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Not to be confused with Quest.
MTG Arena Gold

MTG Arena currency

In Magic: The Gathering Arena, Quests are daily features that reward players with gold through particular actions. In order to allow players with lower skill levels to obtain gold, they do not necessitate winning matches, but they do need to be in matches against other players. New accounts that are still unlocking the base mastery tree with the basic decks can play against the AI Sparky.

Description[ | ]

Each color pairing has a quest associated in regards to casting spells of those colors, along with more generic ones such as "play land", "kill creatures" or "cast creature spells". The possible rewards are 500 gold or 750 gold (with almost equal chance to roll) - the 750 gold rewards have a higher count in relative.

Every day at 10 a.m. CET one new Quest is assigned to players and up to 3 quests not yet completed can be stored for any account. It is possible to re-roll a single Quest once per day and is recommended when one has a 500 gold reward (for a good chance to draw a new quest with 750 gold).