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Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast.png
Race Human planeswalker
Birthplace Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era
Center: {R}

Lukka is a red-aligned human Planeswalker from the plane of Ikoria.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Lukka is a military-trained man in his late thirties. He is lean and muscled and has a short beard. His black, short-cropped hair is greying at the temples.

Lukka used to be a member of the Coppercoats, an elite military squad tasked with protecting the human cities of Ikoria against monsters. He used to be engaged to Jirina Kudro, the daughter of the general of the Coppercoats. The influence of an unnamed planeswalker via the Ozolith has disturbed his sense of justice and destabilized his mental health. He has a strong urge to return home and take control of the city where he grew up, thinking his way is the only way.

Although he still has the ability to connect with animals, he sees them as tools rather than as allies.

Lukka's tiger[edit | edit source]

Lukka Comic-style Key Art

Lukka bonded with a large winged cat. The cat was huge, easily taller than a man and longer than a cart. Its basic form was cat-like, with thick white fur cut by light brown stripes. Its fangs included two long canines that protruded beyond its lower lip like a pair of swords. It had leathery wings. The monster was very smart and tried to protect Lukka's humanity, but was executed in a Heartless Act by General Kudro. Lukka never even gave her a name.

History[edit | edit source]

Lukka was the Commander of the First Special Intercept Squad, commonly known as the "Specials", which acted as a small incident reaction team.[2] He had spent half his life - twenty years - in the Coppercoats, and the last two years as captain of the Specials.

Lukka gathers an army of monsters to attack Drannith

After he bonded with the winged cat, Lukka was banned from Drannith and became an outcast. The visiting planeswalker Vivien Reid had sensed some of his bonding magic and came to investigate. She rescued Lukka from his pursuers and befriended him. They found out that a crystalline formation in the north, the Ozolith, had been instrumental in causing the bondings and the newfound rage of the monsters against Drannith. The Ozolith had been used for this purpose by an unnamed planeswalker known for his meddling. Since Lukka had been successful in counteracting the rage in his winged tiger, he and Vivien theorized that he would be able to neutralize the workings of the Ozolith, as well.

Under the influence of the Ozolith he became powerful but imbalanced. He formed an army of beasts, that he proposed to use to defend the city. As Kudro refused to listen, Lukka killed him. Against his deluded expectations, Jirina refused to join him. She attacked him and fled home to take command of Drannith's defenses.

Believing that his newfound power would save Drannith in the end, Lukka and his army attacked the city. The sheer number of monsters threatened to overrun Drannith, but Jirina's strategy of defense and use of the bonders proved enough to turn the tide of battle. Facing defeat, Lukka attempted to use more of the Ozolith's power but was warned by the unknown planeswalker of its consequences. Lukka refused to listen and the Ozolith exploded, causing his planeswalker's spark to ignite as he planeswalked away.

Lukka awoke in a swamp on another world facing a small group of dangerous beasts. Although the power of the Ozolith was gone, Lukka was still able to control one of them. Glad to be alive and with at least some of his power intact, Lukka vowed to one day return home.

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Planeswalkers met[edit | edit source]

  • Vivien Reid
  • Unnamed planeswalker of the Ozolith (voice only)

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