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MTGBot is a Twitch companion designed to help Magic: the Gathering streamers, by adding features such as card/price lookup, and integration with MTGO.

Developed by Daniel "danbopes" Beaupre, MTGBot is a frequently used, free chat bot for twitch. Originally created for displaying the Oracle text of Magic cards, it offers a wide variety of user interaction ranging from querying Magic-related data, broadcaster and moderation tools to custom commands.

Usage[ | ]

To set up MTGBot, first go to and click Connect to Twitch. Next, go to and type !join.

After setting up, users can interact with the chat bot via text commands. Commands can be categorized into three levels:

  • Broadcaster commands: commands exclusively for the owner of a twitch channel, for example setting the current language of the bot
  • Moderator-only commands: commands only moderators have access to, for example adding and removing custom commands
  • User commands: commands available to all users

Example[ | ]

MTGBot example

Querying the Oracle text for Grizzly Bears with MTGBot

To look up the Oracle text for a specific card a user types !card followed by the name of the card.

When entering !card grizzly bears the bot will reply with Grizzly Bears, {1G} | Creature — Bear 2/2 |.

Note: Card names are not case-sensitive. In case of a typing error the bot will also fetch the most probable correct card.

In other games[ | ]

MTGBot has been know for making appearances in other games that are commonly played by MTG streamers.

For example it makes an appearance in games such as Marbles On Stream whenever it is summoned by typing !price !play.

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