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I see a lot of capitalization going on lately:

The Wikipedia manual of style (which we follow) advises to capitalize the initial letter, but otherwise follow sentence case. I think we should agree on one method.

What are your opinions? --Hunterofsalvation (talk) 06:08, 1 November 2020 (UTC)

Interesting points. The Prismatic Piper is unproblematic to my. It is a name just like The Wanderer. Those are naturally capitalized. So I don't see much issue with it.
List of In-Multiverse Works on the other hand is following a title case capitalization, which looks cooler, but is harder to link to hence not the best way to spell out a wiki article.
I think the question would be how would I spell the article in a normal text and that would be list of in-multiverse works and the Prismatic Piper. So in other words Prismatic Paper is capitalized correctly but list of in-multiverse works isn't.
Same goes for section headings.
There are of course special Magic capitalization rules like formats, subtypes and products. But there is some wiggle room like Commander Decks or commander decks, one as a product and the other time as a function. Or Human and human, first used as a subtype and the name of a species.
So while I do think that is it good to be consistent sometimes it can be good to leave thinks as they are if we are in the wiggle room department. - Yandere-sliver (talk) 10:29, 1 November 2020 (UTC)