MTG Wiki:Policy

MTG Wiki:Policy

MTG Wiki policy

There are a few rules to abide by, so as to avoid unnecessary conflict and to create an accurate, unbiased source of information. For example, articles on players are not supposed to insult or praise their skill or playing record. Please use statistic playing records and notable quotes of that player by him/herself or others other than your personal opinion of the player; this is not a blog.


Main article: Project:Policy/Rules

Make sure that you always follow these rules:

  • Show civility and Avoid personal attacks
  • Follow the three-revert rule
  • Write in a neutral point-of-view tone
  • Do not vandalize articles
  • Do not use any page here (including user pages) to act as a commercial website of any sorts.
  • Do not use any page (including user pages) as a blog or location for polemically divisive and/or inflammatory content.
  • Do not upload pornographic or shock content, and do not link to it anywhere (including user page).

Conduct issues

If you have a severe conduct issue that cannot be resolved with the given party, then place it on the admin noticeboard. Please note that this is not the place for article content issues.