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The following Theros characters are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Name Title Description Cards

One of the three fates. Her detachment and efficiency were renowned.[1]
Adrasteia Adrasteia, Akroan Captain

Named after one of the fates.
Aescalos Aescalos, Healer of Pharika

Aesrias Aesrias of Akros, Hero of Iroas

A hero of Iroas whose deeds are manifold. His mother fell at the third battle of the Pharagax Bridge.[2]

A former champion of Pharika. She was offered any draught from her God as a reward, and chose the nectar of pure joy. After imbibing a sip, she was overtaken and drank the entire elixir, before being overwhelmed with extasy and dying.[3]
Agathe Agathe, Priest of Pharika


A fallen soldier.

A blood-toll harpy and sister of Hakno and Jhamp. She and her sisters hunt travelers to the Pool of Lyth.[3]
Alexio Alexio

A member of the Meletian Skyguard. Killed while protecting Iris.[4]

A man whose pride, in death, led to being eternally punished by Erebos.

Youngest companion of a past Champion of the Sun. A famed slinger.[3]


A Meletian philosopher from Krimnos who enjoyed the simple pleasures and after whom the Anapsian school of philosophy in Meletis is named. The school embraces the pleasures of love, friendship, food, drink, art, and music.[3]

A presumably long-dead ancient sage. Believed by some to have founded the library of Glossion.[3]
Antigonos Broken King Antigonos

A wandering minotaur claiming to be a former king of a land east of the Oraniad Mountains, he states that he was cursed by Mogis and cast out by his advisors after he declared his sickly child his heir.[3]

An unsettlingly attractive lampad who serves Athreos along with his overprotective partner Callisos.[3]

Received second place in a recent Iroan Games javelin competition. After saving an infant in the crowd from a beast of Mogis, the other competitors gave her their awards, and she was given Akroan citizenship in the city's warrior class, the lektoi.[5][3]

A man who murdered many members of government and their families. When finally caught he claimed that none could fairly judge him as all the judges had been personally affected. Ephara herself was said to arrive and to serve as the perfect impartial judge. She found him guilty.[3]

A powerful firemage affected by Ashiok's Sleep Curse.[6]
Basarios Basarios the Blade

Bayma Bayma, storyteller of Lagonna Band

Biaas Biaas the Poison Drinker

A mortal who Athreos allowed to delay their death, and has chossen to delay it inevitably since.[3]
Braulios Braulios of Pheres Band

Brigone Brigone, Soldier of Meletis


A hefty male Lagonna-band Centaur known for his booming voice and hard-nosed haggling. He is the elder of the Surm guros and one of the oldest Lagonna guri. He has served on the Heptaristi four times.[7]
Brygus Brygus the Brave

A companion of a past Champion of the Sun. Killed by Tritons.
Cacophony Cacophony, God of Cities
Cacophony, God of Cities Dark

A new god created as a result of Ashiok's machinations, which was quickly slain by Ephara due to meddling in her domain. [8]

Callia Callia, Hyrax Tower scout


An unsettlingly attractive lampad who serves Athreos along with their partner Antiophes.[3]

A mortal engineer who ended a year-long winter caused by Purphoros's absence when she created a hypocaust system to warm her community. As she lit the furnace, the Forge God returned the earth's warmth. The autumn festival of the Chalcanapsion, or the Kindling or the Forge-Lighting, is held in honor of this event.[3]
Corisande Corisande, Setessan hunter


A gray-furred satyr and the oldest sibyl among the satyrs of Skola Vale.[3]


A priest of Kruphix.[9]
Dianyan Half-Heart

A mortal who Athreos allowed to delay their death, and has chossen to delay it inevitably since.[3]

A member of Kytheon Ioras Irregulars. Now deceased.[10]

First king of Akros. Established the polis with six other warriors after the fall of the Archons. His family remain lektoi, citizens of Akros, and their symbol is the ram.[3]

An oracle of Ephara and the original ruler of the Twelve, the philosopher council of Meletis, after the deaths of Kynaios and Tiro. An optimistic sage who sought to improve the lives of all Meletians through magic in all forms, Elpidios's eponymous Elpidian school of philosophers remains the dominant school in the polis to this day.[3]
Eocles Eocles, Oracle of Purphoros


A member of Kytheon Ioras Irregulars. Now deceased.[10]

A famous philosopher.
Euphemia Euphemia, Nexus watcher

Eutropia Eutropia the Twice-Favored

Nylea speaks to her in the windblown leaves; Thassa in the rushing tides.
Gallia Gallia of the Endless Dance

An infamous female satyr and self-styled Lord of Misrule. She wears bright flowers wound around her horns and carries a mock scepter topped with a goblet. She is fickle and loves novelty, and her main goal is to hold a never-ending party.[11]
Gathus Gadus

A lesser follower of Phenax who could whisper anyone and anything to sleep and earned a burial near the master theif Orestes.[3]

A small Squirrel and stalwart companion of the Pheres-band caller Wide-Eyes.[7]

The charger of one of the largest Pheres Centaur raiding bands. He is large, muscular, and highly skilled as a tactician. It's rumored that he once broke the back of a Minotaur with one kick.[7]

A giant killed by the centaur Khestes the Adamant.[3]
Guruthes Guruthes, a disciple of Xenagos

Gysios Gysios, Bronzebones veteran

A minotaur soldier of Skophos.[3]

A blood-toll harpy and sister of Ahkno and Jhamp. She and her sisters hunt travelers to the Pool of Lyth.[3]
Haktos Haktos the Unscarred

A famous warrior with only one weakness.
Halma Halma, Nylea's Emissary

A Nyxborn lynx and confidant of Nylea. The massive lynx was caught feasting on a favorite giant boar of Nylea's. She chased the lynx for years until she grew to respect the animal.[3]
Hira Hira, Street Oracle

Hulp Hulp the Pork Bird

A beast revered by the satyrs of Skola Vale.[3]

A hero who used a magic horn to summon Tromokratis to destroy a cursed city. He later buried the horn in Tizerus near the palace of Erebos.[3]
Hypatia Hypatia of the Winged Horse[3]

A former grange-mage from Meletis that became a soldier and the lifelong ally of a Pegasus.[5]
Iadorna Iadorna, Death Priest of Erebos

Ianthe Ianthe, Setessan hunter
Ianthe the Bold[3]

Igalus King Igalus

A king who died upon viewing a decapitated gorgon's head.
Iris Iris of the Sight

A blind oracle of Ephara in Meletis.[4]

A blood-toll harpy and sister of Ahkno and Hakno. She and her sisters hunt travelers to the Pool of Lyth.[3]

Helmsman of the crew of a past Champion of the Sun. Killed by a Rotted Hulk.

One of the five members of the council of Setessa as the popularly elected leader of Ophis Tower. An orphan who was sold into slavery as a child, they lost an eye and several fingers before being rescued and brought to Setessa. They are now the leader of the tower of the serpent, whose warriors wander the world rescuing those from similar plights as their leader.[3]
Kalogeros Doomhammer

A hero.[3]
Kanlos Kanlos, Akroan captain


The servant and lifelong companion of Renata.[3]
Kedarick Kedarick VI, king of Iretis

Ill-fated king of Iretis, he lost his kingdom due to the machinations of Ashiok and Phenax.
As his city was sacked by Leonin and he received the news of the death of his wife and child, he stabbed out his own eyes.[12]
Kelephne Kelephne the Victor

A hermit and master wrestler who was said to have beaten giants with her bare hands. Over three days, she beat all comers at the Iroan Games before returning to the wilderness. Years later, a cave was discovered with her writing, now known as Kelephne's manual, and spawned the competition known as pankration.[3]
Kenessos Kenessos, Priest of Thassa

Khea Khea the Sage

A renowned female human oracle. She began a spat with Varyas the Knowing when she criticized his satirical comedy The Satyr's Half-Horn.[3]
Khestes Khestes the Adamant

The closest ally of a former Champion of the Sun among the centaurs. He killed the giant Grinthax.[3]
Kleon Kleon the Iron-Booted


Author of Meditations, in which he postulates that the gods are personified patterns. Stoned to death for heresy.[8]

A triton queen killed by a human harpoon. Thassa's grief over the queen's death caused her to weep, and the Dakra Isles were created from her tears. The tale of her death and the creation of the Isles is recounted in The Akroan War.[3]
Kexosrexsos Kexosrexsos the Braided Lion

A beast revered by the satyrs of Skola Vale.[3]
Kunoros Kunoros, Hound of Athreos

A three-headed cerberus that guards The Underworld.

A historian from Meletis, he studies the Leonin. Currently the only human allowed in Tethmos.[7]

An Akroan wrestler who defeated all challengers in the Ioran Games, even pinning an Akroan bull after a day-long bout.[5][3]
Liala Liala, matron of the Sun Guides

A leonin woman and matron of the Sun Guides.[3]

The mother of Daxos who traded her life for him which prevented Athreos from capturing the young oracle for Erebos.[13]
Lindos Lindos, merchant of Meletis

Luphea Luphea of Setessa

Author of Histories.
Macar King Macar, the Gold-Cursed

A legendary greedy king who died of starvation as his wish to turn everything he touched into gold was fulfilled.

A Nyxborn Human warrior blessed by Purphoros.

A master lyrist who lured her lover, Pero, from the Underworld back to the mortal realm. Since their deaths, the two have been tormented by Erebos.[3] She may be a reference to Orpheus.
Mirinthes Mirinthes, Akroan Captain

Netos Netos, Meletian fisherman


A Setessan archer who believed her skill matched that of Nylea's. Matching her in a contest of skill, Nylea planted Nikaia in her sacred grove as the first caryatid, and her wisdom continues to protect Setessa to this day.[3]

One of the five members of the council of Setessa as the popularly elected leader of Bassara Tower. A woman in her fifties who spends most of her time in the tower since she and her dryad partner parted ways.[3]
Nyklos Nyklos, Meletian philosopher

A Meletian philosopher after whom the Nyklean school of philosophy in Meletis is named. His school teaches determinism, the view that all events are determined by previously existing causes.[3]

The first Nyxborn, created by Kruphix. A divine artisan, he was tasked with building altars to the gods so they could be better worshipped by mortals. The Shrine to Nyx is named in his honor.[3]

A renowned pankratiast from Setessa. During the Iroan Games, when a cyclops invaded the arena, she threw her rival at it, and was then able to overpower it and snap its neck.[5][3]

A lithe female Lagonna-band Centaur who is widely held to be the best courser of any guros. She was married into and has served the Maiand guros for years, and has remained with them even though her mate died several years ago. Oka is also known for her skills with a shortbow.[7]
Olexa Olexa of the Twelve

Olexo Little Olexo

A member of Kytheon Iora's Irregulars. Now deceased.[10]

A master thief and oracle who was one of Phenax's first followers. He was able to divine a mortal's lifespan as well as whether they would become Returned by interpreting their blood. A scoundrel-hero who devoted his life to Phenax, according to legend he stole the sun from above the polis of Setessa, tricked a cerberus into devouring itself, stole a kraken's heart, and raced a skiff ahead of the River Guide, Athreos. After his death, Orestes's tomb became a holy site for followers of Phenax, in part due to his sarcophagus taking on the oracle-thief's powers of prophecy.[3]

A boy, too curious for his own good.

A young Meletian man whose father was an ambassador in Akros. Fell in love with Thanasis and killed himself to join him in death.[1] Likely a reference to Pyramus.
Perisophia Perisophia, the Philosopher

The most influential of the Twelve that rule Meletis, Perisophia is a favourite of Ephara.[5] She is the leader of the dominant Elpidian school of philosophers.[3]

The lover of Menelaia. Pero was returned from the Underworld by her, and has been tormented by Erebos since his death.[3] He may be a reference to Eurydice.

The beloved lifelong companion of Haktos.[3] Likely a reference to Patroclus.

A Nyxborn twin of Purphoros crafted by the Forge God from divine bronze and mortal flesh. Petros was created because of Purporos's jealousy of the twin War Gods, but due to his mortal composition he ages and must be patched with bronze. Lacking the spark of true life, Petros cannot speak, but does forge marvels greater than any artisan but Purphoros himself.[3]

One of the five members of the council of Setessa as the popularly elected leader of Hyrax Tower. A nineteen-year-old master falconer and orphan from Meletis who was rescued by warriors of the Ophis regiment.[3]
Phelnidus "Cyclops" Phelnidus

A lesser follower of Phenax who had one eye, was beloved by numerals and friend of dice, and earned a burial near the master theif Orestes.[3]
Phlage Phlage, Titan of Burning Wind

One of the Primordial Titans, born of the fear of the all-consuming whirlwind of fire. It was imprisoned in the Underworld by Klothys.[3]

Captain of the crew of a past Champion of the Sun. Killed by a Rotted Hulk.

An Akroan soldier.

An Akroan soldier.

Governor of the Akroan city of Tynthal, who ran illegal fights in the coliseum outside his city.[2]

Bet Arissa couldn't kill a chimera with only her javelins.
Polyxene Polyxene the Doubter

Prokopios Prokopios, astronomer of Meletis

Psemilla Psemilla, Meletian Poet

Pythamon Pythamon, sage of Meletis

Rakleia Rakleia of Shrine Peak

Raksolcs Ravage-Soul

A giant minotaur who was strangled with his own tongue by the mythical slinger Rygryra after she was blessed by Iroas.[3]

An explorer who attempted to steal one of Thassa's Tidelock Pearls, wave-controlling treasures protected by vicious mollusks. She survived years in the driest reaches of Theros, avoiding the Sea God's wrath, until a fateful visit to Akros where she was found drowned in a bowl of stew with a massive pearl lodged in her mouth. Her daughters returned her body to Thassa in the Deyda River.[3]
Rastos Rastos, Disciple of Mogis

Rhexenor Rhexenor, Akroan flamespeaker


Former kingpin of the Akros penal colony.[10]
Rygyra Rygyra the Slinger

A mythical soldier who never missed. When she could not pierce the giant minotaur, Raksolcs Ravage-Soul, Iroas blessed her with his own shield, the Bulwark of Brotherhood. After the minotaur exhausted himself trying to break the shield for hours, Rygryra emerged and strangled the creature with his own tongue.[3]



The fifth member of the council of Setessa, a centaur oracle who interprets the visions she receives from the Kelema Veil at the Nexuses of the Seasons.[3]
Skotha Skotha, Titan of Eternal Dark

One of the Primordial Titans, born of the fear of the utter darkness of the starless night. It was imprisoned in the Underworld by Klothys.[3]
Slighos Slighos the Body-binder[3]


A middle-aged Centaur healer who serves several raiding bands. Her birth took place as her home village, Kithara, was burned to the ground by Akroan warriors. Smoke-Born has many small wooden totems braided into her mangy hair, and although her appearance can be disconcerting, her healing skills are unmatched.[7]
Solon Solon, acolyte of Pharika


An oracle of Heliod who spent his later years travelling east, chasing the sun. He was greeted by the God in death and his story has become both a parable of determination and a warning against pursuing the divine.[3]

A lesser follower of Phenax who was born Returned and earned a burial near the master theif Orestes.[3]

A long-dead oracle of Meletis. Has dwelt upon the banks of Tartyx for eons amassing knowledge of the mortal world, and refuses to be ferried across by Athreos.

A wolf-toothed night hag.[3]

A satyr smith and the first mortal of Theros to discover how to refine copper ore and work it into tools and weapons. He was rewarded by Purphoros with the secret of smelting copper and tin into bronze.[3]
Telphe Telphe, druid of Nylea

Teraklos Teraklos of Meletis

Thalodikes Thakolides the Mighty


A beloved human priest of Karametra who died outside Setessa. The God created the Miraculous Field on the site of his death as a tribute.[3]

A young Akroan man apprenticed to his blacksmithing father. Fell in love with Pavios and killed himself when he believed his love dead.[1] Likely a reference to Thisbe
Thasmudyan Hundred-Damned Thasmudyan

A mortal who Athreos allowed to delay their death, and has chossen to delay it inevitably since.[3]

A legendary naiad and favorite nymph of Nylea who had a transcendent encounter with Kruphix in Nyx.[3]
Thisbi Thisbi, satyr dawngreet[3]


An ancient dragon that Purphoros has bound within his abode at Mount Velus with Nyx-infused chains. The dragon occasionally uses the God's abondoned forge to craft his own creations, using gold from his treasure hoard. He sometimes gives these creations to Purphoros as offerings.[3]
Thryx Thryx, the Sudden Storm

An elemental giant.
Thyrogog Thyrogog of the Ashlands

A minotaur warlord and progenitor of the Felhide Minotaurs. The tale of his defeat and the loss of his great axe Goremaster is recounted in The Theriad.[3]
Tikaia Tikaia, disciple of Uremides

A disciple of Uremides the philosopher

A soldier with a short career.
Uremides Uremides the philosopher

A Meletian philosopher after whom the Uremidean school of philosophy in Meletis is named. His school focuses on logic, reasoning, rhetoric, and the study of ethics and morality.
Vala Vala, disciple of Purphoros

Varyas Varyas the Knowing

A seer and oracle of Phenax who wrote the satirical comedy, The Satyr's Half-Horn. He received a vision of his own death from the Phenax before dying mysteriously, retrieved the God's secrets from the Underworld, and attempted to carry them back to the mortal realm. His Returned body was killed by other Returned pursuers sent from Odunos before he could complete his task, but his flitterstep eidolon was able to return to the Tomb of Orestes.[3]
Verenes (Verenis) Verenes, priest of Iroas
Verenis, priest of Iroas


Captain of the Hadross. His father butchered wild animals and was cursed by Nylea to become bestial, before being killed by his own men. The curse passed on to Vog, and he now works to make sure the curse will not pass to his daughter.[6]

Among the youngest of Pheres-band Centaur callers. She tends to be quite reclusive unless the band needs her aid. Her most stalwart companion is Glokhis.[7]
Yerda Ever-Coin

A lesser follower of Phenax who paid her debts with stolen stars and earned a burial near the master theif Orestes.[3]

A member of Kytheon Ioras Irregulars. Now deceased.[10]
Zexso Zexso the Unblinking

A tormented genius who recovered a diadem imbued with a fraction of Keranos's inspiration that often shattered the mind of its owner. Zexso invented a machine that would launch the diadem into the sky to remove it from mortal reach, where it's said to have landed on a floating island of griffins in the clouds.


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