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For the land type, see Locus.
Locus (creature type)
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Creature Type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
1 card
{B} 100%
as of Mystery Booster
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type:"Locus (creature type)"

Locus is a test card creature type representing a type of Insect commonly known as Locusts.


Locus debuted as a creature type in Mystery Booster. Prior to its introduction, Locus was only a land type. The test card was introduced poking fun at prior confusion around it not being a creature type.


  • The Gatherer notes that its unlikely the Swarm of Locus pun will survive creative review. They'll assign a new creature type, as Locus can't be both a land type and a creature type. For now, the triggered ability of Swarm of Locus counts both the temporary-creature type Locus and the land type Locus. Other effects that refer to one won't affect the other.