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The following Zendikari characters are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Name Title Description Cards
Aelah Aelah, expedition cleric

Alubri Alubri, Guul Draz gatekeeper

Amadi Amadi, Halimar griffin-master

Amandi Amandi, kitesail expert

Anitan Anitan, Ondu cleric

Arhana Arhana, Kazandu trapfinder

Aro Aro, Sea Gate adventurer

Ashen Wal Ashen Wal, Akoum Expeditionary House

Attikar Attikar, Akoum Elementalist


A Mul Daya elf and mother of Obuun, killed by a Surrakar. Her son recovered her bone fragments and communed with her spirit.[1]
Chadir Chadir the Navigator


An unfortunate expedition member
Doral Doral, Bala Ged guide

Doros Doros, expedition guide

Dykaar Uncle Dykaar

A Mul Daya elf and uncle of Obuun, who raised his nephew among the kor.[1]
Enwor Enwor, Sea Gate Expeditionary House

A member of the Sea Gate Expeditionary House

A Kor warrior who provided Nahiri with gear after her escape from Innistrad.[2]

An elven cleric from Guul Draz. A member of Anowon's party.[3]
Eyza Eyza, Joraga guide

Exena Exena, expedition rogue

Fahar Fahar, expedition wizard

Flekon Flekon the Mindcensor

Ganda Ganda, Goma Fada deserter


A nearly silent but strong Minotaur who carried a Makindi longaxe. Travelling companion of Javad, he was killed by a demon 12 days into their journey at the Crypt of Agadeem.[4]
Gonka Gurgel

One of four goblin brothers who guided Chandra Nalaar, and the grappler of the team. He fell prey to a tentacled monstrosity.[5]
Gred Gred, expedition warrior

Gurk Gurgel

One of four goblin brothers who guided Chandra Nalaar, and the most alert of the team. The only brother to finish guiding Chandra to Anowon's Basecamp before being killed. He fell prey to a wurm.[5]
Harak Harak, Malakir bloodwitch

Hazir Hazir, Sejiri cartographer

Hazzan Speaker Hazzan

Speaker of the Mul day nation. An ancient elf who follows the cryptic edicts of a centuries-old elvish ghost called Obuun.[6]
Horent Horent, Khalni Druid

Idrol Idrol, Guul Draz assassin

Ilori Ilori, merfolk falconer


An esteemed merfolk lullmage from Halimar with a Stonework Puma familiar. Said to have deciphered the runic prophecies of Ior, to have lulled a tsunami before it crashed into Sea Gate, and to be able to calm a Rampaging Baloth with his voice alone. While guiding Chandra Nalaar, Ilvoro perished in a Roil tempest.[5]
Isanke Isanke, Halimar seastalker

Jaby Jaby, Silundi Sea nomad

Jaji Jaji, magmaw worshipper

Jalun Jalun, Affa sentry

Javad Nasrin Javad Nasrin, Ondu relic hunter

A relic hunter from Ondu. Took an adventuring party composed of Ghazzan, Sali Oran, and Keeda to Turntimber to locate the Seer's Sundial.[4]
Jejenar Jejenar, Silundi lullmage


The gnarlid pet of Nadino.[3]
Kaliea Kaliea, Sea Gate trapfinder

Keeda Keeda the Quick

A Goblin trapfinder of the Lavastep tribe. Travelling companion of Javad, he was killed by a basilisk when he fell into a pit of vipers in Turntimber 25 days into their journey.[4]
Ko Dari Ko, expedition wizard

Kordain Kordain, luminarch of Kabira

Kreq Kreq of Sunder Bay

Lyrus Lyrus, Sea Gate wizard

Maizah Shere Maizah Shere, Tazeem lullmage


A Sea Gate woman who fought off a swarm of broodlings during the Battle of Sea Gate, and was the victim of Eldrazi corruption before the destruction of the titans.[7]
Mira Mira of Ondu

A kor hookmaster, partner of Tau. The pair is said to have led dozens of expeditions through the rubble of the Sky Ruin and to have rappelled to the bottom of the Bottomless Shaft. Killed in an attack by a swarm of jagwasps.[5]
Mitra Mitra, Bala Ged missionary

Moruul Moruul, Khalni druid

Mulak Ffar

Author of Vastwood Biodiversity.
Mzali Mzali, Lighthouse Archmage

Nablus Nablus, North Hada trapper


A Kor wizard from Guul Draz. A member of Anowon's party.[3] They have a pet gnarlid named Jolly.
Najiya Najiya, leader of the Tajuru

Nazra Nazra of the Stone Havens


A Mul Daya elf and friend of Obuun. They are nonbinary.[1]
Nikou Nikou, Joraga bard

Nirthu Nirthu, lone missionary

Nundari Nundari, Sea Gate militia captain

Nys Dal Nys Dal, Sea Gate Trapfinder


A rogue from Guul Draz, killed by Grakmaw.[3]
Radavi Radavi, Joraga relic hunter

Raff Slugeater Raff Slugeater, goblin shortcutter

Rana Cloudwake Rana Cloudwake, kor skyfisher

Ravuel of Graypelt

Ryza Ryza, Oran-Rief scout

Strider Harness (Oath of the Gatewatch)


Once a sell-sword. On her first expedition out of the Murasa Expeditionary House, Sabra was hired by a "Beyond Man" who provided the party with a map that led to a tomb below Carnage Altar. Upon entering the tomb, which contained a chest with information about the Eye of Ugin, her throat was slit by Anowon. She survived the experience with a ropey scar marring her neck.[8]
Sachir Sachir, Akoum Expeditionary House

Proprietor of the Akoum Expeditionary House, who provided Chandra Nalaar with guides to Anowon's basecamp. Lived in Affa his entire life.[5]
Saidah Saidah, Joraga Hunter

Sali Oran

A Merfolk lullmage. Travelling companion of Javad, she was the only one of his companions to survive the journey to the Seer's Sundial.[4]
Samila Samila, Murasa Expeditionary House

Screed of the Mul Daya

Sheyda Sheyda, Ondu Gamekeeper

Skab Skab, goblin secretkeeper


A geysermage's trusted reptile mount.
Sneeflebrix Sneeflebrix, expedition rogue

Sutina Sutina, Speaker of the Tajuru


A scarred adventurer staying at Fort Keff when Emrakul attacked the fort. Previously a trapfinder for the Akoum Expeditionary House he had a hole in his hand from an enchanted trap.[9]
Tala Vertan Tala Vertan, Makindi shieldmate


Tars Olan Tars Olan, stoneforge mystic

Smite (Rise of the Eldrazi)

Tarsa Tarsa, Sea Gate sell-sword

A warrior from Guul Draz. A member of Anowon's party.[3]
Tasha Tasha, Graypelt Veteran

Tau Tau of Ondu

A kor hookmaster, partner of Mira. The pair is said to have led dozens of expeditions through the rubble of the Sky Ruin and to have rappelled to the bottom of the Bottomless Shaft. Killed in an attack by a swarm of jagwasps.[5]
Tenihas Bloodchief Tenihas

Vampire sire and father figure of Anowon. Killed by his heir when he tried to hide the truth of the vampire's Eldrazi linneage.[8]

A Kor healer, met by Nahiri after her escape from Innistrad.[2]
Tobin Tobin, sparkmage

Torke Gurgel

One of four goblin brothers who guided Chandra Nalaar, and the demolitions man of the team. Crushed by a fallen rock.[5]
Traga Traga, Zulaport runner

Triel Triel, Kazandu tuskcaller

Trinda Trinda, Hada spy patrol


Merfolk. Younger sister of Kiora.[10]
Tyrux Tyrux, expedition warrior

Ulark Gurgel

One of four goblin brothers who guided Chandra Nalaar, and the wildlife specialist of the team. He fell prey to a giant carnivorous plant.[5]

An Akoum guide. A legendary warrior of Tazeem who claimed to have killed the Vastwood Hydra with his bare hands, climbed the Kazandu Sky Cliffs without a rope, and to know the only path through the Spike Fields. He died in an attack by a Spitfire Lagac while guiding Chandra Nalaar to Anowon's Basecamp.[5]
Vandri Vandri, Kalastria emissary

Vivias Vivias, Witch Vessel

Voshk Voshk, oblivion priest

Yannash Yannash, outpost builder

Yarok Yarok, the Desecrated

An Elemental Horror which grieves within the waste of Bala Ged’s corrupted land.
Yavotz Yavotz, Sea Gate Expeditionary House

Yon Basrel Yon Basrel, Oran-Rief survivalist

Zahr Gada Zahr Gada, Halimar expedition leader

Zakken Zakken, Enclave cleric

Zarra Zarra, lullmage

Zilan Zilan, Makindi auramancer

Zurdi Zurdi, goblin shortcutter


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