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Rules and regulations[]

  • Prohibitions
    • No obscenity and/or indecency and/or profanity.
    • No violating copyright and intellectual property laws.
      • No warez or piracy, including, but not limited to, discussing, distributing, requesting, hyperlinking to, etc.
    • No solicitation, including advertising, or spamming.
    • No false personation/impersonation/pretenses.
  • Restrictions
    • Unless approved and demonstrated to be necessary for legitimate reasons, users shall have one (1) account only.
      • Users with multiple accounts or suspected to be with multiple accounts shall be dealt with accordingly.
    • Users shall revert edits up to two (2) times.
      • Users who edit or revert war shall be dealt with accordingly.
  • Permissions
    • Be civil and practise Wikiquette.
    • Be assertive, not aggressive.
  • Notes
    • MTG Wiki, like Wikipedia, the Big Momma of Wikis, does not have firm rules.
      • The rules of MTG Wiki tend to be broad and are not immutable; their wordings and interpretations are subject, and are likely, to change.
      • Violating of rules may result in the restoration of the status quo pro, for example, via reversion or deletion, of associated edit(s), page(s), or material(s) (e.g., image(s)) and/or a message or messages from a system operator ("sysop" or, informally, "administrator").

"Newb's Guide for Newbs"[]

This is a new notice to all those perplexed new members of MTGS Wiki, wondering why they are being "ridiculed" or are afraid of being ridiculed themselves. As is the case, reputation is everything on the Internet, and it is no different here. You need to go about editing here in the right way. When I lifted this guide, I was a member of who-knows-how-many months. I have now been a member for who-knows-how-many months and hopefully have an even better understanding and can offer even more advice.

Starting out[]

Even though this wiki has grown quite considerably, it is still a nice size and has much to go. There sort-of is a community feel, but there is still a bit of activity. Just like a forum, especially large ones, it can be unforgiving, however.

Although a lot of new members don't, it is a very good idea to read the rules. These threads can be found in Help:Contents.

Be sure that you know where the "line" is and stay behind it. Nobody likes an obnoxious newbie. In reference to talk pages, begin editing where you think your opinions are applicable. Don't deliberately disagree with anyone or post the wrong thing in the wrong place, just lay low, post concisely yet detailed. It is incredibly unfair, but people who have been here longer get away with posting some things others would be warned for.

When all else fails, be polite.