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The Manual of Style is a style guide for the MTG Wiki and serves to standardize articles and other pages, with consistent and clear language, layout, and formatting, as much as practical, thereby improving article readability and, broadly, site quality.

In essence, the MTG Wiki follows Wikipedia's Manual of Style. However, this wiki has a few specialties which will be laid out in the next sections.


American English[]

American English is preferred, since Wizards is a US-based company.


Magic sometimes utilizes non-standard capitalization.

All subtypes are capitalized, except when utilized in lore focused articles:

  • Subtype example: The characteristic race for white is Human.
  • Lore example: Vampires prey on humans.

Note that a few types like Eldrazi are always capitalized. Also note that types and supertypes are not generally capitalized.

Formats like Standard, Sealed Deck, or simply Constructed are also capitalized.

In general, the Comprehensive Rules can give a good overview what terms to capitalize in which circumstances.


Magic products[]

Magic, Magic: The Gathering, and all related products are written in Italics.

Innistrad refers to the set, but Innistrad refers to the plane of the same name.

Note that the Innistrad block would not be capitalized, since it is not a magic product.

Ability words[]

Ability words should always be italicized in running text (Gotcha is an exception). Keywords should never be italicized to avoid any confusion.


Epithets should not be part of an article name or the character infobox, since characters can be represented by multiple cards with different epithets and it makes searching and linking more difficult.

Editor Tools[]

See also Help:Cheatsheet.

The Cheatsheet provides an overview how to display mana symbols ({W}{U}{B}{R}{G}), link card or decks and how to display foreign characters.

Card tags[]

See also Help:Card tags.

Follow capitalization on the card. Also use the wiki card tag template for card names: <c>Dark Ritual</c> gives Dark Ritual.

Deck tags[]

See also Help:Deck tags.

Within deck tags, add the appropriate card types as sections and alphabetize cards within their section. The sideboard - if existent - should be the last section of the deck.

<d title=Rats>

36 Relentless Rats

4 Aether Vial

20 Swamp

15 Relentless Rats


Creature (36)

36 Relentless Rats

Artifact (4)

4 Aether Vial

Land (20)

20 Swamp

Sideboard (15)

15 Relentless Rats

New sets[]

Use {{subst:ExpansionDummy}} to start a page of a new expansion.


ISBN-13 is preferred. For older books, use the ISBN-13 Online Converter.

Professional player pages[]


Professional players should have an article written about them once one of the following criteria are met:

If none of these criteria have been met, an article should generally not be created, unless the player is noteworthy in some arena beyond professional play.


In the Accomplishments section, the following results should be included:

Mentions of disqualifications and suspensions[]

These are touchy subjects, as they can be the cause of negative attention for the player. In general, it is recommended that the first disqualification obtained at Grand Prix level or below is not mentioned, but once the player has been disqualified twice or more, it is appropriate to include it in the article. At the Pro Tour level or above, the first disqualification should be mentioned. All DCI suspensions are fair game. In all of these cases, being brief, staying completely objective, and providing sources for every claim is critical.