Race Human
Birthplace Havengul, Innistrad

Ludevic of Ulm is a wheezing and reclusive necro-alchemist, and the most influential of Innistrad's merchants.[1]

Ludevic lives in Havengul. In his veritable studies of necro-alchemy, Ludevic aims for more than simply the creation of skaabs or true life, like so many of his colleagues. Instead, he also aims to understand the horror his creations inspire.[2] Some think that Ludevic's consumption of potions and inhalation of toxic vapors has left him no choice but to abandon his experiments, leaving him to devote his sizeable intellect to the problem of making himself and his partners filthy rich. However, he has taken young Geralf Cecani under his wing and trains him in the arts of necro-alchemy.[3]

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