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This is a list of all gods and deities, or creatures that are worshiped as such, mentioned in the Magic storyline.



The Gods of Amonkhet, unlike their Theros counterparts, are physical beings tied to the planes' leylines, embodying virtues of the culture of the plane. Most have been slaughtered by Nicol Bolas and have been raised as zombies.


  • Ganathog (possibly {U}{R}), a being revered by the Oggyar ogres.[1]
  • The "gods of antiquity"[2]


  • The Maker, creator of the plane.



The Domains[]


  • Ergeborg, god of death among the Jamuraan cat warriors
  • Kindeya, minotaur goddess of learning in Talruum
  • Mother of Winds[4]
  • Terrent Amese, creator of the first tribe of Jamuraan tiger warriors and later worshiped by their descendants in Efrava.
  • Torahn, Minotaur god of judgment and war in Talruum. "Gores" evildoers in the Corridors of Pain.[5]
  • An unnamed personification of the sun worshiped by Helana and in some parts of Jamuraa (possibly {W}).






  • Aclazotz (likely {B}), the bat-god of night
  • The Threefold Sun ({R}{G}{W})
    • Kinjalli ({W}), Wakening Sun
    • Tilonalli ({R}), the Burning Sun
    • Ixalli ({G}), Verdant Sun


There have been several cycles of gods on Kaldheim.[11] The previous gods were the Einir, who have since been replaced by the Skoti and have become the plane's elves.[12][11] The Skoti gods are connected to the World Tree using a Cosmos Elixir made from its sap to give them their powers. As a result, they have northern lights on their bodies. They can be killed.

  • Cosmos Monsters
    • Koma ({G}{U}), the Cosmos Serpent




  • The sky-god Ramos ({C} aligned with {W}{U}{B}{R}{G}), worshiped by the Cho-Arrim
  • Orhop, the evil brother of Ramos






  • Marit Lage ({B}), patron god of the "Hall of the Hospitallers of the Frozen Heart"

Serra's Realm[]





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Theros' pantheon is perhaps some of Magic's best defined deities, being unambiguously real.[18] Like some angels and demons, Theros' gods are living enchantments, making the concept of enchantments considered divine blessings by the plane's mortals. They are associated with the paranormal realm known as Nyx, the night sky, which is in turn associated with dreams and the subconscious; there is something of an implication that these gods are powered/come to into being by belief, though this is not explicit. The Theros pantheon is seemingly very large, but there are five main gods aligned with the colors of mana, at least eleven minor gods and some gods that have been forgotten (like the one who represented love[19]):

Major gods[]

Minor gods[]


  • Daxos ({W}), champion of Heliod
  • Callaphe ({U}), champion of Thassa
  • Tymaret ({B}), champion of Erebos
  • Anax ({R}), champion of Purphoros
  • Renata ({G}), champion of Nylea


  • Anaba ({R}) ancestors spirits.
  • Eron ({R}), the immortal Goblin king of the Koskun Mountains
  • Serra ({W}), also worshiped at Aysen.
  • An unnamed sun god (possibly {R}) sporadically venerated in the Koskun Mountains.[22]


  • The Forsaken Gods
    • Cosi, the merfolk trickster god, ruler of the land and earth. Talib to the Kor
    • Emeria, merfolk deity of sky, wind, and clouds, Kamsa to the Kor
    • Ula merfolk deity of the sea's depths, Mangeni to the Kor
  • Omnath (originally {G}, currently {W}{U}{R}{G}), the "flickering heart," the origin of the primal mana that pulses throughout Zendikar.
  • Taborax ({B})

Unknown plane[]


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