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Title Plane Author Description Cards
Carta Scientia Bablovia Lays out rules for forming governments based around science; the founding document of the five governments of Bablovia. States that "We cannot understand anything until we first understand the world around us."[1]
Constitution of the Order of the Widget Bablovia Calvin Granderson, The Grand Calcutron Dictates that if a person, machine, or technology of greater ability than the Grand Calcutron ever reveals itself, it will immediately be designated as the leader.[1]
"Duke of Pearl" Bablovia Clam Creole Jazz Kings A clamfolk version of the song "Duke of Earl" by Gene Chandler. Clam Session
INNISTRAD! The Musical Bablovia Amateur Auteur (Unstable, #3b)
Jane Air Bablovia Novellamental (Unstable, #41a), Novellamental (Unstable, #41b), Novellamental (Unstable, #41c), Novellamental (Unstable, #41d)
Living in the Now Bablovia Urza, Academy Headmaster
Managing Clutter Bablovia Urza, Academy Headmaster
RAVNICA! The Musical Bablovia Amateur Auteur (Unstable, #3a)
Sibling Rivalry Bablovia Urza, Academy Headmaster
Song of the Cogmentor Bablovia Cogmentor
THEROS! The Musical Bablovia Amateur Auteur (Unstable, #3c)
ZENDIKAR! The Musical Bablovia Amateur Auteur (Unstable, #3d)
Mage’s Home Journal Dominaria Prismatic Wardrobe
The Book of Chip Chip[2] Possibly religious text that uses book-chapter-verse notation. Squirrel Farm
The Art of War Dominaria Sun Tzu First Come First Served
The Cabbage Files Booster Tutor (Unsanctioned)
Hybrid Corn Booster Tutor (Unsanctioned)
Manual of the Planes Booster Tutor (Unhinged)
Robo Carrot Booster Tutor (Unsanctioned)
Rooster Saga Mesa Chicken
Student Spells Its title is written in Elder Futhark runes Charm School
Winning Lottery Numbers Double Take
"Your Wait from This Point Is Seven Hours" Assembled Ensemble Assembled Ensemble


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