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There have been many authors of novels and short stories for Magic: the Gathering.


Abbey, Lynn[]

Main article: Wikipedia:Lynn Abbey

Archer, Peter[]

Francis Lebaron[]

Peter Archer, under the pen name of Francis Lebaron:

Arsenault Rivera, K.[]

Athans, Philip[]

Belkom, Edo van[]

Beyer, Doug[]

Bishop, Jim[]

Bolme, Edward[]

Bowman, Akemi Dawn[]

Braddock, Hanovi[]

Byers, Richard Lee[]

Castro, Adam-Troy[]

Cavotta, Matt[]

Main article: Matt Cavotta

Ciaramella, Jason[]

Clarke-Wilkes, Jennifer[]

Coleman, Loren L.[]

Dalton-Woodbury, Kathleen[]

Davidson, Nik[]

DeCandido, Keith R. A.[]

Delaney, John[]

Digges, Kelly[]

Dommermuth, Brady[]

Drake, David[]

Drayden, Nicky[]

Head writer for a series of Magic Story episodes behind Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance.

Dupree, Tom[]

Elliott, Kate[]

Emery, Clayton[]

Evenson, Brian[]

Farah, Aysha U.[]

Fong, Grace[]

Forbeck, Matt[]

Forstchen, William R.[]

Friend, Peter[]

Gomez, Jeff[]

Main article: Wikipedia:Jeff Gomez

Graham, Denise R.[]

Graham, Roy[]

Greenblatt, A.T.[]

Grubb, Jeff[]

Main article: Wikipedia:Jeff Grubb

Grubbs, Stonefeather[]

(pseudonym of David L. Grubbs)

Helland, Jenna[]

Herndon, Cory J.[]

Holliday, Liz[]

Holt, Daniel[]

Honigsberg, David M.[]

Horner, Miranda[]

Ice, Kathy[]

Editor of:

Ilo, Innocent Chizaram[]

Isgur, Jeremiah[]

Jarrett, Trick[]

Kawakami, Colin[]

Johnson, Kij[]

Kestrel, Gwendolyn[]

Khaw, Cassandra[]

Head writer for a series of three episodes of Magic Story about planeswalker character Vivien Reid.

Killjoy, Margaret[]

King, J. Robert[]

Knicl, Matt[]

Kreines, Kimberly J.[]

Kroh, Clayton[]

A veteran of the videogame industry and a fiction writer. He worked for Wizards of the Coast from July, 2013 tot July, 2014 as a digital content specialist for Magic Online and contributed creative content to Magic whenever he had the opportunity. He returned to Wizards of the Coast as a Content Editor in April 2021.

LaBelle, Cassie[]

Lassieur, A. L.[]

Lebow, Jess[]

Main article: Wikipedia:T. H. Lain

Lee, Adam[]

Lee, April[]

L'Etoile, Chris[]

Leupold, Tom[]

Levitch, Ari[]

Levin, Nate[]

Li, Mel[]

Lindskold, Jane M.[]

Llywelyn, Morgan[]

Lopez, Miguel[]

Louise, A.Z.[]

Luhrs, Alsion[]

Many contributions to Magic Story.

Lyris, Sonia Orin[]

Main, Shawn[]

Marmell, Ari[]

Main article: Wikipedia:Ari Marmell

McDermott, Daneen[]

McDermott, Will[]

McGough, Scott[]

Main article: Scott McGough

McGuire, Seanan[]

McLaren, Teri[]

Also known under the pen name of Teri Williams (Dragonlance novels).

Miller, Ryan[]

Moldenhauer-Salazar, Jay[]

Montgomery, Carla[]

Mooney, Chris[]

Moore, Vance[]

Mosiman, Billie Sue[]

  • Theft of Bayende, Heart and Soul - Tapestries anthology

O'Brien, Brandon[]

Ohlander, Ben[]

Page, David A.[]

Peeler, Chris[]

Perrin, Don[]

Perry, S. D.[]

Potyondy, Leah[]

Leah works somewhere in the depths of Wizards of the Coast. Occasionally she emerges into the daylight and writes something. She also created the web comic Arbalest]

Pramas, Chris[]

Price, Marc[]

Sr. Distribution Account Manager at Wizards of the Coast, since July, 2012. Also an award-winning independent filmmaker and screenwriter, having directed and produced an eclectic assortment of features, shorts, and music videos.

Rasmussen, Rhiannon[]

Resnick, Laura[]

Robles, Jennifer[]

Rogers, Bruce Holland[]

Ryan, Michael G.[]

Among others:

Ryan, Tim[]

Sanders, Timothy[]

Sanderson, Brandon[]

Schend, Steven E.[]

Scott, Michael[]

Shepherd, Mark[]

Sjunneson, Elsa[]

Smith, Alexander O. Smith[]

Stackpole, Michael A.[]

Stark, Ed[]

Main article: Wikipedia:Ed Stark

Stein, Kevin T.[]

Stirling, S. M.[]

Stoddard, Sam[]

Stover, Matthew[]

Suarez, Reinhardt[]

Sullivan, Stephen D.[]

Sumner, Mark[]

Sumner, M. C.[]

Tabak, Matt[]

Teng, Emily[]

Terrell Smith, Marcus[]

Thomsen, Brian M.[]

Thomson, Amy[]

Thompson, Paul B.[]

Triantafyllou, Eugenia[]

Troop, Ken[]

Tweet, Jonathan[]

Main article: Jonathan Tweet

Tynes, John[]

Main article: John Tynes

Uzumé, Setsu[]

Vardeman, Robert E.[]

Vasey, Glen[]

Vick, Edd[]

Vornholt, John[]

Ward, Cynthia[]

Washington, Adana[]

Waterman, Laura[]

Weisman, Greg[]

Wells, Martha[]

Head writer for twelve episodes of Magic Story around the Dominaria expansion.

Wexler, Django[]

Wintermute, Robert[]

Wyatt, James[]

Yichao, Michael[]

Zirulnik, Ari[]

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