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Living Historians
Founded on Kamigawa
Notable members Azusa, Satsuki, Reki

The Living Historians is a historical society founded by Azusa and Reki on Kamigawa after the Kami War.[1]


The Living Historians were founded in the wake of The Kami War by Reki and Azusa. They wanted to preserve the knowledge that was in danger of being lost amidst the chaos of their changing plane. Azusa's diary became a pivotal firsthand document in this reconstruction process and remains one of the Living Historians' most sacred texts.

On a changing plane, the Living Historians fear that the past is in danger of being forgotten or quietly erased. Even if they don't have a complete picture of the past, they still endeavor to preserve it, recording events as faithfully as they can without bias or omission. They tattoo these stories onto their skin and bring them to life through dance, theater, and song. The tattoos magically rise into the air during their performances as moving illustrations of historical events. Although their training instructs them to erase their personal biases, some might argue that the very nature of their art means they inherently inject their perspectives into their work.[2]

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