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List of secondary characters

The following characters are only mentioned in flavor text or appear as minor characters in the storyline.


Name Title Description Cards
Aarsil Aarsil the Blessed


An Esper woman, the sister of Callio and aunt of Jaria. A prosaic soldier stationed at Harborgate with her sister. After their spire was transported to the shard of Bant, she learned that Callio had secretly been a Seeker of Carmot since Jaria's death, after which she killed her sister and swam for the coast of Jhess.[1]
Banath'thur The Demon of Qasal
Hell's Lash

Imprisoned by Vithian humans south of Unx, when the shard of Grixis merged with Naya he was freed. Making deals with the residents of both shards for their souls, he worked toward his real goal, the angels of Bant, at least two of which he has already slain.[2] Defiler of Souls
Belator Belator of Esper

Bezzit Plar Bezzit Plar, Esper stormcaller


Clan chief of the Jund Riftclan Tol Breot. After half his clan was transported to Grixis, he was killed by Thraximundar.[3]
Broka Broka, drumhunter


A large, five-eyed gargoyle from Esper. His body is reinforced, augmented and decorated with etherium. A minion of Tezzeret.[4]
Cagen Vargan Cagen Vargan, Jhessian sea scout


An Esper woman, the sister of Agatha and mother of Jaria. An Ethersworn officer stationed at Harborgate with her sister. After their spire was transported to the shard of Bant, she revealed that she had secretly been a Seeker of Carmot since Jaria's death, after which her sister killed her.[1]

Sister of Lia. Abducted and killed by Nefarox.[5][6]
Cinna Cinna, vedalken consul

Coruk Coruk, Espert artificer

Cyla Cyla, Lord of the Aerie

Dollun Spinebreaker The Stars of Jund
Dollun the Bloody

One of the foremost Rhox champions of the army of Jhess on the coast of Bant. After only seven years in the Sigiled caste, he had become a Knight-Captain and commander of the Eleventh Legion during the Jhess-Valeron conflict. Deeply religious, he believed in military procedure and often recited long verses from the Prayer of Asha. When the Eleventh Legion entered Naya, it was decimated and Dollun broke, donning tribal garb and wielding massive maces, he charged the Naya and Jund lines. After the battle, he traveled to the other shards, meting out justice as he saw fit.[2] Rhox Brute
Dolomarus Dolomarus, Proctor of the Clean

Drathus Master Drathus

An Esper vedalken archmage in Palandius. After his city was transported to Naya, he worked with his apprentice Keimon to create a spellbomb to contain some of the cascading magic of the Shard. He and his apprentice were both killed when the spellbomb detonated.[7]
Ebrel Ebrel, godtoucher mentor


A hungry goblin from Jund.

An elf of the Knotvine tribe.[8] Bloodbraid Elf (Alara Reborn)

A Bant woman, the wife of a blacksmith from Giltspire. She and her family were refugees in Valeron.[3]
Elzen Princess Elzen

A falconfolk aven princess from Jhess, kidnapped to spark war with Valeron but rescued by Chandra Nalaar.[9]
Ennor Ennor, mentalist

A vedalken.
Fridius Fridius, telemin master


A Bant soldier and husband. Killed in a Grixis attack on Bant.[10]
Gernan Gernan, dawnray archer


A malevolent sphinx, who hoped to cause strife between humans and vedalken.
Haaach Haaach of the Bloodhall
The Piranha of Valeron

A goblin from a warren in the Bloodhall of Jund renowned for his ferocity and speed. After the Conflux he pilfered an ancient ceremonial dagger from a Qasali shrine in Naya and was responsible for more than twenty deaths in the Battle of the Bloody Gate in Valeron on Bant.[2] Jund Hackblade
Hadran Hadran, sunseeder of Naya

Leader of the sunseeder humans in Naya
Indra Indra, nullmage of Vectis


Daughter of Callio and niece of Agatha. Died some time before the Conflux.[1]

Viashino elder of the Thunder Thrash on Jund. When the thrash raided Esper territory, they took control of an etherium facility, and later emerged as the Skyclaw Thrash, having now enhanced themselves with the metal.[2] Anathemancer (Alara Reborn)
Jorshu Jorshu of Clan Nel Toth

Kaeda Kaeda, aven scout


A shaman, member of the Circle of Nel Toth, and master of Meren. Devoured by her dragon Skaal Kesh when he tried to kill her.[11]

Close friend of Glissa and protector of Tel-Jilad.[12][13] Killed by Janus.

An Esper vedalken stormcaller in Palandius. After his city was transported to Naya, he worked with his master Drathus to create a spellbomb to contain some of the cascading magic of the Shard. He and his master were both killed when the spellbomb detonated.[7]
Kemuel Kemuel the Ancient
Kemuel, the Hidden One

Son of the sphinxes Crucius and Sharuum, who guards The Riddle Gate, a planar portal at the center of the Crystal Labyrinth in Esper's Glass Desert.
Known on Esper as the great sphinx of the desert maze.[14]
He lost a wing and hind leg in a fight with a great Leviathan centuries ago, and the few travelers that meet him find his words and his advice to be prophetic.

A diminutive, sky-blue homunculus from Esper. She has stubby etherium arms and legs, a nearly spherical body, and talks with a high-pitched squeak. A minion of Tezzeret.[4]

An Esper arcanist in Antoris City. After the city was transported to Naya, it was attacked by Thraximundar, and Lifris was likely killed.[1]
Lodus Lodus of the Ethersworn

An Ethersworn from Esper.

An infamous hellkite from Jund, vanquished by Kresh and Rakka Mar with help of Sarkhan Vol.[15]

A Rhox from Bant. A loyal friend of Rafiq.[16]
Niclavs Niclavs, archmage of Esper


A Bant scout and philosopher.

A Nacatl Sunseeker. She helped Kaalia defeating Grixis minions, was killed in the proces.[6]
Olcot Olcot, Rider of Joffik

Pulan Pulan, Bant orchardist


A member of Jazal Goldmane's leonin pride. She abandoned Ajani in his time of need.[17]
Quennus Quennus, metallurgeon

Ranalus Ranalus, vedalken heretic
Ranalus of Palandius
Queen of the Coatls
The Blue Hermit

A vedalken scholar from Esper who joined the Seekers of Carmot to leave her shard. Once in Naya, she extracted the etherium from her body, using the regenerative powers of a Coatl, and renounced the Filigree Texts.[2]
Rannon Rannon, Vithian holdout

Revin Skoros Dead Reckoner
Ol' Flame Eyes

Once a brilliant human æthermage of Grixis. After surrendering his soul to the demon Banath'thur, he became one of the Damned.[2] Anathemancer (Alara Reborn)
Sarassa Sarrasa the Traitor
The Shame of Giltspire

An Amesha-rank angel, she defended the castle Giltspire from outside forces for centuries. Secretly a follower of the dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas, she left her post shortly before the Conflux (event), killing a Blessed-caste priest who witnessed her departure.[2] Slave of Bolas (Alara Reborn)
The Sculptor

A bald, old Esper artificer, employed by the demon Nefarox.[5] Killed by Kaalia.[6]
Sen Triplets

A human wizard from Esper.
Shungus Nod Shungus Nod, fleshcrafter


A young mother from the Jund Riftclan Tol Breot. Likely killed by Thraximundar's army.[3]
Strang High Priest

A corrupt troll high priest.[12] Killed Chunth, the leader of the trolls at Tel-Jilad, but was himself killed by Janus before he could be captured and questioned.
Syeena Syeena, elvish godtoucher

Taani Taani, berserker of Etlan

A Nayan.

A benevolent sphinx, hoping to prolong the life of mortals.
Taani Taani, berserker of Etlan


A knight from Bant who ascended to be an angel.

A member of Jazal Goldmane's leonin pride. Persecutor of Ajani.[17]
Timus Timus the Orange

The Cloud Empire has withered as more and more Nacatl have gone wild. The last remaining stronghold is Qasal, ruled by Timus the Orange.[18]

A wild Nacatl from Naya.
Togk Manytooth

A doomed warrior.

An Esper vedalken Magister-rank mage, armillary diviner, and representative of the Seekers of Carmot.[1]
Tullus Tullus of Palandius


Person who fell prey to an ooze.
Uril Uril, the Miststalker

It strides through the whitecover, mists in which even gargantuans can hide.
Valek Captain Valex of Jhess

Voln Voln the Elder

Wyhorn Knight-Captain Wyhorn

Xorin Xorin, Architect of Will

An Esper human archmage of the wizard's sect known as the Architects of Will.[1]

The shaman of Jazal Goldmane's leonin pride. She was manipulated by Marisi and caused the death of Jazal Goldmane.[17]

A lich lord from the necropolis of Unx who quickly invaded Jund after the Conflux.[19] He was eventually killed by dragonfire created by a Dragonsoul Knight



Name Title Description Cards

Son of Arboron and cousin of Asterion on his father Lord Teutamos's side.[20]

A female Strixhaven student in Prismari college and friend of Zimone Wola and Nnanyielugo.[21]
Arboron The Beast

Father of Achelous brother of Lord Teutamos of Pallad Reach. Once a general in the employ of the last Jetelothian monarch.[20]
Arlo Wickel

A Prismari mage-student and Mage Tower player.[22][23]

Mage after whom Arnault's Combustion is named.[22]
Arthelas and Bairod Arthelas the Magnificent
Bairod Horizon-Seeker

Historical figure of the Kingdoms Below. By comparing their arcane sigils, Quint realized that the two were the same person.[22]

Son of Lord Teutamos and Lady Crethea and Quintorius Kand's spirit mentor who, in life, discovered the lost Loxodon city of Zantafar but fell to his death before he was able to share in his discovery.[20] Asterion helped Quint rediscover the lost city.

A Witherbloom mage-student witch. Friend of Rowan Kenrith and Plink.[22][23]

One of ten pests cared for by Dina. Lost and possibly killed when Killian Lu accidentally corrupted her ritual.[24]

A Lorehold mage-student
The Blood Avatar

A creature summoned by Extus Narr and defeated by the Kenrith twins.

A Quandrix mage-student

Mage Tower commentator
Crethea Lady Crethea

Mother of Asterion and wife of Lord Teutamos.[20]

Cousin of Asterion on his mother Lady Crethea's side and possible sibling of Pasiphaë.[20]

A Prismari mage-student whose exam construct was destroyed during a duel with a Silverquill mage.[22]
Dipo Wola

One of Zimone Wola's fathers.and husband of Zihir[21]
Diriga Diriga, demon bursar

Dobarius Egolt Dobarius Egolt, the Mute Quillancer

A mute Quillancer from the past, who used sign language to cast spells.[25]

Killian's inkling.companion[25]

A Lorehold mage-student
Fannessa Fjyorne

An agent of the Oriq who infiltrated Strixhaven as a Silverquill student. She tried to recruit Killian Lu to join the Oriq. She is described as having dark hair, lavender-tinted eyes, and mahogany skin.[25]

A being revered by the Oggyar ogres.
Gladefell Professor Gladefell

A Strixhaven teacher, whose child was brought back to life.[26]
Golwanda Golwanda the Bloodspiller

A warlord who united the steppe peoples under the seal of the Crimson Glaive and leader of the orcish cavalry company the Thunder Riders. She and the kor warlord Xandril fought over 3000 years ago.[20]

A goblin who keeps trying to apply for Strixhaven by shouting, "Apply!" at the administrators.
Hostram Hostram, professor of arcanochemistry

Huerty Kostambul Commandant Huerty Kostambul

A Loxodon Instructor at Rundlestrom Military Academy who had Quintorius Kand expelled.[20]
Isabough Isabough of the Biblioplex

A Treefolk librarian.[21][27]
Keevan Keevan, docent of Kollema Hall


One of ten pests cared for by Dina. Lost and possibly killed when Killian Lu accidentally corrupted her ritual.[24]

A wise monk and one of Lorehold's first professors.[28]

A Quandrix hopeful mage-student, tutored by Dina.[24]

Mage Tower coach

A Treefolk Quandrix mage-student

One of ten pests cared for by Dina. Named after her glade sister. Lost and possibly killed when Killian Lu accidentally corrupted her ritual.[24]

A dryad and one of Dina's glade sisters. Killed years earlier, possibly by the Brittleblight that wiped out their glade.[24]
Nimiroti Wola

Zimone Wola's grandmother, who was a Quandrix professor. She figured out the Vorzani Conjecture, but when the Oriq learned of her discovery they captured her. To protect her findings, she cast a memory-loss spell on herself, forever changing who she was. She returned to Strixhaven a changed woman, and soon left for The Sanctuary of the Lost, never to return.[21]

Strixhaven student and Zimone Wola's friend.[21]

A nonbinary Strixhaven student in Silverquill college and friend of Zimone Wola and Amaka.[21]

Cousin of Asterion on his mother Lady Crethea's side and possible sibling of Deianira.[20]
Pavil Admissions Officer


A member of the Oriq.[21]

A Witherbloom mage-student witch. Friend of Rowan Kenrith and Auvernine.[22][23]
Razineth Professor Razineth

A kor Silverquill professor.[25]
Samara Squallheart

Mother of Rootha Squallheart. A famous, talented Prismari caster who can weave intricate sculptures made from ice and water.[29] Her most famous creation was an endless waterfall pouring out of nothing and disappearing back into nowhere.[30]
Siulogma Siulogma of Valdrasheen

A celebrated scholar responsible for some of the most revered illuminated histories including Ichor and Iron: Dialogues from the Blood Age. In death, she was the spirit mentor of Hofri Ghostforge.[20]
Taiva Director Taiva

The University Director at Strixhaven.[26]

A member of the Oriq who attempted to steal from the Biblioplex and was stopped by Liliana.[26][23] He was later killed when Extus Narr used him as a shield against a Silverquill student's magic.
Teutamos Lord Teutamos of Pallad Reach

Father of Asterion and husband of Lady Crethea.[20]
Tomlin Squallheart

Rootha Squallheart's youngest brother. Rootha hurt him with her magic when she was younger.

A Rhox druid who lost his very first duel and spent his entire life trying to get even.

One of ten pests cared for by Dina. Lost and possibly killed when Killian Lu accidentally corrupted her ritual.[24]

A vampire fourth-year Witherbloom student and Dina's friend.[25]
Vis Svokunol

Loxodon caretaker of Quintorius Kand's spirit mentor Asterion in his youth. He was accused of being an infamous loxodon mercenary known as "The Butcher," and was subsequently arrested, placed in the stockade for three days until he died, and thrown in an unmarked grave. He taught his pupil about the lost city of Zantafar, eventually leading to its rediscovery.[20]
Wallader Wallader the Eventual

A mail carrier Turtle-folk.[21]
Xandril Xandril the Executioner

A kor warlord who rallied the Hordeland fiefdoms. He and the warlord Golwanda fought over 3000 years ago.[20]
Xyrun-Jed Jed

The last loxodon emperor, often mentioned in the legend of the lost city of Zantafar. Depending on the telling, he either decided to allow his city to fall rather than be plundered or may have been a wizard who used his magic to seal the city into a separate dimension. A canticle bearing his name that some attribute to him tells of the finding of the city, and must be recited to re-enter it. A massive gold and jade statue within the city is thought to depict him.[20]
Yold Yold, professor of cryptorelicology


A famous person who was cut down at Pranticle Peak.
Zhaer Professor of biophilosophy

Zihir Wola

One of Zimone Wola's fathers and husband of Dipo.[21]


Name Title Description Cards
Glem Glem the Lonebard

Author of "Origins of Kholon."[31]


Name Title Description Cards
Agent 47.3

An agent of the Agents of S.N.E.A.K..
The Big Idea

One of the leaders of the League of Dastardly Doom.

A large goblin rigger.
Buzzbark Ol' Buzzbark

Leader of the Goblin Explosioneers.
Calvin Granderson The Grand Calcutron

The leader of the Order of the Widget. A person that upgraded himself so many times, he’s no longer human but a computer.[32]

A member of the Order of the Widget. He invented a gnome with scoops for hands.
Flaky Flaky the Irrational

A clown who likes π.
Grusilda Grusilda, Monster Masher

One of the leaders of the League of Dastardly Doom. A zombie.
Hana Tanaka Dr. Hana Tanaka

A former associate of Dr. Julius Jumblemorph.[33]

A small goblin rigger.
Julius Jameson Dr. Julius Jumblemorph

Leader of the Crossbreed Labs.[33]

A minion of the League of Dastardly Doom.
Luisa Rodriguez Dr. Luisa Rodriguez

A former associate of Dr. Julius Jumblemorph.[33]

A hitwoman for the Agents of S.N.E.A.K..
Mary O'Kill

One of the leaders of the League of Dastardly Doom. The inventor of the Killbots.
Malevolence Dr. Malevolence

A member of the League of Dastardly Doom.[33]

An elderly spy of Agents of S.N.E.A.K..
Monologue Major Monologue

A precursor of the League of Dastardly Doom.[33]
Phoebe Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K.

Secret leader of the Agents of S.N.E.A.K..
Skiffle Ms. Skiffle

A teacher.[33]

A cautious member of the Goblin Explosioneers.
Thorna Grabbler

Former owner of Steamflogger Industries.[33]
Von Count Baron Von Count

One of the leaders of the League of Dastardly Doom.

Master spy of Agents of S.N.E.A.K..

A hired Zombie.


Name Title Description Cards

A deceased Obscura agent. He kept exotic fish.
Antonio Swift

A taxi driver running Halo for the Riveteers. His car, a slick, all-black vehicle with polished gold accents, was stolen by Severo.[34]

A leonin Cabaretti bouncer in New Capenna. He wears brass-engraved eyeglasses. He and Leonard were knocked out by Perrie while working security in a club in the Mezzio.[35]
Balzano “Brick Wall” Balzano

A rhox bodyguard. Security Rhox
The Beamtown Bullies

A group of Riveteers.
Calvey Calvey, funeral director

Corpse Explosion
Conzuelo Conzuelo, restaurant critic

Luxurious Libation
Errant Errant, Street Artist

A human woman, affiliated with the Maestros. Daughter of Anhelo and Serena; wife of Parnesse. Errant is a grafitti artist. She has her mother's warm brown skin and her father's thick wavy hair. [34] Errant, Street Artist
Fiero Vespin

A Maestros art dealer specializing in modernist works. Seeking to make a name for himself in the family, he arranged a hit on Parnesse the day before her wedding. In response, he was killed by Anhelo the following day.[34]
Gino Gino, hired kidnapper

Hold for Ransom
Ginsi Ginsi the Thief

A thief eaten by a crocodile. Sewer Crocodile
Glunk Glunk, freelance crusher


Buy Your Silence
Jillard Inspector Jillard

Inspiring Overseer
Jolene Plunder Queen

A human Riveteers demolitionist in New Capenna. A short, heavily muscled woman who wears jeweled gauntlets. After she broke into a jewelry shop's vault, the Brokers offered her legal assistance in exchange for the construction of new Halo honeycomb storage. Abducted from her apartment by an Obscura agent working for the Riveteers, she was forced to steal the plans in an attempt to ignite a war between the Brokers and Riveteers.[35] Jolene, the Plunder Queen

An aven in New Capenna.[35]
Krandal Krandal, freelance investigator


A small weaselly man and maniacal little street brawler in New Capenna. He has a Broker contract out on him.[35]
Kros Kros, Defense Contractor

A leonin Brokers enforcer and close confidant of Falco's in New Capenna. He wears a trench coat, well-polished shoulder armor, and a high-end haircut carefully styled to rakishly fall back toward his shoulders.[35] Kros, Defense Contractor
Lacey Lanine

A leonin woman and reporter at the Capenna Herald. Her work is largely relegated to writing fluff pieces for the newspaper's society pages. She has orange tabby fur and pale yellow eyes and wears a trench coat and smart fedora. She was manipulated by Lagrella the Magpie to steal synthetic Halo from the Cabaretti while researching a story on the Crescendo's menu. Lagrella mind-wiped her but was later forced to restore her memories.[36]

A leonin Cabaretti bouncer in New Capenna. He wears brass-engraved eyeglasses. He and Ari were knocked out by Perrie while working security in a club in the Mezzio.[35]
Mari Mari, the Killing Quill

A vampire assassin. Mari, the Killing Quill
Mikey Mikey "The Mouth"

A man who struck a deal with Gregorio in exchange for his voice, though he kept his nickname. Buy Your Silence

A craggy-faced elf lounge owner in New Capenna's Mezzio. He wears a dapper metal-edged pinstriped suit.[35]

Jinnie's cat familiar in New Capenna.[37]

An Obscura spy secretly working for the Adversary. A shorter woman with russet skin and a navy bowler hat settled atop cropped, silken, black tresses. Working as an informant for Vivien Reid, she turned on the planeswalker when she believed Vivien knew too much but was quickly defeated.[38]
Orfeo Mr. Orfeo, the Boulder

A Riveteers rhox. Once fought a dozen Maestros agents.
Phabine Phabine, Boss's Confidant

A Cabaretti leonin and confidant of Jetmir.[36] Phabine, Boss's Confidant
Queza Queza, Augur of Agonies

A cephalid woman and the best Exactor in the Obscura. She serves as Kamiz's apprentice and right hand. She is personable and friendly and believes the angels will return to New Capenna. The bioluminescent markings along her neck pulse a deep violet. She wears a long coat with a dagger-shaped fringe and carries a milky-white talisman with a halo inside.[36] Queza, Augur of Agonies
Red Gloves

A human man and Maestros enforcer. While gathering protection money, he was knocked out by Elspeth.[36]
Red Gown

A Cabaretti elf and stage manager of the Red Room at the Vantoleone. A beautiful elf in a dark red gown with tiny bells tied to the her dark braids[39]

Jinnie's dog familiar in New Capenna.[37]

The deceased wife of Anhelo and mother of Errant.[34]

A man killed by Anhelo three years before the events of Streets of New Capenna, on his son's birthday.[34]

Son of Severo. Three years after his father's death on his birthday, he stole a suit and taxi and kidnapped Anhelo, hoping to kill the vampire and himself in revenge for his father's death. He was stabbed by Anhelo as the two crashed into a Riveteer transport, unsuccessful in his goal.[34]
Syrix Syrix, Carrier of the Flame

A Phoenix. Syrix, Carrier of the Flame
Tivit Tivit, Seller of Secrets

A sphinx Obscura seer. They are a fortune teller and visionary. They have heavy paws and bright white wings. Their fortune teller shop provides access to Obscura tunnels.[36] Tivit, Seller of Secrets
Toluz Light's-Out Luz
Toluz, Clever Conductor

An Obscura woman. She has thick black brows and keeps a Shadow Generator to conceal herself. While procuring the item, her leg was injured, and she now uses a cane. She is said to have beat in a rhox's skull barehanded.[34] Toluz, Clever Conductor
Vazi Vazi, Keen Negotiator

A Riveteers woman. Vazi, Keen Negotiator

A citizen of New Capenna.[35]


Name Title Description Cards

A young boy from the Far Clans, enslaved by Nazir. His deformed shoulder is healed by Aylith.[40]

Daughter of Haen.[40] A gifted but untried mage and Keeper of the Clan Tree of Cridhe after her father's death.
She heals Nazir's madness and his injuries. After this, they perform the Awakening Ritual together.

An elf from Loch Prith in the service of Nazir. A shapeshifter that's able to take the form of an owl.[40]

Former Keeper of the Clan Tree of Cridhe.[40]

A Nohrish shepherd and cousin of Aylith who tries to save her from the Haenish forces.[40]

Former Keeper of the Clan Tree of Cridhe.[40]

A Norish warrior. Daughter of RoNal.[40] She forms an alliance with Aylith after her father is imprisoned by Nazir.

A weatherworker who, instigated by the Sangrazul Malvos, aspired to become a planeswalker and destroyed the Clan Tree of Cridhe.[40]
Nazir Felonarch Nazir

Mad descendant of Nohr, under the influence of Malvos. Addicted to potions that are mutating him into a mirkealbion. Healed by Aylith.[40]

Leader of the Norish forces that abduct Aylith.[40]

Young kinsman of Nazir. He tried to rape Aylith and was killed by RoNal.[40]


Name Title Description Cards
Falia Menarch Falia

A wise woman, who appeared to be a child. Through the use of Blood Magic, she had gained wisdom from her mother. This had slowed her aging considerably. Falia was instantly smitten by Gideon's good looks and secretly plotted to separate him from Chandra.[41]

A goblin who guided Chandra and Gideon.[41]
Velrav Prince Velrav

A vampire prince. The ruler of Diraden. Killed by Chandra Nalaar.[41]



Name Title Description Cards
The Collector

A Titan who collects creatures from other planes in magical "arrest" spheres. He is in league with Sifa Grent, and aspires to be a planeswalker himself.[42] Arrest (IDW Comics)


Name Title Description Cards
The Witch of Lochmere


An elf from the Wilds. Member of the Council of Druids, and cousin of Ayara.[43]
Alin Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw

Alela Alela, Artful Provocateur

An uncommonly patient faerie warlock, favoring grand schemes over petty mischief.
Alora Syr Alora, knight of Garenbrig

A bear-knight who usually rides with a bird of prey on her shoulder.[43] She wears her chestnut-colored hair fixed back in a single thick braid.
Ameril Syr Ameril

Bragi Syr Bragi, knight of Garenbrig

A large bear-knight man who carries a massive, tall hammer as his weapon.[43] He wears his black hair in box braids.
Branigan Syr Branigan, knight of Ardenvale

Brognold Brognold the Third

A dwarven miner
Cado Syr Cado

A knight from Castle Ardenvale, and the trusted right-hand man of the High King.[43] He has short black hair, and a scar over one eye.
Cado rides the griffin Hale.
Carah Syr Carah, the Bold



A young healer from Castle Ardenvale. A friend of Rowan, who just has turned eighteen and is allowed to go on her first quest.[43] Will fancies her.
Cerise rides the bearded unicorn Sophos.
Cery Cery, royal mirrorkeeper

Chulane Chulane, Teller of Tales

A human druid whose magical storytelling conveys secret wisdom to all who hear it.
Corliss Corliss the Wanderer

Damon Syr Damon

Elenora Syr Elenora, the Discerning

A Vantress knight

Emry Emry, Lurker of the Loch

Leader of the undines of Vantress.
Erec Kenrith Prince Erec

Half-brother of Rowan and Will Kenrith. Four years old, shy, and a bit spoiled.[44]

A Garenbrig outcast, who turned to fae magic
Faren Syr Faren, the Hengehammer

A Garenbrig knight
Fenwick Syr Fenwick

Gadwick Gadwick, the Wizened

Most notable wizard of Vantress.[45] His name is spoken only in whispers—but he hears just the same.
Grenphire Syr Grenphir, knight of Garenbrig

Grumgully Grumgully, the Generous

A goblin shaman, known for fungal products
Hazel Kenrith Princess Hazel

Mischievous half-sister of Rowan and Will Kenrith. She is eleven years old, and an absolute troublemaker.[44]
Gwyn Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale

A renowned warrior who leads from the front, inspiring her troops to match her ferocity.

A victim of a fae's curse.
Ianthe, Ianthe, first Knight of the Irencrag

The legendary first knight to impale the Irencrag with her sword.

A warlike young elf from the Wilds. Member of the Council of Druids.[43]
Kenver Kenver, Embereth weaponsmith

Konrad Syr Konrad, the Grim

A Locthwain knight
Korvold Korvold, Fae-Cursed King

Once a greedy human king, Korvold was cursed to live as an insatiable dragon.
Layne Syr Layne, knight of Embereth

An Embereth knight
Malacan Malacan, Vantress exile

Marawen Marawen, Barrow Witch

A witch
The Questing Beast

A sapient beast with both cat-like and reptilian-like features, who acts to choose candidates for the High Quest and gifts them with magical blessed swords.[43][45] It has three long necks and three faces, one angry, one solemn, and one laughing.

Roki Syr Roki, knight of Garenbrig

An ice-pale bear-knight who carries a poleaxe as his weapon.[43] He wears his straw-blond hair flowing and loose.
Scalan Scalan, Edgewall innkeeper

The Shadow Queen

Squill Squill, Mistford pixie

Tasdale Syr Tasdale, knight of Ardenvale

Terryn Terryn, Edgewall outcast


A young red-headed knight from Castle Ardenvale, fancied by Rowan. The only person from their cohort who can regularly defeat her at swordwork.[43]
Titus could magically cast a net of confidence that was amplified the more fighters it cloaked. Killed by a lich lord in the Wilds during the quest to find Algenus Kenrith.

A vengeful witch


Name Title Description Cards

A man who let Urza and Xantcha stay in his home while they dwelled in Equilor, looking for the origin of the Phyrexians. Other people living in his house were his wife Tessu, Pakuya the ancient, and Brya, a toddler. There were several other unnamed people there as well.[46]

An Elder of Equilor. A very mysterious person, as were most on Equilor. He was very interested in Urza’s designs for the perfect world. No Equilorian shared this opinion.[46]


Name Title Description Cards
Abrado Abrado, Custodi Priest

Custodi Priest, a Lich.
Alendis Vice Chancellor Alendis, Chancellor Alendis

A former Academian who joined the Custodi. A speciest, targeted by Daretti and Grenzo's in their spree of revenge.[47][48]

A Talon woman married to Lito, with several kids. She was a former lover of Dack Fayden and still held unrequited feelings for him.[49]
Dear Mother

The Duchess of House Revari. Killed by her third son and returned as a ghost.[50]
Emilio Revari Don Revari

Third son of a noble house of middling influence. Killed his mother to inherit her manor in the hinterlands. In turn, he was killed by her spirit.[50]
Emralla Professor Emralla

Former teacher at the Academy. She was bankrupted by Muzzio's machinations.[47]
Ervos Trax

A criminal, controlling the lowlands all the way to the city of Talon and the docks beyond. Eliminated by his longstanding business partner Marchesa.[51]
Grinaldi Chancellor Grinaldi

Former chancellor of the Academy. He was forced to leave his position after his wife found out he was having an affair.[47]

A young man from the Low City. Muzzio's apprentice.[47]
Kethis Kethis, the Hidden Hand


A one-eyed bartender in Talon and husband of Alessa.[42]
Lucia Covi Lucia Covi, Thorn of the Queen

Spymaster of Marchesa d'Amati.[52]

Dack Fayden's lover and daughter of the mayor of Drakeston. Killed by Sifa Grent.[49]

A cocky childhood friend of Dack Fayden and top mage of their class. Killed by ruffians in a fight after their graduation, igniting Dack's spark.[49]

A homunculus who hates crowds.
Ottavio d'Oro Ottavio d'Oro, Electoral Committee Speaker of Paliano

Electoral Committee Speaker of Paliano
Padril Padril, council guardian

Regness Professor Regness

Former teacher at the Academy.[47]
Tulando Professor Tulando

Former teacher at the Academy. Slated to be Vice-Chancellor, he was blackmailed by Muzzio and resigned.[47]

A vampire who was forced to lead the massacre of Drakeston by Sifa Grent using the Ancient Fang.[49] Banished for his participation in the massacre, but spared by Dack Fayden because he didn't have a choice in the matter.
Zadrous Fimarell Professor Fimarell

An former Academian who stole Daretti's ideas. Killed in Daretti's and Grenzo's revenge.[47][48]


Name Title Description Cards
Abedo Brother Abedo

A monk of the Order of the Shieldmage.[4]
Armando Brother Armando

A monk of the Order.[4]

An acolyte of the Order, cellmate, and best friend of Teyo. A brash human.[4]
Barrez Abbott Barrez

Leader of the Order of the Shieldmage. A man with dark-brown skin and close-cropped steel-gray hair. He disapproved of Teyo Verada's performance as an acolyte.[53] He was humiliated but proud when Teyo reached his full natural potential.[4]

An acolyte of the Order, and cellmate of Teyo. A minotaur.[4]
Theopholos Theo

An acolyte of the Order, and cellmate of Teyo. A dwarf.[4]


Name Title Description Cards
Aaru Aaru, Zagoth Lumberjack

Abda SpikyRol

Bonder. A woman with spiked hair. Paired with Rigi.[54] Killed in the Battle of the Ozolith.
Alux Alux, Skysail defender


Bonder. Paired with Zeph.[54]

Bonder. Paired with Rol.[54]
Bryd Colonel Bryd

Coppercoat, second in command to General Kudro.[54] Vain and indecisive.
Dennae Dennae, Savai hunter


Hunter, tracker, and trapper with the mask of a snarling hound. Killed in the Battle of the Ozolith.[54]
Dol Dol, Lavabrink quartermaster

Eagan Eagan, seabonder

Endris Endris, Drannith Magistrate

Epha Sergeant Epha

Coppercoat and the trapper of Lukka's Specials. A tiny woman with a cherubic face and blonde curls, but a fierce soldier.[54]
Ethuk Ethuk, Coppercoat mage

Coppercoat mage
Falk Captain Falk

Sky pirate; captain of the Vermillion. Killed in the Battle of the Ozolith.[54]
Gannet Gannet, Skysail zoologist


Coppercoat and a member of Lukka's Specials. Six feet tall and broad to match. Twin sister of Gox.[54] Killed by Lukka's tiger.

Coppercoat and a member of Lukka's Specials. Twin brother of Gedra and equally large.[54] Killed by Lukka's tiger.
Gustin Gustin, wildbonder

Haldan Haldan, Avid Arcanist

Bonder and wizard. Paired with Pako.
Humron Major Humron

Coppercoat. Unflappable ally of Idrina.[54]
Janae Janae, Coppercoat architect

Jonald Jonald, mission naturalist

Krek Krek, daysquad captain


Hunter, and leader of a group of mercenaries. Horribly scarred. Killed in the Battle of the Ozolith.[54]
Naireh Naireh, Ketria elementalist


Coppercoat. The volatile sniper of Lukka's Specials.[54] Killed by Lukka's tiger.

Hunter. A skinny young woman who specialized in lures and poisons. Killed in the Battle of the Ozolith.[54]
Nikara Nikara, Lair Scavenger

Bonder and cleric. Paired with Yannik.
Ogaro Ogaro, wandering sage

Orthion Orthion, Lavabrink captain

Pako Pako, Arcane Retriever

Monstrous elemental hound. Bonded with Haldan.
Rasai Rasai, Indatha hunter


Monstrous bear badger. Bonded with Abda. Killed in the Battle of the Ozolith.[54]
Roland Rol

Monstrous pink raccoon. Bonded with Brin.[54]

Hunter. A half-mad arcanist whose mask was a laughing skull. Killed in the Battle of the Ozolith.[54]
Seycho Lieutenant Seycho

Coppercoat. An aid to Jirina Kudro.[54]
Shabraz Shabraz, the Skyshark

Monstrous shark bird. Bonded with Brallin.
Silvar Silvar, Devourer of the Free

Monstrous cat nightmare. Bonded with Trynn.
Tayam Tayam, Luminous Enigma

Monstrous nightmare beast.
Taelya Taelya, Lavabrink pyromage


Hunter, a huge man fighting with a maul made from a monster’s giant tooth. Killed in the Battle of the Ozolith.[54]
Trundan Trundan, Indatha poacher

Ukkima Ukkima, Stalking Shadow

Monstrous whale wolf. Bonded with Cazur.
Wyllon Wyllon, Drannith merchant

Yannik Yannik, Scavenging Sentinel

Monstrous hyena beast. Bonded with Nikara.
Zai Zai, nightsquad captain


Monstrous horned white cat. Bonded with Barrow.[54]





Name Title Description Cards
Aggressor Aggro

A God's Hall Guardian in Starnheim.[55]


A valkyrie reaper, paired with Njala.[56]

A Valkyrie, paired with Gisla.[55]

A Valkyrie reaper, paired with Rytva.[55] Captured by Niko Aris on Bretagard.[57]
The Bear King

A servant of Egon in Istfell, protected by the Ursan Guard.[58]
Binhald Binhald, Beskir veteran

Bjora Bjora Dawn-Greeter

The Chasm Beast

A shelled Cosmos monster that dwells in the deepest trench of Karfell's frigid ocean. Toralf carved his mark in its shell.[59]
The Crow King

A servant of Egon in Istfell, protected by the Feather Guard.[58]
Egil Egil Seventree[57]


A mysterious Cosmos monster fought by Lathril.[59]
Ekken Ekken, Omenseeker navigator

The Elk King

A servant of Egon in Istfell, protected by the King's Guard.[58]

A Valkyrie, paired with Tove.[55]
Fjall Fjall, Beskir elder

Gæller Gæller No-breath

An Omenseeker sailor of the ship Icecutter. Repelled a Skelle raid to protect his grandson's family, and now resides in Starnheim.[55]

A Valkyrie, paired with Alsig.[55]
The Goldeater

A Cosmos giant. An unfinished saga says it will be drawn to the Goldmaw Chasm and nearly destroy the City of Eight Doors before being struck down.[60]
Guldir Guldir, Beskir farmer

Haugar Haugar, Kannah Wayfinder


A deceased dwarf skald, feasting in Starnheim.[56]

The father of Harald and Tyvar. Likely a wood elf of Skemfar.

A sixteen-year-old member of Sevalgr who witnessed Vorinclex's attack on his village.[61]

The founding leader of the Beskir clan, who is said to have saved the god Alrund's life. As thanks, the god gifted the Feltmark to Hurrik and his descendants and gave them his protective blessing. He is Sigrid's ancestor, and receives special regard from the god Reidane.[62][59]
Iskene Iskene, Kannah storyteller

Jolkur Jolkur, navigator

Jari Jari Eagle-Caller


King of the fire giants from Surtland. Father of Aegar.[59]

Traitor and brother of Thura, killed by his sister and sent to Istfell.[57][55]

A wolf pup of Sarulf's.[61]

A brown-skinned Kannah mystic, augur, and land-reader. He wears snow fox pelts and a chain of green runestones, with silver cuffs in his braided beard. One of the first people Niko Arys met after their first planeswalk to Kaldheim, and later their mentor.[57]
Kzarakh Kzarakh, Immersturm gamekeeper

Leidurr Leidurr, expedition leader


A wolf child of Sarulf's, and guide to Lathril.[61]

An 11- or 12-year-old human child who kept Kit as a pet.[61]

The largest frost giant in Surtland. Toralf plucked one of his hairs.[59]

A valkyrie shepherd, paired with Alajn.[56]
Orhaft Orhaft Stoneback

An Omenseeker Vedrune. Orhaft uses xe/xer pronouns.[57]
Rathstaf Rathstaf, Kannah fisherman

Rognar Rognar the Reckless

A legendary warrior

A Valkyrie shepherd, paired with Avtyr.[55]
Solrun Solrun, Beskir Warrior

Stigur Stigur of the Omenseeksers


A character from the Longbeard Saga

A cat, possibly belonging to Birgi.[57]
Thura Thura Sail-Rend
Thura Oathkeeper
Thura Curse-breaker

A Beskir clan human warrior who earned her place in Starnheim by killing her brother Kinkiller with his own blade.[57]

A Valkyrie, paired with Evot.[55]
Tover Tover Giants-Blood

An enormous Kannah warrior.[56]
Urik Urik, Tuskeri Raid Leader


A dwarf

A Tuskeri warrior residing in Starnheim.[55]
Vilnus Vilnus Bloodhammer

Founder of Bloodhammer Hall, the largest auditorium in Axgard and after whom the city is named.[60]
Vitima Young Vitima

A doomed warrior

A legendary spirit horse that was captured by Valki and harnessed by Toralf, causing the Gods' Hall to be transported to Istfell.[60]

The leader of Lathril's clan of elves.[61]



Name Title Description Cards

A guard at the Sanctum of Stars in Kephalai.[63]


Name Title Description Cards
Gorm Gorm the Great

A Giant, fighting in Valor's Reach with his partner, the Azra Virtus. A bully. They once fought Will and Rowan Kenrith.[64]
Grothama Grothama, All-Devouring

A Legendary Wurm, featured in the Stadium of Valor's Reach.
Khorvath Brightflame

A Dragon, fighting in Valor's Reach ridden by his partner Sylvia Brightspear.

Krav Krav, the Unredeemed

A Demon, fighting in Valor's Reach with his Angel lover Regna.
Najeela Najeela, the Blade-Blossom

A Human Warrior, fighting in Valor's Reach.
Okaun Okaun, Eye of Chaos

A Cyclops Berserker, fighting in Valor's Reach with his partner, the Homunculus Zndrsplt.
Pir Pir, Imaginative Rascal

A young Human boy, fighting in Valor's Reach with his imaginary friend Toothy.
Regna Regna, the Redeemer

An Angel, fighting in Valor's Reach with her Demon lover Krav.
Sylvia Brightspear

A Human Knight, fighting in Valor's Reach riding on her partner Khorvath Brightflame.
Thadus Thadus the Healer

Author of Memoirs of Thadus the Healer.[64]
Toothy Toothy, Imaginary Friend

An Illusion, fighting in Valor's Reach with his creator Pir.
Virtus Virtus the Veiled

An Azra Assassin, fighting in Valor's Reach with his partner, the Giant Gorm. They are bullies. They once fought Will and Rowan Kenrith.[64]
Zndrsplt Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom

A Homunculus, fighting in Valor's Reach with her partner, the Cyclops Okaun. She is a former warden of the Arena.


Name Title Description Cards
Awylla Awylla, Elvish Safewright

Barrag Foetreader

A male giant warrior and cloudgoat rider.[65]
Braenna Braenna, Cobblesmith

Bowen Bowen, Barrenton Guardcaptain

Branhald Branhald of Goldmeadow

A kithkin painter from Goldmeadow. When he asked to paint a beautiful elf, she had him use moonglove extract for his paint. After capturing her beauty on his canvas, he died. His painting, The Moonglove Maiden is now displayed in Kinsbaile.
Calydd Calydd, Kithkin Farmer

A male kithkin farmer whose mind was studied by Jace Beleren while Etain stole a dream of a greater elemental.[65]
Daranna Gwal

A kithkin woman and Dundoolin's cenn when the Belltower crumbled, she willed her sword and position to Hyal Lwellen before falling to boggart raiders.[66]
Deagan Deagan, Cenn of Burrenton

Desmera Desmera, Perfect of Wren's Run

Dindun Dindun of Kulrath Mine


A Mistmeadow Kithkin.
Eidren Eidren, Perfect of Lys Alana

An elvish perfect who had all of the trees of Gilt-Leaf Wood uprooted and rearranged to create a pattern he found more beautiful.[67]

A female faerie who stole a dream of a greater elemental from the kithkin Calydd before being inhaled up Barrag Foetreader's nose. Her fate is unclear.[65]
Flint Auntie Flint

The first boggart to pioneer the spiderwig, a mass of arachnids intended to be worn rather than eaten.
Galanda Galanda Feudkiller

Foremost among giant arbiters.

She holds court in an enormous bowl-shaped amphitheater in Lorwyn's mountains.[68]


Gond Gond, hero of Safehold Taldwen

A legendary Elf
Grensch Grensch, Merrow Cutthroat

Grub Auntie Grub

The greatest auntie of Lorwyn's history and a goblin folk hero.[69]
Harrick Teeg

A wise kithkin cleric who broke a curse and created the tradition of ceremonial ribbons at Lammastide.[66] Possibly an ancestor of Gaddock Teeg.
Hyal Lwellen

The most famous cenn of Dundoolin, he was given his role by Daranna Gwal on her deathbed. Among his acts during his tenure, he had the Belltower rebuilt, set up trade holidays with the Paperfin merrows, and established the first school devoted to elemental study, and most famously disbanded the Dundoolin Raiders, a militia that was used to invade boggart warrens. Though he carried Gwal's sword every day, he never had need to use it in battle.[66]
Illulia Illulia, Flamekin Soulstoke
Illulia of Nighthearth

On Shadowmoor, the leader of the Nighthearth.
Jowl Auntie Jowl

The boggart leader of Squeaking Pie warren on Lorwyn. She raises the mice that often end up in the warren's famous savory pies.[70]
Keeley Welk

Kithkin daughter of Molla Welk and secret love of Jack Chierdagh.
Miara Miara, Thorn of the Glade

Molla Welk Cenn Molla

Female Kithkin leader of Mistmeadow doun on Shadowmoor and mother of Keeley.[71]
Mowagh Mowagh the Gwyllion

Old Thrashbark

A legendary treefolk from long ago.[72]
Olka Olka, Mistmeadow Witch

Olly Olly of Goldmeadow


A perfect of the Mornsong tribe. Engaged to Eidren, but killed by the fae.
The Source The Source of the Wanderwine
The Source of the Wanderbrine

A Great Elemental guarding the source of the Wanderwine. Revered by the merrows.
Talbin Beel

The first kithkin ever to tame a springjack.[66]
Tollek Tollek Worldslayer
Tollek Worldwatcher

Traweg Traweg, archdruid of the Gilt-Leaf Wood

A Gilt-Leaf Archdruid who sought to sever Vessifrus's mana ties before his assault on the Wood.[72]
Twila Twila, Gilt-Leaf archdruid

Tyranda Trunkbraider

A legendary female giant who caused the plane's druids to rise up for war.[72]
Vessifrus Vessifrus, flamekin demagogue

An upstart looking to inspire rebellion among the flamekin.[73] Led his army in an uprising against the tyranny of the beauty-obsessed elves of Gilt-Leaf Wood, who responded by severing his ties to the plane's mana.[72]
Warrik Brutehexer


Name Title Description Cards
The Magistrate

Officially he was the ruler of Mercadia City.
In reality he was just a puppet of the Kyren goblins and the Phyrexians.
Deposed by the rebelling people of Mercadia and the Weatherlight crew.[74]

Cho-Akhan is a caretaker for the dead, living with her family in a small Cho-Arrim village in the depths of the Rushwood.

Wife of Tap.[75]


A black mage who summoned a Derelor to merge with Raitrick.[76] She dubbed the new creation "Delraich".

A woman who followed the Samite tradition founded in Mercadia; a descendant of Orim and Cho-Manno.
Raitrick Delraich

A sorceror swindled by the caravan leader Sleedge.[76] Willingly merged with a Derelor by Kirch to become Delraich in order to enact his revenge.

A caravan leader killed by Raitrick in the form of the Delraich.[76]
Ta-Karnst Ta-Karnst, Cho-Arrim healer

Ta-Spon Ta-Spon, Cho-Arrim executioner


Husband of Evangeline.[75]

Mirrodin-New Phyrexia[]

Name Title Description Cards
Adaran Adaran, tangle hunter


A talking wolf and leader of the wolves of the Tangle.[77] Presumably born after the creation of the white moon, as he recalls the creation of the blue, black, and red moons, but dies before the arrival of the green.
Alderok Alderok Vektro

A Vulshok priest. High priest of Dwugget, master-at-arms of the Krark Cult, and commander of Dwugget's commandos.[78] Controlled and later killed by Vektro.
Avaricta Avaricta, Gitaxian Sective

Avaricta oversees and directs the virologists and biomancers of the Progress Engine in charge of perfecting phyretic infection and its virulence.[79]
Axsh Axsh, lesser cenobite

Beylyss Snarling Tooth Kha Beylyss Snarling Tooth

Father of Raksha Golden Cub, husband of Rhipuur, and the longest-living kha on record.[80] He and his wife died in a hunting accident while Raksha was young.

Neurok windmage and leader of a Neurok village.[12][77] Her father Donnel was killed by a vedalken. Lost a hand during the war with Memnarch and replaced it with a vedalken prothesis with 3 extra fingers and an extra thumb.[78] After the Soul Traps were destroyed, she was returned to her home of Lume on her home plane, which she shared with Dwugget, Lyese Sunseeker, and Raksha Golden Cub.

A hostile, ant-like being from the Razor Fields, said to be as bad-tempered and aggressive as Zabaz.[81]
Chunth First One

Leader of the trolls at Tel-Jilad.[12] Oldest troll and perhaps the oldest being on the plane, he is one of the only beings on Mirrodin old enough to remember being transported to the plane.[77][13] Killed by Strang.
Dakan Dakan, the first Kha
Great Dakan[78]

First and mightiest kha of the Leonin on Mirrodin. Legends state that he took the Razor Fields from the beasts, built Taj-Nar, and crafted the Mask of Suns.[12]

Neurok father of Bruenna.[12] Was told by Pontifex to enter the pool of knowledge, where he grew distrustful of the vedalken and began a rebellion, before the Synod had him killed.
Drooge Master Drooge

Chief teller of tales and leader of the Tel-Jilad trolls after Chunth's death.[77] His name means "gift giver."
Dwugget Krark's Prophet

Leader of the Krark Cult.[78] After the Soul Traps were destroyed, he was returned to his home plane, which he shared with Bruenna, Lyese Sunseeker, and Raksha Golden Cub.
Ellasha Lieutenant Ellasha

A leonin soldier.[78] Accompanied Glissa into the Dross and sacrificed herself rescuing Bruenna.
Ethu Underling Ethu

A Phyrexian underling who gave a report which signaled the end of the Mirran-Phyrexian War.
Faln Faln, Mirran resistance[82]

Ganedor Ganedor, loxodon mystic


Leader of the Sylvok humans.[78] Served as a judge at Glissa's trial, while he was controlled by Alderok Vektro.

The Phyrexian creatore of the Meldweb.[79]
Gyeld Gyeld, Vault Priest

Isila Isila, Priest of Sheoldred

Juex Juex, tormentor exarch

Juryan Juryan, rebel leader

A leonin who lead the Obu-Tal rebels after the Vanishing. Joined the Mirran Resistance.[83]
Kardem Kardem of the Spear[84]

Kessla Kessla, Sylvok shaman

Kethek Kethek, furnace stoker

Ketuc Ketuc of the Helm

Konnos Konnos, Slyvok sage

Korva Korva, Vulshok battlemaster

Krol Krol, goblin furnace-priest

Ktat-Raal Ktat-Raal, Inquisitor Exarch[82]

Lafarius Lafarius, Neurok sky agent


One of the oldest elves in the Tangle.[78] Served as a judge at Glissa's trial.
Lephar Lephar, loxodon surgeon

Mafa Mafa, leonin stalker[85]


A Vulshok man. He was a friend and clanmate of the planeswalker Koth.[86][87]
Malcator Malcator, Executor of Synthesis
Malcator, Gitaxian sective

Head of the executors of the Great Synthesis. He is in charge of determining what is deemed abomination and what is deemed ideal, as per the scientific edicts and illumined scriptures of Jin-Gitaxias.[79]
Maneless One

A legendary elf who fought alongside and eventually sacrificed himself for Dakan.[78] His true name is lost to history.
Minhu Minhu, Mirran resistance

Nunek Nunic, vedalken certarch


Fourth member of the Synod elected by Sodador and Tyrell to oppose Pontifex.[77] At some point after the other three members' deaths, he became a minion of Malil and was later killed by Glissa.[78]
Pelyus Pelyus, vedalken ordinar

Politus Politus, vedalken emisar
Politus, Gitaxian morphologist

A former vedalken leader compleated during the assimilation of Lumengrid.[88] Now employed by Uulbrek processing the rest of the vedalken and Neurok populations.[79]

A high-ranking metatect pontiff who successfully captured and transposed the essence of an Argent Sphynx into himself.[79]
Pythor Pythor, Mirran resistance

Qal-Sha Qal-Sha, priest of Norn

Qerk Qerk of the Secret Warren

Ranya Ranya, skyhunter captain

Rhipuur Khanha Rhipuur

Mother of Raksha Golden Cub and wife of Beylyss Snarling Tooth.[80] She and her husband died in a hunting accident while Raksha was young.
Rhmir Rhmir, Hand of the Augur


Daughter of Ushanti and love of Raksha.[80] She was killed in a leveler attack by Memnarch's forces.
Sadra Alic Sadra Alic, Neurok strategist

Sakasha Sakasha, Leonin sunspear[84]


A Neurok woman. She became the commander of Research Spire Eleven after succeeding in Politus's challenge.[88]
Sarnvax Sarnvax, Gitaxian sective

Overseer of the sective of stitchers, splicers, and excisors who work in the creation of Uulbrek's horrors and compleated Mirrans.[79]

A surgeon who is outspoken against Elesh Norn and the Machine Orthodoxy.[79]

A leonin healer.[78] Raksha's nursemaid.

One of the three members of the Synod with Janus and Tyrell.[77] After Janus's death and Pontifex's ascension, he and Tyrell forced a fourth member, Orland, onto the council. After establishing the democratic Free Republic of Vedalken with the two other aligned members of the council, he was killed by Pontifex.
Tae Aquil Tae Aquil, Viridian weaponsmith

Tarrin Tarrin, Hammer-Tribe shaman


Threx The Chromium Butcher

A Phyrexian surgeon known to exit Lumengrid and harvest Mirrans from the surrounding areas, including Vy Covalt.[79]
Tilien Tilien, Sylvok Partisan


A Vedalken mage considered ambitious even for his species.[88]

One of the three members of the Synod with Janus and Sodador.[77] After Janus's death and Pontifex's ascension, he and Tyrell forced a fourth member, Orland, onto the council. After establishing the democratic Free Republic of Vedalken with the two other aligned members of the council, he was killed by Pontifex.
Ushanti Ushanti, leonin seer

A leonin advisor to Raksha Golden Cub who saw portents of doom after the Green Sun was released from the Radix. Father of Raksha's love, Rishan, Raksha had him banished when the kha suspected his treachery of causing his daughter's death.[80] Disappeared during the Vanishing.
Uulbrek Uulbrek, Gitaxian Sective

Manages xenomorphology and experimentation in the creation of horrors. Employs the Gitaxian Standard of Purity to measure compleation.[79]
Varil Varil, Neurok partisan


A mind-controlling entity aligned with Memnarch, he forced Ghonthas to find Glissa innocent, controlled Alderok, caused Raksha Golden Cub to attack Taj-Nar, and forced Lyese Sunseeker to kill her husband Yshkar.[78] Inhabited an incarnation of Malil before Memnarch awoke and killed him.

A high-ranking metatect pontiff who discovered and attempted to reverse-engineer remnants of Memnarch's Soul Traps.[79]
Xaldror Xaldror, Tender of Vats[82]

Yavvash Yavvash of the Accorders


A Moriok reaper pilot.[12] Fed to Geth's pet Vampire and subsequently turned into one, he beheaded Geth and took control of the Mephidross.[78] Killed by Glissa Sunseeker.

Cousin of Raksha Golden Cub and husband of Lyese Sunseeker while she was controlled by Vektro.[78] Served as kha in Raksha's absence, until he was killed by his wife.[78]

A Viridian elf and the greatest hunter in the Tangle until Glissa's arrival.[78] Served as a judge at Glissa's trial.


Name Title Description Cards
Olanti Olanti, Muraganda druid


Name Title Description Cards

A member of Yawgmoth's Phyrexian Inner Circle who oversaw the compleation of Avila.[89]

Priest who oversaw the compleation of Crovax.[89]
Sitrik Sitrik, birth priest

One of the priests tending the vats of the Fourth Sphere and guiding the Phyrexian newts.
Y'sith Y'sith, Fifth Circle Priest of Yawgmoth

Yawgmoth Priest captured and interrogated by Endrek Sahr and the Order of the Ebon Hand.[90]

Plane of Mountains and Seas[]

Name Title Description Cards
Li Shan

A mysterious wanderer and the mentor of Mu Yanling.[91] After he seemingly died, the body of the old man vanished.
Yinglong The Ancestor Dragon

It is said that Yinglong gave birth to the qilin and the phoenix, and after them, all of the hairy and winged beings in the world.


Name Title Description Cards

The owner of a pair of magic sandals

Tor Wauki claimed to have shot his brother from his carpet.[92]

Princess Fatima's lover.[93]

A young man, tricked by an evil magician to recover a lamp with a Djinn. He defeats the wizard and marries a princess.
Ali Ali from Caïro

A prince who travels far to find the most extraordinary rare object for his love.
Ali Baba

A poor woodcutter who becomes rich after discovering a vast cache of treasure, hidden by evil bandits.
Eater of the Infinite

The legendary first Serendib efreet, whose heart was so cold and jealous he could not stand the thought of other beings sharing the same earth as he. After he ate himself, his race of efreets spread across the plane.[94]
Farouk ab Illah[94]


A Bird Maiden instrumental in the destruction of the Eater of the Infinite.[94]

Demonic leader of the efreeti. He led an army against the djann and their human allies.

A traveler blessed with enchanted saddlebags.

A cobbler transported to a strange land.
Maimun al-Wyluli

Writer of a diary.

Once, the last Desert Nomad on Rabiah. Instrumental in the destruction of the Eater of the Infinite.[94]

A woman commanding twenty Flying Men.

Victim of a sandstorm.

A True Djinn. The most powerful djinn enslaved by King Suleiman. He took the form of a meager worm.

A famous storyteller.
She Who Watches[93]


A famous sailor and adventurer.

A pious man, blessed with many sons, many jewels, and a great many camels


Name Title Description Cards

An Evincar who had a "mechanistic fetishism".[89]
Dinne il-Vec

The Weaver King's main minion.[95] A former Vec warrior, left catatonic after battles with a poisonous Rootwater merfolk and a Kor shaman. The Weaver King forced him to exert his mind until he could manifest in the real world. He fights and kills in order to feel something like his former life, and uses darts made of his own shadowy substance.

The first(?) steward of Rath.[96]He grew too ambitious for Croag's liking and even tried to kill Croag when the Inner Circle member arrived on Rath to replace him.
Croag was far stronger however and killed him, placing Davvol on the throne.
Milgen en-Dal

A Dal man and pickpocket living with his sister Salla among the Vec.[97] Killed by a Laccolith Titan.
Mocklen il-Dal Colonel Mocklen

A Rathi commander under evincar Davvol.[98] He is replaced by but usurps Light-General Rogur.

An elf rebel. Nephew of Talik.[99]
Rogur Light-General Rogur

A Rathi general killed by Colonel Mocklen.[98]
Salla en-Dal

A Dal woman and blacksmith living with her brother Milgen among the Vec.[97] After her brother's death at the hands of a Laccolith Titan, she binds the beast and saves her village, teaching the Vec and Dal to work together.

An elf rebel. Uncle of Nalun.[99]



Name Title Description Cards

A young red-haired boy at Keral Keep who befriended Chandra Nalaar.[100]
Luti Mother Luti

Elderly matriarch of Keral Keep. Alias of Jaya Ballard.[101][102]
Phelgis Ojin Phelgis Ojin, Keral Keep acolyte

Samir Mia Kaulda

A woodland friend from Chandra.[41]
Serenok Abbot Serenok

Abbot of Keral Keep. Mentor and predecessor of Chandra.[101]

Leader of the Order of Heliud. Killed by Chandra Nalaar.[41]

Serra's Realm[]

Name Title Description Cards

A Phyrexian infiltrant in Serra's Realm that made Radiant believe she was killing Phyrexians while the army was actually killing innocent people. He fought the Weatherlight in his full-Phyrexian Demon form when Urza attacked the Realm, but was defeated.[103]

One of the Sisters of Serra.[46] She guarded Xantcha, who she thought was sentenced to die by her lady. She didn’t know that the people trying to kill Xantcha also tried to kill her, for they didn’t accept that she was in love with Kenidiern, an angel. Though Serra did not oppose this, other people in the realm did.

An angel from Serra's Realm and Sossina's lover.[46] He bore the rank of paragon.


Name Title Description Cards
Alcinore Lord Alcinore

A famous knight. Father of Zaala.[104]
Alera Benath Alera Benath, Kalonian ranger

Alsadim K'mer Alsadim K'mer, Sainted One

White Guildlord after the Wizard's War.[105]
Amira Amira, Skycaptain of Thune

Ardenoth Ardenoth, elvish nature advocate

Ashurel Ashurel, voidmage

Azguri Azguri, archmage of Evos Isle

Biborat Bib

A servant of the Onakke spirits.[106]

A servant of the Onakke spirits.[106]
Dalto Mr. Mustache

A mute rogue who blisters in the sunlight. Killed by an angel.[106]
Dexros Dexros, commander of the guards.

Commander of the guards at Lesh.[107]
Dionus Dionus, Elvish Archdruid

Doriel Doriel, Mentor of Mistral Isle

Elder Sun King

An ancient enemy of Thune.[108]

A noblewoman, a patron of Relno.[109]
Endril Endril, Kalonian naturalist


A fence from Martyne.[107]

A rogue, killed by an angel.[106]
Hastric Hastric, Thunian Scout

A scout in the employ of Ardestan who discovered the Sliver hive at the skep.[110] He slowly lost his mind.[107]
Idrus Idrus, War Priest of Thune

Jalira Jalira, Master Polymorphist

A mage and thief who followed Hastric’s trail to the skep.[107]
Jamias Jamias, hermit of Telfer Peak

Juruk Juruk, Kalonian Tracker


An ancient dragon tyrannizing the lands around the Kapsho Seas. Defeated by the merfolk mage Talrand and his drakes.[111]
Kyrik Inquisitor Kyrik

Kzzy'n Kzzy'n, Dragon Lord

Red Guildlord after the Wizard's War.[105]
Mokgar Mogkar, Kalonian Hunter

Morgane Morgane, the Great Druid

Green Guildlord after the Wizard's War.[105]
Olander Olander, tactician of the Northern Verge

Old Fishbones

A river guide from Martyne

Relno's cat. Killer of Merfolk.[109]
Ravash Mog

A woman of the city Ardestan on Shandalar. Duel sister of Bani Bakur. Fell down a pit due to Lim-Dûl’s magic.
Rayel Vanger Rayel Vanger, Firstblade of Thune


A mage.[109]
Rocati Rocati, Duke of Martyne

Sarlena Sarlena, Paladin of the Northern Verge

Sentos Sentos the Merciful
Sentos the Righteous

A veteran soldier who brought glory on all who dwell in Thune. Killed by a gorgon.[108]
Skavius Slan Lichlord Skavius Slan

A lich using the empty body of Azar after the Wizard's War.
It took command of the Black Guild and ruled for ages, even among the passing of the other Guildlords.
Starcryst Starcryst, Astral Visionary

Blue Guildlord after the Wizard's War.[105]
Triff Captain Triff

A sailor on the Kapsho Seas
The Viceroy

An enemy of Liliana Vess.[106]
Vickon Vickon, Eleventh Company battlemage

Yisan Yisan, the Wanderer Bard

A one-eyed thief who followed Hastric’s trail to the skep. His lyre’s name is Tolumnus.
He became captivated by the Call of the Slivers.[107]

A major demon worshipped or followed by many people and creatures.[108][112]

A young woman training to be a knight. A dragon slayer.[104]

Faithful homunculus of Relno.[109]




Name Title Description Cards
Janah (1)

A former friend and love interest of Kaya, and a companion on her planeswalks.[4][53]
Janah (2)

Kaya's cat, and her first travel companion during a planeswalk.[4] Died in the Blind Eternities.


Name Title Description Cards

A Goblin Wizard, the only survivor of the Goblin upper class to survive the Great War.
He became the goblins' new leader.[113]
Baki Baki, Wizard Attendant

An ambitious dwarven wizard at the Wizards' School on the Floating Isle.
Baris Baris, Serra Inquisitor

A Serra Inquisitor
Borthon Uncle Borthon

An Anaba minotaur (Sandruu's uncle) that was described by Sandruu as “not the most stable of us”.[114]
Cassie An-Havva

A young woman from An-Havva who was almost killed by Baron Sengir's Black Carriage on Carriage Road, but was saved by a Brass Man summoned by Feroz.[114]
Devin Devin, Faerie Noble

A Faerie created by the Autumn Willow in the likeness of Veldrane of Sengir.
In times of war they will lead the Faeries into battle, and in times of peace they will act as ambassadors and diplomats.[113]
Gemma Gemma, Willow Priestess

A follower of the Autumn Willow
Gulsen Gulsen, Abbey Matron

Matron of Aysen Abbey
Halina Halina, Dwarven Trader

A dwarven trader.
Joskun Joskun, An-Havva Constable

A constable of An-Havva, a village of people that got fed up with Aysens intensifying religious disputes.
Kakra Kakra, Sea Troll

A vicious, cruel Sea Troll
Murat Murat, Death Speaker

The leader of the Death Speakers, a religious group in Aysen that believes that Serra has died. The Abbot blames everything that goes wrong on them.
Onatah Onatah, Anaba Shaman

A shaman of the Anaba Minotaurs
Rashka Rashka the Slayer

A woman with a serious grudge against Baron Sengir, for her family, was on the ship that Sengir hijacked many years ago, and now are slaves and prisoners within the Dark Barony.[113] She knows the only way to free them is to slay Sengir and has been in training for most of her life, fighting and killing the vampires in Aysen and An-Havva.
Reyhan Reyhan, Samite Alchemist

A Samite alchemist

Owner of the House of Sin

The first falconer appointed by Serra herself. Her descendant, also named Soraya, was the last known falconer.
Zeki Zeki, Reef Pirate

A notorious pirate. He sails with a zombie crew not out of villainy, but pragmatism.


Name Title Description Cards

A mage after whom Holmberg's Fallacy is named.[115]

A mage after whom Millard's Procedure is named.[115]

A mage after whom Sissoko's Law is named.[115]

A mage after whom Tricien's Law is named.[115]


Name Title Description Cards
Jan bin Jan Caliph Jan bin jan

A Djinn, current Caliph of Wildfire.


Unknown plane[]


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