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Plane Kaldheim
Status Unknown

Littjara is one of the ten realms of the plane of Kaldheim.[1]


Littjara is a mysterious realm of lakes and pine forests where reality seems as mutable as the Shapeshifters who dwell there. Trunks of trees change direction abruptly, the surface of a lake curves upward into a bowl, aquatic plants grow naturally into unexpected patterns. Visitors might see the smoke of a campfire wafting into the air but arrive at the spot only to find a fawn lying in the grass with no campsite to be seen.

The barriers that divide the realm from the Cosmos are far thinner than they are in any other realm, making it easy to enter — but the strangeness of the realm is disorienting, making it not so easy to leave. The shapeshifters themselves can pass easily out of Littjara and into the Cosmos, but outsiders who visit the realm find themselves helplessly lost, and those who make it back out are rarely eager to return.[1]

The Pentafjord Lake.

When the Einir, the ancient elven gods, created the realm that would become Littjara, their interference marked the land indelibly. The enormous depression called Pentafjord Lake — miles wide, shaped like a hand, and full of fresh, clear water — is one of the few parts of Littjara that always remains the same. Faint prismatic lights, echoes of the Cosmos aurora, dance beneath the water's surface.[1] At the end of their lives, all shapeshifters are drawn to return to Littjara, where they make their way to the Pentafjord and slip beneath its surface to pass away.[1]

Known locations[]

  • The Pentafjord Lake.

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  • Littjara is based on Vanaheimr, the home of the vanir a group of gods themselves associated with fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future in Norse mythology.
  • The name Littjara may be the junction of the words of the old Nordic litt (a little, a bit of) and tjära (tar, fluid derived from resin in pine wood; to tar, to paint with tar).


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