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The following Ravnican characters are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Character name Title Description Associated cards
Feather and Fire Sisters
Flame Sisters
A pair of Boros angels stationed in Sunhome to protect various magical relics. Stopped Dack Fayden from looting a particularly powerful weapon, although the thief was able to take a magical Therosian gauntlet before planeswalking away.[1]
ZV29K A guildless human street urchin from Tin Street, underwent cytoplast experimentation by the Simic Combine. Eventually became a cytoplast himself.[2]
Adreya A dear Selesnya friend of Commander Yaszen of the Boros Legion.[3]
Agmand Sarv Agmand Sarv, Azorius hussar
Hussar Commander Sarvis
The capital of the Lyev Column, the Azorius Senate's law enforcement branch.
Despite the fact that he has never been in combat, he has earned a reputation as a brilliant military strategist.[4]
He was replaced by Dovin Baan.
Agosto Agosto, Azorius imperator
Akamal Cray A Gruul warrior, who followed Domri Rade's leadership.[5][6]
Alcarus Alcarus, Selesnya archer An elven teacher at the Kasarna Training Grounds, whose family was killed in a Rakdos "thrill-kill" spree.[3]
Alovnek Alovnek, Boros guildmage
Anksa Lieutenant Anksa Human commander of the former Boros Theater of Integrity.[7] A female Wojek — the youngest ever to reach her rank.
Now commander of the Wojek League.[3]
Aradoz Wageboss Aradoz A half-demon hired by Teysa Karlov to build her a mansion in Utvara.[8]
Ari Shokta Araithia Shokta's mother. A Gruul warrior.[9]
Arin Arin, Selesnya healer
Armin Morov Pontiff Morov A human that is part of the Orzhov Triumvirate, and the acting head of the church. He is the patriarch of the Morov oligarchs. Very old with graying skin and absolutely no hair.[6]
Arrus A Ghor Clan Viashino tattooist, who discovered a Selesnya plot to leech mana from Gruul territory.[10]
Aun Yom A Gruul clanleader who was killed and possessed by an Orzhov Taj assassin.[8]
Azdomas A kraul Krunstraz warrior from the Golgari Swarm. Leading the kraul after Mazirek's death.[9]
Aszala Aszala of House Dimir
Azka Judge Azka An Azorius judge killed by Vraska's cultists, possibly Javy, as part of her revenge against the guild.[11] His heart was removed and sent to the victims he denied justice.[12]
Baas Radley A Ghor Clan Ogre shaman, partial to crushing dams and bridges.[10]
Bart A Goblin regular at the Titan's Keg Tavern in Merrytown. Brother of Ruk and Yeep. Burned to death in the Tavern.[13]
Barvisa Barvisa, courtroom scribe
Bea Great Aunt Bea A Dimir spy placed in Merret's household by Lazav to watch over his special baby boy.[14]
Belko Belko, owner of Titan's Keg tavern Owner and bartender of the Titan's Keg Tavern in Merrytown. Burned to death in the Tavern.[13]
Bell Migellic Bell Migellic, Azorius hussar
Berta Suszat Berta Suszat, civic healer
Bilagru Chief Bilagru
A twelve feet high Orzhov Giant. Chief enforcer for the Church Militant.[6][15] Within the guild, an ally of Kaya and Tomik Vrona.[16]
Blaise Madame Blaise Chief servitor of Orzhova.[6] Sometimes impersonated by Lazav.[16]
Bogo Sternwhistle A famous Izzet Goblin inventor.[17]
Bogumil Bem Wojek Scribe-Sergeant Bogumil Bem[18]
Bombop An Ogre Gruul warrior, who rejected Domri Rade's leadership.[5] Killed by the Dreadhorde.
Bonmod Bonmod, caravan rear guard
Bori Andon Bori Andon, Izzet blastseeker A well-respected member of the Izzet. Based on witness accounts, he's highly skilled but incredibly reckless and destructive. Has damaged or destroyed numerous buildings throughout the city, including the Harmony Basilica, the Veil Theatre, and numerous locations in the Kalnika District including the Dome of the Black Dove. Wanted by the Order of Architects and sixth most wanted by the Azorius Senate for public nuisance, destruction of property, and illegal launch of humanoid.[11]
Boruvo Spearmaster Boruvo A Selesnya centaur teacher at the Kasarna Training Grounds, formerly a Gruul hunter.[3] Araithia Shokta's godfather, and Keeper of her Life Pledge.[9][19]
Bougrat Bougrat, druid of the Cult of Yore The only named member of the Cult of Yore.[20]
Bozat An aspiring kraul necromancer, who died while preventing Vraska from getting framed for murder.[21]
Branko Branko One-Ear A guard at the Azorius Detention Compound. Stood over seven feet tall, with broad shoulders. While attempting to subdue Vraska during a riot of Golgari prisoners, his ear was torn off. After being knocked unconscious by the guard, the gorgon sparked and planeswalked away.[22] Following the raid, Branko left the Azorius and purchased a tenement near Keyhole Downs with the help of his father. The building became part of Rakdos territory and eventually left it, and only the truly destitute chose to live in his slum. He was killed by Vraska's cultists for his participation in the Mass Arrest.[11] The top of his skull was cleanly removed by a magical incision and his brain was extracted and placed in his lap. The empty skull was jammed full with worthless coins.[12]
Brev Grezar Brev Grezar, Boros lieutenant
Briska Briska, Ninth District freemage
Brutus The Rakdos leader of “Brutus’s Improvised Comedy Fun-Time Show.”[23]
Cecilee An elven Selesnya Evangel who led a vernadi in the Rubblebelt. Sister of Ruzi, she adopted an abandoned Gruul child to raise as her own, and named it after her brother.[24] She was killed by the Rakdos thrill-kill assassin-for-hire Massacre Girl.[25]
Cevraya Cevraya, Golgari shaman A leading Devkarin Elf in the Golgari Swarm.[9] Passed over as matka by Izoni.[16]
Chagrach Chagrach, Rakdos cursemage
Chagrach, Rakdos keggermage[26]
Chessa A smart, young merfolk and a Simic protector.[27]
Cica Cica, Skyjek scout
The Cozen A contract killer for the Orzhov. Their true identity is unknown.[11]
Czaric Czaric, Orzhov prelate
Dahlya Trul Writer of the Irbitov Lament
Daiva Daiva, Gruul storyteller
Damir Damir, Voidwielder A renegade mage accusing the guilds of mass murder. He has vowed to remake the natural laws and to banish his enemies from existence. His stated aim is to reverse time itself and his magic has been known to create unstable ripples in the atmosphere.[11]
Darijo Darijo, Ivy Street ruffian
Dars Gostok Dars Gostok, Firefist Captain A human male who served in the Boros Legion. He fought alongside Gideon Jura to clear the Ninth District of Gruul, Rakdos and Dimir influences.[28]
He would later serve during a Goblin gang war between Krenko and the Shattergang Brothers, coming to the rescue of Gideon Jura and some trapped hostages.[29]
Dasha Dasha, Orzhov Priest
Dax Foley A high-level Izzet chemister specializing in arcane metallurgy and practical alchemy.[30]
Daxiver Daxiver, Izzet electromancer
Devesh Devesh, Golgari shaman
Dhuuz Dhuuz, kronch wrangler
Dibor An assassin and member of Vraska's cult sent by the gorgon to monitor her meeting with Jace Beleren.[31]
Dravash Dravash, dowsing shaman
Dravin Dravin, Gruul deserter
Dravin, free citizen of Ravnica[32]
Member of the Gruul Clans who deserted after witnessing the might of a Blazing Archon.
Dryzek A legendary Ghor Clan Giant, recently let go from the Udzec prison. A rival of Ruric Thar.[10]
Ecaban Ecaban, Boros scout
Esperanza Morov A member of the influential Morov family. Great-aunt of Armin Morov, and therefore probably a ghost.[16]
Eksari Eksari, Boros patrol leader
Elias A former lover of Ral Zarek. He had dark brown skin and long hair that was dyed deep green, in the imitation of elven fashion.[33] They had a dog.[34]
Emil Wojek captain from Merrytown. Killed in an explosion created by Uzric, a Rakdos guildmage.[13]
Emilya 14-year-old Orzhov member hanged by the Rakdos as part of a martyrdom scheme by the Orzhov Syndicate. Spent 126 years in the afterlife at Agyrem learning of her betrayal before she was returned to life by the Yore-Tiller Nephilim.[35]
Esfir Esfir, Rakdos dragon wrangler
Evern Capobar A master thief, who is contracted by a Guildmaster for an exponential amount of money to use his retrieval service.[36]
Ezoc Ezoc, Golgari rot farmer
Fadka A full-time seamstress and part-time healer. She was friends with Dack Fayden, but didn't like that he stole artifacts for a living.[37]
Ferzhin Commander Ferzhin A female minotaur in the Boros Legion. Second in command to Aurelia.[38][39]
Gan Shokta Araithia Shokta's father. A Gruul warrior, who rejected Domri Rade's leadership.[5][9]
Garo Glademaster Garo Elven glademaster of the Selesnya Conclave. Possessed by Nicol Bolas, and killed by Ral Zarek.[34]
Gats Tin Street street urchin.[2]
Gaven A warehouse owner whose building was infested with zombie rats.
Gebris A notoriously cruel novice guard at the Azorius Detention Compound.[22]
Ghut Rak Ghut Rak, Gruul guildmage
Gna Gna, Gruul Shaman
Gorev Hadszak Gorev Hadszak, Wojek investigator
Govan Radley An Ogre Gruul warrior, who rejected Domri Rade's leadership.[5]
Grangle An unusual goblin who sat for hours deep in thought. He was largely ignored by his fellow goblins.
Grazda Grazda, veteran armorer
Grimbly Wothis A minotaur overseer at the docks.[14] Later, imprisoned by the Azorius and freed by the Cult of Rakdos.[40]
Grozdan Commander Grozdan Aggressive minotaur commander of the Boros Kamen Fortress.[3][7]
Grozgrox Master Chemister Grozgrox A Viashino mage with a talent for shaping Mizzium.[4]
Grupgrup Grupgrup, sluiceway technician
Gulistan Gulistan, Simic biomancer
Gullifen One of Ral Zarek’s chief engineers who died during the activation of his great machine after Dovin Baan sabotaged their efforts.[41]
Gurras Gurras, Golgari rot farmer
Gusztav Saint Gusztav An Orzhov saint.
Haszin Dycar Citizen killed by Vraska and positioned to spell Jace's name as a message to him. She was chosen for the resemblance between her name and the plane of Zendikar (plane)'s.[31]
Hellas Vitria A Dimir lieutenant of Lazav. Killed and mutilated by him for betrayal.[42]
Henrdik Azmerak Big Hen
Grand Arbiter Azmerak
An Izzet rogue.[43] Grand Arbiter pro tem of the Thinktank Enclave.
Heruj Heruj, Selesnya initiate
Heruj, Selesyna hierophant
Hilgur Hilgur, Orzhov euthanist
Igort Uriklatz Owner of 22 registered pets, including a Drekavac, an Ursapine, and an ogre. When his ogre broke free and disrupted a market, Uriklatz was arrested. After a three-and-a-half-year trial, was found guilty of Disturbing Commerce and breaking the Leash Laws and received a fine, lost his pet license, and lost all 22 of his pets to the Simic. Later created a Leashling with an Izzet guild member.[44]
Ilromov Ilromov, traveling storyteller
Iveta Iveta, rooftop runner
Ivos Koba Ivos Koba, indrik handler
Ivrelya Ivrelya, Dimir spymaster
J'dashe An undead Orzhov pontiff who funded Dack Fayden's heists. Self-proclaimed Greatest Fence in the Multiverse.[45]
Jahdeera A Viashino Gruul warrior, who followed Domri Rade's leadership.[5][6] Twin to Sheeza. Killed in the War.[16]
Jaharg A Gruul Ogre of the Bolrac Clan.
Jalan Tosk Jalan Tosk, Simic forcemage
Janik Bara Janik Bara, Wojek captain
Janin Mooney An lithe human Izzet rogue, raised by Vedalken.[43]
Janoc Janoc, Tin Street tinker
Jarga A Golgari rot troll, who helped Vraska to overthrow the reign of Jarad vod Savo.[46]
Javy A Boros investigator and one of Arbiter Relov's oldest friends. She supported Relov's Failsafe Initiative and suggested stricter limitations on executions, but this proposal had been killed by Grand Arbiter Leonos. She and her partner were beaten severely while on patrol in the Smelting District. Her partner was killed in the attack, and she took months to recover.[22] After her attacker was released due to bribery of Azorius judicial officials, she became disillusioned with the law guild and joined Vraska's burgeoning cult, becoming a competent assassin who specialized in killing corrupt officials according to the manner in which they lived their lives. She killed or was involved in the deaths of Arbiter Zivan, Branko One-Ear, Judge Azka, and Arbiter Relov.[12] She may be the same investigator as Pel Javya.
Jonik Baker in the neighborhood of Merrytown.
Josuri Josuri
Jozica Jozica, Orzhov enforcer
Juzba Juzba, Izzet tinker
Kallist Rhoka A blademaster and a friend of Jace Beleren in the Infinite Consortium.[47] Killed by Semner.
Karlov Uncle Karlov A member of the Karlov family; not to be confused with Grandfather Karlov. Teysa Karlov inherited the Utvara district from him and became baroness once he passed away and joined the Ghost Council.[8]
Kaszira A young merfolk biomancer and niece of Zegana.
She studies at the zonots to find a way to protect the deep waters against the krasis.[27]
Kavin A vedalken who assisted Jace Beleren in studying the Implicit Maze.[31]
Kavrova Firemane Kavrova
Kel'teth A laid-back Golgari troll, living in the Undercity.[30]
Kirce Kirce, Axebane guardian
Kitov Kitov, nightguard patrol
Klattic Klattic, Boros legionnaire
Kobrev An assassin and member of Vraska's cult sent by the gorgon to monitor her meeting with Jace Beleren.[31]
Kodolaag Kodo A Rakdos demon who performs bad poetry and stand-up. Instrumental in freeing thousands of prisoners from an Azorius prison.[40]
Korun Nar Korun Nar, Rubblebelt hunter
Kramm Kramm, Wojek security officer
Kroshkar Kroshkar, Gruul shaman
Ktank Ktank, Gruul plowmaster
Kyteringa A young Devkarin girl saved by Yangling and Vraska, who has grown fond of the queen.[16]
Lalia Lalia, Selesnya dryad
Lapt Mr. Lapt Two of his family members were among the four killed when the eighteenth floor of his tenement collapsed. He sought compensation from the Azorius Senate, but was met with inaction by Arbiter Relov.[22]
Lazlo Morov A member of the influential Morov family. Cousin of Armin Morov.[16]
Leighbet A young Izzet scientist who has stumbled upon a small spatial rift and its magic property to neutralize electric shocks.
She has discovered that she is willing to kill to protect her discovery.[30]
Libuse Libuse, Boros sergeant
Linna Stradek Citizen killed by Vraska and positioned to spell Jace's name as a message to him. She was chosen for the resemblance between her name and the plane of Innistrad's.[31]
Lodusz Lodusz, captain of the watch
Lotleth Troll A Golgari troll who graduated from eating corpses to corpse-haulers to Ravnican citizens. Stalks the canal district and is currently the Azorius Senate's eighth most wanted criminal for practicing non-ritualistic cannibalism.[11]
Lucinka An old precognitive mage, sympathetic to the Cult of Rakdos.[40]
Lucy Rest in Peace
Luda A little girl mistakingly killed by Myczil Zunich, later revealed to have been a lupul.[48]
Ludy Magistrate Ludy
Malacha A ragged Gruul druid who guards the Cairn of Year's March, awaiting some event that he won't reveal.[3]
Maladola Mistress Maladola An angel that is part of the Orzhov Triumvirate, and the guild's chief warrior-executioner. A long-ago defector from the Boros Legion.[6]
Mandor Mandor, Selesnya ranger
Mathvan Mathvan, Prahv scrollwarden
Matty Tin Street street urchin.[2]
Maytov A cunning thief considered by some to be the plane's best. Rival and opponent of Dack Fayden.[49]
Mazena Mazena the Manipulative A dryad member of the Selesnya Conclave. One of Trostani's most trusted advisors.[24] Dryad Militant
Medge Tender Medge An old-fashioned merfolk school tender, who was accidentally mutated by Momir Vig's last cytoplast.[27]
Merree Cryptwitch Merree A Rakdos Cultist who had a spat with Rakdos and disappeared. Her 'playthings' still linger, however.
Merret A low-level weather wizard with a scarred face working at the harbor. Also a minor spy for the Dimir.[14]
Husband of Tashi, father of daughter Soche and a remarkable baby son.
Merretson Merret's baby son. A baby that has shown to possess strong wizardry skills and teleporting abilities.[14]
Under the protection of Lazav.
Mezim Magrah Mezim Magrah, civic healer
Mihas Mihas, spore druid
Miko A brave, but dense, young merfolk.[27]
Milada An assassin and member of Vraska's cult sent by the gorgon to monitor her meeting with Jace Beleren.[31]
Milana Milana, Orzhov prelate
Millena A Dimir thoughtstealer Millena who, controlled by Nicol Bolas, infiltrates Nivix and plants a thought into Niv-Mizzet's mind.[17][42]
Afterwards, caught and tortured by the Firemind.
Mileva Mileva, Boros legionnaire A famous soldier of the Boros Legion in the Tenth District.
Minosz Minosz, Orzhov chief of security
Miotri Miotri, auratouched mage
Mirela Mirela, Azorius hussar
Miri Daughter of a Orzhov pontiff, secretly yearning to be part of the Selesnya.[50]
Mote Mote, Rakdos madcap
Myc Zunich Son of Jarad, Devkarin Guildmaster of the Golgari, and the half-elf Wojek Fonn.[36]
Myznar Myznar, Izzet psychomancer
Narbulg Narbulg Nine Fingers A corpulent Giant, leader of the Gruul Scab Clan.
Navona Navona, Simic field tester
Nedja Nedja, Gruul shaman
Neero Jak Watch Captain Neero Jax An innocuous Izzet vedalken who was a fan of the comic opera. Manipulated by Nicol Bolas to shot of the wards of Nivix.[17]
Nefara Nefara, Dimir agent
Nevena Firemane Nevena An Boros angel who led a successful assault on a group of guildless rebels.
After being chastised by Aurelia, she has distanced herself from the Boros Legion's leadership.
She independently pursues her own vision of justice and punishment.[4]
Niszka Niszka, Selesnya evangel A Selesnya evangel, their quotes are sometimes confused with those of Vaszka.
Nyoser Nyoser, Gore-House ringleader Manager of the Gore House in the Sixth Precinct.
Olrich Olrich, Rakdos club owner A devil, and a friend of the demon Kodolaag.[40]
Omik Omik, superintendent of waterworks
Orik Troll bouncer of the Titan's Keg Tavern in Merrytown. Burned to death in the Tavern before being reanimated by Uzric and exploding, burning down nearly a third of the neighborhood.[13]
Ossett Weslyn Wojek Weslyn A Boros Minotaur, recently promoted to the Wojek League.[51]
Otak Otak, Tin Street shopkeep
Panjandrum Master Panjandrum The Rakdos leader of “Master Panjandrum’s Extraordinary Carnival of Delights.”[52]
Pelener Pelener, chamberlain of Niv-Mizzet
Pel Javya Pel Javya, Wojek investigator
Pesha Pesha, retired blacksmith
Piggy Zombie regular at the Titan's Keg Tavern in Merrytown. Beheaded by a group of elves and later burned to death in the Tavern.[13]
Polgar Arrester Polgar
Predak Predak, Gateless freemage
Promise Gideon's Promise The pegasus that Gideon Jura rode into battle against Nicol Bolas.[53] Killed by Oketra's arrow.
Ptero Zallik Tender Zallik An adaptionist merfolk school tender.[27]
Quyzl Quyzl, chronarch prodigy
Raiche Belas A vedalken Simic Biomancer serving as Senior Researcher on the Cytoplast Revitalization Project, experimenting on ZV29K and Warrik, among others. Reported directly to Momir Vig.[2]
Relov Arbiter Relov A corrupt arbiter who signed fraudulent orders in exchange for bribes. When he was younger, he'd spearheaded a joint venture with the Boros Legion known as the Failsafe Initiative, which rescued children from the Gruul Clans or prisons and placed them in Azorius and Boros academies. As arbiter, one of his first actions was the signing of the Mass Arrest Order issued by Isperia to "clean up" the Golgari Swarm. His other actions included approval of a fine on those arrested in proximity to a riot, even without evidence of their participation, disapproval of funding for an anti-cult initiative, and approval for a new statue of Grand Arbiter Leonos near the main entrance to New Prahv.[22] He'd also suggested stricter limitations on executions at Javy's request, but his proposal had been killed by Grand Arbiter Leonos. The last living signatory of the Mass Arrest Order, he was personally killed by Vraska, by being turned to stone and placed at the entrance to New Prahv, mistook for the new statue of Grand Arbiter Leonos he himself had approved.[12][11]
Rencz Rencz, Izzet chemister's aide
Resimir Resimir, Zarichi Temple priest
Rezajaelis Agnaus Reza An Azorius Vedalken lawmage. Known for solving the Thinktank Jurisdictional Fallacy.[43]
Ritjit Ogre Jailbreaker 10th most wanted criminal by the Azorius Senate. Verbal capacity is highly limited. After a series of petty crimes, he attacked Vitu-Ghazi, but was only able to breach the outer defenses before being driven off by a contingent of Wolf Riders. He continued his rampage at the Tin Street Market, destroying 81% of the stalls in less than twenty minutes before finally being detained. He spent three years in a cell before smashing the door with the iron ball chained to his foot. He was last seen in the vicinity of the Selesnya Saproling Nursery, eating saprolings.[11] Ogre Jailbreaker
Rogad Rogad, Selesnya initiate
Ruba Ruba, Rakdos cultist
Rugar Rugar, Leaguehall Infirmary patient
Ruk Goblin regular at the Titan's Keg Tavern in Merrytown. Brother of Yeep and Bart. Burned to death in the Tavern.[13]
Ruzi Zi An abandoned Gruul child from the Rubblebelt adopted by Cecilee and raised by her brother Ruzi, who he was named after, after her death.[24] Has a Gruul tattoo on his back.[25]
Sadruna A Selesnya elf woodshaper. His masterwork is the giant meditation garden Sumala.[54]
Senka Senka, Stealer of Secrets A skilled thief of unknown alignment. Stole from the Dimir Public Offices and released a Dinrova Horror to cover her escape. Now the Azorius Senate's seventh most wanted criminal for theft of Orzhov coin and agitating the wildlife.[11] Stealer of Secrets
Sirislav Sirislav, Dimir spy
Shann Dilara Citizen killed by Vraska and positioned to spell Jace's name as a message to him. She was chosen for the resemblance between her name and the plane of Shandalar's.[31]
Shauntal Shauntal, Boros legionnaire
Sheeza A Viashino Gruul warrior, who followed Domri Rade's leadership.[5][6] Twin to Jadheera.
Skorik Skorik Boulder Tooth The goblin leader of the Gruul Gravel Hide Clan.
He adorns himself with the shattered remnants of weapons that he has rent to bits with his own jaws.[4]
Skotov Skotov, Tin Street basket vendor
Skreeg Izzet Goblin attendant of Ral Zarek.
Slavomir Zoltan Tithe-Master Zoltan
A vampire that is part of the Orzhov Triumvirate, and controls the finances of the guild. He is dangerously handsome with dark-auburn hair, green eyes and a fetching smile.[6][16]
Sobeslav Elven assistant to Guildmaster Jarad of the Golgari. Killed by the Kraul Mazirek.[55]
Svania Trul Svania Trul, wayfinder novice Last words
Sergiu Sergiu, Opal Lake magistrate
Somhaur Somhaur, Orzhov pontiff
Strava Strava, Dimir mage
Suniel Suniel the Woodwise
Svar Svar, Boros signaler
Tagan An Azorius Sphinx lawmage. Menor of Reza.[43]
Tamina Tamina, district guide
Tamsyn Sweene Apparently an Izzet female goblin blastseeker, but actually a Dimir shapeshifter. Killed by Leighbet.[30]
Terrik An elven wurmcaller from the Selesnya Conclave.[56]
Thados Arquef Thados Arquef, Guardian Project biomancer
Tharashk Tharashk the Bold
Theofolz Theofolz, Ravnican terraformer[32]
Thorpe Thorpe, street urchin
Trigori Trigori, Azorius senator
Trivaz Trivaz, Izzet mage
Troslon The Selesnya cleric who oversees the Ivory Oaks, a rugged albino loxodon.
A bit of a rebel in that he puts the natural world before the desires of his guild.[54]
Tuudgrit Arrested for signing a guest ledger with his own pen, in violation of "Processes and Procedures, Implements and Accoutrements Of," Vol. III.[44]
Ubea Ubea, Orzhov ministrant
Ukl Ukl, Gruul raider Known for his last words.
Urgdar Urgdar, cyclops philosopher
Uthlon Uthlon the Wise A sphinx who scandalized his society, hooting the answers to riddles as he rampaged through Tin Street.
Uzana Arbiter Uzana A vedalken lawmage and leader of the Jelenn Column (the legislature) of the Azorius Senate.
She is renowned for possessing nearly perfect memory and has memorized every statute of Azorius law.
Much of her speech is quotations from those statutes.[4]
Uzric Uzric, Rakdos guildmage Regular at the Titan's Keg Tavern in Merrytown. Created a flesh cloak from a group of elves and zombified Orik, rigging him to burn down the neighborhood, before himself burning to death in the same Tavern.[13]
Vaclav Nosek A fence, and an unreliable companion of Dack Fayden.[37] In a fight, he was killed by Sifa Grent after stabbing her in the back, just before Fayden was able to finish her off.[57]
Varryvort Chief Chemister Varryvort An Izzet goblin, who was impersonated by Lazav.[58]
Vatek Patrolman Vatek Wojek patrolman killed in an explosion in Merrytown created by Uzric, a Rakdos guildmage.[13]
Vell Hussar Captain Vell An Azorius hussar. Second in command to Dovin Baan.[38]
Vennick Vennick of the Gateless
Veszka Veszka, Selesnya evangel A Selesnya evangel, their quotes are sometimes confused with those of Niszka.
Warrik A human born to an Anasis Plaza ironmonger around 9945 Z.C., experimented on with cytoplasts by the Simic Combine. Eventually became a cytoplast himself.[2]
Wilmer Ordinescu Former Wojek Commander-General of Agrus Kos.[59]
Wratislav The current leader of the Golgari Lotleth, a skilled but conceited human necromancer.
Enjoys parading his undead retinue through the streets of Ravnica.[60]
Voka Schlak Voka Schlak, Mauzam Asylum inmate
Yantis A viashino crane driver with sticky fingers.[14]
Yaszen Commander Yaszen of Boros
Commander Yaszen, Horizon Academy
A Boros skyknight who ascended through the ranks based on bravery and strategic thinking.
Now superintendent of the Horizon Military Academy, and commander of its garrison.[3][18]
Yeep Goblin regular at the Titan's Keg Tavern in Merrytown. Brother of Ruk and Bart. Killed a group of elves before burning to death in the Tavern.[13]
Yeva Yeva, Nature's Herald A mysterious Elf, protector of Ravnica's nature. Possibly part of the Selesnya Conclave.
She can call an army to her side in the blink of an eye.
Yolov Yolov, Simic bioengineer
Zalin Zalin the Gutter Bard
Zataz Zataz, Izzet clockwork artificer
Zdenia Matka Zdenia The former leader of the Golgari Devkarin, a severe, black-haired young woman.
her hands and arms were tattooed with images of insects and spiders.[60]
After her suspicious death, Izoni, Thousand-Eyed, became Matka.[4]
Zdenya An assassin and member of Vraska's cult sent by the gorgon to monitor her meeting with Jace Beleren.[31]
Zelinas Zelinas, Orzhov recruiter
Zhosmir Zhosmir, urban huntmaster
Zija Zija, Simic mutationist
Zita A shopkeeper, catering to the Cult of Rakdos. A friend of the demon Kodolaag.[40]
Zivan Arbiter Zivan An legendary Azorius legislator and arbiter who signed the Mass Arrest Order of the Golgari Swarm issued by Isperia, who was then a high-ranking judge.[22] He had once spoken for sixteen hours straight to filibuster a request for refugee assistance. He fell from grace after spending much of his time in Rakdos pleasure houses and was later killed by bloodletting through magically imprinted words of Azorius statutes across his body, possibly by Boros investigator Javy.[12][11]
Zunak Zunak, Selesnya strategist A human teacher at the Kasarna Training Grounds, formerly an Azorius strategist.[3]


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