demon masters tell him to do. Until then, he'll kill whatever crosses his path.[23]

Moss Kami (Champions of Kamigawa) [A big nonflying kami of fungus and natural decay.]

Color: Green
Location: Somewhere in the forest on a tree or ground.
Action: Show a big nonflying kami of fungus and natural decay based upon the concept on Page 36 of the styleguide.
Focus: On the Magical Kami Spirit
Mood: Nature's Power
Notes: This is a Spirit Creature so it must be surrounded by some kind of flying *energy objects*[24]


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