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MTGNews was a website dedicated to Magic: The Gathering.


MTGNews was, for some time, the leader in Magic rumors. Mainly due to the user rancored_elf, there was a time when anyone who wanted to have a sneak preview of an upcoming Magic: The Gathering set would go to this site. Spoilers were often based on articles in magazines like The Duelist and InQuest, but also on magazines from countries like France or Japan who would get their official spoilers early on. MTGNews was also home of one of the biggest online communities in the history of the game.

On April 9, 2002, the info for Judgment was accidentally released through MTGO seven weeks before the release and immediately spoiled on MTGNews.[1][2]

In the end of 2004 there were internal problems and the site lost credibility due to the behavior of some users. This was around the time MTG Salvation was created, and the fact that rancored_elf moved to MTG Salvation meant that a lot of the users soon followed in a mass transit. MTG Salvation became the leading site in rumors.

In the following years, activity dropped to all-time lows with many notable members either being banned or leaving, but it was rebounding in the beginning of 2008. A few years later though, it disappeared off the internet altogether, and has never returned.


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