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The following Innistrad characters are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Name Title Description Cards
Alwin Bishop Alwin Bishop of Gavony.[1]
Amalric Amalric of Midvast Hall
Argust Bishop Argust
Beckram Beckram, Skiltfolk escort
Brerig A hunched demon in the employ of Davriel Cane, with features that vaguely resembled a hairless dog's snout.[2] Killed by demon hunters from Thraben.
Britta Britta, midwife of Gatstaf
Cawle Bishop Cawle of Elgaud Cleric in charge of the inquisitors of the Elgaud Grounds, serving the Lunarch Inquisition reluctantly.[3] No match for Manfried Ulmach.
Cosper Lowe Cosper Lowe of the Silbern Guard Captain of a detachement of local cathars in Stensia. A classically handsome charismatic young man, good with a horse and blade. He used to be the target of a vampire's infatuation.[4] Around the time of Avacyn's return he killed his stalker.[3]
Crunchgnar A tall, muscular, wingless demon with no hair, inhuman features, and horns that swept back along his head almost like a mane. A minion of Davriel Cane. Quick to heal and a skilled combatant, wearing warrior's leathers and a pair of wicked swords strapped to his waist.[2] Killed by Willia Verlasen.
Deigenhard Mayor Deigenhard Mayor of Wollenbank in Stensia. A stalwart and capable man with a hatred for vampires.
Delmund Inquisitor Delmund
Dennias A member of the Order of Saint Traft who became eldrazified. Killed by Thalia with Avacyn's spear.[5]
Dierk Dierk, geistmage Geistmage who unsuccessfully tried to help Liliana Vess exorcizing the Chain Veil. Killed by Eldrazi Werewolves, and zombified by Liliana.[6][7]
Dougan A young cathar, loyal to the Lunarch Council. Killed by Odric.[8]
Eberhart Captain Eberhart Cathar stationed at the Elgaud Grounds. He killed the Ospid Horror at Sarka Manor near Selhoff.[3]
Edith A cultist, witnessing the rise of Emrakul.[9]
Ekatrin Ekatrin, elder of Hanweir
Ekka Ekka, shopkeeper of Hanweir
Elmut Elmut, crossway watcher
Enslow Enslow, ghoulcaller of Nephalia Ghoulcaller inhabiting Nephalia's Erdwal, using the passages to travel from graf to graf - while also animating the bodies of those who run afoul of the Erdwal's other denizens.[3]
Ghoulcaller Enslow
Erold Erold, Gatstaf springsage
Eruth Eruth of Lambholt A young woman who gained notoriety for her Clairvoyant dreams. Now a gibbering lunatic living in the Natternols.[3]
Esler Esler, Havengul mercenary
Evelin Lady Evelin A resident of Gatstaf, known for making the best and most potent wards in the town. Killed by Mrs. Palter.[10]
Freydalia An angel of Goldnight.[11]
Gared Hunchbacked assistant of the geistmage Dierk. Has a bulging eye. Adopted by Liliana.[6][7][12]
Garner Kroft Garner Kroft, Moorland farmer
Glather Elder Glather One of the twelve Elders of Gatstaf.[10]
Gregel Gregel, township militia
Gregel, militia leader
Gutmorn Feaster upon souls
Tormentor of the seven princes
A Nightreach demon of the Devrik Depths in Davriel Cane's retinue. Claims to be Yledris' brother.[2]
Hadaken Hadaken, alchemist of Nephalia Necro-Alchemist living in Selhoff Uses geist-fuelled engines to animate skaabs.[3]
Halmig Halmig, Order of Saint Traft
Haral A cathar veteran, loyal to the Lunarch Council. Killed by Odric.[8]
Hermit of Hanne Hall
Hermann Reichert A cathar, and the father of Ingrid Reichert. He disapproved of choice to be a protector.[13]
Herzag Herzag, mayor of Havengul A corrupt merchant, who allows the illicit underground to flourish for his personal gain.[3]
Higa Higa, slayer-captain of Gatstaf
Hinrik Hinrik of House Cecani
Hildin Hildin, priest of Avacyn
Ishkanah Ishkanah, Grafwidow A monstrous Spider that became even more horrific after the arrival of Emrakul.[3]
Jadar Jadar, ghoulcaller of Nephalia Infamous necromancer who haunts the Morkrut and plunders grafs for miles around the delta.[3]
Jerren Bishop Jerren A member of the Lunarch Council and secret leader of the Skirsdag.[8]
Johanna One of the last Wolfir. Leads the Silverfur Howlpack with Pavel.[3] They fought with the coalition at the Battle of Thraben.
Kalim Elder Kalim A fisherman at Lake Zavra. Father of Wilbur. Leader of the secret Gitrog worshippers. Killed by the monster.[14]
Kastinne Slayer Kastinne A young and insane woman from Shadowgrange who considered herself a wandering monk.[4] Demons killed her children and imprisoned their souls. She trained and worked with Rem Karolus and was a frequent visitor of Devilthorn Lodge. She snapped with Emrakul's arrival, her body and mind transforming in horrible ways. She came to resemble the demons she once hunted, and her prey became the humans who once had mocked her.[3]
Kelse Mother of Maeli, widow of Hanse. Burned to cinders by a maddened Avacyn.[15]
Kep Kep, Lunarch inquisitor
Kolman Kolman, elder of Gatstaf One of the twelve Elders of Gatstaf.[10] Eldrazified.[9]
Kralmar The Kralmar A Kraken-like monster worshipped by human cults in Nephalia.[16] With the arrival of Emrakul, the monster became even more horrific, slowly losing any resemblance to a creature of the natural world.[3]
Kordel Kordel the Cryptic
Laerin Inquisitor Laerin
Lagra Lagra, hamlet physician
Lehren A fisherman at Lake Zavra. Shot by Mia and killed by the Gitrog.[14]
Leighton Cathar Leighton A cathar at the Elgaud Grounds. Killed by Arlinn Kord in her werewolf state.[11]
Leukin Somebody who was killed by an exploding angel.
Levana Levana, Midnight Duelist
Liont A former Wolfir working as a smith. When the Cursemute was lifted he became a Werewolf again, killing his wife Hilde and his children Talia and Kan. In turn, he was killed by a maddened angel.[15]
Lira Kurash Councillor Lira Kurah Wealthy merchant, leading the town council of Selhoff.[3]
Lothar Lothar, Guardian of Thraben A revered soldier who led a force of elite protectors in service of the Lunarch. Thalia was his right hand. Lothar was killed in the Siege of Thraben.[1][17]
Macher Lunarch, successor to Mikaeus. Belittled by Avacyn.[15]
Maeli Young boy, son of Kelse. Last human to be saved by Avacyn, before the angel's transformation by the arrival of Emrakul. He escaped when Avacyn burned his village and was adopted by Ms. Sadie. After Sadie was Eldrazified, Maeli met a crazed Angel and an uncertain end.[9][15]
Manfried Ulmach Manfried Ulmach, Elgaud Master-at-Arms A stern and unyielding man. Once responsible for maintaining order on the Elgaud Grounds, later Chief Inquisitor scouring the countryside for monsters and sinplagued.[3]
Manfried Ulmach, Chief Inquisitor
Marcyz An angel, trapped and exsanguinated by Edgar Markov and his sons in their ritual to become vampires.[18]
Marella A noblewoman who organized a ball to attract suitors for her daughter. Unfortunately, one of the visitors was a vampire.
Marta A young cathar, loyal to the Lunarch Council. Killed by Grete.[8]
Mathan A member of the Order of Saint Traft. A friend of Dennias.[5]
Merlinde The Prioress Head of the Priory of the Approaches, who had introduced the cult of the Nameless Angel to its people. An old, hard lady with furrowed skin and a silver bun.[2] She had made a deal with Davriel Cane. If he would keep the peace in the Approaches she would turn a blind eye to his demon consorting. She sent hunters after him after he became a suspect in the murder of the people of Verlasen.
Mia A girl from a hamlet near Lake Zavra in Nephalia who became to worship the Gitrog monster.[14]
Minaldra Minaldra, the Vizag Atum Most prominent member of the oracular cult known as the Vizag Atum, foretelling the End of the World. A tall, pale, woman sitting in perpetual trance.[3]
Minna Minna of Selhoff A cathar apostate and former Midnight Duelist. During Avacyn's absence, she staged traveling shows to exhibit her bladework skills. During Avacyn's madness, she rededicated herself to her former mission and became a popular hero to the people of Nephalia.[3]
Morkamp Morkamp, Lambholt innkeeper
Nadila Maas Nadila Maas, Moor Chaplain
Odila Odila, witch of Morkrut Witch, serving a demon who presumably dwells the Morkrut.[3]
Oglor Homunculus assistant of Ludevic of Ulm.[3]
Ola Ola of Lambholt
Olaylie An angel of Goldnight. Attacked and by devils at Havengul and killed by Arlinn Kord in her werewolf state.[11]
Olgard Olgard of the Skiltfolk Father of Mia. Famed slayer and shieldbearer, traveling the land as a noble agent of the Skiltfolk. Leader of the resistance against the advancing Nephalian cultists.[3][14]
Oliver Hayfield Editor of The Hanweir Chronicle. Assimilated into an Eldrazi Ooze.[19]
Orwell Orwell, the bellringer A resident of Gatstaf, killed by Mrs. Palter.[10]
Otto Otto the hunter
Palter Cathar Palter, Bes Palter A Cathar of the Lunarch Council from Gavony, and his wife. Palter once guarded a mausoleum where the demon Ormendahl appeared. The demon took possession of Mrs. Palter's body. Together, they fled to Gatstaf and the Ulvenwald, where Mrs. Palter killed three residents en then her husband. In turn, she was killed by Arlinn Kord.[10]
Paulin Paulin, trapper of Somberwald A former trapper. He was one of the few who were able to battle the Ashspawn, the transformed demons and devils of the Ashmouth.[3]
Pavel One of the last Wolfir, leading the Silverfur Howlpack with Johanna.[3] They fought with the coalition at the Battle of Thraben.
Raban Saint Raban Founder of Avabruck's central cathedral, the Temple of Saint Raban. A legendary investigator and slayer of werewolves.
Rahilda Rahilda, Vildin-Pack Alpha Alpha werewolf of the Vildin howlpack. A long-braided escaped convict.
Radulf Radulf, priest of Avacyn
Radwick Radwick, farmer of Gatstaf
Raf Gyel Raf Gyel of the Quiver of Kessig Captain of an order of cathars specializing in archery and long-range defense.[16]
Ramar Leader of the Kralmar-cult in Rivstalt.[3]
Reelah Reelah, Shaman of the Mondronen A werewolf, part of the former Mondronen howlpack.[3]
Reeves Archmage Reeves An Archmage of Goldnight. Killed by Arlinn Kord in her werewolf state.[11]
Reig Reig, wandering monk Wandering monk, killed by the Twins of Maurer Estate.
Relio Voldaren
Rem Karolus Rem Karolus, Blade of the Inquisitors Most feared and revered of the Thraben inquisitors. Rem, now in his late 30s, wanders Innistrad on his dappled gray horse armed with his trademark rapier and poniard at his side and bastard sword across his back.[4][19] After Avacyn's death, he brought her spear to Thalia and the Order of Saint Traft.[5]
Rem Karolus, Slayer of Angels
Rem Karolus, Slayer of Eldrazi
Rembert Archmage Rembert An Archmage of Goldnight. Mentor to Arlinn Kord.[11]
Renna Renna, Selhoff alchemist
Ricton Ricton, traveling merchant
Rimheit Elder Rimheit
Rinalda Smit Ghoulcaller Rinalda A young, self-taught ghoulcaller trying to make her mark on Stensia by creating her own force of beings to defend against vampire attacks.[4]
Rom An old man with a scruffy grey beard.[2] A former werewolf hunter, before he came to the Approaches to live at the priory. Once there, he was forced to kill the Nameless Angel.
Rupirk Rupirk, porter at the Rusted Anchor Inn
Rutstein Old Rutstein Travelling Kessig citizen. Purveyor of the finest goods and contraband like human blood and body parts. Well protected by many holy symbols and charms.[3]
Sadie Ms. Sadie An old woman living in the woods. Before her Eldrazification she had adopted Maeli and given him a Teddy Bear.[9]
Sarka Jotti Sarka, Edagard Sarka and the Ospid Horror A family living near Selhoff and the Ospid River, cursed by a monstrous corruption creating a hideous, inhuman creature every other generation.[3]
Seeta Seeta, Lunarch Inquisitor A zealous Avacynian inquisitor from Thraben, pursuing the Order of Saint Traft. Leader of the 'Sinpurged'.[5] Seeta was killed by Olivia Voldaren during the attack on Thraben.
Sereni Galan Lunarch Sereni Last Lunarch. Killed by Avacyn for defying her orders. Replaced by the Lunarch Council.[3]
Shoran Innkeeper Shoran, Elas Shoran Pair of Gatstaf residents, Innkeepers.[10]
Skaharra Alpha werewolf of the Leeraug Howlpack. The Leeraug is a relatively small and tight-knit pack of vicious predators, unique in that they hunt under the black night of the new moon, rather than transforming when the moon is full. Skaharra is a black-furred she-wolf noted for her tendency to kill entire families in a single night while sparing unrelated farmhands and servants.[20]
Somlon Elder Somlon One of the twelve Elders of Gatstaf. Killed by Mrs. Palter.[10]
Strefan Maurer Progenitor of a minor vampiric bloodline, ruling a remote region in Stensia's outland valleys.[16]
Sterin Gorn An official of Stensia.
Sved Sved, fisherman of Nephalia
Terhold Terhold, Archmage of Drunau
Thaniel Thaniel, Gatstaf shepherd
Tobias Tobias, trader of Erdwal
Traken Lieutenant Traken, Elgaud Inquisitor First man to warn Thraben of the upcoming siege by Gisa and Geralf Cecani.[1]
Tristen Tristen, Cathar Marshal
Trogen Saint Trogen, the Slayer
Ulda Ulda, Gavony Rider
Ulmach Ulda, Chief Inquisitor Chief Inquisitor of the Church of Avacyn. Infected by Emrakul's madness and ordering the death of many "sin-plagued" citizens.[8]
Ulrich Ulrich of Krallenhorde Pack Werewolf, leading the Krallenhorde howlpack. A cunning and perceptive wanton who remains in the wild and runs with the howlpack even when he reverts to human form.
Ulrich, Krallenhorde alpha
Uta Falkenrath Uta Falkenrath
Vaast Markov Lord Vaast A vampire disposed as Lord of the Approaches by Davriel Cane.[2]
Vadvar Vadvar, Thraben stonewright
Vallon Vallon, Thraben inspector
Veka Veka, hinterland inspector
Verena Inquisitor Verena A cathar from Avabruck. She disregarded her superiors and returned to Kessig to guard Devil's brach.[3]
Veryl A fisherman at Lake Zavra. A strong believer of the Gitrog monster.[14]
Vetters Elder Vetters Mayor of Drunau. A human servant of Runo Stromkirk.[3]

Volpaig Bishop Volpaig A crude-minded minor bishop of the Church of Avacyn, secretly leader of the Skirsdag at the time of Avacyn's disappearance. Killed by Liliana.[21][22]
Voluptara Feaster of Men
Miss Highwater
A female demon and minion of Davriel Cane, known as one of the most dangerous and wily of demons of the Nexrix Flame Expanse.[2] She wears human clothing — a fitted grey jacket over a simple knee-length skirt — and wears her black hair in a bun. She has ashen grey skin and dark red eyes, with small horns peeking up through her hair.
Vonn Vonn, geist-trapper
Warin Farmer Warin, Wife Warin Pair of Gatstaf farmers, plagued by unknown horrors.[10]
Wendin Wendin, veteran cathar
Wilbur Friend of Mia at the Lake Zavra hamlet. A secret Gitrog worshipper.[14]
Willia Verlasen Twin sister of Tacenda, cursed by blindness at night.[2] During the day, she was a fearless warrior. After she was converted to the faith of the Nameless Angel, she trained to become a cathar.
Wulmer Grafdigger Wulmer
Yeter Yeter, Trostad Villager
Yledris Yledris Bloodslave A Nightreach demon of the Devrik Depths in Davriel Cane's retinue. Claims to be Gutmorn's' sister.[2] Killed by a pyromancer from Thraben.
Yonda Yonda of Gavony
Yora Yora, academy researcher
Zilla Zilla of Lambholt

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