List of in-multiverse works

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List of in-multiverse works

These are books and texts of various forms known to exist in the Multiverse. This list focuses on prayers, stories, songs, poems, memoirs, historical records, and the like that have their own historical or cultural significance. Personal writings, such as letters or diaries, are omitted so that they can be classified as part of the quotations of their writers. Similarly, creeds, notes, or protocols directly pertaining to a specific organization are omitted so that they can be classified as part of the operations of that organization.

Title Plane Author Description Cards
Accounting of Hours Amonkhet
The Antiquities War Dominaria Kayla bin-Kroog Kayla's account of the Brothers' War.[1] Nature's Spiral (Dominaria)
The Fall of the House of Vess Dominaria An account of Liliana Vess's failed attempt to save the life of Josu Vess. It is a commonly told tale around the Caligo Morass. Print copies of the book exist, and some feature an illustrator's interpretation of Liliana on the cover.[2] Dread Shade (Dominaria), Will-o'-the-Wisp (Masters 25), Woodland Cemetery (Dominaria)
Sarpadian Empires Dominaria
Song of All Dominaria Brother Angus (cantos 1001 to 1020) Planar Birth, Purify, Voice of Law, Voice of Duty, Voice of Grace, Voice of Reason, Voice of Truth, Pegasus Charger, On Serra's Wings, Serra's Embrace (Urza's Saga), Congregate, Defensive Formation, Disenchant (Iconic Masters), Serra Avenger, Cessation, Invoke the Divine
Triumph of Gerrard Dominaria An account of Gerrard Capashen's battle with Phyrexia. Benalish Honor Guard
History of Benalia Dominaria A history of the country. Benalish Marshal
Fall of the Thran Dominaria An account of the end of the Thran Empire. Evra, Halcyon Witness
Time of Ice Dominaria An account of the Ice Age. Homarid Explorer
"Rite of Belzenlok" Dominaria Blessing of Belzenlok, Cabal Paladin
Chainer's Torment Dominaria Cast Down
The Eldest Reborn Dominaria An account of the resurrection of Nicol Bolas. Lingering Phantom
Balduvian tavern song Dominaria Balduvian tavern song Balduvian Barbarians
Book of Rass Dominaria
“Thrulls” Dominaria Endrek Sahr Armor Thrull
"Legend of the Firedancer" Dominaria Fervent Strike
"The Flame of Keld" Dominaria Keldon Warcaller
The First Eruption Dominaria Seismic Shift
"Song of Freyalise" Dominaria A song about the planeswalker. Arbor Armament
"Proper Passage" Dominaria Kamau Unseen Walker
“Rite of Battle” Dominaria The Alaborn Temple Elder
Song of Blood Dominaria Blind Fury
The Mending of Dominaria Dominaria An account of the Great Mending. Llanowar Envoy
Necromancer's Handbook Dominaria Nevinyrral Drudge Skeletons
Tome of Elemental Mastery Dominaria Flowstone Embrace
Dwarven songs Dominaria Dwarven drilling, mining, forging, and marching songs. Dwarven Driller, Subterranean Spirit, Demolish (Odyssey), Dwarven Soldier (Fifth Edition)
The Bloodsky Massacre Saga Kaldheim Recounts Varragoth's escape from Immersturm and slaughter of Beskir Hall.[3]
Code of the Clans Kaldheim Code of law governing the five Human clans of Bretagard.[3]
The First Saga Kaldheim Kaldheim's creation myth.[3]
Saga of the Wisdom Seeker Kaldheim Broken Wings
Saga of the Lost King Kaldheim Funeral Longboat
The Wolfbreak Saga Kaldheim Recounts Alrund's battle with a Cosmos Wolf.[3]
The Saga of Valki's Deceit Kaldheim Recounts how the Gods' Hall came to Istfell.[4]
Karn's fables Dominaria The fables of the silver egg, the fireslinger, the elf who came upon a cave of gold, and the greedy herder. Bottle Gnomes (Tempest), Fireslinger, Flowstone Blade, Fade Away
Femeref chants Dominaria Chaosphere, Sirocco
Miracles of the Saints Dominaria Sister Betje Miracle Worker, Malach of the Dawn
The Underworld Cookbook Dominaria Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar Granite Gargoyle, Lightning Axe (Time Spiral), Sauté
The Dynasty of Winter Kings Dominaria Arctic Flats, Boreal Shelf, Frost Marsh, Highland Weald, Tresserhorn Sinks
Kjeldor: Ice Civilization Dominaria Darien, King of Kjeldor, Scaled Wurm (Sixth Edition), Balduvian Barbarians (Sixth Edition)
Keld Triumphant Dominaria Plague Wind, Searing Wind, Blessed Wind, Denying Wind, Vitalizing Wind
Zhalfirin Guide to the Desert Dominaria Viashino Sandstalker, Viashino Warrior
The Books of Faith, Insight, Decay, Fire, and Life Dominaria A series of five volumes. Words of Worship, Words of Wind, Words of Wilding, Words of Waste, Words of War
Scroll of Beginnings Dominaria Anger (Judgment), Brawn (Judgment), Filfth (Judgment), Genesis (Judgment), Glory (Judgment), Valor (Judgment), Wonder (Judgment)
"The Ballad of the Paladins" Dominaria An account of the war between the Northern and Southern Paladins and the Eastern and Western Paladins. Glorious Anthem (Seventh Edition), Infernal Contract (Seventh Edition)
"Leshrac's Rite" Dominaria
The Book of Serra Dominaria Serra's Embrace (Seventh Edition)
Tales of the Vintara Forest Dominaria Vintara Snapper
Tales Dominaria Afari Brood of Cockroaches, Brushwagg, Choking Sands, Fallow Earth, Flooded Shoreline, Giant Caterpillar (Visions), Hazerider Drake, Hulking Cyclops (Visions), Igneous Golem, Meddle (Mirage), Mtenda Lion, Mystical Tutor (Mirage), Phyrexian Tribute, River Boa (Visions), Squandered Resources, Tranquil Domain, Worldly Tutor, Zuberi, Golden Feather
Song of the Artificer Dominaria Obsianus Golem
"The Love Song of Night and Day" Dominaria Village Elder (Mirage), Wild Elephant (Mirage), Kukemssa Pirates, Early Harvest (Mirage), Zebra Unicorn, Remedy (Visions), Panther Warriors (Visions), Flare (Mirage), Simoon (Visions), Zhalfirin Knight, Blinding Light (Mirage), Femeref Knight, Chariot of the Sun, Mortal Wound, Sands of Time, Summer Bloom (Visions), Unfulfilled Desires, King of the Pride
Principia Dominaria Barrin Back to Basics
"Hymn of Angelfire" Dominaria Empyrial Armor
The One Thousand Questions Dominaria Rogue Elephant, Griffin Canyon, Soar, Stampede
The Book of Tal Dominaria A sacred text of the Church of Tal. Southern Paladin, Northern Paladin (Fourth Edition), Holy Light
"Song of the Wind Being" Dominaria Breezekeeper
"The Enchantress" Dominaria A Femeref tale. Femeref Enchantress
"Song to the Sun" Dominaria A Femeref song. Guiding Spirit, Sacred Mesa
"Iron Tusk" Dominaria Femeref song. Iron Tusk Elephant
The Stories of Nature Dominaria Teferi's Realm
The stories of Azeworai Dominaria Azeworai Stories include "The Treeling," "Three Riddles," "Kenechi’s Dream," "The Golem’s Wish," "The Ugly Bird," "Kenechi’s Dream," "The Cyclops who Couldn’t," "The Ugly Bird," "Glitter Moon," "The Unruly Wind," and "The Lonely Giant." Memory Lapse (Mirage), Radiant Essence, Crystal Golem, Gossamer Chains, Tar Pit Warrior, Solfatara, Wind Shear, Ironroot Treefolk, Cinder Giant, Daraja Griffin, Wake of Vultures
"Rise on Wings" Dominaria A Zhalfirin song. Bay Falcon
"So the Elephant Speaks" Dominaria A Zhalfirin song. Noble Elephant
Poetics of Hanan Dominaria Hanan Taniwha
Memoirs of a Soldier Dominaria Maeveen O'Donagh Pikemen, Ashes to Ashes, Word of Binding, Lurker, Marsh Viper (The Dark), Venom
Witches and War Dominaria Vibekke Ragnild Flood
The Valeriad Dominaria Mireille Gaetane Ghost Ship
History of the Goblin Wars Dominaria Tivadar Knights of Thorn, Morale
Ponderings Dominaria Delif Delif's Cone
"The Way" Dominaria Bethan Leitbur A text of the Order of Leitbur.
The Fall of Alsoor Dominaria Sevti Mukul An account of the fall of the city.
The Anvilonian Grimoire Dominaria Adun Oakenshield
"Havenwood Remembered" Dominaria Kyliki of Havenwood Homarid Shaman
"Hymn of Angelfire" Dominaria Empyrial Armor
Letters Dominaria Kasib ibn Naji Telim'Tor's Edict, Elephant Grass, Phyrexian Walker
Memoirs Dominaria Sisay Short Sword
Tales of the Fae Eldraine Flutterfox, Bog Naughty, Claim the Firstborn, Return to Nature (Throne of Eldraine), Wolf's Quarry
Legend of the Gilded Knights Eldraine Outflank, Stormfirst Crusader, Crashing Drawbridge
Beyond the Great Henge Eldraine Crystal Slipper, Inquisitive Puppet, Locthwain Gargoyle, Roving Keep, Shambling Suit, Sorcerer's Broom, Spinning Wheel, Workshop Elders
Tales of the Ozolith Ikoria Lightning Rift, Mythos of Nethroi, Mythos of Brokkos, Indatha Triome
The Blade of Truth: The Uses of Logic in the War Against Demonic Heresies, as Fought by the Lunarch Andreas Innistrad Book found in the office of the church in Shadowgrange.[5]
"The Good Geist's Vow" Innistrad Geist of the Moors
Hymns to the Heron Innistrad Book of chants to Sigarda found in the office of the church in Shadowgrange.[5]
Tales of Ikarov the Voyager Innistrad Angelic Wall
Song of the Shaper Ixalan Wildgrowth Walker
Observations of the Kami War Kamigawa A account of the war. Aether Shockwave, Akki Underminer, Idyllic Tutor (Champions of Kamigawa), Crack the Earth, Field of Reality, In the Web of War, Kabuto Moth, Kumano's Pupil's, Psychic Spear, Pull Under, Thoughtbind, Three Tragedies, Toils of Night and Day, Villainous Ogre, Waking Nightmare
The History of Kamigawa Kamigawa Reki The History of Kamigawa was compiled from transcriptions of the tatoos on Reki's body, and retellings of the stories he had told.[6] Akki Blizzard-Herder, Cut the Earthlyu Bond, Ebony Owl Netsuke, Hair-Strunge Koto, Horobi, Death's Wail, Mannichi the Fevered Dream, Mark of the Oni, Midnight Covenant, Nezumi Ronin, Ogre Recluse, Rag Dealer, Reki, the History of Kamigawa, Sakura-Tribe Scout, Scourge of Numai, Stone Rain (Champions of Kamigawa), Threads of Disloyalty (Betrayers of Kamigawa)
Battle of Akagi River: A Survivor's Tale Kamigawa Call to Glory, Soul of Magma, Strenght of Cedars
Great Battles of Kamigawa Kamigawa Eiganjo Free-Riders, Final Judgement, Glitterfang, Gnarled Mass, Ire of the Kaminari, Kami of the Waning Moon, Rend Flesh, Rend Spirit, Time of Need
"Poem of the Five Trees" Kamigawa Kodama of the North Tree, Kodama of the South Tree
Weaponry of Kamigawa Kamigawa Shuko
Clachan Tales Lorwyn Battle Mastery, Forfend
The Tale of Odum and Broadbark Lorwyn Indomitable Ancients
The Book of Kith and Kin Lorwyn Idyllic Tutor (Morningtide)
The Book of Other Folk Lorwyn Warren Weirding (Morningtide), Flow of Ideas, Old Ghastbark,
The Seer's Parables Lorwyn Overbeing of Myth, Deus of Calamity, Demigod of Revenge, Oversoul of Dusk, Nobilis of War, Dominus of Fealty, Deity of Scars, Godhead of Awe, Ghastlord of Fugue, Divinity of Pride
Argent Etchings New Phyrexia Scripture of the Machine Orthodoxy. Inquisitor Exarch, Mindcrank
Tome of Machines New Phyrexia Gore Vassal
The Tall Tales of Oleander New Phyrexia Wurm's Tooth (Magic 2011)
"Great Synthesis" New Phyrexia Jin-Gitaxias
Inscriptions on Tel-Jilad, the Tree of Tales New Phyrexia Cloudpost
Phyrexian Scriptures Phyrexia, Dominaria The sacred texts of the Phyrexian belief system. Bog Raiders, Dark Ritual (Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition), Lurking Evil, Phyrexian Altar, Sanguine Guard, Unworthy Dead
Rootwater Saga Rath Cunning, Rootwater Mystic, Rootwater Hunter, Benthic Behemoth (Tempest)
Tales of Life Rath Tales told by the Soltari. Dauthi Marauder, Soltari Foot Soldier, Soltari Trooper
Manual of Melek Ravnica Goblin Test Pilot
"Irbitov Lament" Ravnica Dahlya Trul Thirsting Shade
The Absolution of the Guildpact Ravnica A play about the destruction of the original Guildpact Thespian's Stage
Boros Cluestone inscription Ravnica
Rakdos Cluestone inscription Ravnica
The Aria of Hilrod Ravnica Performed in Rakdos Carnariums[7]
Commentaries on the Guildpact Ravnica Grand Arbiter Konstantin II Written in 3209 Z.C.[8]
Azorius Arrester Procedure Ravnica Luminous Bonds
Cryptohistories Shandalar Gor Muldrak It in part warns about an emminant invasion by the Amphins on the coastal regions of Shandalar.[9] Amphin Cutthroat, Amphin Pathmage
The Callapheia Theros Nyxborn Courser, Nyxborn Brute, Nyxborn Seaguard, Nyxborn Marauder, Nyxborn Colossus, Unknown Shores (Theros Beyond Death)
The Theriad Theros
The Cosmogony Theros Archon of Falling Stars, Transcendent Envoy, Deny the Divine, Return to Nature (Theros: Beyond Death)
Histories Theros Luphea of Setessa Careless Celebrant, Infuriate, Nyx Herald
Myths of the Gods Theros[10]
The Akroan War Theros Lost to Time An Epic Poem accounting the war between Akros and Olantin. It is well known and considered the definitve account of the war.[10]
Dalakos and the Kraken Theros[10]
Fall of Agnomakhos Theros[10] An account of the Birth of Meletis.
The First Kings of Meletis Theros Another account of the same events as the Fall of Agnomakhos, including how Kynaios and Tiro were chosen as kings.[10]
Halma, Nylea's Emissary Theros An account of how Nylea and the lynx Halma became acquainted. Halma killed a boar Nylea was fond of, and the god gave chase. This went on until they grew close.[10]
Kelephne the Victor Theros An account of a mysterious competitor in the Iroan Games.[10]
Kelephne's Manual Theros Kelephne Cave writings describing the unarmed fighting style known as pankration.[10]
Mogis and the Minotaurs Theros A probably false myth that claims Mogis created minotaurs out of his human followers. Other versions claim he simply exalted his already minotaur followers.[10]
Nikaia the first Caryatid Theros A story about how the archer Nikai impressed Nylea so much that the god turned her into the first caryatid. [10]
Lament for Bala Ged Zendikar A poem about the continent. Yarok, the Desecrated, Yarok's Wavecrasher, Yarok's Fenlurker, Healer of the Glade
The Invokers' Tales Zendikar Oran-Rief Invoker, Dawnglare Invoker, Frostwind Invoker, Bloodright Invoker, Lavafume Invoker, Wildheart Invoker, Roil Eruption
The War Diaries Zendikar Gideon's Reproach (Battle for Zendikar), Skittering Invasion, Deathless Angel, Vent Sentinel, Wrap in Flames, Naturalize (Rise of the Eldrazi), Overgrown Battlement
Names of the Lost Travelers Zendikar Hion, proprietor of the Affa Inn[11]
Vastwood Biodiversity Zendikar Mulak Ffar
Emeria's Creed Zendikar A creed from the worship of Emeria. Shepherd of the Lost, Shieldmate's Blessing
Chanter's Epics Zendikar Joraga Bard
Codex of the Constellari Holy Strength, Unholy Strength (Magic 2010)
Of Elements and Eternity Jestus Dreya
The Stitcher's Tome Two-Headed Zombie
Siege of the Bone Spire Krinnea Dawning Angel, Zephyr Charge, Legion's End, Corpse Knight, Show of Valor, Dark Remedy
To the Summit: A Tale of Survival Alpine Watchdog
The Tragedy of Morein Gloom Sower
Way of Secrets Cunning Evasion
The Red Book of Mezdrithalik Undead Augur
"Origins of Kholon" Glem the Lonebard River of Tears
"Bolgri and the Long Day of Squashing” New Phyrexia Nuisance Engine
The Book of Rings Shandalar Kenan Sahrmal
Chronicles of the Quarum Plains Sorgus Quarum Trench Gnomes
Edicts of Ilagra Tarkir (Khans Timeline) Raiders' Spoils
"Regrets" Ola DaRiol Primal Order (Fifth Edition)
Incantations Chrysoberyl Earthsdaughter Wall of Vapor
“Inheritance” Aline Corralurn Dust to Dust
"Late Thaw" Aline Corralurn Winter Orb
"Legacy" Aline Corralurn Ashes to Ashes
"Smash, Smash" Goblin song. Goblin Chieftain
Tales of Noyan Dar Zendikar Bebea, Cliffhaven lightcaster[12]
The Advokist and the Urchin Ravnica Book Devourer
"The Artificer’s Apprentice" Manakin
The Coil Alara A set of 121 laws recorded on a giant granite stone.
"Watchdragon" Tobrian Spinal Villain
Camouflage and Its Practical Applications Suspicious Bookcase
Chronicle of Vurundi[11] Zendikar
Chronicles of Ula[13] Zendikar
Inscriptions on the Crown, Scepter, and Throne of Empires Crown of Empires, Scepter of Empires, Throne of Empires
Crypt of Agadeem inscription Zendikar Broodwarden
Cursed Totem inscription Dominaria Cursed Totem
Ghet family blood prayer[14] Zendikar
Great Hall floor inscription Dominaria Presence of the Master
Great Threshold of Monserkat inscription Ghostly Prison
Dwarven headstone Dominaria A headstone fragment from a mass grave in the Crimson Peaks. Dwarven Soldier (Fallen Empires, #53a)
Inscription on an Akroan grave Theros Sedge Scorpion
Inscription on Akroma's Memorial Dominaria Akroma's Memorial
Inscription on the Martyrs' Tomb Dominaria Freyalise Martyrs' Tomb
Inscriptions on the Amonkhet pantheon's monuments Amonkhet Bontu's Monument, Hazoret's Monument, Kefnet's Monument, Oketra's Monument, Rhonas's Monument
Mundungu chant Dominaria Crypt Rats
Necropolis Inscription Twilight's Call
Pillar tomb inscription Dominaria Pillar Tombs of Aku
Inscription on Jandor's Saddlebags Rabiah Jandor's Saddlebags
Seal inscriptions Seal of Cleansing (Nemesis), Seal of Doom (Nemesis), Seal of Fire (Nemesis), Seal of Removal, Seal of Strength (Nemesis), Seal of Primordium
"The Three Little Boars" Rath Skyshroud children’s story Plated Rootwalla
Spellbomb inscriptions New Phyrexia Aether Spellbomb, Lifespark Spellbomb, Necrogen Spellbomb, Pyrite Spellbomb, Sunbeam Spellbomb
Statue inscription Shandalar Guardian of the Ages
Stone inscription Dominaria Kaervek's Torch
Suq'Ata dirge Dominaria Death Watch
Vec tomb inscription Rath Ancient Tomb
Tomb inscription Innistrad Naturalize (Innistrad)
Tomb inscription of Saint Raban Innistrad Ray of Revelation (Dark Ascension)
Travelogue of Najat Dominaria Najat Nettletooth Djinn, Savage Twister (Mirage), Tropical Storm
Warhammer inscription New Phyrexia Loxodon Warhammer (Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons)
Ur-Golem runes New Phyrexia Etchings on the towers of New Phyrexia written by the Ur-Golems, telling the history of the plane. Tower of Fortunes, Tower of Eons, Tower of Champions, Tower of Murmurs
Well inscriptions Dominaria Well of Discovery, Well of Life
Planeswalker's Guide to Ikoria[15] Ikoria Vivien Reid
Whetstone inscription Dominaria Whetstone
"The Death of Alais, the Golden-Shield" Dominaria Epic memorized by members of the Bardic Circle.[16]
"Genealogy of Isabeau, the Strong Sword-Blade" Dominaria Epic memorized by members of the Bardic Circle.[16]
Troll chant Dominaria Uthden Troll
The Book of Keld Dominaria Kradak (dictated) An ongoing, multi generational archive of prose narratives, poems, battle reports, council meeting minutes and genealogical records chronicling the nation and peoples of Keld.[17]
Lore of the Ancients Rabiah
Watchword Codex Thirst for Knowledge (Magic Online Promos)
Beautiful Predators: A Survival Guide to the Elves of Lorwyn[18] Lorwyn
Woven Minds: A Survival Guide to the Kithkin of Lorwyn[18] Lorwyn
Elements of Nature: A Survival Guide to the Elementals of Lorwyn[18] Lorwyn
Stolen Sensations: A Survival Guide to the Boggarts of Lorwyn[18] Lorwyn
Lorwyn Survival Guide[18] Lorwyn
Meditations Theros Koblios Says "The gods are simply patterns personified." Koblios was later stoned for heresy.[19]
The Hanweir Chronicle Innistrad Oliver Hayfield (editor) An Innistrad newspaper providing clues for the storyline of Shadows over Innistrad.[20]
The Filigree Texts Alara A series of 23 books housed in the Sanctum Arcanum.[21] Also referred to as the Etherium Texts.[22] Aven Trailblazer, Filigree Sages, Memory Erosion, Brilliant Ultimatum (depicted)
Codex Etherium Alara
The Coronation of King Numsgil Zendikar The story of King Numsgil's coronation following the assassination of King Blog.[23] Goblin Lore (Jumpstart)
Adventures of Tuktuk Zendikar Goblin Lore (Jumpstart)
The Saga of Morpo the Bard Zendikar Goblin Lore (Jumpstart)
The Joy of Cooking Dominaria Irma S. Rombauer Orcish Librarian (depicted)
Naked Lunch Dominaria William S. Burroughs Orcish Librarian (depicted)
The Book of Krark Mirrodin Krark

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