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This page is about the Argivian Scholar. For the scout in Havenwood, see Loren.
Race Human
Birthplace Argive, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime c. -2 - 74 AR
The Brothers' War, The Colors of Magic (Loran's Smile)

Loran (sometimes spelt Loren) was a scholar from Argive on Dominaria, who learned from Tocasia and knew both Urza and Mishra as children.


She would eventually join the scholars of Terisia City in co-founding the Third Path, a research group dedicated to defending themselves from both Urza and Mishra's machines.[1] This path had the first forays into magic as a force, although Loren had no success in this new force. After Terisia fell, Loren headed towards the Ronom Glacier, where she had arranged to meet Feldon, her fellow Co-Founder.

She was captured by Ashnod, who took the Golgothian Sylex from her and forced her to share the secrets of the Terisian Scholars. After a number of years, Feldon found and rescued her, but Ashnod kept the Sylex. They were both at the foot of the Ronom Glacier when the Sylex Blast occurred. Realizing the war was over, she simply said "Good."

She died of illness ten years later, and Feldon went on a quest to gain the magical knowledge to resurrect her. He did so with white mana, but only long enough for him to say goodbye.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Loran's Smile Jeff Grubb 1999-02-01 Dominaria Loran, Feldon

In-game references[]

Represented in (as a simulacrum):


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