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The following Dominarian characters are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Name Title Description Cards
Mistress Vess

A member of the Cabal who impersonated Liliana Vess. Killed by Kaya.[1]
The Librarian

An old fellow who worked on some magic school. He told the story of the Weatherlight to the boy Ilcaster.[2]
Adom Capashen Adom Capashen, Benalish Commander

A progenitor of Gerrard Capashen, part of the Bloodline project.

A Jamuraan writer and author of the Tales of Jamuraa.

A cleric at the Cathedral of Serra. A friend of Tiana.[3]

The Vodalian mage who created a portal from the crumbling Vodalian Empire near Sarpadia to Etlan Shiis, but accidentally 3000 years in the future. Killed by Empress Galina.[4]
Alene Alene of Riverspan

Villager of a new town built on the remains of a Phyrexian portal ship.

Daughter of King Darien the Great of Kjeldor. She fell in love with and married the son of Lovisa Coldeyes, Lothar.
This marriage united Kjeldor and Balduvia, giving birth to the nation of New Argive.[5]

A woman who played an important part in Starke’s life. Possibly the mother of Takara.[2]
Annika Voyshe Empress Annika

The wife of the current ruler of Vodalia. a former schoolteacher and a faithful but liberal Svyelunite.[6]
Arcanis Arcanis the Omnipotent

A pit-fighter in the Grand Coliseum of Otaria.
A dark and mysterious wizard. No one knows if Arcanis is even human.[7]

A Jamuraan caravan drover. Assistant of Subira.[8]
Aron Capashen

The head of the highest house of Benalia and a distant relative of Gerrard Capashen.
Father of Raff and Danitha Capashen.[9]
Arongi Dr. Arongi

A wizard and staff member at Tolaria West.[10]
Arkol Arkol, Argivian scholar

An Argivian scholar, known for his misinterpretations.
Ash Kronor Ash Kronor, Keldon warlord

A Keldon warlord.

A panther warrior from Free Urborg and a close friend of Marivel. He carries three long scars across his chest as a reminder of the attack of the Cabal that almost killed him.[6]
Atalya Atalya, Samite Master

A master of the Samite Order.
Axelrod Gunnarson

A legendary Giant.

A Jamuuran storyteller.
Aznaph Aznaph, Greenseeker

A Yavimayan elf of post-apocalyptic Dominaria.

Friend of Gull and Greensleeves and part of their army.[11]
Baru Baru, Fist of Krosa

A druid from the forest of Krosa. He shares the title of ‘Fist of Krosa’ with Kamahl, the barbarian.
Though some say that he is a descendant of Kamahl, there is no real evidence of it.

Wife of Thane Du-Moriss IV. Killed by Noranda-Zang.[12]

Conservative Minotaur cleric of Stahaan, who plotted to overthrow the reign of Myrrax of Mirtiin.[13]
Betje Sister Betje

Author of Miracles of the Saints during The Dark Age. A Miracle Worker of the Church of Tal.[14]

A scout in the army of Gull and Greensleeves. Killed on Phyrexia.[11]

A legendary soldier or ruler.[15]
Corin Corin, Tolarian Mage

A young mage from Tolarian Academy who helped Liliana and Gideon defeat Josu.[16]

A legendary Illusion
Dacian Dacian the Red

A wizard. A foe of Gull and Greensleeves and part of their army.[11]

A member of the Cabal and a friend of Chainer. She was killed by The Order in one of their attempts to get the Mirari from the hands of the Cabal.
Dellin Dellin Berting, Tolarian entomologist

Dervish Lord Dervish

A mage at the Conclave of Mages.[14]

A librarian
Diago Deerv

The lead Viashino machinist of the Mana Rig in Shiv.[17]

A mage at the Conclave of Mages.[14]

A Crookshank Kobold who forced Loot Niptil to steal a treasure, but was killed by the ensuing curse.[18]

A mage at the Conclave of Mages.[14]

A teacher at the Tolarian Academy teacher, originally from the Hurloon Mountains.[19]
Ekemet Scout Ekemet

A scout for Femeref during the Mirage Wars. She was to take a trail through the Uuserk Marshes but never returned.[20]
Her final diaries provided the high council of Jamuraa an idea of Kaervek’s infiltration into Zhalfir and its surrounding regions.
Erissa Erissa, bog witch

Ettovard Ettovard, Tolarian Archivist

Archivist on Tolaria.
Ezrith Ezrith, Druid of the Dark Hours

A druid of post-apocalyptic Dominaria, practicing necromantic magic.

A young worker at the Weatherlight construction site. Hadi's Cousin.[3]
Felicia Stovorod Princess Felia

Intelligent and opinionated daughter of the current ruler of Vodalia.[6]
Fire Eye Bey Fire Eye

The bey (king) of the Viashino of Shiv, who made a deal with Urza that allowed the planeswalker to use the Mana Rig.[17]

A Hurloon Minotaur cleric. Brother of Sunspeaker.[21]
Gamelen Gamelen, Citanul Elder

An important Elf from Argoth.
Garna Garna, the Bloodflame

A vicious, battle-scarred Keldon warrior. A rival of Radha. She has gathered a warhost that shares her violent, xenophobic vision for their nation.[21]
Gar-Tun Gar-Tun, Mistvalley silverback

A gorilla silverback.

Leader of the Cult of Rimewind during the Event. Killed by his successor Heidar.[22].
George Témoin

Caretaker of House Vess.[1] Husband of Karina Téomin.

Inkeeper of Vess[16]

A Garan elf living in exile in the Viashino city of Berimish. Working as a baker. Aunt of Recin.[23]
Gilanra Gilanra, Caller of Wirewood

A Wirewood elf.
Glosstongue Crackcrest

The official leader of the goblins that worked in the Mana Rig in Shiv.[17]
Grahilah Grahilah, Former Trader of Amiqat


Predecessor of Heidar as leader of the Cult of Rimewind.
Grunn Grunn, the Lonely King

An accomplished gorilla warrior. A hermit and unrivaled king of his own patch of Yavimaya.
He believes his ancestors alone are worthy company.[24]
Haakon Haakon the First

Self-appointed Wizard King of the Badlands. A foe of Gull and Greensleeves.[11][25]
Not to be confused with Haakon, Stromgald's Scourge.

Jamuraan soldier of the Ki'pamu League who was conscripted during the Keldon Invasion to work for Latulla.[26]

Assistant artificer to Jhoira, and a friend of Tiana. An older man who had come to Tolarian Academy from Jamuraa.[3][27]

Child of Garth One-Eye and Norreen. Named after Garth's friend of the same name.[28]

A poet from Jamuraa.

A sun-priest who saved her father from Hell, but had to use black mana to accomplish this.[29]

A female centaur enslaved by the wizard Towser and befriended by Gull and Greensleeves. Holleb's wife.[30]

Breathstealer who assinated Qhattib, the Vizier of Amiqat, shortly after the Mirage War.

A male centaur enslaved by the wizard Towser and befriended by Gull and Greensleeves. Helki's husband[30]
Holux Holux, Stronghold Racketeer

An occupant of the Stronghold after it had appeared on Dominaria.
Hooks Hooks, Cabal Torturer


A Suq'Atan military man of strategy and cunning. Brother of Telim'Tor.[20]

A boy in a magic school. He was told the story of the Weatherlight by the Librarian.[2]

A Demonic Tutor, who helped the sun-priest Helana save her father from Hell.[29]

A fylgja possessing a runeword in the Ice Age.[31]
Isel Isel, Master Carver

A master carver who lived on Dominaria at the time of the Phyrexian Invasion. Known for his magic cameos.

A spirit from Urborg, contacted by Slimefoot.[32]

A Garan elf living in exile in the Viashino city of Berimish. Working as a baker. Mother of Recin[23]
Jaeger Ojanen

A cat warrior. Father of Jedit Ojanen.
Jareth Jareth, Leonine Titan

A pit-fighter in the Grand Coliseum of Otaria.
A lion-like living stone statue.[33] His only weapon is a nasty-looking shield.[7]

A soldier from Benalia who didn’t want to join Kastans assassins. He was killed by the soldier Torsten.[2]
Jenson Carthalion Jenson Carthalion, Yavimaya fugitive

A descendant of the long Carthalion line.
Jerrard Jerrard of the Closed Fist

A legendary knight and the last of the Order of the Closed Fist. Once, their realm stretched across the Kb'Briann Highlands south of Benalia. After the onset of Sheoltun and various other kingdoms, the Closed Fist survived only in the powerful Jerrard.

A red mage at the Conclave of Mages.[14]
Jumok Jumok of the Cheetah Warclan

The one who found Starke after the latter was brought to Jamuraa to get Vuel to join the side of Phyrexia.[2]
Karina Témoin

Head of Household of House Vess.[1] Wife of George Téomin.

A desert wizard who attacked the army of Gull and Greensleeves.[11]
Kasib ibn Naji Kasib ibn Naji

A writer of famous letters during the Mirage War.
Kastan Lord Kastan

An albino who ran the assassins guild of Benalia.[2]

A cat warrior who fell in love with Mirri, who was in love with Gerrard. Seyen ruled that Gerrard and Keilic should fight over the right to marry her. Gerrard won.[2]

A bodyguard of the wizard Towser. Antagonist of Gull and Greensleeves, until they saved his life. He later died in a tsunami.[30]
Kifimbo Kifimbo, Shadow guildmage

A very guarded Shadow Guildmage from Zhalfir.[20]
Kipkemboi Kipkemboi, Kukemssa Pirate

A wealthy Kukemssa pirate

A young human wizard of the Institute of Arcane Study.
He helped returning Alligarius Timni to the valley of Tamingazin.[23]

A sun-priest who was abducted to Hell, and had to be saved by his daughter.[29]

The lover of Greensleeves, who pursuades her to give up her Planeswalker's spark.[25]
Laena Laena, Skyhunter

A Leonin

Daughter of Gendrin, Leader of the Cult of Rimewind. Love interest of Heidar.[22]
Liefellen Liefellen, Quirion Exarch

A notable leader of the elven Quirion nation.

A two-headed giant enslaved by the wizard Towser and befriended by Gull and Greensleeves.[30]
Lisolo Lisolo Bey

Viashino leader from the Valley of Tamingazin.[23]
Livonya Silone

A legendary human warrior, whose nature is a matter of mystery. Nothing is known for sure, merely rumors of unearthly stealth, and unholy alliances.
Llanach Llanach, Skyshroud Ranger

A Skyshroud Elf who survived a Sliver attack.
Lothar Lovisasson

Son of Lovisa Coldeyes of Balduvia. He fell in love with and married King Darien's daughter Alexandrite.
This marriage united Balduvia and Kjeldor, giving birth to the nation of New Argive.[5]
Lostspoons Mister Lostspoons, Skulltown gossip

An elder spirit inhabitant from Urborg.

A mage at the Conclave of Mages.[14]

An immortal Serran refugee living in the village of Devas in Benalia. She trained Gerrard’s ancestors for Urza, who hoped one of them would be a worthy heir to the legacy.[19]

A man on Subiras caravan. Murdered by Kwende to frame Teferi.[8]

An orc general.

Daughter of the planeswalker Vram. Disguised as a cat, she was left in the care of Peter Langwynd.[34]

A worker at the Weatherlight construction site.[3]
Marja Stovorod Princes Marja

Quiet and thoughtful daughter of the current ruler of Vodalia.[6]

A Nekoru. Mate of Wasitora.
Merrik Aidar Merrik Aidar, Benalish Patrol

A Benalish soldier who survived a Sliver attack.
Mihai Stovorod Emperor Mihai II

The current ruler of Vodalia.[6]

The smith of Lady Caleria. Mudai was one of the Hyperion blacksmiths and thus covered from head to toe in a second skin of metal.[35]
Myrrax King Myrrax

Liberal Minotaur king of Stahaan, trying to reform the local goblins.[13]
Mtai Mtai, Civic Guidlmage

A quiet cold Civic Guildmage.[20]
Mwani Mwani, Mtenda Goatherd
Mwani, Mtenda Herder

Naimah Naimah, Femeref Philosopher


Author of a famous Travelogue.

The last and greatest of the Tchotkan war-priests. One day, he was summoned and never returned. His empire, without a leader, was destroyed by the progenitors of the early Sarpadian empires.[36]

Mage and librarian at the Conclave of Mages. She is named after the last warrior-queen of Zegon.[14]

An agent of Belzenlok's Cabal, tasked with infiltrating New Argive. Killed as reward for recovering the Blackblade.[27]
Nemata Nemata, Grove Guardian

A treefolk who kept watch over Rith's Grove
Okmark Okmarrk of Fentesk

A member of House Fentesk. He died in the illegal street-duel with Garth One-eye.[28]
Omen Emperor Omen

A captain of the Vodalia army, who became the successor to Empress Galina. Killed by an unexpected shark.[6]

Mage at the Conclave of Mages.[14]

A commander in the army of Gull and Greensleeves. She had several wives.[11]

Mage at the Conclave of Mages. He refuses all meals in a quest for higher consciousness.[14]
Panya Panya, Granger Guidlmage

A somewhat blunt and earthy Granger Guildmage.[20]
Pashad ibn Asim Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata Trader

A Suq'Ata trader.[20]
Pavel Maliki

He wandered the realms, helping those in greatest need. It is unclear if this was a measure of his generosity, or of his obligation to atone.
Peter Langwynd Dr. Peter Langwynd

A sorcerer who became a hermit and a naturalist in the Fens of Foulmere.[34]

A blind boy, whose sister is abducted by orcs.[31]
Rael Rael, Battle Angel

Protector of Caligo. She led the Benalish forces against the Cabal and helped defeat Josu.[16]
Rael Gar

Usurper of the leadership over the Garan elves in the Valley of Tamingazin. Killed by Tallibeth Tarngold.[23]
Rana Rana, Suq'Ata Market Fool

Rasputin Dreamweaver

A wizard who aided from Tivadar to temporarily restore civilization to Terisiare by throwing back the Goblin Invasions with their Crusade. This brought a close to the Dark Age.
Ratadrabik Ratadrabik of Urborg

A necromancer from Urborg.

A young Garan elf living in exile in the Viashino city of Berimish. A friend of Tallibeth Tarngold.[23]

A mage at the Conclave of Mages.[14]
Rhirhok Rhirhok, Goblin Archer

Riven Turnbull

A legendary political fire starter willing to resort to any means to achieve his dark goals.

A researcher of Slivers.
Sabriam Speaker Sabriam

Speaker of the ruling caste of Benalia City. Spurned lover of Rakel.[11]
Sadage Sadage, Cleric of the Cabal

A cleric of Belzenlok's Cabal.[27]

One of the few surviving panther warriors of Urborg's Cabal. In league with the Weatherlight crew.[32]

Liberal Minotaur clanleader of Stahaan, trying to reform the local goblins.[13]

The giant Woolly Spider familiar of Jason Carthalion[37]
Severin Sir Severin

The son of Kailo and Zaraya. His squadron had to pass an ice bridge. Since he was the lightest, Zaraya had him go last, and when he stepped on the bridge, it cracked and Severin fell to his death.[37]
Seyen Seyen, most old of the Chitr’in

An elder of the Chitr’in catfolk.[2]
Shandlar Sir Shandlar of Eberyn

A valiant knight of the Eberyn militia. He died a heroes' death.

A mage at the Conclave of Mages.[14]

A mage at the Conclave of Mages and a friend of Jodah. When the Conclave was abandoned, he joined Jodah in the City of Shadows.[14]

A cat warrior from the Khyyiani tribe, in the pride of Kyyrao Grenmw. He thought that Loot Niptil was prey, but was bested by the wizard.[18]
Silmar Captain Silmar

The captain of the guard of Tantium. He battled with Garth One-Eye during the Festival of Estark, having disguised himself as an Ingkara fighter.[28]
Silvos Silvos, Rogue Elemental

A pit-fighter in the Grand Coliseum of Otaria.
A thallid-like fungal elemental.[7]
Skerk Hobnett Skerk Hobnett, wilderness guide


A blue dragon from across the seas, who was defeated by Astor
Solin Hemarch Solin

Human leader of Suder. A morbidly obese bisexual rapist.[23]
Sopti Borth

An artificer from Automatown who was murdered in her workshop.[36]

The cook's boy of the wizard Towser. He befriended by Gull and Greensleeves and became part of their army.[11][30]
Sunastian Falconer

A shaman, also adept in swordplay.

A Hurloon Minotaur cleric. Sister of Firesong.[21]

A spirit from Urborg, contacted by Slimefoot.[32]
Tagard Tarngold

Human leader from the Valley of Tamingazin, who devised a plan that could bring harmony to his war-ravaged home.[23] Killed by Karelon.
Talibah Talibah, Embermage


A legendary serpent from Jamuraa.
Talibah Talibah, Embermage


An important temporal mage from the past. His sixth law of temporal recursion is easy to understand as long as you know the first seven.
Terd Machinist Terd

The unofficial leader of the goblins that worked in the Mana Rig in Shiv.[17]
Teshar Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle

An Aven theologian and missionary, who worships Serra in her form of The Ancestor.[24]
Tetsuko Umezawa

A recent descendant of Clan Umezawa. She practices a form of magic that connects her to a series of magical doorways. She can step freely from any of these doorways to another, evading Bolas's notice while she plots against him.[38]

A benalish Knight who helped Liliana and Gideon defeat Josu. Second in command to Rael.[10][16]

A Cabal agent who infiltrated Tolaria West. He was apprehended by the Weatherlight crew[10]

Chief metalworker of Jhoira, working on the reconstruction of the Weatherlight.[9]

A talented student at the Tolarian Academy. He helped the Bloodline project greatly but was torn with inner conflict over the ethics of the project. He left the Academy to live in one of the farmer-colonies of Tolaria.[19]

A reformed goblin from Stahaan.[13]
Tomor Tomor, dragonspeaker shaman

Toothlicker Harj Toothlicker Harj, Orcish Captain

An orc captain, during the Ice Age.

A soldier from Benalia who joined the assassins' guild of Lord Kastan. Supposedly named after the founder of Benalia, Torsten von Ursus.[2]
Traxos Traxos, Scourge of Kroog

A dragon engine designed by Mishra, instrumental in the destruction of Kroog. Recently found on Lat-Nam and accidently reactivated.[21]
Trevar Ortovi

Clan leader of the Benalish Clan Ortovi. He gave permission for his daughter's marriage to a Capashen. This started the Bloodline Project.[19]
Tuknir Deathlock

A wizard. As an explorer of the Aether, he often discovered himself in the most unusual physical realms.
Tywanna Tywanna, Shaper Guidlmage

A Shaper Guildmage from Zhalfir.[20]
Uros Uros, Pendelhaven elder

Ursal Daleel

Treasonous Suder ambassador in the Viashino city of Berimish.[23]
Valduk Valduk, Keeper of the Flame

A Keldon shaman and lore-keeper, loyal to Radha. He can communicate with the sacred Keldon peak, known as "The Mountain".[21]
Vannemir Vannemir, son of Valharad

A resurrected warrior, who rescues an important elven girl.[31]
Verdeloth Verdeloth the Ancient

An old Magnigoth treefolk who kept watch over Rith's Grove

A Neo-Ebonic priest-king who thought himself Tourach incarnate.[34]

A Lord of the Pit that was summoned by the wizard Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar. When she was unable to repay him for his services, he forced her to serve as his chef for seven years and seven days, during which time she wrote the unsuccessful Underworld Cookbook.[39]

An old mage at the Conclave of Mages. He taught Jodah a few spells.[14]

A Thran healer who was later Phyrexianized.[40]

Belzenlok's lieutenant in the Cabal, who was transformed into a maggot by the Demonlord after he became too ambitious.[41]

A loyal friend of Ravidel.
Yormeba Queen Yormeba

Queen of Zhalfir, installed by Teferi after the Femeref secession.

A valkyrie from the Ice Age.[31]

A spirit from Urborg, contacted by Slimefoot.[32]
Zarkuu Zarkuu, Necrosavant


A Vodalian merfolk. She was hired by Jhoira to raise the wreck of the skyship Weatherlight.[27]
Zyd Zyd, Kamahlite Druid

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