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Lumengrid, Seat of the Synod, is a massive city-stronghold on Mirrodin where the vedalken lived.[1] It was a center of technology and artifice on the plane, rising above the Quicksilver Sea on a massive cylinder with a mushroom-like dome at its top. The Synod, a gathering of vedalken rulers and officials, was housed here, along with the Pool of Knowledge. This was also the primary area inhabited by common vedalken. Neurok from the coast of the Quicksilver Sea were brought here to help with lab work, exploration of the plane, or to work as slaves, as well as various other exploits of the Vedalken Empire. Aerophins, flying artifact creatures with a dolphinlike body and a translucent sphere for a head, were used as servants.[2] Lumengrid was guarded by Hoverguards and a few Neurok guards.

After the Phyrexianization of the plane, Lumengrid has become the capital of Jin-Gitaxias Progress Engine.

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