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The following characters from Tarkir are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Name Title Description Cards
Allek Allek, Atarka hunter


A sabertooth who was Yasolva's companion.[1]
Arel Arel, the Whisperer
Arel, Unseen Whisperer

In the old timeline, a young Temur shaman that was recently initiated.
In the new timeline she is a dissenter among the Atarka.
She believes that the dragonlords are abusive tyrants and secretly searches for those who would oppose them.[2]
Asmala Asmala, bloodfire mystic
Asmala, Silumgar sorcerer

Batar Batar Throatslasher

A Mardu warrior that followed Zurgo into the Qal Sisma Mountains. He later challenged the orc to a duel and was killed.[3]
Baihir Marza Baihir Torn-of-Ear
Baihir, Dromoka mage

In the old timeline, an Ainok that resented human dominance within the Temur, and plans to take over the clan should Surrak fall. She has a child with the Mardu-aligned ainok rogue Kharkhel.[4]
In the new timeline, an Ainok master mage of both the sunbringer and sandbringer traditions among the Dromoka.[2]
Chanyi Chanyi, mistfire sage
Chanyi, Ojutai monk

Daghatar Daghatar the Adamant

The khan of the Abzan 1280 years ago. He rode on a black ibex and was clad in elaborate mail crafted from dragon scales, wielding a mace hewn from amber, in which a malevolent spirit was bound.[5] In the new timeline, he surrendered his clan to Dromoka, causing Reyhan to break away from him and declare herself the new khan of the remaining Abzan.

Twin of Kela. Judge of the Jeskai and arbiter of guilt.[6]

Ainok. A member of Yasova's Atarka hunting band.[7] Killed by Atarka herself.[8]
Doshiyn Doshiyn Eye-Piercer

Bodyguard of Khan Alesha of the Mardu.[9]

A Rakshasa who had made a pact with Taigam in the old timeline.[10]
Faiso Faiso, Dromoka commander
Commander Faiso

Youngest commander among the Dromoka, whose tactical knowledge is valued even by the dragonlord herself.[2]

An old, Kolaghan-born orc in Yasova's Atarka hunting band.[8][11] He was of the line of Abek.[1]

The rakshasa chief of the Sultai and teacher of Sidisi. He ruled the necropolis of Ukud in the original timeline.[12]
Gaiza Gaiza, Mardu raider

Gedruk Gedruk Wingbreaker

A dragonslayer of the Mardu.[13]
Gerrak Gerrak First Father

A member of Clan Atarka.[1]
Ghelesh Ghelesh Shadowmane, rakshasa mage

Golran Golran, dragonscale captain
Golran, Dromoka captain

Goton Goton, Qal Sisma shaman

Gvar Barzeel Gvar Barzeel, Krumar Commander
Gvar Barzeel, Kolaghan Warrior

A former Mardu orc and current Abzan krumar, Gvar is the leader of the orcs and krumar of his clan. Adopted brother of Khan Anafenza, he saved her from an assassination attempt by her brother.[14] He wields the Axe of Ancients, given to him by his adopted family, and believes his destiny is to face Zurgo, orc khan of the Mardu, in battle.[12]
In the new timeline, with no krumar tradition among the Dromoka, he remained among the Kolaghan. He serves as the dragon's whip master, punishing those too weak to fight for the dragonlord.[2]
Houn Houn, Jeskai elder


The first khan of the Mardu. Their edicts, inscribed on dragon-hide scrolls, govern the rules of honor and combat for the modern Mardu in the original timeline.[4]
Jaidar Sharptusk

A Mardu warrior.[4]
Jagun Jagun Wingmate

Bodyguard of Khan Alesha of the Mardu.[9]
Jilaya Jilaya, Temur whisperer

Kadri Kadri, Dromoka Warrior
Kadri, Abzan caravan master

Kassur Kassur, Sultai hunter


Twin of Dar. Judge of the Jeskai and arbiter of innocence.[6]
Kerai Kerai Suddenblade, Mardu hordechief
Kerai Hatesinger, Kolaghan warrior


In the old timeline, an Ainok runt abandoned by his pack. He joined a tribe of Mardu-aligned orcs, eventually killing its leader and taking control of the tribe. Today, he and his ainok mate Baihir, with whom he has a child, seek to reduce the power of humans within the Temur, and wrest control of the clan should Surrak ever fall.[4]
Khibat Khibat the Revered
Khibat, Kolaghan warrior


A powerful rakshasa who tricked Tasigur into killing Yala.
Responsible for the abandonment of the rakshasa of the Sultai and their handing over to Silumgar.[15]

Daughter of Yasova Dragonclaw, and mother of Baishya and Naiva. Killed by Atarka because she was a Temur Whisperer.[1][16]
Kirada Kirada, Qarsi Overseer
Kirada, Silumgar Enforcer

Custodian of Qarsi Palace. A native of the Sargu Jungle, she often travels with her trained baboons.[12]

A Kolaghan goblin sufferting "The Crave"
Krowg Krowg of Qal Sisma


A Jeskai mantis rider. He later discovered how to tame and ride phoenixes.[17]
Kuhn Mei

Kurtar Kurtar, Sultai necromancer


Aven. Captain of the guard of the Abzan khan.[14]
Kyu Kyu, Sage-Eye Mystic


A member of Yasova's Atarka hunting band.[7]
Marrit Marrit of House Emesh

Captain of the Abzan's elite Dragonscale infantry[14]

A nice of Yasova. Leader of a hunting band and presumably killed by Nicol Bolas.[1]
Mogai Mogai, Sultai scout
Mogai, Silumgar noble

Mytha Mytha, Temur Shaman

Ngabo Elder Ngabo

Village Elder of Jigme in Jeskai lands.[6]
Nitula Nitula, the Hunt Caller

Hunt Caller of the Temur, who earned her title by fending off a pair of ogres singlehandedly.[4]

In the old timeline, a cousin of Anafenza betrayed her family to the Sultai. Executed upon Anafenza's ascension as khan.[14]
In the new timeline, he was with Anafenza when she called upon the ancestors despite the ban on it.
He killed her, allowing her to join the ancestors. Raised to the rank of scout captain among the Dromoka.[18]

A member of Yasova's Atarka hunting band.[7]
Qorin Skullcracker

A Mardu warrior.[4]

Scribe of Khan Shu Yun of the Jeskai. Preserved scrolls that detailed the events of the Khanfall.[9]

A member of Yasova's Atarka hunting band.[11]
Sakta Sakta, Atarka hunter

A young Atarka hunter and of the few surviving shamans among her clan. As the whisperer with the greatest sensitivity to the Wide Whisper, she functions as the de facto leader of the hidden shamans. She advises Surrak as the chief scout.[2]
Shensu Shensu, Riverwheel mystic
Shensu, Kolaghan rider


Siara Siara, the Dragon's Mouth

A female human and chief among Silumgar's dragonspeakers.[5]

A member of Yasova's Atarka hunting band.[11]
Taklai Taklai, Mardu ragesinger
Taklai, Kolaghan warrior

Ulnok Ulnok, Temur shaman
Ulnok, Atarka shaman

Urdnan Urdnan, the Wanderer
Urdnan, Dromoka Warrior

Urut Barzeel Urut Barzeel, Mardu hordechief

Ancestor of Gvar Barzeel.[2]
Vallash Vallash, Mardu warrior


Khan Zurgo's second-in-command.
He later betrayed Zurgo in the Qal Sisma Mountains when the Khan became too obsessed with vengeance against Sarkhan.[3]
Xathi Xathi the Infallible

A female human dragonslayer employed to kill Silumgar's rivals. The dragonlord also employs a host of ministers to watch her, fearing potential betrayal.[5]

A dragonslayer of the Sultai. She was framed for a poisoning attempt on Tasigur by the rakshasa and therefore executed.[15]
Yikaro Yikaro, Atarka warrior

Zhiada Zhiada, Dirgur protector

The female human head warrior at Dirgur Sanctuary. She the teeth of an orc raiding party leader she slew strung on a necklace. Under her leadership, security at Dirgur is tight, outsiders are dealt with harshly.[5]
Zogye Zogye, wandering sage
Zogye, Ojutai mystic


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