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Race Human
Birthplace Innistrad
Lifetime Unknown

Lynde is a human warlock from Innistrad.


Born hundreds of years ago, Lynde is a powerful witch with a knack for curses. In a moment of youthful overconfidence, she attempted to curse a traveling mage who had accidentally bumped into her on a crowded street. The mage, actually a powerful planeswalker passing through town, deflected the curse and sent over a curse of their own.

As time went on, Lynde discovered that she no longer aged. She also discovered that she had developed a host of other problems - bad luck, random flashes of pain, the occasional coughing up of spiders, you name it. It was a curse of curses. After a few years of suffering, Lynde realized that she could use her own magic to temporarily pass her various ailments onto other people. While Lynde is no longer quite as reckless as she was in her youth, she still takes great glee in inflicting her curses on other people. Recently, she has been targeting a particular man that she describes as "the single most annoying person I have ever met in my exceptionally long life."[1]

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