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Users are individuals, whether registered or not, logged-in or not, that use MTGS Wiki.

Autoconfirmed users

Autoconfirmed users are a subset of users that have exceeded the minimum number of days and/or edits specified by the wiki software. Generally, these users can perform actions that recently registered users cannot such as page moves or adding external links.


Administrators, or sysops (short for system operators), are a subset of users with higher-access, system-operator user rights. A list of active sysops and their contact details are available from the sysop list at the Help page.

Sysops can:

  • delete items (articles, images, templates, etc.);
  • protect pages from non-admin editing; and,
  • block editors.

They are also regular users, with whom you are welcome to talk about anything. They are not true moderators in that they generally do not patrol the site for off-topic discussion or minor civility issues.


Bureaucrats are a subset of users with higher-than-sysop-access user rights. In addition to be able to perform actions that sysops can perform, bureaucrats may modify user's user rights.

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