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More than anything, be bold! If you think an edit needs to be made, just do it.
Apart from that, we only have a small set of rules and policies, which you can read here.

With that said, welcome to MTG Wiki, a free, open-content encyclopaedia for Magic: the Gathering that anyone can edit.

This page offers suggestions of articles in need of editing. Projects aim to bring about broad improvements to the wiki, and lists of articles with known issues are also available.

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If you run into problems:

  • If you can't edit a page and see a message about "auto-confirmed" users, make sure you're signed in. A few pages disallow anonymous editors to protect against spam.
  • If you encounter other problems you cannot resolve yourself, try a talk page, or bring them to the admin noticeboard.
  • If you need a safe space to test a potentially disruptive edit, try here.
  • If you have anything else you want to talk about, use the Community Portal talk page or join us on Discord.