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Race Soltari
Birthplace Dominaria
Rath and Storm

Lyna was the emissary of the Soltari, a group of people trapped between the planes of Dominaria and Rath during Davvol's planeshifting tests.


Urza met the Soltari when he chased a damaged negator to Rath. There he met Lyna, who told him about the plane and its purpose to aid the Phyrexian invasion. Lyna wanted Urza's help to escape from Rath. Therefore, the two agreed to help one another. If Lyna promised to help Urza's people destroy the Stronghold and escape Rath successfully, then he would help the Soltari escape Rath as well.

As a consequence, Lyna approached Ertai when he studied the runes of the Erratic Portal. First, she drew him in the world of shadows. Thereafter Ertai pulled Lyna into the reality of Rath. She then promised to help him open the portal for the Weatherlight to escape. In return, Ertai would hold it open long enough so that the Soltari could also flee. Once the portal was opened, Lyna went to Hanna aboard the ship telling her to hurry and gather the crew. Augmented by the Skyshaper, the Weatherlight outran her pursuers. Both the ship and the Soltari escaped, but Urza deactivated the portal in order to prevent pursuit. Ertai was stranded on the wrong side and got captured by Greven il-Vec.


Lyna was named after Mark Rosewater's mother Lynn.[1]

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