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Lys Alana
Lys alana.jpg
Plane Lorwyn
Part of Gilt-Leaf Wood

Lys Alana was the capital settlement of the Gilt Leaf tribe of Lorwyn elves. The city in the Gilt-Leaf Wood was a site of permanent residence of many elves of the Perfect and Exquisite class, including high-ranked officers like taercenn Nath. Another known inhabitant was Eidren, a Perfect from Lys Alana, known for his skills in shaping living trees and wood, who was planned to marry Peradala, a perfect of the Mornsong tribe.

Rhys, the former daen of the Hemlock pack of the Gilt Leaf hunters, has also some kind of residence in Lys Alana.

The palace of the Gilt Leaf king and queen, the Dawn's Light, was located in Lys Alnana.[1][2] It is the most glorious elvish gathering place in the Gilt Leaf Wood. This palace is where elvish courtiers and aristocrats come to see and be seen. It is the pinnacle of elvish beauty and perfection, flawlessly integrated with nature.


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