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The following Kamigawan characters are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Name Title Description Cards
Adamaro Adamaro, First to Desire

The feared kami of a famed human warrior who was consumed by his own anger and envy.
Akuta Akuta, Born of Ash

A legendary kami of ashes and ruin.
Ansho Master Ansho

An old monk and one of Dosan’s most senior students.[1]
Aoha General Aoha

General to the First Emperor
Aoyama Constable Ayoyama

A constable who stayed in the ruins of Eiganjo with Isamaru.[2]
Arashi Arashi, the Sky Asunder

The great kami of monsoons and typhoons, whose appearance was always accompanied by storms of shinen (“spirit fire”).

A 26-year-old Jukai who became the lead inventor of the Saiba Futurists.[3] They have vivid black eyes and brown skin, and were a close childhood friend of Kotori. Since their promotion at age 23, other Futurists have resented them as an outsider who rose quickly through the ranks.

A Fudaiju monk who helped defend against the kami attack. After Jugan's death, he fought for six years, swapping out every seventh bell. He was eventually killed by the kami Ayumi.[4]
Atsuko Shimazaki

The head librarian at the Minamo school until her poisoning and replacement by Azami Ozu.[5]
Atsumori Fushimi

Advisor to Daimyo Konda.[6]
Autumn-Tail Autumn-Tail, Kitsune Sage

A legendary kitsune wizard whose scrolls were lit by a Tallowisp before the Kami War.[7]

The nezumi captain of Forked Tongue’s guards. Killed by Iizuka after taking his son Ken'Ishi captive.[8]

A young woman in the Far Corner neighborhood of Towashi.[9] She has scars on her arms and face and a gift for violence, which she employed with knives to fend off Reckoners that tried to take protection money from her neighbors. When the elders of her neighborhood hired Chishiro to defend it, she designated herself his right hand.
Ayumi Ayumi, the Last Visitor

The kami who “reclaimed” abandoned places in the name of nature. A faithful scribe of the ages and force of ever-living duty and calm. She appeared at the end of the assault on Fudaiju to finish off the remaining monks.[4]
Azamuki, Treachery Incarnate
Azamaki, the Kami of Treachery Incarnate

A kami of treachery residing in the body of a simple sanzoku (mountain bandit).[10] In the modern day, it is channelled by a Hyozan Reckoner employed by Satoru Umezawa.[11]

A nezumi and former Okiba-Gang shinobi.[12]

A nezumi messenger serving Forked-Tongue.[8]

A guard at the nezumi village of Kitanosu.[13]

A jushi who taught Sakashima the illusionary arts.[12]
Chisei Chisei, Heart of Oceans

A strange kami of intelligence said to reward the finding of patterns within thoughts.

An Upriser cook with a round face and shrewd eyes. Above their head, three long-handled teapots orbit in the air. They are in love with Heiko Yamazaki.[14]
Chiyoko Chiyoko, Jukai elder


A kirin who spends every 1000 years among mortals before reuniting with the other kirin to discuss his experiences.[15]
Dokai Dokai, Weaver of Life

A monk whose connection to the land is so strong that he can “bring it to life.”[16]
Eita Eita, Futurist Agent

Eiyo Kami of Honored Fallen[1]

The kami of the honored dead.
Emire Emire, director of the Saiba Futurists

Director of the Saiba Futurists.
Erayo Erayo, Soratami Ascendant

An enlightened soratami monk whose meditations enabled her to transcend the material world.[17][18]
Etsumi Urano

A student at Minamo with Azami Ozu. Left for dead by Azami after the two stole scrolls from a nezumi settlement.[5]

A well-respected nezumi shaman turned warlord who commanded hundreds of other nezumi and controlled a vast treasure hoard.[13][8]

The oldest of the village elders in a village wiped out by Kataki in vengeance for a villager killing the kami's prey.[19]
Fumika Fumika, Imperial enforcer

Fumiko Fumiko the Lowblood

A powerful, bitter ronin in Godo's service.[20]

A student at the Minamo school expelled for stink bombing the Great Library.[21]
Genju of the Realm

The spirit of the lands of the plane of Kamigawa come to life.[22]

Moonfolk. Husband of Tamiyo.[23]
Go-Shintai of Ancient Wars

Hundreds of years ago, a group of Sokenzan rebels fell under siege from an Imperial regiment. Their numbers and supplies dwindled, and in desperation, they built a small shrine hoping to summon spiritual reinforcements. A Kami of Ancient Wars came to their aid, arming them with burning blades. The rebels and the Imperials fought for days, and the kami cheered when blood spilled across the snow. When the last soldier finally fell, no one remained on either side. The kami still haunts the mountaintop shrine, hoping to start another fight and recreate the excitement of that moment.[24]
Go-Shintai of Boundless Vigor
Kami of Boundless Vigor

A young monk was forced out of Jukai forest by Towashi's urban expansion. To preserve the memory of his homeland, he built a small shrine around a seed from his destroyed garden. Miraculously, the seed grew without soil and became the Kami of Boundless Vigor. Together, the kami and monk reclaimed his section of the forest. Every tree cut down magically grew back the next day. Before he passed, the monk moved the kami's shrine to the reborn forest where it lives to this day, granting strength to those whose wild nature cannot be tamed by the city.[24]
Go-Shintai of Hidden Cruelty

A young ogre was evicted from her cave by a violent warlord. The ogre had seen her people use little shrines to summon oni, so she figured she could summon a kami who would provide a solution to her homelessness. Her struggle inadvertently summoned a Kami of Hidden Cruelty. The kami whispered angry, vengeful thoughts in the ogre's ear until she took up arms and murdered the warlord. Shocked at what she'd done, the ogre fled, but the kami remained in the shrine, offering vengeance for those with darkness in their hearts.[24]
Go-Shintai of Life's Origin

Few have seen a kami die, but it is possible. A number crumbled into dust when the Jukai forest was decimated during the expansion of Towashi. However, the dust settled on an ancient shrine in the heart of the forest and began to coalesce into something new. The shrine took on a life and kami powers of its own. This new spirit continues to wander throughout Kamigawa, growing stronger as it is joined by the remains of other deceased kami.[24]
Go-Shintai of Lost Wisdom

Long ago, an ambitious professor at Minamo Academy believed she could learn all the secrets of the universe if she could simply channel the correct kami. The little shrine she built intrigued a Kami of Lost Wisdom. The curious kami shared its knowledge with the professor, including when and how she would die. Offended by the information, the professor asked her newfound revelation to be removed. The kami obliged, but it still resides in the shrine to this day, teasing travelers with impossible riddles.[24]
Go-Shintai of Shared Purpose

A group of farmers in rural Kamigawa found themselves in grave danger when a nearby river threatened to overflow and flood their town. Seeking divine aid, they built a small shrine as an offering and attracted a Kami of Shared Purpose. The kami instructed them how to work together and dig trenches for irrigation, and when the waters came, the fields grew instead of drowning. Impressed by the people's performance, the kami chose to take permanent residence in the shrine, lending its magic to the town forever.[24]
Goka Goka the Unjust

An opportunistic ogre shaman.[16]
Gravelighter Gravelighter, the Kami of Forgotten Clearings

A territorial spirit that lives in the Jukai Forest.[11]

The oldest and most respected of the Nezumi.[13]

A Fudaiju monk who helped defend against the kami attack. After Jugan's death, he fought for six years, swapping out every seventh bell. He was eventually killed by the kami Ayumi.[4]
Hayato Hayato, Master Sailor

A master mariner.[16]
He Who Hungers


A veteran soldier serving under Iizuka.[8]
Hideaki Minematsu

Apprentice to Master Yamazaki.[25]

An apprentice Futurist pilot under Katsumasa.[3]
Higure Higure, the Still Wind

A master shinobi orphaned as a child and trained at the Temple of the Black Scroll. Killed at least 33 targets, including humans, kitsune, and soratami, and trains a student for each life he has taken. Named Higure, meaning "twilight," by his master, Kagero.[26]

Moonfolk. A son of Tamiyo.[23][27]

A small kid who piloted a giant mech.

The samurai captain of a northern fortress infiltrated by Kenshi Sakashima.[12]
Hokori Hokori, Dust Drinker
Hokori, The Swirling Storm
Hokori, The Searing Wind

A great kami of dust and drought.
Homura Homura, Human Ascendant

An enlightened human monk whose meditations allowed him to grant the power of dragons to his allies.[17][18]
Horobi Horobi, Death's Wail

A powerful kami of death's wail that came into being after the Reito Massacre.[28]
Hoto Hoto, temple guardian

A budoka temple guard.[16]

An akki scavenger who was was killed by a shard of the akki patron kami serving Ik-Uk.[29]
Ichiga Ichiga, Who Topples Oaks

A mighty forest kami residing in the body of a simple monk.
Iizuka Iizuka the Restless
Iizuka the Ruthless

A landless ronin, former captain of the guard to Lord Kensai. Had one good eye and one eye that could channel blood magic to see a man's soul. Led a band of veterans including his son, who he killed during a heist-gone-wrong.[8]
Ik-Uk Ik-Uk the akki

An akki scavenger who found a shard of the akki patron kami. After following it to the rest of its body, he was sacrificed to the kami, suffering inside its body for nearly a year and a day before his eventual death.[29]
Iname Iname, Kami of Life and Death[30]

A major kami that has two aspects — one of life and one of death.

A young kitsune apprentice of Eight-and-a-Half-Tails. Left Susuki Village to become a samurai and disappeared at a battle in the Sokenzan Mountains, presumed dead. His katana was later recovered by Eight-and-a-Half-Tails.[31]
Isao Isao, Enlightened Bushi

A skilled samurai who was once in Konda’s service, but who turned away from the courtly life to seek a deeper wisdom in the Jukai Forest.[18]
Iwamori Brother Iwamori

Iwamori of the Open Fist

A human monk who trained as a student of Ansho and a pupil of Dosan. Renowned as one of the strongest fighters in Jukai, and perhaps all of Kamigawa.[1]

A former kitsune apprentice of Eight-and-a-Half-Tails. Sister of Iron-Claw.[31]
Jaraku Jaraku the Interloper

A meddlesome kami of manipulations residing in the body of a simple wizard.

A young mechanic from the Far Corner neighborhood of Towashi who went to study at the Imperial Academy.[9] After a kami in the neighborhood killed a Mokutai Reckoner scout, the gang cut off Jenzo's hand and nailed it to Far Corner's gate as a warning, returning the mechanic half-dead the following day. He received a prosthetic afterwards and assisted the villagers in the creation of disruptors to defend against the Reckoners.

A budoka temple guard.[16]
Jiwari Jiwari, the Earth Aflame

The great kami of earthquakes, whose appearance was always preceded by waves of shinen (“spirit fire”).
Kagemaro Kagemaro, First to Suffer

The first human to become so evil that his spirit became an oni.[32]
Kagero Master Kagero

A master ninja and teacher of shinobi, including Higure, at the Temple of the Black Scroll.[26]
Kaho Kaho, Minamo Historian

The female human jushi who served as Minamo's historian during the first half of the Kami War.[18]
Kaiso Kaiso, Memory of Loyalty

A protective kami of lingering loyalties residing in the body of a simple samurai's attendant.

A Fudaiju monk who helped defend against the kami attack. After Jugan's death, he fought for six years, swapping out every seventh bell. He was eventually killed by the kami Ayumi.[4]

A student at the Minamo school who proclaimed himself a master sage at 17 years old. Summoned Towazo, The Unspeakable, and subsequently lost his mind.[21] Held in the cells under Minamo for observation by Azami until he was rescued by Nozomi during the Hidetsugu attack.[12]
The Kami of Exultant Revelry

A kami of celebration in Towashi.[11]
The Kami of Empty Graves[11]


The great kami of thunder and lightning.

The sister of Kiki-Jiki. Thrown into a lava flow by her brother.[33]

A Fudaiju monk and member of the Order of the Sacred Bell.[34] When his monastery came under attack, he rang the sacred bell for six years until the kami Ayumi arrived. In return, she killed him and the remaining monks.[34]

A former Minamo student who escaped during Hidetsugu's attack.[12]

A corpse-swallower toad from the canals of the Towashi Undercity.[24] Raised by the Mukotai Reckoner Tatsunari until it was the size of a horse and then ridden by him, it was later killed by the orochi samurai Chishiro during the attack on Far Corner.[9]

One of Kamigawa's finest swordsmiths.[16]

Iizuka's only son and heir. Taken captive by Aya and killed by his father along with his captor.[8]
Keni-Keni Keni-Keni, Akki Smith

Kenji Kenji, Sokenzan artisan


A wolf pup rescued by Ryo.[35]
Kensai Lord Kensai

A samurai lord who fell from grace.[8]

A veteran soldier serving under Iizuka.[8]
Kensuke Kensuke, houndmaster

Kentaro Kentaro, the Smiling Cat

A legendary warrior known for slaying ochimusha and others he felt dishonorable or unworthy of life. Never defeated in combat against man, beast, or kami. Gathered a band of former ochimusha to help slay an oni and redeem their honor.[36]
Kenzo Kenzo the Hardhearted

A veteran, high-ranking samurai in the daimyo Konda's service.[16]

A young noblewoman, daughter of and heir to Nitta. Assassinated by Higure.[26]

A scholar, scribe, and teacher from a village wiped out by Kataki in vengeance for a villager killing the kami's prey.[19]
Kira Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

An infamous kami that can ward itself and others against spells using coatings of magical glass.
Kiyomaro Kiyomaro, First to Stand

The ancient kami of Kamigawa's first daimyo.
Kodama of the Northern Tree

The kami of the Winter Tree in Jukai forest. It values survival above all else, and does not suffer fools lightly. Wants to be left alone until provoked and is then a deadly force of nature.[37]
Kodama of the Southern Tree

The kami of the Summer Tree in Jukai forest. It values community above all else, though a community with certain rules. Cares about all living things in its forest and wants everything in its proper place.[37]
Kodama of the Eastern Tree

The kami of the Spring Tree in Jukai forest. It values growth above all else, and lives with a blooming zest. Jests and pranks, seemingly everywhere at once in its part of the forest.[37] Before the Kami War, the monks of the East Tree enjoyed a life of prosperity alongside this spirit, who used floating spores to spread new growth throughout the area. When the Kami War broke out, the kodama appeared to go dormant, sinking its roots into the ground and becoming unresponsive. Unfortunately, the reality was much less peaceful. The kodama was spreading its roots through the territory of the East Tree, and from the ground burst a new kind of spore unlike any the monks had ever seen. These spores all struck at once, latching onto humans and syphoning their energy to create new spiritual growths. At the end of the twenty-year war, the kodama sank into dormancy once more. While it hasn't stirred since, the remaining monks still pray to it nervously—from a safe distance. [38]
Kodama of the Western Tree

The kami of the Autumn Tree in Jukai forest. Gloomy, dangerous, and feral, the Kodama of the West Tree values the hunt above all else and lives by the creed "survival of the fittest."[37] It is over thirty feet tall, with wide limbs covered in bark and a mouth stretched with threads of golden sap. A dozen luminescent blossoms circle its head, and cascades of smaller branches trail down its shoulders like a crown of hair.[11] It has a passionate hatred of Towashi and all who live within it and frequently prowls the edge of the forest where it abuts the city, stalking and attacking any mortals who try to enter without the kami's blessings. Its peaceful appearance is merely a ruse: those who are foolish enough to be lured in by the calming glow of its lights often find themselves the recipients of a swift and merciless death.[24]
Kodama of the Center Tree

The kami of the Tree of All Seasons in Jukai forest. The oldest of the tree kami, it values history above all else. Knows more than anyone else in the forest but is impossible to find and talk to.[37]
Ku-Ku Ku-Ku, akki poet

Kuon Kuon, Ogre Ascendant

An enlightened ogre monk whose blood-magic meditations elevated him into the essence of pain and agony.[17][18]
Kuro Kuro, Pitlord

A powerful oni who took many as his minions, including the nezumi Ink-Eyes and the ogre Muzan.[40][41]
Kyoki Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse

A dreaded oni whose gaze induces insanity.

An apprentice keeper at Minamo.[15]
Mannichi Mannichi, the Fevered Dream

A mischievous, strange little kami of fevers and hallucinations.

A student at the Minamo school and grand niece of Seitaro and Shujiro Yamazaki.[25]
Masako Masako the Humorless

A stern noblewoman in Konda's court. She is Konda's eyes and ears in Eiganjo Castle.[16]
Masumaro Masumaro, First to Live

The once-revered kami of the first human to live by the ways of the kami.
Matsuda Captain Matsuda

Captain of the small outpost in Kodaira beseiged by Nezumi. Arrested for allowing the citizens of the town to shelter in the outpost.[6]

A mysterious kami who aids the Order of Jukai in their anti-technology mission.[24]

A student at the Minamo school.[21]

An older gray nezumi female with silver fur around her mouth who harvests mushrooms.[27]

A former ochimusha serving under Kentaro. Killed by an oni.[36]

An ogre who nursed the nezumi shinobi Ink-Eyes back to health and trained her as an apprentice. He was eventually killed by his apprentice to appease their master, the oni Kuro, and then resurrected to serve as Ink-Eyes's apprentice.[40]
Myojin of Cleansing Fire

The kami of white magic on Kamigawa.
Myojin of Infinite Rage

The kami of red magic on Kamigawa. During the final months of the Kami War the Myojin of Infinite Rage gathered his worshipers to launch a large attack against Eiganjo. As O-Kagachi had already attacked the citadel, the Myojin's forces had to deal with the samurai protecting the Eiganjoan refugees as well as Yosei, the Morning Star.
Myojin of Seeing Winds

The kami of blue magic on Kamigawa.

A veteran soldier serving under Iizuka.[8]

A Fudaiju monk who helped defend against the kami attack. After Jugan's death, he fought for six years, swapping out every seventh bell. He was eventually killed by the kami Ayumi.[4]

A muscular woman member of The Hyozan Reckoners.[11] She wears metal gloves trailing up to her elbows, each finger pointed and needle sharp. One swipe of her hand leaves a special kind of poison that caused venomous flowers to blossom from a person's wounds.

An orphan who grew up with Sakashima and the first person he impersonated.[12]
Nighteyes Nighteyes, nezumi necromancer


A yamabushi shaman who Kenshi Sakashima disguised himself as.[12]

A samurai merchant of the merchant house of Nitta, longtime allies of the Konda clan and their main supporter in the Kami War.[26]
Noboru Noboru, Master Kitemaker

A kitemaker who lives in Eigan Town.[16]

A student at the Minamo school whose parents, uncle, and older brother were killed by kami. During Hidetsugu's attack on the school, she helped many students escape, including Keimi and Kajiya, before being killed by the ogre herself.[12]
Okazawa Captain Okazawa

A captain in Konda’s army. He led the soldiers that defended the Eiganjoan refugees against the forces of the Myojin of Infinite Rage.[2]

A goblin shaman.[16]
Onyx-Eye Onyx-Eye, architect of Eiganjo

Opal-Eye Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo


The akki elder of Kiki-Jiki's tribe.[33]

A kirin who spends every 1000 years among mortals before reuniting with the other kirin to discuss his experiences.[15]

A student at the Minamo school.[21]
Reki Reki, the History of Kamigawa

A monk. From his tattooed body, the History of Kamigawa was written. Co-founder of the Living Historians.
Riko Laughing Riko

An akki who was said to have aided a fire kami, and was rewarded with great power, becoming a great shaman among the akki.[29]
Rokuan Master Rokuan

Master of the Fudaiju monks and the Order of the Sacred Bell.[34] If not killed in the ensuing six-year battle, he was presumably killed by the kami Ayumi at its conclusion.[4]
Rumiyo Rumi

Moonfolk. A daughter of Tamiyo.[23][27]
Rune-Tail An enlightened kitsune monk whose meditations enabled him to bless his followers with immortality.[17][18]


A guard from a village wiped out by Kataki in vengeance for a villager killing the kami's prey.[19]

A refugee whose parents stayed to learn at Dosan's monastery.[35]

A veteran lieutenant of Iizuka.[8]

Orochi shaman. A daughter of Seshiro. Leader of the Orochi with her brother Sosuke when they were attacked by the Moonfolk of Oboro.[2]

An orochi.[12]
Sakiko Sakiko, Mother of Summer

An orochi matron who has mastered the art of drawing green mana from her enemies’ holdings.[20]

A former ochimusha serving under Kentaro.[36]
Saku Saku, Futurist technician


A young Fudaiju budoka who helped defend against the kami attack. After Jugan's death, he fought at least 6 years, swapping out every seventh bell. He was eventually killed by the kami Ayumi.[4]
Sasaya Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant

An enlightened orochi monk whose meditations enabled her to meld her life force with that of the forest.[17][18]
Satsuki Satsuki, the Living Lore


A kirin who spends every 1000 years among mortals before reuniting with the other kirin to discuss his experiences. When living among mortals, he often takes the form of a disease known as the Black Wind or the Weeping Plague.[15]

Seizan Seizan, Perverter of Truth

A powerful, evil oni known for its ability to deceive.
Sekki Sekki, Seasons' Guide

The great kami of the turning of the seasons.

An Orochi female who left the colony of her birth in order to found a new colony as a broodmistress.
Shidako Shidako, Broodmistress

An Orochi matriarch and warrior.[16]
Shimatsu Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked

An oni overlord.
Shin Shin, Towashi street performer

Shirei Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker

A legendary kami, a kind of shepherd of the dead, who watches over the disgraced and abandoned battlefield called Shizo.[43]

A hikyaku (courier) stationed in an outpost in Kodaira. Killed by a nezumi.[6]
Shisato Shisato, Whispering Hunter

An orochi renegade known for her cunning and ruthlessness who hunts Dosan's monks.[1][16] Her venom was so strong that a few drops could kill another orochi.[44]
Shorikai Shorikai, Genesis Engine

A kami within the Epoch Engine.[3] The Engine's pilot Kotori perceives the kami as having a dark aura, a waterfall of tangled black hair, a body built of many wordless and uneasy things, and a multitude of hollowed, eyeless faces. After bonding with its pilot, the two began to refer to themselves as Kotori-Shorikai.

A kirin who spends every 1000 years among mortals before reuniting with the other kirin to discuss his experiences.[15]
Snow-Fur Snow-Fur, Kitsune Poet

A kitsune poet and author of Leaves of Kamigawa.[26]

A human warrior serving as an ochimusha mercenary at the nezumi village of Kitanosu. Sacrificed to Horobi, the kami of death's wail.[13]
Sonzaki General Sonzaki[5]

Soramaro Soramaro, First to Dream

The once-respected kami of a famous half-human, half-soratami wizard.

Orochi warrior. A son of Seshiro. Leader of the Orochi with his sister Sachi when they were attacked by the Moonfolk of Oboro.[2]
Split-Tail Old Split-Tail

A nezumi known for stealing a bundle of scrolls from the Minamo School four generations before the Kami War, which spawned the first generation of nezumi shamans.
Stabwhisker Stabwhisker the Odious


A village elder from a village wiped out by Kataki in vengeance for a villager killing the kami's prey.[19]
Swift-Arm Swift-Arm, Golden-Tail headmaster

A kitsune who ran the elite Golden-Tail Academy for Imperial samurai and taught Kaito Shizuki and the Emperor of Kamigawa swordsmanship.[45]
Takada Takada, last of the rearguard

Taimanto Old Taimanto

A villager from a village wiped out by Kataki in vengeance for another villager killing the kami's prey.[19]
Takumi Takumi, Reckoner enforcer

A member of the Reckoners.
Tender-Hand Tender-Hand, Kitsune Healer


The great kami of the sun.[46]

A kirin who spends every 1000 years among mortals before reuniting with the other kirin to discuss his experiences.[15]
Tobita Tobita, Master of Winds

A master jushi who specializes in air magic.[16]
Tomorrow Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar

Kami familiar of Minamo head librarian Azami Ozu.[47]
Tomoya Tomoya the Revealer

A jushi who practices prophesying magic.[16]

An apprentice keeper at Minamo.[15]

An ochimusha banished by his daimyo to wander Takenuma Swamp. Wandered for two years before joining Kentaro, hoping to redeem his honor by killing an oni.[36]

An ogre.
Towazu Towazu, Kami of the Forbidden
The Unspeakable

The great kami of things unspeakable. Summoned by students at the Minamo school and afterwards began appearing before great seekers of knowledge and owners of arcane scrolls, leaving their owners comatose or insane with the arcane knowledge it imparted.[48]
Umeyo Ume

Moonfolk. A niece of Tamiyo.[23]

A guard at the nezumi village of Kitanosu.[13]
Yamazaki Master Yamazaki

Father of Seitaro and Shujiro Yamazaki, killed by his sons while channeling his soul into a guardian of his village.[25]
Yomiji Yomiji, Who Bars the Way

The sacred and revered kami who guards the passage from life into death.[49]
Yoshino Lady Yoshino

Concubine to Lord Konda and mother to princess Michiko. Lady Yoshino was one of the first victims of the Kami War.[2]

A former ochimusha serving under Kentaro. Killed by an oni.[36]
Yukora Yukora, the Prisoner

A terrifying, murderous oni that was magically imprisoned for decades by 99 powerful kannushi.
Yui Yui, Imperial intercessor

An Imperial.

A spirit-world creature in the form of a beautiful woman impervious to cold.

A Fudaiju monk who helped defend against the kami attack. After Jugan's death, she fought for six years before being killed by a horde of kumo. He was eventually killed by the kami Ayumi.[4]


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