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Lyese Sunseeker
Race Elf
Birthplace Tangle, Mirrodin
Lifetime Unknown
The Moons of Mirrodin, The Darksteel Eye, The Fifth Dawn

Lyese Sunseeker was the elven sister of Glissa Sunseeker. She was thought to be dead following attacks on her home by levelers but was later revealed to have survived, and laid the blame of her family and friends' deaths on her sister, Glissa. Lyese was also the name Glissa gave to the green moon.

Lyese provided aid to Glissa and her company in her fight against Memnarch's minions and, along the way, reconciled with her sister. Unfortunately, however, on her journey to rendezvous with Glissa's goblin allies in the Oxidda Chain, Lyese was ambushed and made a minion of Memnarch by the body-possessing Vektro. Under his control, Lyese plotted to lure Glissa to Memnarch, overthrow Raksha Golden Cub, and destroy Taj Nar, Raksha's stronghold. After ousting the kha, she married and later killed his cousin Yshkar, receiving the title khana as the leonin's acting leader.[1]

She was later liberated from Memnarch's control when Vektro abandoned her body after she was mortally wounded in the final battle in Kuldotha, before being healed by her sister. After Mirrodin was restored by Karn and the soul traps destroyed, Lyese was returned to a location called Jilad on her home plane. She may have fallen in love with Raksha, also apparently from that plane, to whom she had developed a growing attraction prior to her possession by Vektro.

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