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Card Description
Nova Chaser (Lorwyn) Location: Forest clearing, Lorwyn-style rocks/mountains off to the side

Action: Show a female flamekin whose fire is burning incandescently hot, such that the flame overwhelms even the body shape of the flamekin (though you can make out the face)...her flame is in full expression. The core of the flame is white, with an outer layer of yellow flame, and outermost layer of flame is red.
Focus: On the flaming flamekin.
Mood: Pure living flame.[1]

Familiar's Ruse (Lorwyn) Location: unimportant

Action: This counterspell must be channeled through a living creature to work. Show a merfolk wizard with a hand in front of his mouth, blowing as though blowing a kiss. The wizard's breath has become a helix of wispy blue stuff that makes a beeline for a nearby faerie. The faerie looks as though hit by ligtning as the 'breath' magic passes through him, transforming into a powerful, bright-blue beam of energy as it continues on.
Focus: the energy
Mood: directed magical force
Notes: The basic gist is that the merfolk wizard is using his faerie servant as a living conduit for the spell.[1]

Hunt Down (Lorwyn) Location: Wrens' Run, a stretch of forest favored by the elves for hunting "interesting" prey

Action: Show an aristocratic elvish hunter who has finally cornered her prey: a flamekin warrior. The flamekin has nowhere left to run, even if he had the energy. It's time to fight.
Focus: the scene
Mood: I have you now.[1]

Hoarder's Greed (Lorwyn) Location: unimportant

Action: Closeup of a goblin who has committed the ultimate goblin crime -- keeping something new from his warren-mates. The goblin is clutching two cherished things (a gem and a pearly shell, for example) as though he can never show them to anyone. He has a wild, scared look in his eyes.
Focus: the goblin's avarice
Mood: Cherishing his treasures[1]

Streambed Aquitects (Lorwyn) Location: Underwater, near the bottom of a river

Action: Show two merfolk swimming near the pebbly bed of their river. They are arranging rounded, palm-sized stones on the riverbed, in patterns that stand out against the river floor. The patterns mark a perceptible "trail" along the riverbed (so that other merfolk can find their way along the branching Merrow Lanes).
Focus: The merfolk and their "trail"
Mood: The merfolk version of the army corps of engineers[1]

Shriekmaw (Lorwyn) [Aethersnipe]

This large creature is an elemental of undoing and forgetting. How to represent it is up to you. One idea is to show a creature with a many-legged giant newt or lizard body, and the face of tawny frogmouth (an owl with an unusually large mouth). The creature's large mouth is the source of the weirdness in this case, with blue light and vapor coming from it, and a fog like that from dry ice around its feet. At its hind end the creature seems to be dissipating into its own fog, as though slipping out of reality.[2]

Aethersnipe (Lorwyn) [Ingot Chewer]

This creature is an elemental of brute force and destructiveness. How to represent this is up to you. One idea is to show a monster that looks something like a rockfish with horns or something else it could ram things with. The creatures moves across land with centipede-like legs that run the length of its sides. At its hind end, the creature seems to dissipate, perhaps in a way that looks like its scales are drifting apart.[2]

Ingot Chewer (Lorwyn) [Shriekmaw]

This creature is an elemental of decomposition and decay. How to represent this is up to you, but it can't be outright creepy or horrifying -- this is Lorwyn, after all. One idea is to show a creature similar to a giant mole with many blind eyes, but where its backward-sweeping claws would be, instead there are earthworms that flail around and burrow into the soil. At its hind end, the creature seems to dissipate somehow, such as by breaking into pieces that float away behind it.[2]

Mistbind Clique (Lorwyn) Location: Dewy forest morning

Action: Show two crafty blue-aligned faeries chasing each other in a circle in the air. As they buzz about, magical energy swirls between them, creating a misty, spiraling cloud flecked with dew. The cloud looks like it has drawn sparkling vapor from the surrounding air.
Focus: The faeries
Mood: Playful, innocent, yet mystical[3]

Pollen Lullaby (Lorwyn) Location: In a small meadow

Action: In the foreground we see one or a few moonglove flowers, a white, foxglove-like flower with pale-blue pistils. We see wisps of pollen floating from these flowers. In the meadow behind the flowers, we see indications of boggart and kithkin battlers knocked unconscious by the effects of the pollen, lying peacefully.
Focus: the scene
Mood: They were fighting, and then in a flash, they were out cold.[3]

Brion Stoutarm (Lorwyn) Location: Any outdoor

Action: Show an awesome action shot of a giant with a majestic beard and fierce expression. He has just put his whole body into a mighty throw, hurling some large animal (perhaps a deer or horse) right past the "camera." We see the animal's flailing legs as it flies by. Show indications of other hapless animals about to become ammunition nearby -- perhaps we see that he already has a pig ready to go in his off hand, or has a leather leash system attached to a herd of sheep and/or boggarts.
Focus: The giant
Mood: Fierce, deadly[3]

Deeptread Merrow (Lorwyn) Location: An undergound river or aquifer

Action: A deep-swimming merfolk holds a waterproof 'lantern' that consists of a sealed glass container full of fireflies. This illuminates her way through the murky depths where almost no merfolk venture
Focus: the merfolk
Mood: merfolk aren't really capable of fear, so she should seem curious and alert[3]

Flamekin Harbinger (Lorwyn) Location: Unimportant

Action: Show a warmly smiling, pitch-black-skinned flamekin who cradles a mote of brightly glowing orange light between his hands. The flamekin looks down at the mote with an almost maternal look.
Focus: the flamekin[3]

Shinewend (Morningtide) [Reveillark]

This creature is an elemental, which on Lorwyn means it's a strange hybrid of surreal and animal elements that represents the "living magic" of an idea, thought, or dream. This elemental consists of the body of a large lamb-like creature with three sets of huge butterfly wings (three wings on each side of the body) and a featureless face. It must have some elements of intangibility, surreality, like it might be a hallucination.[4]

Reveillark (Morningtide) [Shinewend]

This elemental consists of two pairs of long doves' wings, one right side up, the other upside down, linked together by something akin to a large, compound bird's nest made of living vine. There are eggs in this nest (woven in?, sitting in compartments?) each of which shine[4]

Deglamer (Morningtide) Action: A kithkin hedge-wizard crouches next to a wide stump that appears to have a rich feast laid out on its flat surface. But as the kithkin releases dust from his hand, the breeze blows the dust over the feast and reveals it for what it is: rotten fruit, moldy bread, and rocks.

Focus: the kithkin's dust-magic that dispels the illusion
Mood: If it's too good to be true, it's likely false.[5]

Auntie's Snitch (Morningtide) Action: Show a boggart "spymaster" (which is a pretty funny concept) leaning in to whisper in the ear of a boggart matriarch. The spymaster is picking at his fingernails with a ramshackle knife of some kind as he talks. Maybe he has an eyepatch made from a mushroom cap or something.[5]
Stenchskipper (Morningtide) Action: This creature is an elemental, which on Lorwyn means it's a strange hybrid of surreal and animal elements that represents the "living magic" of an idea, thought, or dream. This elemental is like an enormous *flying* mudskipper -- about the same size as a whale -- and it leaves a noxious cloud of gas in its wake. It should look like it smells really bad. Show it from above in all its wet-skinned weirdness. On the ground below it, show a number of boggarts looking up at it, cheering, hooting, and hollering.[5]
Lys Alana Bowmaster (Morningtide) Action: Show a veteran elf who's a master (and teacher) of elven archery. He's pointing up in the sky at a giant plover (see see ref) overhead. He isn't holding his bow now, but we see a few knocked arrows cropping in from out of frame, that are targeting what he's pointing at.

Focus: The elf bowmaster
Mood: Trained expertise[5]

Thieves' Fortune (Morningtide) Color: blue spell

Action: Show a boggart 'spy' in a hay ghillie suit peering into the window of kithkin study (we see over the goblins shoulder, through the window... a kith cleric sitting completely absorbed in his studies). The gag is that the boggart spy is 'reading' the possible outcomes of his trespassing as reflected scenes on each of the 4 sections of glass in the window pane.
Notes: the important part here is a Boggart magically reading 4 possible outcomes of what he's about to do.[5]

Earwig Squad (Morningtide) Color: Black creature

Location: marsh
Action: Show 2 or 3 boggarts bounding through their marsh home. Each of them carries an "earwigger," a boggart device of your design used to insert an earwig insect into an unsuspecting victim's ear. It should look simple enough that a dimwitted boggart could build it, yet creepy for the victim. Perhaps we see extra earwigs climbing on the boggarts, or used as jewelry.
Focus: The boggarts
Mood: The earwigger squad is on the prowl -- horrible pranks are afoot[6]

Leaf Gilder (Lorwyn) [Druid of Gilt-Leaf Wood][7]
Sensation Gorger (Morningtide) Show a boggart shaman whose senses and sanity have overloaded from too much sensation. Show this how you see fit. One idea might be to show a boggart with eyes rolled back and tongue lolling, with hedgehogs and skunks tied all over his body, or arranged in a circle around him. Perhaps the environment looks warped around him.

Mood: Delirious, overloaded with sensation[8]

Mirrorweave (Shadowmoor) Location: Kithkin walled town

Action: Show a kithkin town square with many kithkin going about their business -- walking, selling goods, doing chores, standing guard, etc. There's a catch, though: All the kithkin are exactly the same. It's like a town populated entirely of clones of one kithkin.
Focus: The identical kithkin everywhere.
Mood: Creepy, surreal, like a waking dream[9]

Wilt-Leaf Liege (Shadowmoor) Color: Green and white

Location: A stretch of mossy, dead woods lit by elvish lanterns (your design)
Action: Show a elvish knight mounted on a [[[Shadowmoor|Jelly]]] version of a cervin (deerlike creature). The elf is armored and armed. Perhaps she has a dog companion who looks up at her as she patrols the perimeter of the elvish haven.
Focus: the elf knight
Mood: Noble, innocent, earnest[10]

Toil to Renown (Shadowmoor) Action: Talara Many-Tined is a young elf warrior of great renown. She guards an elvish safehold built around a waterfall, one of the only relatively beautiful places on this world. Here we see Talara in long robes, standing in the shallows below the falls, bringing her sword to rest on the head of a fellow elf who's kneeling, as though she's knighting her. There should be a sense of strong, benevolent, nature magic.

Mood: We will find a way to celebrate life in this bleak place.[11]

Bloodshed Fever (Shadowmoor) Color: Red spell

Location: forest
Action: Two elves try unsuccessfully to restrain a third elf who has gone stark-raving mad. The mad elf's eyes glow red-orange as though he's possessed. He's not frothing at the mouth . . . yet.
Focus: the elf made berserk by red magic
Mood: Insanely angry for no reason[12]

Wheel of Sun and Moon (Shadowmoor) This is an abstract piece. Show a circular design that interlaces braid and knot patterns with imagery of Shadowmoor elves, European animals, and astronomy (sun, moon and stars). It should resemble an ancient Celtic knot design. This card is about rebirth and the cycles of nature; symbolism should be about revolutions, orbits, seasons, and life/death, night/day duality.


Rekindled Flame (Eventide) Color: Red spell

Location: None
Action: This is a fire spell that relies on the power of memory. Here is an allegory for it:
imagine a kithkin or elf who is screaming with his hands to his ears. But he’s made all of wax, and there is a burning wick where each hand and his head would be. Wax drips as he burns (there is no head or hands left, just the 3 wicks).
Focus: The flame-memory spell[14]

Flame Jab (Eventide) Color: Red spell

Location: Ashen remains of a burned forest
Action: show a stylish lick of flame bursting from one of the still smoldering trees in the land card you painted for us. an ember has magically been exploited to burst forth into flame and do damage!
Focus: the flame spout
Mood: Here comes a third-degree burn... Haiii--(YAH!)[15]

Soul Reap (Eventide) Color: Black spell

Location: Unimportant
Action: Show the "Grief Tyrant" from Art ID# 111611, or atleast enough of him for us to see that hes somehow absorbing a victim to be a new 'face' in his gross belly. maybe we just see his hands pulling the struggling victims head and shoulders into the stomach (which has traces of other faces) which is starting to envelope the victime like pressing a lego man into jello.
Focus: The Grief Tyrant and his victim's absorbtion.
Mood: I feed on your soul.[16]

Noggle Hedge-Mage (Eventide) Color: Red and blue creature

Location: Craggy hills, near a river
Action: Show a noggle (short, gray-furred, mule-headed humanoid; see style guide pg. 62) in mage costuming. He has a staff topped in a chunk of amethyst, that burns with a bit of magical fire, like a torch.
Focus: The noggle mage
Mood: Mischievous, sly[17]

Gwyllion Hedge-Mage (Eventide) Color: White and black creature

Location: Blighted fields
Action: Show a "gwyllion," a creature like a stereotypical ugly witch, except about 3 feet tall (see Art ID #111850). She's dressed in heavy rags as if winter is coming, although around her it still looks like dreary autumn. In her claws she's clutching a stuffed doll that looks like a kithkin.
Focus: The gwyllion
Mood: Like a witchy old crone of the swamplands
Notes: LINK to Art ID#111850.[17]

Rendclaw Trow (Eventide) Color: Black and green creature

Location: Dark, swampy area with leafless trees
Action: Show a human-sized trow, an extremely ugly, troll-like creature of mythology. It has long, grubby black claws.
Focus: The trow
Mood: One of the ugliest creatures of the night[17]

Duergar Mine-Captain (Eventide) Color: Red and white creature

Location: Cavern mine
Action: Show a duergar, an ugly little gnome of a creature (like a gruesome, pale-skinned old man, about 3' tall -- see Art ID# 111867). This one is clearly in charge -- he's holding an elaborate pickaxe, and is barking orders to two other duergars, as they charge off to defend the mine.
Focus: The duergar captain
Mood: A leader, but with a Charisma score of 3.
Notes: LINK to Art ID# 111867.[17]

Wistful Selkie (Eventide) Color: Green and blue creature

Location: On a rock in the middle of a river
Action: Show a selkie, sort of a seal-mermaid from Irish mythology -- see page 62 of the style guide. She has stringy, mossy hair and a mysterious, mystical air to her.
Focus: The selkie
Mood: A knower of secrets from the deep waters[17]

Seedcradle Witch (Shadowmoor) Location: A field of nettle-wheat near the border of a creepy forest

Action: Show an elf "nature-priestess" of your design, male or female. He/she is a healer and a master of herbalism, a mage who gets his/her power from nature. Show this figure casting a spell; perhaps leaves made of light swirl around his/her[18]

Whimwader (Shadowmoor) Color: Blue

Location: your choice
Action: This is an elemental, which in [SETNAME] means it's a manifestation of fears, anxieties, or nightmares that incorporates animal elements. This particular elemental is a huge creature "can smell thoughts." How to represent this is up to you. One idea is to show an enormous creature that resembles a two-faced eyeless wolf-eel covered with strange, arcane patterns. It "swims" along the ground -- the ground underneath it magically becomes fluidic to allow its passage, whether it's rocks, dirt, or whatever.
Focus: the "thought-seeking" elemental
Mood: surreal, creepy, cold
Notes: All elementals should feel transitory or intangible somehow, as though they're "just passing through" reality.[19]

Whimwader (Shadowmoor) Action: A female giant is lying on her stomach at the edge of a precipice. She was knitting or sewing something, but she grew bored and dangled her sewing needle over the edge. Show the moment she lets go of the needle, just as it begins its fall to the ground below.

Focus: The glinting, 3-foot-long (1m) needle
Mood: Hm, I wonder what happens if I do this?
Notes: For this gag to work, there needs to be a strong sense of scale in the illustration to demonstrate how big the needle is -- that it'll kill someone below.[20]

Dread (Lorwyn) Notes: Incarnation cycle. Get weird with this! Players shouldn't be able to look at this and say, 'oh, it's a snail.' It should be much stranger than that.[21]
Roar of the Crowd (Morningtide) Notes: Incarnation cycle. Get weird with this! Players shouldn't be able to look at this and say, 'oh, it's a snail.' It should be much stranger than that.[22]
Bitterblossom (Ultimate Masters) Setting: Lorwyn

Color: Black spell
Intent: Lorwyn faeries are devious tricksters who love to play pranks on their victims. This card represents a magical glen where these faeries emerge from their hiding places among the flowers.
Location: An overgrown sea of wild purple, magenta, and blue flowers in a magical glen
Action: Imagine entering a beautiful glen in the woods that's alive with blossoms in purples and blues. Now imagine that a wasp-like, dragonfly-winged little faerie has emerged from among the flowers, buzzing by your head with a barbed spear. And as you glance again, you notice that the flowers all around you are teeming with these malicious little faeries! Show that scene, with at least one prominent faerie in plain sight and more lurking among the blossoms.
Focus: The foreground faerie
Mood: You're in deeper trouble than you first realized.[23]

Vigor (Lorwyn) Keep in mind that Lorwyn's elementals have elements of animal anatomy, surreality, and physical implausibility . . . show a creature that resembles an enormous bull or bison whose back looks like a tortoise's shell was fused onto it. The creature's face resembles a rock that's been shattered from a central point. Its top side is covered with a layer of moss. Flailing tentacles of young vine grow along its back and sides. It has lowered its head as though about to charge.[24]
Persist (Modern Horizons 2) Action: Show a kithkin (see pg. 28) emerging from under the ground where he was buried.[25]


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