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Race Human
Birthplace Fiora
Lifetime Mending Era

Livio, Oathsworn Sentinel, is a knight from Fiora.


Fiora is a plane of political games, deception, and treachery. While the nobles eat each other alive, the common folk suffer. Livio had seen enough. The only heir to a noble house, he watched helplessly as his father ordered the destruction of a small village, merely to spite the other noble who owned the land. He ripped the family crest off his doublet and threw it at his father's feet, renouncing the family name and his future title.

From that moment on, Livio dedicated himself to defending the common folk. He had been trained by the best fighting instructors money could buy, and his ample skills were more than enough to defeat the cutthroats that threaten the streets of the High City of Paliano. Active years before Queen Marchesa rose to power, she has viewed him as an amusing wild card that makes political games just a little more interesting. That is, of course, until he dispatched some of the queen's men who were shaking down a local merchant. Now, Marchesa thinks she and Livio should have a little talk.[1]

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